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Queen Of Wands Waite TarotYesterday my whole Mars in Virgo schedule wonked out because my Aquarian kitten, Tesla, was lost. Someone apparently took her from my street, where she was playing perfectly happily and to the vet, assuming she was a stray. So now she has a really naff collar and i have a massive vet’s bill. Seriously, if i took all the cute cats i see straight to the vet, just in case, it would be like a full time occupation. Anyway, she is safe & well, thank Freya & Bast, but I do have some interesting observations re Tarot & Horary from this.

In between bouts of frantically stalking the neighbourhood, looking for Tesla and peering into backyards (interesting) I did the Tarot for “Will I Find The Cat?” and my lovely friend Kim Falconer, who is a genius at Horary, offered to run the chart. For those who don’t know, Horary is the old medieval art of using an astrology chart drawn for the time of the query, to answer it. It  has a lot of arcane rules of its own. What is really fascinating, is that both the readings were correct.

I did the Tarot first, getting Wheel Of Fortune, the King of Cups, Three Of Wands, Eight of Wands, Ace of Pentacles. Chance and/or fate takes the Cat on a journey-adventure via the King of Cups…the conclusion is v.swift. I get back from another fruitless search to four missed phone calls from the Vet i’d  reported her missing to. Ace of Pentacles was the insane Vet bill. I knew from looking at the Tarot that a man was involved in the cat going missing, that she had been transported someplace, that she would be found and quickly but it would cost me some $.

Then Kimmy’s Horary said she would be found that same day and in the North East, that once i found her in the North-East, she would be in the West and high up on a shelf or in a box. So voila, the vet is due North-East from my house and she was in the West side of the surgery, on a high shelf. Next to a cage containing a Rottweiler.  So, soz to ramble on and on about this but interesting insight into how both Tarot and Horary can be eerily correct.

AND what really fascinates me is Kimmy’s axiom: The clearer the question, the more clear the answer. eg; Where is my lost kitten?  gets a lot clearer an answer than nebulous questions about potential for relationship with someone. Even though they’re the questions we most love asking. Some even say that Horary to find lost objects is it’s primary application.

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42 thoughts on “Catty Tarot & Horary Lesson

  1. Oh brilliant! Tarot is utterly spooky. Intriguing about the spread & working knowledge. The more I hear about horary, the more I want to add it to my ‘skills to acquire’ list.

  2. Here’s another thought, that soapbox is awful high RJ.

    Perhaps La Tesla is channeling her namesake, idiosyncratic, curious, adventurous, is her new collar chipped? That would be fitting!

    I love hearing about when tarot works and thanks for explaining a bit around the horary workings of a spread, very interesting.

  3. Here’s a thought– maybe if the cat had had a “naff” collar to begin with she wouldn’t have been picked up as “lost.”

    Take care of your animals people– they depend on you.

  4. Poor kitty. Kitty had a nice home and some well-meaning stranger took her away. But nothing could keep her away from home.

    BTW, Supertarot just posted a very interesting series on Horary Tarot.

    He’s going through the astrological basis of Tarot, according to the old Golden Dawn system. He’s gone to a lot of effort to collect it all in one place, and present it simply and effectively, without all the excess baggage of 19th century GD mumbo jumbo.

    • Oh jeez, I read down the thread further, he wasn’t well meaning at all. He was a thief. He should get stuck with the vet bill.

      Well I will give you something to make you feel better. In fact, it should make everyone feel better. But you better hurry.

      DEVO is celebrating the release of their new album by playing it in a room full of cats, and streaming live video to the web. They call it a “Cat Listening Party.” It will only be up for a few more hours. They even have a big cat scratching post in the shape of an “Energy Dome” DEVO hat. Enjoy:

  5. Anyone who knows cats will know which one is a stray and needs a cozy home and which one already owns humans at her disposal.

    We no longer let our cats out, we are afraid someone will poison them. Last year the management of thjs place issued a statement – “Children are afraid of cats, please do not let your house cats out. And do not feed stray cats.”

    Kids are OK with cats, it is the inane parents, afraid of cats, because they can’t teach their kids how to behave properly around animals.

    I edited the sign into – “Cats are afraid of children, please do not let your house kids out. And do not feed stray children.”

    • totally! Cats should be afraid of un-trained children since they are the worst torturers of cats aside from … well sociopaths.

      I force-dressed tomcat Tiger into a nightgown whilst wheeling him around in a pram when I was 6 – he quickly learned to retaliate by rising on his hind legs all teeth, claws and hissing whilst bailing me up in a corner – if I tried to run, he sprang!! I was far more respectful towards the felines of our planet after that. Go Tiger!

  6. What a great name for cats! – tesla, bast and freya

    When I manifest my ultimate dream of living in an co-operative, human & environmentally sustainable suburban eco village I shall have a black cat called Morpheus and a labradour called Balthazar… ~wafts off into dreamy land~

    Oh tarot cards are brilliant and this Horary thing sounds interesting …

    • I can so see a lab called Balthazar and a cat called Morpheus around you!! Cool names. I love Bast for a cat too.

        • Boo… Am sure the universe got something speshal in stock for you 🙂 Have had a zoo of animals in my life most without asking and I have to say the responsibility killed the joy of it somewhat. I like doing things properly, so have no animals right now.

  7. Dear MM…

    So glad that you found your kitty familiar and she is safely back home with you! They are such wonderful creatures to have around…


  8. Lol well if he HAD have called me I would have layered on the guilt but with clear, bell-like Anglican enunciation and oozingly dripping Moon in Libra faux politeness.
    eg; Are you aware that, should you wish to acquire a kitten, that there are currently several thousand on death row at the pound. I know this, because i telephoned them to try and find my kitten when she disappeared from the front yard. I am sure you will appreciate, sir, that i could not ascertain the exact number of kittens currently awaiting rescue, as my daughter was crying so loudly in the background. However, although it may initially be more difficult for you to drive to the pound instead of stealing a cat from her street, you would possibly find it more rewarding in the long run?
    And then at some point, i would just lose it and ramp up into full rant.

    • *bawhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!*

      wow. couldn’t have done it better myself. of course i would have upped her allowance if she made fake crying sounds in the background to emphasis my point. not that i am manipulative… just libran.

  9. is it even LEGAL for you to go full rant? soemtimes… at night… you scare me. *giggle*

    Ms.M – hey you got it, they want it… now surely you can’t tell me this is a NEW thing??

    • Cripes, a full blown cat kidnapper (catnapper?). I’m glad you got her back.

      Apparently it must happen a bit. Some neighbours lost their little pedigree terrier that way we think. It was very unlikely he ran away and we never saw him again.

      Tesla must have some charisma!

    • Darling, wot a kitty adventure! But am so happy Tesla is once again safe and sound after having charmed a complete stranger, I assume she’s now microchipped in your name? And of course she was in excellent care with you, he probably loved the look of her and hoped she would be his.

      Now I KNOW this is an utterly bimbonic questions, but this has all the makings of a meet-cute. Is the Cat Napper HOT?

      I realize I’m the only one asking so flog me. But if he were, would make for an interesting story non?

  10. I just thought the guy could have knocked on a few doors! He wanted to keep the cat. The vet had to forcibly take her off him. He was wanting to get her microchipped in HIS name. If he’d knocked on doors in my street, they would have v.quickly put him right as everyone in my street knows one another’s children, animals and a enough of their biz to keep an eye out. He apparently kept her at his house all day until someone ELSE convinced him to actually check with the vet. I am furious. Vet won’t give me his number so he is not going to get full rant.

  11. Also I’m guilty of taking a cat to the vet. I lived on a busy road and hadn’t seen the cat before and she was hanging around in my garden. I just didn’t want her to get hit by a car.

    I guess the pentacles bill was for microchipping?

  12. I bought a pendulum over the weekend, but haven’t had time to fiddle with it yet. I love intuitive tools and often pull tarot cards, mostly to check up on friends and family and stuff. Always deadly accurate.

    Anyone use a pendulum?

    • i have a workmate who uses on on my hands before massage work… she always flips how widely the thing circles. shes says it’s cause i open so much during bodywork… i haven’t played with it though… although i do get a chuckle when she tries it on someone else and it just hangs there. limp.

      wait, weren’t we talking about cats?

    • Don’t know if you are a fan, but Barbara Ann Brennan (Hands of Light) uses a pendulum for measuring the state of a chakra. She says to hold it close as poss without touching the body. The strength of the chakra is related to the size of circle created (there you go andrew!). She has a whole chart related to the movements, clockwise, elliptical etc and their meanings for the regularity of the energy field there.

      I imagine you could create your own language for use of it, BB makes it sound like the main trouble is clearing your mind of preconceptions before using it as it is such an easy to use but delicate instrument.

      What is the pendulum made from?

  13. Hi Mystic,
    I’m very glad you got your cat back. If you didn’t get a call from the vet and you were left to find the cat yourself from the cues you ‘divined’ from Tarot and Horary, how would you have gone? Did the Tarot and Horary see that you would report your cat missing to the vet and that this would then prompt the phone calls which lead to you retrieving your cat from the vet and seeing all the signs post hoc? The wheel of fortune is the journey the cat was on, fortunately the cat was on the upward swing of the wheel. The King of Cups, was it a man who picked her up, possible a man who is emotionally aware and so could not, in all honesty ignore the cat? Three of wands, the initial completion of the cat’s creative venture (the person/man) taking her to the vet, but not the final ending (which is you getting your Tesla back). The eight of wands, the release from your agony of thinking your cat is lost, a period of action (the drive to the vet) after delay or struggle (looking for Tesla, reporting her missing). Ace of pentacles, I’m not sure whether this sounds accurate, but isn’t pentacles related to the element air? Did the vet call you on your mobile number? A burst of energy via the element of air auguring the possibility of achievement – voila, your phone calls to and from the vet!

  14. I was forced to live with a cat at home for 10 years even though I was allergic. My mother and sister insisted. A couple of years later, after I had left home I was asked to come and stay for a few days while the rest of the family went on a holiday. The cat I think was about 13 or 14. Well during my stay the cat was run over…yep, on my watch. He was badly injured but taken to the vet hospital by the driver. I got a call from neighbours at 3 in the morning. I then had to call my mother and sister to tell them, they screamed at me for quite a whlie. Thousands of dollars later, he came home but was never the same. My mother and sister have always accused me of being negligent in his care. Yeah, like you can tell a male cat (desexed) not to wander around at night ?

      • I had a friend who didn’t like his girlfriend’s dog. He was meeting her at a cabin in the mountains and she wanted him to bring her dog. He had a truck. He didn’t want the dog to jump from the bed of the truck so he put a leash on him. While driving to the cabin he said cars would speed by him either yelling at him or flipping him off. He thought it was because he was driving too slow. He pulled up to his g/f’s cabin. She came running out, gave him a hug and asked where the dog was. That’s when he noticed the dog was gone! But not really gone…. Their relationship didn’t last the weekend.

  15. Oh Mystic!
    What a relief that you found Tesla although I am not sure it warrants a huge vet bill considering she was never lost in the first place, that could be argued in court….

    I am so intrigued by Kimmy’s Horary & the Tarot which was able to identify what happened & where she would be found! You guys could be like pet detectives for peeps who have lost their beloved pets!

    Amazing story!!

  16. MM I’m happy you found your cat! My cat is a member of the family…a very demanding member, but I would freak if he went missing. The up-side to your huge vet bill is that Tesla must have had a few issues that surfaced during the visit to the vet. Either you got screwed or the vet helped Tesla. Here’s to hoping Tesla is in great shape after his adventure.

  17. btw, can anyone get enough pamela coleman smith? she’s amazing, her art is amazing, her stories are amazing… wow. i sound like some sort of het git with a crush, huh?

  18. Hi Mystic,

    What on earth could they charge you for a lost kitten? Did they do vaccinations or something? I’m so glad you found her, I understand the panic!

    Maybe I should try Horary on the Bandit perfume I ordered from overseas that has never arrived…be careful of FragranceX, they send without a tracking number and tack on the delivery cost AFTER you’ve completed your order…oh and they have ‘free shipping’ plastered all over their website. So sorry to gripe on your blog MM, and not about the kitten.

    Very happy you found her!

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