Kate Moss in black bikini with multiple strings of pearls

Capricorns – see Kate Moss/Michelle Obama – are always drawn to pearls because of their patrician elegance, simplicity, class and purity. The symbol of a rough little grain  of sand slowly,  over time, becoming a polished and valuable gem is tres Capricorn and mega-Saturn.

Michelle Obama wearing pearls

However, there is a very old astro-myth that it is unlucky for anyone but a Gemini woman to wear pearls. Where does this come from? I don’t know but i hear it time and time again. Did Geminis maybe make this up to keep others from out-gleaming them? Kate Moss does have Gemini Rising….that with her Cap Sun is a classic recipe for age and louche-lifestyle defying evergreen good looks, btw.

Joan Colllins in pearl necklace and braceletJoan Collins – Gemini – has apparently been always obsessed with pearls – wishing her  name WAS Pearl and quite liking huge pearl rings to decorate her fingers.

Nicole Kidman as Marilyn MonroeAnd here is Gemini Nicole Kidman in pearls, trying to do Marilyn. Though the pearls worn in ‘the last sitting’ don’t seem to have bought the actual, real-life poor Marilyn much luck, as such.

The Last Sitting Marilyn Monroe with pearls in mouthBert Stern; The Last Sitting

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Quite naughty really…If you know what the song means…


I like them… have foudnthem to be an acquired taste. My mum gave me a wonderful pearl tie necklace which sufficiently captures the girly/androgynous mixture of Gemini! Kate Moss and Marilyn wear them in a cheeky-sexy way.


Leo Sun, Scorp Moon, Gem Asc, and I doo love a little pearl necklace.

And when you are feeling hyper and anxious there is nothing nicer than rubbing them on your front teeth.


The ‘tears of oysters’… organic is that. For years & years, that little oyster coats it so it don’t irritate. A rumour had it that Marie Antoinette tested hers buy dropping them into a glass of Champagne to see if they dissolved. Real pearls will. Better to test with teeth & magnifying glass since we are not married to Kings. The clasp & threading will tell you by looking. Used to know all the fake & real trix from past incarnation of bijoux smuggler….x P E A R L….such a soft sighing word if you stretch it out & say… Read more »


About a month ago, found an 18″ strand of baroque genuine pearl necklace with 18crt small gold clasp. Luckily for me the shop had NO IDEA they were real so bought for a song. It made my week! Just happened to have had the matching earrings at home for decades. Look perfect with black tuxedo, black turtle neck sweater and black leather. Will search Chanel-type fabric Gardenia to pin on shoulder for when i trip the light fantastic. Was given black Tahitian pearls for engagement presso & as i didn’t turn up for the ceremony, gave them to CowGirl for… Read more »


Oh Harpers cover with Nic as Marylin so not working. About as convincing energy wise as her playing a hooker showgirl from the Parisian left bank…


Or landed gentry in the Outback!
Golden Compass suited her as a movie & The Others.


yes! x


I gave aqua mum a single tear drop black pearl years ago and she thrashes it. I have a black pearl set, the freshwater ones so all diff shapes, but really only wear the earrings, rarely wear the traditional White necklace as it’s quite short, and I’m never sure it suits as I tall and well endowed so prob suit a longer style go draw attention south more.

The Leo Socialite

Oh and i love these posts. Mostly because is chance to waffle on abuot fashion or beauty, which i love but the “article” is not trying to sell me.


TLS lol the “chambrey” deniim ubiquitous shirt of the 80s! Ruined many photos, that and the 80s hair.

The Leo Socialite

Saw pictures of myself from the, ahem, 80s recently, trying to pull off fuq knows what sort of a look. Pearls featured, a denim shirt tucked into my jeans- really ridiculously awful. God knows how i had sex in that decade but i did.
GOOD news is that i look better now. My Gemini friend looks fanastic in pearls but she punks them right up, from some cool designer.


love punked up pearls !!x

I have at least 7 strands of differing lengths and size. I love the austerity and primness you can really play with it


LURV Pearls! Love em, Love em, Love em! I dream of a man presenting me with a pearl ring on bended knee. Have a pearl necklace by Cappy Dad bought me when I was eighteen. Never where it though – no where to wear it too. I bought myself a tiny tiny pearl ring to ‘celebrate’ my tenth wedding anniversary… unfortunatley my ex didn’t clock it.. should’ve realised then really.

ANYWAY (Libra’s can do it too) I still LOVE PEARLS. 🙂

venus a-go-go

I have a pearl necklace (hur hur) of fake pearls. They are a very pleasantly robust shade of pink. Not a pearl wearer, but used to be my grandma’s, so I occationally bst them out.
Usually get hit on when I am wearing them. Mostly by Cap men. Intersting.
Really must get them out at some point….


I do love real pearls but haven’t worn them for a few years – just not my current look. Always thought pearls were Kataka-ish – moon glow like. Have a beautiful pearl/diamond ring but have not worn it as heard pearls were bad luck (and so are opals). Sorry Nicole Kidman looks ridiculous in that pic.


I have a pair of pearl earrings, always on me. They have to be the right size-proportional to face or neck, too big will not do, too small will not show. My fav ring has a blue stone, a pearl on and it is metallic grey. It was an impulse purchase and paid way above my budget. I think it reflects my Gem mercury, Saturn ruled Cap moon and Pisces rising.

year of the fox

I’ve always thought of pearls being a Cancer thing. Every Gem i know doesn’t like them. I a Libra do love them…esp the irreg. freaky shaped ones like the grey ones and twisted little freshwater ones. My mom was a Cap and loved her classic pearl ring and earrings.


Mmm, Michele looks like she’s wearing a bit of a neckbrace there do you think?
Nicole? Some like it hot? NNNNNNNo not really…
Marilyn…sigh…so totally gorgeous, connotations & all, an amazing, timeless, *pearler* of an image.


you know, i think the thing about the image of Michelle Obama is actually the expression they captured. If she was smiling and properly posing for the camera, the balck dress, brown skin, white pearls would look fab.


gem, don’t like pearls (on me). well don’t like white. i get that they are amazing creations, and appreciate the lustre they get with age and wear. but it’ll not be my neck they get that lustre on.
I’ve worn a moonstone for years though


I’m very very Kataka with a nice dose of Libra and I LOVE pearls. I received one of those five foot strands that I have desired since I was a child.

If I am ever wealthy beyond avarice, I will cover myself with black Tahitian pearls.


Yup, but if you can’t afford $5000 to get you the Marquesas….
they say the most handsome men ever come from there 🙂
So maybe GO THERE.
(note to self)


No leogroover here and yes some Scorp in me. Could n’t resst MM


That Marilyn pic has lots of umm connotations.???
Mrs Obama’s thingy is bit OTT tho for my liking.


Yes Ms. Obama looks like she is going to Mardis Gras in New Orleans or somthing..

Equilibrium Girl (nee Stress Princess)

Ick. Pearls. They remind me of old women and stinky grandma closet smell. I don’t go near them.

Mind, I don’t have much experience with “real” pearls that weren’t slightly stained with age or just fake. Perhaps if I was to play with different colours/ styles/ price-upon-application glamour pieces, one might change one’s mind…


My Cappy Moon has worn lots of pearls!!

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