Astro-Poll: Which Sign Would You Really Rather NOT Go Camping With?

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I think Sagg would be the BEST sign to go camping with…Perpetually cheery, fab sense of direction and hard to phase.

Aries is also upbeat but wrecks it by wanting to pitch the tent on the highest peak visible and screaming ‘come on slackers’ at the fellow campers. But Aries will erect a sodding tent in the middle of a cyclone and heaven help any wild animal who gets between an Aries and a barbecue.

Taurus brings along one of those structured tents with carpets, ovens and a bar fridge. Which is great except it means Taurus requires staff and or “helpers.” There is also the risk of a fight when peeps with less salubrious facilities because they’re keeping-it-real try to sneak into Tent-Taurus for a quick toblerone cocktail. No-no-no.

Gemini & Pisces will have sat-nav, i-Pod and an internet connection for keeping in touch with where it’s at. They’ll talk a good game about being At One with nature and foraging for strange berries that they intend to make into ‘bush tucker’ but go totally off the whole idea about a third of the way into it. They need their fellow campers to be either great conversationalists or someone they fancy. They quite like it if they can hear the comforting sound of a busy road in the distance but will totally get out of any camping chores so that they can talk shit and go skinny-dipping.

Cancerians & Scorps will either not go at ALL or they will go in hardcore, with Swiss survival knives, special sleeping bags, manuals, a determination to actually hunt something/find treasure/walk 1000k in one day and probably some psych issues to work through. There will be deep chats around the fire at night and sensual appreciation of the stars, night-time noise etc. That’s even as Gem & Pisces lie gibbering in their tents, screaming at every squawk from an animal.

Leo & Libra will set out in the latest camping fashion, outdoorsy scents and with a muslin tent, thinking of Out Of Africa scenarios. Silver backed hairbrushes, 800 thread count organic sheets and bush-wattle body lotions are hard to lug around on long treks to camping grounds but they will do it. There may be a dramatic scene once either of them realises that the hard-core Scorp running the show is actually arcing up for a fistfight with the Aries, that there is a Pisces or Aquarius bitching because their tentmate won’t point the tent in the right direction for Feng Shui, due to the blizzard AND that there are  no special dietary requirements taken into account.

Aquarius would want to to whacked out rituals, wildcrafting, nude bushwalking and maybe add the mental mushrooms they foraged into the Arieans barbecue. Virgo and Capricorn would not even GO on this trip without the perameters being carefully delineated and agreed on (legally binding) beforehand. It’s too unstructured…

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  1. The leos I know who actually do want to camp are actually pretty sensible about it. They’re organised. They keep things neat. They have good food and bring good wine…even with cold showers…and we don’t panic. We plan adventures well. (description also applies to the Leo ex and my family camping trips…)

    I can’t get my head around the thought of a Leo that doesn’t like camping even trying…it would be just that much easier to stay in 5 star hotel…but then there are many many variations amongst us so maybe they do.

    • I detest camping. If I had a partner, maybe a Taurean/Pisces/Gemini who would organise all the luxe gear, food and gadgetry, pack and UNPACK it, then maybe I’d like it. I hate public amenities or the bush wee.

  2. I couldn’t think of anything worse than being trapped in a tent with a Virgo complaining about everything from the ground being too hard, the grass being the wrong shade of green … the rain being too wet! LOL

    I mean everyone knows I love a bit of Virgo, loads of Virgo friends, but this set up would be just asking for trouble. Saggo would do my head in as well with all their incessant upbeat blabbling. I think Taurus would be the funnest camping companion. They don’t talk much, especially in natural surroundings and usually make me feel all cosy. Awwwwwww

    • i have a virgoan friend who is a camper extraordinare! we call him camp leader. He has ALL the stuff, sensibly having realised that camping is much much better when you’ve got the necessary tools and any potentially required extras.

      • yeah! I go camping regularly with several Virgos- but one has Sagg Rising and is a survivalist!
        My vote would be a frilly Leo, or Cancer.
        Any sign that is prone too be too pretty and frilly or unreasonable (afraid of wild animals, spiders, bugs)- that could be anyone though depending on Rising Signs, right?

    • Oh prowincat you have never been camping with me. I never complain when camping – in fact, it’s when I’m most at peace. And if I camp with a female companion I always make sure to bring things so that she’s comfortable (which I never do for me because I’m very minimalistic when camping).

      Give us lovely kind caring Virgos another camping go *grins cheekily*

      • So how do you get a Sealy Posturepedic on to your motorbike? Not to mention the goosedown quilt.

  3. I’m a Leo and i love camping, and what you say Leonine Libran, we do it well with all the fancy extras!!

  4. I just went on a city holiday with a Saggo mate with NO sense of direction. None. He has the classic Saggo bounce & optimism, plus chronic hoof-in-mouth disease but is totally clueless re his physical environment. It was very surprising!


    • Cancer is a terrible experience! They miss their homes and 4 walls wayyy too much! On the other hand..I am Gemini, moon Cancer with Sag rising and all three signs point to a 5 star hotel with amazing sheets and room service..really!

  6. Leos would spend alot of time making sure they look good, vanity you see.

    Virgos are an earth sign so I think they might actually let it go if they were camping….

  7. This is a weird one…

    If I think of the qualities of a sign then it’s easy, on paper I would think virgo or cancer or leo but then I know people in those signs and they go camping all the time and would be excellent to go with.

    I am going to vote sagg. cause I cant’ think of any of my sagg friends who are into camping. They’re all little urban city slickers who like there comfort zone too much. They would whine and be horrible and offensive and you’d be stuck with them the whole weekend.

    • So true! And I’m not just agreeing because I’m Cancer too, and sticking up for our sign. I love camping, and so does a Virgo friend of mine, who’s excellent to camp with. I’ve been camping with an Aqua friend and a Sagg one – never again! Both were freaking over the lack of mod cons.

  8. I’ve never felt so imprisioned as camping with a Taurean.

    She had a tent that was fifteen years old and in mint condition.

    All day (and night) was given to the ritualised maintenance of “stuff”.

    Even now when I think of the experience I panic and gasp for air.

    Pisces Sun

    • Yep that was my worst camping experience too…with a Taurean celebratign their stuff…in the wild as it were.

  9. Sorry Virgos, I had to make it you from experience. Virgos like the idea of camping but not the reality. One Virgo friend said he loved to rough it as long as he could park his 4×4 under it. Late Virgo hubbo thought that camping was a well stocked caravan with a short walk to “checked out before the booking” amenities block. When the kids were young we had the van permanently parked at Tallebudgera so we could “camp” without all the fuss whenever we felt like it. His best mate, also Virgo had their van perm parked at Hastings Point and we would swap sometimes for a change.

    Alpha Tauri, Cap son-in-law and Gem daughter really like to rough it with an esky, a water container and own the best swags money can buy and love to sleep under the stars. I teased Alpha Tauri about his being a double swag when I first saw it and he said he always lived in hope.

    My Leo Mum thought that camping was to use my grandmother’s beach house. Long-legged-piscean refuses because she absolutely will not crap behind a log and that’s a quote. Sag daughter-in-law blanches at the very thought of camping but she has a Virgo moon. Aqua brother has a fold-out camping trailer because he likes comfort.

    Cap me will go along with anything as long as I’m warm.

  10. funniest blog i’ve read in a while. I want to go with them all, i need a good laugh.

  11. Okay, okay, Virgos are not happy campers. Went on a trip to Stradbroke Is. years ago where it rained fairly much the whole time and I think I probably made it worse for all by saying ‘THIS IS NOT FUN’ repeatedly, until we packed up and left.

    Although, I would go on one of those well organized things with a driver/guide and a Taurean cook.

    I voted Aqua. The whole nude bushcraft and mushroom thing is out due to my allergies to sandflies and altered states of consciousness. But it was a toss up with Leo – couldn’t fit into the tent for the supply of ‘products’, and Scorp – too many knives and too much hunting and skinning of beasts.

    • oh uber… that is so funny. you are lucky they didnt dunk you into the ocean! Agree re Leo

    • Hysterical – camped once at Straddy as a kid with insane Cap woman – My Aquarian mum finally got jack of her constant carping, and organised a house just up the road….. I’m blaming the fact she was a nuts Polish woman rather than a nuts Cap, as all other Caps I know are bloody brilliant at the roughing it caper…..

      UV – I’m gonna get myself a knive in honor of you. I feel like a pretend scorp with no knives! ROFL

    • UV – Are you sure Brisvegas is big enough for the both of us *LOL*

      I wonder whether Virgoan camping habits are related to the other planets and aspects.

      • See Lex’s comment on Virgos saving lives (apart from maintaining decorum). The world needs Virgos like us. Brisbane needs us even more, Goddess help it. :roll:

  12. This is utterly gorgeous MM. Love it.

    I would have to say… Aries would be my worst. Being a Scorp it is probably obvious why. I wouldn’t mind the Virgo at all. They always seem to create great space where ever they go (despite sometimes complaining in the process) but they are the ultimate peace maker which would be very handy in the bush! Espesh if there are the full star sign spectrum on display.

    PS- last time I went camping I took a hard pink suitcase to stop the bugs getting into my clothes… so maybe I’m NOT the best person comment.

  13. I routinely camp with Aquarian Sun, Cancer moon, Aries Rising mother – basically great conversation, zen camp site chock full of blankets, woolie beanies, wine and casseroles, and all the get up and go for each new activity. Bliss. I also spend much time in the boonies with Pisceans and Gems – never a dull conversation, always a vineyard on the agenda, and usually a board game in the back of the car for ‘dull’ moments, whatever they are lol. I nominated Leo’s for the anti camp mate…. basically cos my sister is not one for roughing it quietly…..
    Oh and yes – lots of whacked out rituals with mum, but after 30 years it’s par for the course! Spins others out – except the Piscean, she joins in exuberantly….

  14. Sadly this insight came while I was drying my hair…hmm

    Anyways I can see some Leos doing the luxury camp with the sheer absurdity of it, and it would be such a production…would hate to be a minion on a trip of this magnitude.

    As for my own trips I don’t do products in the wild…just something to clean myself with that does not harm the environment and suncream, salt for leeches…that and a first aid kit is about as complicated as it yets.

    Do think that good quality wine tastes really good under the stars though.

  15. (Sorry i accidentally posted this on the Leo article and couldn’t delete it.)

    hahahah! I live outside frequently. I lived in a tent for a year and i did it in style. I’m at home in the wild but i will not forgo showers or cleaning rituals.

    sun sign: Libra
    rising sign: Saggo
    moon sign: scorp

    My worst experience was with a Cancer. He did not tell me he had ZERO camping experience so i basically put up my tent and went to sleep. I woke up next morning and his tent was all wiggy-whack everywhere..tent poles not aligned right…you get the picture. He also put the tent where it’d be under full sun the middle of the day (on a hot day). Ants were crawling into his tent to eat something… ugh… FAIL. The other female cancer i went with did nothing but complain about how dirty everything is. Of course it’s dirty, we’re outdoors!

  16. I went camping with an Aries once…a bit too “Man Versus Wild” for your average get back to nature while roasting marshmallows under the stars experience for moi…

  17. I think you’re all being a little short-sighted in your Virgo dis-ing.
    You need the Virgo there to remind you…
    “Don’t erect the tent under that low hanging branch”
    “Don’t face the tent down-wind of the camp fire, you’ll wake up with smokers cough”
    “No, don’t eat those berries, they make you sterile – eat these berries, they cure cancer…”

    • “Make sure that food is properly cooked”
      “Don’t go barefoot”
      “Check your swag for creepies before you get into it”
      “Boil your water”
      “Have you used sun screen”

      • “We do not have enough petrol to get to this campsite and back.”
        “This UHT milk is past its expiry date.”
        “The tide will turn in 36 minutes and we will not make it back to camp.”
        “The correct way to set a broken fibula is like this.”

          • I heart Virgos, too. :)
            If you can get them to stop complaining about other people and their flaws for two seconds and just enjoy where they are, they’re fun to be with – and boy, do they know what they’re doing!

        • lol- to funny- but true.
          They worry as bad as Cancers. The worry-wart signs.

        • Virgos are the all time troopers so they’re essential on a proper camping trip.
          Note I say proper camping trip as there’s camping and there’s glamping and there’s all sorts of wierd things in between which may mean anything to do with tents and fold up chairs.

          A virgo aspires to perfection and this means I hate camping unless there is nothing between my swag and the heavens…to lie staring up at the stars by the flickering flames on a dry creek bed…to wake up the next morning and throw another log on the fire to boil the kettle and make that’s proper and any virgo worth their salt will transcend the horror of unclean fingernails to become one with perfection.

    • Tsk! At least the tent is tidy, even if we have to evict the actual campers. I reckon my Virgo father would have ironed the tent if he could have found a way to do it. And so what if we have a first aid kit the size of a Louis Vuitton trunk. When else are we going to need nervatona if not while camping. Someone has to think of these things.

        • Yes, I’ll go easy on Ubs as Draconic Sun and Merc. in Virgo which means maybe I was not a “happy camper” in some other life.

          As a matter of fact, we’ve been having earthquake tremors round about here and so will be stocking up on essentials…like plenty of water, etc.

          Someone’s gotta think of these things 😉 So far have battery operated laterns and “wind up” generated radio. Could always take them camping too, no?

      • I would like to know the statistics regarding how many non-Virgos are injured, get lost, or die while camping each year. I am sure the numbers are proportionately higher.


        That should be a warning printed on all tents and camping equipment.

    • pretty sure i’ve said each one of those and more on the camping trips i was FORCED to go on as a youngster.
      This Virgo prefers not to go camping, thankyou very much.

  18. It was difficult to know how to vote. I’m a Sagg and I love camping as did Capricorn father, Gemini mother and Sagg step-mother. We always did the real-deal out in the wilds thing. But Capricorn ex-husband hated it with a passion.

    Pisces, Taurus and Aries uncles and an aunt all love it.

    Maybe Scorpio and Virgo?

  19. Well, I’m a virgo but I don’t think I’m too bad to camp with. My mother was a sag and when I was a very little girl we’d sneak off to the woods with a knife, some rope, and some water for a weekend. We went to “live off the earth” and “appreciate the spirit of the woods”. It was always a fantastic time. I don’t go camping much now, but I still definitely go into one-with-nature mode when dragged into the forest. You just have to pull me kicking and screaming first. 😉

    • I’d also like to mention that camping is so much more fun without a tent. If you must, bring some blankets, but otherwise it’s so lovely to watch the open sky as one falls asleep!

  20. With me! i am amazed at all these people voting Virgos. They would at least be well organised. I know this is an uncool point of view but i think there is something awfully patronizing about camping. People only used to do it in the olden days because they had no homes, like in the depression. So if are lucky enough to have a proper, lovely warm house and real bed it is sort of indulgent to go camping. I LOATHE it. I did it ONCE and ran out of there in the middle of the night. Too dark. Too scary.

    • I’m a cattleman’s daughter and it was part of life when working stock

      • I was scared too when I went camping alone TLS, but forced myself, in the dark, to go up and touch some Anasazi Indian ruins 1000 years old.

        • To a certain extent that life doesn’t exist now. It’s all motor bikes, 4x4s and mobile demountable yards. I did enjoy campfires and listening to the men reminiscing but mostly it was hard work.

  21. My Sagg-with-a-fire-trine mother thought camping was done horseback. I prefer my feet on solid ground, not in stirrups. Since then have not volunteered for camping adventures. Altho’ the right co-camper might put me in the mood.

  22. The last time I went camping was in the ninties. Went by myself. Drove 750 miles to New Mexico and it was eleven degrees at night. Sheer terror of the cold when the sun went down but good experience. No showers, no make-up, no mirrors…and I’m an Aries, gasp!!

    But what Mystic describes sounds like sheer chaos but loads of fun with all those signs yappin’ and yelpin’ and fist fightin’ over the barbie…

    • Still have to vote….hmmm….Hard to tell as before that trip, went camping with the ex Kataka at the beach when the kids were small (A gem and kataka) We took the little kataka’s toilet and have a pix of her sittin’ on it situated back in the trees…

      • Had to vote for my Gemini Sun, Virgo rising, Sagg Moon eldest daughter.

        Mostly cuz she’s OCD, squeemish of bugs and germs. That would be a total drag.

        Just recently, we were in a furniture and I took my granddaughter to go touch the water in a fountain. She frowned on that…the germs you see…And at a large dinner party for other daughter’s birthday, she told me I was talking too loud….Last time we were together she said I “always” laughed at this and that…

        Since when do your kids start to try to modify one? I’m just about ready to let her have it….

        No, she CANNOT go camping with me…

  23. oh, god. my parents are HUGE camping freaks. aries and scorpio. aries likes middle-of-nowhere adventure treks, scorpio likes all the gizmos and gadgets he gets to buy and play with; latest and greatest camper trailer, torches, generators, engel fridges, electronic shower head pumps… I, a piscean, used to get dragged along as a child and I would fill the backseat of the car with books and hide beneath my headphones with music and audiobooks.

    I would NOT want to go camping with my virgo bf…he would HATE not being able to shower everyday, he’d get sand in his skin care products, would have trouble understanding that the generator isn’t there just for his hair straightener and dryer…although he’d like the therapeutic potentials of sleeping on a hard surface.

    • I agree about Aries and middle of nowhere nancyx as part of my nEW mEX trip was on a 29 mile dirt road in the middle of the desert… But later, loved standing up on those plateaus and getting a view…

    • he uses a hair straightener ? not that there’s anything wrong with that.. 😕

    • Haha. I always did like Virgo boyfriends :)

      Pisces seem to have lots more to teach me in this life, but I’ll always have a soft spot for Virgo boys. Is it typical that they’re hair fanatics or just the ones I know? And obviously yours!

  24. My children all say the camping trips we had a Easter with other families were the best holidays ever. Some were organised, some were not but we all had fun. It developed resilience in the kids and we learned not to take things for granted. We had division of labour as some fished, some made salads and some looked after the campfire. Everyone helped put up the tents. The kids were led to believe it was fun and were rewarded with marshmallows , burnt on the open campfire. God, just talking about it makes me want to go again!!
    I think it was a prelude to trekking that became my favourite kind of overseas holiday. I never take a holiday now unless there is some form of exercise so I can eat to my heart’s content. And I usually come back thinner!!

    My recently ex-sagg talked about it incessantly but would only stay in 4-5star hotels when we travelled. Usually someone else was paying(of course!)

    • That’s funny about your ex-Sagg. I have an ex-Sagg who wrote one time, “I want it, when I want it, and I want YOU to pay for it.” He wasn’t talking about anything in particular; it was just his general philosophy of life.

    • Did you put this archive (see above) in here, Mystic? I remember writing it. One of my favourite memories. X

    • Come now TA, you can still wear your Prada but just wait in the car…he,he.. :)

      • my idea of camping involves a luxury cabin in the woods, not having to go unwashed or squatting behind a bush… ew. I’ve always wanted to go on one of those walking holidays and commune with nature (I LOVE nature walks) but I absolutely NEED a decent bed, a hot bath and proper facilities. Plus, I was forced to go to various church camps as a child (every school holidays) so have had enough experience with tents, campfires and braving the elements to last a lifetimes.

        prada, lol :)

  25. Well…
    I love camping… Whenever I went on a camping trip with friends they enjoyed the fact that I was some sort of an expert.
    How come as a Virgo? I am not sure.
    Maybe Aries Rising? Maybe it is the fact that both of my Virgo planets are squared by planets in Saggo? Or is it, because of how I have grown up? This is in Eastern Germany where the travel options were quite reduced (LOL). There was no other option, thus I spent my entire childhood camping, so to say. I loved it. Taurus and Scorpio parents knew how to make those seemingly non-exotic journeys extraordinary adventures, including hunting and gathering survival lessons. Yes, I loved it and apparently I am the one convincing friends now to actually have such trips.

    Which Sun sign I would NOT take with me? Probably some of my Libran friends. Way too much aesthetics required, nature does not do it for them, I suspect. But then again this could be fruitful on the other hand.

  26. How come Taurus isn’t higher in the poll?
    The first and last time I went camping with my Taurus ex, my idea of “let’s just throw the tent in the back of the car and we’ll make do for the night” expedition required hours to get ready and his bigger car because of all the junk. No fun that one…

  27. Gawd I had a full-on camping experience with a Kataka & it was hardcore.

    Two days before our trip I fractured my knee cap & thought I should really cancel but with all the flights, car & some accommodation already booked the Kataka would not hear of it (was probably flipping out). I didn’t want to ruin the fun so i said i should be fine for some of the activities & I had some drugs for the pain (I think thats why the Kataka wanted me to go).

    As soon as we arrive the Kataka is eating from the bush, we have just got off the plane & we have food but insists on ‘hunting’, can we at least get out of the city first!

    Half way through the trip the Kataka decides they want to do some walking (18km round trip) trails & drives to one. I’m like honey, I have fractured knee I really couldn’t manage this hike. I couldn’t believe the Kataka looked at me & said I will give you a piggy back? I nearly said yes, but I knew they would probably do it & then dump me in the bush somewhere if they got tired.

    The Kataka was disappointed so I offered them some of my pain killers instead which they appreciated. Good times….

  28. I have some land on the Hawkesbury river, virgin bush, swimming holes, perfect little camping spot, if anyone would like to camp there your welcome. Its water access only so you will need to hire a boat. I for one think anyone who doesn’t want to camp with an aries is missing the whole point of camping !

      • If only I knew how to drive a boat!

        I went on my 1st camping trip last year, my friend who now lives in NY comes to Sydney every year during summer & after Mardi Gras a group go camping 8hrs south, to a national park, it’s just divine. We camped at Mimosa Beach & somehow or other the trip became a reality tv show called Mimosa Sunset 911. I have NEVER gone so long without showering. I felt like a skank whore! I had the best time, nothing like camp fire meals & I’ve never laughed so much in my life, it was a crazy bunch – Taurean, Cancerian, Libran & Aquarian. By day 3 we were all coming down & popping xanax to knock ourselves out at night so we could sleep. BY day 6 I couldn’t take it anymore & took advantage that 1 of us had to be dropped at Nerimbula airport to fly to Thailand & I paid $250 for a flight back to Sydney. That shower I had when I got home was DIVINE!

    • holy cow, really, YES PLEASE i have my boat licence and a great tent!! i also have a fearless aquarian camp-able buddies and sagg / cap nutcase couple who can and will do anything. The fearless Aqua can cook up a storm with one frying pan. I myself am excellent at lugging firewood, other heavy stuff and pitching tents 😀

      • Its beautiful. Early spring is the perfect time. Maybe I’ll set up an email address for the purpose for those who are interested to contact me. I’ll put it up soon. You wouldn’t need a boat license you can rent a tinnie from Brooklyn that fits 6.

  29. virgo is an awesome camper – nature loving and remembers to bring the can opener and the matches

    • Ooooo, yes, all of you who are hating on Virgos would probably still be the first to line up when the Virgo comes around to plump up your pillow before you sleep, apply benadryl to your poison ivy sting, or know how to construct a tourniquet out of the local foilage (we’re very resourceful, you know) when you trip over a log and sprain an ankle. It’s the Librans who are annoying. “Oh, I can’t climb over that rock, I might break a nail.”

  30. I voted for my own sign. I’m Aquarian and I’m really not fond of camping. I don’t mind a night in a tent here and there but I prefer it to be close to a shower block at the very least, if not electricity and a big breakfast.

    24 hours or just a day in nature is awesome but my Leo rising really likes my creature comforts. And I went to Melbourne for a weekend with a fellow Aquarian last month and you’ve never seen so much luggage (hers, not mine). None of the Aquas I know are even remotely good at roughing it!

  31. I hate camping. My parents used to make me go camping all the time when I was kid and I never liked it. My ex was really into it and we took his parent’s tent from the 70’s away with us which had turquoise and burgundy floral patterned walls like the brady bunch tent. It also had no floor so the wind came right up under it and flood waters ran right through it.

    First day the tent nearly blew away in a mini cyclone at crescent head and we had half the camp ground trying to hold it down in the middle of the storm while I was huddling in it with a 6 mth old baby and poles flying everywhere. Then we had to pack up and leave in a torrential downpour after new years day – everyone else had left the campground by then except for this psycho looking guy on drugs wandering around the campground with an axe.

    I like nature, but I also like a roof and a bed. And those thermarest things are a joke – who can get a good sleep on that?

  32. …but ex was a virgo and super organised and very efficient camper & we were the only people with a solar powered fridge on the campground thanks to the virgo efficiency.

  33. I’ve never been camping and have no intention of doing so either. *shudder*
    I love going on organised tours to the middle of nowhere, long walks, exploring caves, getting dirty etc. Weeing n the bushes doesn’t phase me in the least but after the sun sets i need to go back to a cheap motel (i LOVE cheap hotels) where i can sit back, make a nice cup of tea, review the photos i’ve taken, check my messages, watch a bit of tv and plan the next day’s activities.

    I adore nature but love my creature comforts too. And i couldn’t bare the thought of missing out on my beauty routine (venus in Libra & Cap rising)
    I also have Jupiter in Taurus in 4th house, so four solid walls and a roof over my head is a must!

    • speaking of cheap hotels….lol years ago, back in the mid eighties when I was way too young and got married, we, the leo ex and I had our honeymoon at the Pink Poodle Motel at the Gold Coast. It had the most awesome rock/water/fern feature in the dining room.

      I think my love/acceptance of camping came about originally as we had so little money when we were first married and camping meant we had holidays. As a child apart from School and brownies et al ( a usually unspoken about period) I’d never camped with my family as my mother the Aries would declare that she didn’t need to increase her workload when she left the house…she needed at the bare minimum someone that would make her bed for her. So as an adult camping was a good way to show I could tough it out…more than my Aries mum…on some level…

      • Hehe… Pink Poodle Motel huh, sounds like something one would find in Las Vegas. I think the Gold Coast is the Aussie equivalent of Vegas.

        I never camped with my family either. My dad came to this fine country from Europe with just a suitcase, so roughing it in the wild would have seemed like such an absurd idea to him. And he’s a Virgo with a Taurus moon.
        I am very grateful for his curious and adventurous nature though. Every couple of weeks we’d jump into the car and go for long road trips. Pisces mum loved to get out and about too.

  34. Spot on re: Leo’s Mystic! :)
    I’ve gone to trips on neighbouring islands, mini camping excursions hunting for ghost shrimp, rock collecting etc and have packed to the sh*t all my stuff, my ARMS as I call them, and will most happily carry and trudge with the heavy load CONTENT with the fact that I have all my possessions with me!

  35. i agree with cheschire cap

    “Virgos like the idea of camping but not the reality.”

    its also true that while Virgos can make great orgarnisers of camping trips they usually somehow take all the the fun out it.

    Especially if their personal neurosis all flare up during their oraganising of said event, and i am talking from personal experience…

  36. I have been camping a few times, bloody awful most times, EXCEPT for one expedition to isolated bushland because we slept in the back of the truck, and it was organised by a super-sexy, highly qualified bushman who knew what he was doing – both in bed and out. Sigh… I think he might have been a Leo but don’t know for sure. However, have been camping with Leo husband who complained bitterly about lack of luxury, and I’m now with him and all the other peeps who enjoy electric blanket, warm house, cosy bed. I hope I never have to go camping ever again.

  37. I love my Leo Ex so so dearly, but spending time in a tent with him tried my patience. All the tossing and turning and huffing and puffing and “it’s too stuffy in here” was a bit over the top.

  38. as i am contrary by nature, I have to disagree with mystic’s call on the pisceans! all the pisces i know [including me] love to get back to nature…no facade, it’s all for real :) xox

  39. Now why would I want to go camping with ANY sign, when I could more easily check into a nice hotel with room service, and then a quick jaunt to the local museums in the morning?

    • because extremely pleasurable orgasms are way more fun when one doesn’t have to muffle? because museums are full of dead things and camping tends to be amongst living things? 😉

      • I’ve seen nature before, it’s all pretty much the same. Most of it wants to bite me or give me a rash. But I haven’t seen what’s in the museums of another city. And why would I feel the urge to muffle in a hotel room? It’s not like they’re my neighbors that I have to live next to.

  40. HA HA! As a Kataka, I can only add: Totally!

    My family are not campers, so I was never a camper. After coming to the Great White North, I learned I have an affinity for eating food off the ground (“It’s just dirt”) and using a “long drop”, though the threat of meeting a bear in the woods does still make me quake a little!

    The most notable example of the attitude you describe here is when I decided I wanted to try canoeing for the first tome. The Man expected a leisurely drift around the island; I turned it into a POWER CANOE session, avec yelling at him for not pulling his weight 😀

  41. Kataka here, and you couldn’t pay me to go camping. As a kid, I was forced to go camping on a few school trips, and I just hated it.

  42. If the voting were still open, I’d probably vote for us Libras – or Aries.

    – Libras because we are as fastidious as Virgos but often too dreamy-eyed to be of as much use. It would bother us if the tents were unattractive (the norm for tents) & the lack of bathroom facilities would make us sad. We might be so overwhelmed by the beauty of nature that we would wander around with dazzled expressions on our faces – but then our social natures would insist on sharing our appreciation with others, verbally, for hours. (Or maybe thats the Gemini in my chart… 😉 )
    – Aries because I loathe being bossed around or made to feel weak or slow. Competition & criticism make me exceedingly grumpy.

  43. If the voting were still open I’d vote for Aquarius. All that talking about the sky and weird stuff when there’s communing with nature to be done *winks*

    Now, I’m a super-charged Virgo and love camping. No complaining about rain here (well, maybe a little *grins*). Have to admit to being very organised though – next weekend I’m riding my motorbike 700km (each way) to go on a 3 day hiking trip. I’ve already written my lists of ‘must pack’, ‘would be nice to pack’ and ‘ pack if it fits’.

    I’ve even started making sure that the clothes I need to bring are separated to make sure I don’t accidentally wear them this week. And I’ve got a list of food to buy to have ready.

    Did I mention that I’m having a pre-pack tonight to make sure everything fits? I mean, I have to coordinate a weekend that combines 20 hours motorcycle riding with 3 days hiking … it’s a lot to be prepared for … How to decide which potential emergencies take priority (do I hike 3 days carrying emergency tyre repair gear or do I risk leaving it unattended at the bike?).


    • Are you in SE Qld Herby ? I remember when I lived there I used to do the 700k trip to Carnarvon Gorge and back. Have you been there ? It’s heaven, and a great drive.

          • Carnarvon Gorge rocks! I wonder how much water is in it after the big rain.

          • I can’t go anymore :( … I realised that my dear Stellium Taurus wife has a day off work on Monday (we have a long weekend) so I am going to stay home to have a day with her.

            The only thing my Virgo heart likes more than camping and nature is family …

    • Lists. Bless. Ah, a Virgo goes camping on a motorbike. You sure you haven’t got a support vehicle coming along behind, you know a mobile hospital & workshop type affair? And a tanker of nervatona?

      Hope you have a lovely time Herby. I am from near there. Big skies. Peace & quiet. Love it.

    • Oh the packing. I have to start thinking about it weeks before. My ultimate stressor would be having to go somewhere unprepared. Any sort of stress can trigger one of my ‘packing dreams’, where the taxi’s waiting to take me to the airport and I’ve suddenly realised I haven’t properly packed and I’m dashing frantically round the flat trying to find the things I need (or some variation on that theme).

      I’m currently packing for a (non-camping) holiday and have the clothes laid out in categories – daytime outfits, evening outfits, travelling outfit – although each item’s expected to be flexible, e.g. the trousers I wear to travel in must also be suitable to wear out if it’s a bit cool in the evenings. Next I’ll do an edit where I try different combinations to make sure everything’s earning its place. Not only can I not bear the thought of forgetting something, I also hate the idea of taking too much as that would somehow be wasteful!

      Have a great trip Herby.

  44. Every time I’ve been camping some kind of crazy act of god, weird random crime that means our tent is in a cordoned off siege area or attack from wild boars happens, so I’m thinking I am the sign I would prefer not to go camping with. AND the only time I’ve ever sat round a campfire I heard someone reminiscing about how he and his sister used to get it on when they were camping – you know, they be having sex… while camping… brothers and sisters… eeek

    • what house rules camping? Is it the 4th? I wonder if my uranus in the 4th is what fuqs up the camping for me? Fuq I hate camping

        • See I think TLS is right about camping being indulgent / bourgeois – if it’s ruled by the same house as your ACTUAL home and shelter then it is kind of weird that people choose to regress to a less sheltered time. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather be in nature when holidaying but I go in a rented camper with a shower. I read something about how people never needed to go on holiday or get away from it all until the industrial revolution, which is when they lost nature and became wage slaves with “leisure” as opposed to peeps who worked the land for a job. Something about the sense of unease of the modern life making people need to revert to another simpler style of living, if only briefly. Like Marie Antoinette and her “model farm” that she used to go and dress up like a shepherdess complete with a crook in and pretend she was herding sheep.

  45. Virgo’s notion of ‘camping’ is as a form of singular or collective embedded epistemological reflection on “being for the world, but privately enough”. They will give regard to the chosen terrain well prior to (and following) the trip, through comparative epistemological appreciations of map-making and territorial belonging informing it, but they will just as interested in the volcanic legacies and height of the beach swell. Sat navs are not for them – they are too alarmed and bored by others’ straightforward interest in cartesian reward systems.
    They instead just want to have done and continue with the right kinds of light minimalist but comprehensive research about the trip, before, during and after, in order to ensure maximum spiritual insight is grokked. After inhabitating the chosen locations for 32 hours straight they also prefer to come back with some sort of tan or oxygenated complexion – or if going with partner – a more secure because more abstracted sex life, energized by the presence and central tent installation of his medium sized (he has 3 sizes) lifetime guarantee coffee maker, hooked up with ipod to some sort of solar power generator (the latest best’ kind). Together they will have sat back and been appreciative of their coupledom’s complex, augmented earthy appreciation of ‘the natural’. The perfect girlfriend is most likely to be a camping convert or only recently post-heteronormative monogamy, perhaps taurus, scorpio, not sure.
    Their nature incursion as postmodern mental-spiritual gym will be valiantly reported and ticked off on FB upon arrival home, and will attract a surprising number and range of back slaps and jealous praise because of that Virgoan way of framing it as the return of a spirit knowledgeworker to particpation in the urban social good.
    No issues with virgos. Just find them alien-ic and fascinating.

    • Yes, we’re capable of spontaneity. Provided it’s well planned.

    • Taurams, whoever inspired that summary sounds like my
      first boyfriend, a Virgo at the tender age of 16. Stayed with him for
      5 years coz i found him curious & fascinating. A scientific
      mind ‘n all. He an ‘older man’ at 5 years older than me.
      Co-incidently he took me True Camping for first time, small tent,
      makings of tea & rice & little else……
      O… some pot too.

      • i dated a Virgo with Moon and Aqua rising many moons ago. He also had that scientific mind and coupled with moon in Aqua, ridiculously intelligent. Good looking too. :)

    • Hells yeah. This Virgo loves the luxury camping (glamping) as much as people who ‘get’ our kind. Taurams, do I know you?!

      • To hell with the camping, I’m hot for anyone who can spell ‘epistemological’ and use it in a sentence.

  46. Cancerean are the WORST on camps! NO OFFENCE to the crabs out there but MAN i have NEVER had a worse time camping than the time i went to camp with a cancerean! NEVER AGAIN!
    but just NO

    • I totally agree. Cancers can get too moody and/or aren’t much to talk with or go exploring with. At least a Virgo will know random facts about which berries are edible and which are poisonous. You know, just in case.

      I’m starting to realize that most Cancers are just not themselves when they’re away from their homes. My sister is this way, and it drives me crazy because we can never do anything fun away from the parents’ house.

  47. I laughed at the Taurus part. While I wouldn’t bring a friggin carpet because I hate the feeling of them, I much prefer grass thankyouverymuch, I would bring a portable microwave. Screw that campfire shit, I need instant food FAST. Oh yes, and internet. I have too much Pisces in me to not have internet & ipod, maybe a good book because I love reading outdoors like a Sagg loves to streak.

    As for worst, for me at least, Sagg. They’re the ones who’ll leave all the cleaning up of the campfire, that they suggested in the first place because they wanted it to be a “genuine” experience, to the practical people, meaning me & Virgo, while they go exploring and find a huge turtle in some lake that I’ll totally miss out on. Thanks, Sagg, for forgetting/accidentally breaking the camera.

  48. Oh soooo needed a laugh this morning after ongoing computer issues and Mystic filled the need again.

    I hate to go camping with Librans. Everything has to be just so, not to mention access to mirrors and decent showers to make the moisturiser isn’t still sitting on the surface of their skin before they ponce out to sit and wait for their meal to be served.

    And had to laugh at the pisces and gemini gibbering in the tent. My husband is a pisces and we recently went camping…….. I don’t know how he spent the early years of his life on a farm and survived. A single mosquito will send him in a frenzy of slapping and running for the aeroguard. But I grew up camping all the time, so I don’t know if I quite fit the typical pisces comment. Though must admit, I see it as a time to completely off my face and perhaps running around skinny dipping while someone else fusses about what should go where

    • Hehe the gemini guy I went camping with also ran away from the mosquitos whilst they didn’t even touch me 😀 They don’t seem to be as tough as us pisceans 😉

  49. I’ve never officially been camping overnight (have been out late, done the campfire thing and all that) and you know, I think it wouldn’t be so bad except for the snakes.

    Really don’t like the snakes.

    Sagg here, but I think the Libra moon does make me a bit fastidious, but to be fair, Libras are also less likely to complain or be dramatic about their discomfort!

  50. I stand by my comments on previous threads that Saggitarians are all show and no go. Mystic seems to think they are seasoned world travellers, ready to climb Macchu Pichu at the drop of a hat.

    Not the ones i know. All of them. Big, big talks about all the places they’re gonna go. But they never ever ever go – unless somebody else makes them or they’re in a five-star hotel having got there on Air France business class. And even then they whinge because the bed’s too hard or because it won’t stop raining or they can’t find the same wellingtons that Queen Elizabeth wears on sale at Harrods. Camping, for a sagg – absolutely no way, not in my experience. I think the truth needs to come out about Saggitarians!

    • Seabird I can’t agree about that, I worked in tourism and I found that Aquarians and Saggi’s were very common wherever I went and the Cappy’s and Cancerians I met usually had Saggi strong in their chart.. That’s my experience anyway. Back in the big smoke I do meet many Sagg’s who are armchair travellers who bang on about travel tho..

      • Armchair travellers seems to be the best description…. I have found out that they really are all talk about a lot of things haha

    • OMG Soooo true- all show and no go. Camping for a Sag, ha ha, not in his lifetime! I’m a Pisces, Leo rising, moon in Gemini. I have never laughed so hard as when I read the part about the Pis/Gem- one idea to the next, let’s all talk about it, on to the next one…. I LOVE camping by the way.

  51. As a crab, I have to say I would be no fun as a camping partner – would need my pillow, my doona and other home comforts. Like the Lemonheads’ song goes, I’m the indoor type, and I’d be worried I’d miss something good on tv.

  52. Hah, funny… Perhaps it’s my Chiron-in-6th nature, but camping with Virgos would be at the tops for me. They’ve got what they need and no more, they’ve got the handling of every camp gadget down to a science, they’re earthy & practical but discriminating enough to appreciate good things brought along (hello…. Libra rising here with Moon in 2nd house & Jupiter in Taurus, heh). I don’t think I’d want to go on a camping trip *without* a Virgo! I think they’ve got a bum rap on this vote. :)

    • Thanks Samina, you voiced my own feelings about camping with Virgos. Seems they are continually overlooked as being a Mutable Earth sign. So yes, organised but definitely flexible and they love nature…….

  53. Mmm. My husband went ‘camping’ with a virgo mate on a fishing trip last year…….and the virgo even took a satellite dish so his son could watch TV! I should look at his chart and see what else is there. The virgo was the talk of the camp ground

  54. LoLz… sounds like a worthy Virgo to me!

    Granted, many are crusty sorts that would never dare do such a thing. But I have a healthy appreciation for their technical know-how.

  55. I’m a pisces (aqua cusp) with cancer moon and leo rising and I love going camping and it’s so true about the gemini and pisces part! Last time I went camping it was with a gemini and we kept saying we’ll do this and that and half-way through he would get scared and change his mind (even though I was up for it still). But he did bulshit his way out of doing the chores! Haha.

    I can’t believe everyone is dissing the cancerians! They are so spontaneous and fun. When I was about 13 went to some beach to stay for a night or two with the cancerian’s family and when it was all dark the cancerian said lets go down to the beach! It was winter and we wanted to toast marshmallows so we found a candle and cut a hole in a plastic cup to stop the wind blowing out the flame as we did not have matches (had to get the candle burning from the stove-top) all the way down to the beach with a blanket. We talked all night, about ghost stories and slept on the beach and then she woke me up and said lets run to the jetty and watch the sun rise! It was amazingly fun!

    I’m totally up for the ritualistic thing and resourceful too! You try to make pure absinthe taste good with a few diff flavours of tea :p

    Screaming from the animals is so true hahaha!

    I would not go with a leo (my bro) he is terrible to go with anywhere always fussing is it clean enough? Is it still good to eat? I vote out the leos.

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