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Say It With Snap - 1925 Motivational Poster

The Moon is in Aries, Jupiter is in Aries and Uranus is in Aries.

Mars – the ruler of Aries – is switching from a Fixed Sign into a Mutable Sign.

Everything is speeding up even though, yes, it is a Dark Moon. But it’s not the trad, rejuvenatory Dark Moon – Jupiter is moving to conjoin Uranus and it’s all action. Don’t dither.   All emotions get to be filtered though the Ego and for now, it’s a healthy thing.

Again, saves time and stops dithering.  You could always flow-chart your feelings like real-Arieans do: Does this make me feel hot? Yes-No. Is this inspirational? Yes-No. Is there an action-point? Yes-No. Can I Do It This Instant? Yes-No.

See how it works?  Keep it quick and cater to gigantically bloated egos, even your own.

Image: Samuel P Harn Museum Of Art– 1925 motivational poster

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30 thoughts on “Aries Snap

  1. Oh yes. After four years of taking crap from the ex I am going to the CSA today to finally claim my rights.

    • too.
      Mine is three years of bullshite from him to CSA.
      May the force be with you.

      • Rant *#$@% the CSA

        I hate them. I told them in the end that for the amount of good they’d done both him and me, I should have just cut out the middleman and gone and punched him in the face.
        At least I would have felt better…temporarily

        Good luck though – you may need it!

  2. I now have Jupiter Uranus and Merc in conj, Jup is sq my mars and trine my natal Jup. what can I say ! Snap, crackle, pop.

  3. Love it MM!! I’m printing that poster out and sticking it up on my office wall!

    There’s something about all that Aries energy at the moment that encourages stepping into your authority, into your power… I was meeting with potential new client last week, he was rambling, dithering, going on and on, wasting my precious fuqing time, I thought my head was going to explode. Finally I slapped my hand down on the table and said,

    “Look, here’s how it’s going to work…” And told him.

    He looked relieved. Almost happy, that I was taking the authority.

    Sometimes you got to stand your ground…

  4. Is this why I can’t seem to get creative in writing at the moment? I need to write a ‘get well soon’ card and can’t seem to get beyond ‘get well soon’. Normally I can write pages of lovely thoughts (Mercury being my ruler and all) …

  5. Even my libra with virgo moon “each to their own”, and “tolerance tolerance, people, everyone learns in their own time” has been over run by this airies vibe…. I am feeling incredibly INTOLERANT… especially of all the people who are suffering from the shite i let go of in the past 6 months. Catch up, people, I wanna scream!
    And I kinda like it….. 🙂

  6. I am going to snap into mediation and take control of my emotions by being more decisive yet gentle with myself. I spent yesterday at a yogafest and it was exactly what i needed = snap into yoga why not? Making plans making plan making plans yay

    I the aries vibe bad and its gooood!

  7. fired record no of thank yous / pay pronto slackarse – yr WAY overdue / pitches / ideas / follow ups / dud client sign offs – PRIOR to midday monday!!

    gotta split – banking, post already done
    then back to Ebay.

    not sure what’s moving but something is.
    crossing off to-do list like a Virgo with an Aries on her back!!

  8. I have had an Aries snap with my Virgo bro!

    After many many years of trying to reach out to my older Virgo brother I finally snapped over the weekend & I thought to myself ‘I give up.’ After that I just sat with it, with the reality of how honest I was being with myself & to just allow the feelings to come up. I felt really, really sad but I knew deep down & up until then wasn’t allowing myself to go there.
    This is beyond sibling rivalry as I once convinced myself it was, but no this goes much deeper & I don’t know why, nor do I really care as I don’t think there is any real excuse for it.
    After that I spent the afternoon in the garden clearing, de-cluttering & sawing off bits of dead wood hanging off the trees. The garden looks amazing & I also rearrange some furniture, I am definitely feeling & seeing shifts here.

    I have Mars in Virgo & now I am keen to know more about Mars return.

    • Boo Baristagem, sibling issues are so hard. As my sister said to our eldest sis, “no one in my life has ever been able to hurt me as much as you”!
      Do you believe that people don’t change much from the age of five or so? I think back and I don’t think she has changed that much really.

    • Aren’t they ever Andromeda!

      You’re right he hasn’t changed one bit & it is funny because I thought he would grow out of it but NUP…. he is still an A-hole.

      He would chuck a massive tantrum if he didn’t get the barbie doll that I got for xmas when we were kids, I would just give it to him to shut him up. I guess he just got use to me giving in, tantrum = getting what he wants. 25 years later he is still doing it, but only to me as everyone else tells me what a beautiful person he is…. 😯
      I just don’t cope well in those situations with him, inevitably I just give in to stop the bullying & that doesn’t help me or him.

  9. I’m an aries and I’m definitely not feeling or getting this exciting uranus into aries or jupiter for that matter. can anyone explain – I actually feel quite down.

    • Try moving your body.. As an Aries I always snap out of down moods after sweating & huffing & puffing…

  10. OMG is Sandra Bullock having an Aries Snap or wot?

    Does kissing Scarlett J. make me feel hot? Yes-No. Is this inspirational? Yes-No. Is there an action-point? Yes-No. Can I Do It This Instant? Yes-No.

    • is this copying what other’s have already done to gain heaps of press?

      yes/no – lol x

    • I just saw a replay..looked awkward, rehearsed, so not hot..I suppose her pr insisted or something.

  11. is it just me – or are others moving fast / walking fast / deftly pining between locales with spring in steady-paced step??

    mind’s moving quicker also.

    it’s like someone installed a turbo-charged processor….

  12. I’m trying to go gentle on myself which is snap in itself. i’m sick of myself wasting all my time on stupid ex scenarios etc etc. i just txt the lusty to say come down and tell me to my face its over. Don’f be chicken i said, he’s an aries true node so daring him could work but if he’s going to be a chicken cancer and hide in his shell. Well good luck to him and good for me.

    • note to self. Chillout gf. Just found out I have Aries in 3rd house. No wonder I’ve been wanting to tell everybody lately to go shove it and I have and it felt goooood

  13. reply to aries re get moving – I actually run most days and i’m generally an energetic person – its not that – its that I’ve kinda run out of optomism and I was expecting this whole uranus in aries and now jupiter thingee would fill me with that feeling. In fact a few things are going quite unwell for me. Is it just me – does anyone else (aries) feel the same??

    • Im hearing that..I feel a little ‘stunned’ myself . Stunned I think ? not too pessimistic ? Weird actually. ? a bit out of control though in first gear ?

  14. Texas local time 4:00 CDT (UTC/GMT -6 hours) . . . gas line/well explosion . . . earlier today gas well explosion in West Virginia. Yeah, I’d say that the sudden conflagaration signature of the planets is operating.