Things To Do When The Moon Is In Scorpio…

Batwoman Things To Do When The Moon Is In Scorpio…

* Feed your ravens/cats/bats/familiars

* Write never-to-be-sent Letters Of Shit for psychological catharthis.

* Choose ONE Tarot card at random to mediate upon for the next few days.

* Eat only to fuel your body,  not for pleasure.

* E-shop for ‘marital aids’

* Swot up on sex manuals.

* Write your occult memoirs: Ghosts, psychic moments et al.

* Silently e-stalk some exes for no particular reason.

* Read Baudelaire or the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

* Scheme an ambitious lingerie resurrection.

* Listen to Goth music.

* Flash-Psych: When & how you transformed yourself/your life the most effectively? And how/why?

Image: Albert Joseph Penot

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89 thoughts on “Things To Do When The Moon Is In Scorpio…

  1. …and don’t worry about those suicidal thoughts, or alternatively those thoughts of harming others…soon the moon will move into Sag, yeah !

    • this link may be of interest to you David – organic hemp and other fibres are officially on the up – hoorah.

        • thanks OB, I invented the hemp surfboard some years back , maybe my patents will have some value soon ?

          • Interesting – I was thinking last night when lovely aquarian husband was banging on passionately about cloth covered wings on aeroplanes (!?) that hemp could be used maybe for housing (I have a save the world with felt houses fantasy – think hemp fibres felted into thick woolen bats would be ideal strong and waterproof temporary housing for people like the ones in Pakistan who had the earthquake – mongolians have been hanging out in felt houses for centuries) or other things. So a surfboard – sounds interesting – have you patented?

        • there is a massive problem with the continuing demand for cotton too, there is a huge surge into eco fibers like hemp and bamboo but trying to get the right blend so that the fibers are as good as cotton. which suxs to grow x

    • I get the silent e-stalking of exes for no particular reason, but Beaudelaire ?
      you must have an assignment due…

        • well i suppose you catch someone’s interest enough that they google / FB the crap out of you, although they don’t have the front to come up and directly interrogate you. (whether good or bad). but i suppose the point is that we never know if we’re being e-stalked. .. we can only stalk others ..?!

          • I fly under the radar for this reason. I am scorp but I am no stalker. I find the whole idea a bit who cares

            oh I lie, I have checked a few birthdates ahead of time… I see this as practical act on my part though. Hi yes your hot but I notice your mars is opposite my sun.mercury so while the sex will be hot. its just going to be complicated. avoid emo investment and just hover for good sex and dive pre complications.

            As we know. the things people hide about themselves are never on google, I like my discovery moments face to face and closer if possible 😉 x

          • hmm. I just read your end comment in the DIY post about your research on certain badly placed mars man. Wouldn’t have made last statement of jest if I had of read that xx

            Interesting you found out online btw.
            perhaps there is a healthy side to google stalkery??

          • hey ms, no dramas from me there. my main comment on stalkery was more general anyway, just happened that me and this guy got involved then he vamoosed, cool whatever but i rarely expect total silence after weeks and WEEKS of one-sided come-on (from him!!). so in that case i felt that a fact–finding mission was justified… but yes i also generally prefer face to face..otherwise it’s just wierd!

          • cheaters usually do all the stalking/chasing from my experience as they are repressed about something in their relationship so it creates this importance in odd ways.

            Still, you can’t help being beautiful x

  2. I like this – She is a sort of gypsy wandering on the fringes of a regular society, and the triviality of her life, which is one of warfare and cunning, fatally grins through its envelope of show – there’s some evocative talk of the burden of petticoats as well, he’s musing on the allure of the prostitutes in Manets paintings.

  3. wooah, methinks that batwoman’s been wearing her corset way too tight. It looks like she’s wearing her bum on the front. 😉

    • Chesh Cap so lovely to see you online. How is married life gorgeous? I visit on and off and its so lovely to see everyone chugging along, amidst the hills and valleys of life.

  4. Oh so the “Eat only to fuel your body, not for pleasure” is a Scorpio thing. I thought it was a Sag moon thing. Eating can be such a chore.

    • eating I can deal with its the getting of food that annoys me , I just wish it would appear infront of me

      def love a partner who can cook.

      • Used to prefer making reservations for dinner, preferably Indian cuisine.

        Cooking is boring & tedious. Really enjoy eating.
        Different lanes for different brains.

        • lol – I prefer making reservations.


          I do love cooking but its mood based not routine based

  5. oh no, scorps, i can attest to the fact that the sagg approach to food is very pleasurable and indulgent- one of the joys of living. not in a taurean sensuality way, but a ‘feast like a king/queen’ way. we love our food.

    its one of the reasons you prob wont find a sag on a diet. i think i read mystic saying once that we prefer the ‘eat whatever you want, but exercise like mad’ diet. tres apt!

    i know many a scorp though and they are far more discerning and ruthless in their food choices. one decided to give up dairy and BAM that was it. Gone. with never a wisp of craving to be seen ever again. very impressive.

    • I’m a Sagittarius with my Moon in Sagittarius, and no, I don’t do diets! For a Sagittarius, fitness = getting what you need, and lots of it! This includes both food and exercise, both of which ought to be enjoyable, not a means to an end.

      However, Sagittarius goes to extremes, doesn’t do anything halfway, so a Sagittarius who develops an eating disorder really just doesn’t eat – it’s seriously life-threatening.

      • totally, sagg is the person in the room when someone expresses their need to go on a diet does massive eye roll and tell them to get off their arse and exercise more not stop eating.

        • yeah, if i told my italian rello’s that i was going on a “diet” or food didn’t interest me, i might be kicked out of the family… i know everyone’s different, but how can one turn one’s nose up at home made gnocchi, italian ham, little fried crostini… fresh croissants, french tarts made with spinach and goats cheese….pear & almond frangipane tarts… fresh vietnamese rice paper rolls bought on the streets of ho chi minh (omG SO fuqing good)… bircher muesli….crispy green salad….mango eaten over the sink…. pappardelle with shredded sticky duck and fresh peas….omg GELATO jeez i am stuffed from dinner and STILL going on like this *maybe i should take a leaf out of scorpbot’s book before i turn the size of a house*

  6. This is great:

    * Silently e-stalk some exes for no particular reason.

    My mode of ex-istence… only occasionally, of course. And seriously, without any purpose. At least any evident purpose. 😉

  7. Mystic I love the image of the batwoman. Sooo completely captures where I’m at these days – completely fabulous, but watch out or I”ll strike. Also captures the sense of biding my time and waiting for the right moment to reveal my true self to work peeps who are only just beginning to grasp what high standards I have of myself and everybody else!

  8. P.S. I just followed the link to the info about the artist. It turns out that “Pénot, a painter of the French school, painted genre scenes and interiors featuring nudes and church officials”.

    Nothing brightens my day more than a nude church official :o)

  9. Just had my ex with a Scorp moon chatting to me online and getting jealous about my new boyfriend, (and his friend, he said it was fine that we got together). But like all psycho and unconscious-like, like telling me off-putting stories about my boyfriend (his friend) but not openly telling me he was jealous and then when I confronted him about his stealth manouevres, he acted surprised and said he didn’t ‘consciously’ mean anything like that.

    It was quite humourous, he was totally acting jealous!

    • You’re good to highlight it! He can’t go on with that suggestive madness. That’s not on.

  10. LOL
    TT, nude church officials, always welcome?! maybe not …

    blimey ladycrab – i need to get out more

  11. This explains the ‘fuq this’ moment I had making lasagne…… Ended up eating ragu and pesto on toast…… Can I substitute Foucault for Beaudelaire?

  12. things to do also include go & see GRAN TORINO…Clint’s sex appeal does NOT wane!!

    • I wondered where you’d got to – nice to see you. You’re naughty and I like it :o) Leo Socialite came back and promptly disappeared (no doubt to attend to matters far more important than these) I am missing her spice in the mix too…

  13. Saggigal – yes, Saggos LOVE their food. Think of how ravenous they are getting back from their mountain biking or quick hike in Guatemala. And of course they LOVE to crap on about exotic food…Some little hole in Woop-Woop that does the perfect Boogee-Bean stew that so reminds the Saggo about his/her barefoot trek through Maya.

  14. I just want to know why some peeps are dropping off the planet? Where did my GemCrab flirt boy go? Very quiet, or could it be me and Scorp moon obsession?? Rambling thoughts from a beginner and impatient Aqua sun Aries Venus and Moon x

      • Thanks Mystic! I have read them again and this is what is happening, even though I am hugely disappointed I can’t help thinking it is a good thing deep down, roll on Friday, feel like I am waiting for a mass electrical storm to hit!

  15. Posted this in an earlier entry. Apologies: meant to post it here. I haven’t been googling, e-stalking or expecting anything from anyone re: lurv, romance, ex-es, potentials. I feel resigned to my reality that I’ve experienced some wonderful romantic moments, love, lust, passionate highlights in my life and maybe that’s enough. My fair share I’ve had.
    I wish all ex-es (yes, even Gem-slut-boy) the best now. Everyone deserves love.

  16. i am reading all the astro influences, and not sure which one is creating this energy but i am LOVING the energy right now. maybe bc i love scorp moons… anyway, i’m totes confident, happy and just dont give a ‘ef’ abut any damn thing. right now i feel untouchable. not in an ego way, but in a ‘tres’ detached way… this is awesome. hope it lasts for a great while

  17. ew google stalking.

    hehe I am listening to ancient Scandinavian viking ceremony chants drawing with red candles everywhere and the light of the mac book as I draw gothy knits inspired by dark mother and art nouveau

    nothing sexed up yet but is still early….

  18. Well anything has to be better than all that mashed potato maudlin mother merde of last week. This week it’s more dirty sexy frisky whisky! Not that I drink whiskey. I feel like lounging in some grungy bar looking louche and slightly decomposed, but with FAB hair and pick up a Mickey Rourkesque (in his younger years) type for all night hardwood floor crawling. Massive Attack needs to be playing for obvious reasons.

  19. Has anyone pondered the semiotics of the phrase “go fuq yourself”?? I mean really … when one thinks about it the irony of telling someone who’s REALLY giving you the shits to “go give yourself a nice massage and an orgasm” is quite odd. Right? Seemed appropriate to think about it on a Scorpy full moon.

    • Hahahahaaaa, Prolwn!! I think about that phrase too. “Go feel good!” is what we’re really saying when what we mean is “Go fuq something horrid so you get evil diseases and your bits fall off and you derive no pleasure from the experience whatsoever!” Probably the long version loses some of the punch.

      And I do so like the idea of picking up some dirty hottie and hitting the hardwood all night long. Sigh. Pity there are tumble weeds blowing across my sex life…

      I’ve just gone from redhead to brunette because I thought it would be more evil and seductive – but now I”ve got a cold so I can’t go out. And my hair looks too dark and maudlin for my trackie and slippers so I just look like some kind of goth junkie. Waaaaah.

  20. Funny about the Scorp and food thing, am completely dairy free now and it does feel good. But I wouldn’t do it unless my baby was lactose intolerant which he is so… I like “scheme an ambitious lingerie resurrection”, so want to be able to even imagine myself going there.

    • True scorptimes4, I mentioned on the other thread that I had transformed my life by leaving every scrap of my world behind. That was in 1999. Pretty effective, didn’t contact home for several months but it turned out my sister pretended to be me and was tracking me through my bank account as I travelled!! Ended up in South America for five years after wandering around Asia. Why? Spiritual Quest naturlich…

  21. sexy instinct yoga- do we get pictures of this also>? hehe

    I am officially jealous of the parquet floor

  22. Fed the cats, no stalking, did all the tedious, mind numbing paper work, even scheming about lingerie resurrection should wait. Will check my notes on how-I-spent-last-7-year-o-mi-god-was-this-person-me when exactly I said – ’nuff already.

  23. * leave the house at your usual bedtime to meet a friend from the previous decade/century who you have not spent time with in, hmmm, seven years. Drink red wine and rave and workshop previous few years/months/weeks. It was nuts. It was intense. Probably won’t see her for another seven years now . . .

  24. I have a cold so my physical energy is low – but when I woke in the night (coughing, damnit) my brain went STRAIGHT into overdrive, composing my Shit List of everyone who ever did me wrong. argh, move on Scorp!

  25. Pulled said random tarot card to ponder – Ace of Disks: unification of body & soul; wholeness; internal & external wealth. This ties in with my epic shamanic dreams of past few nights 🙂 This quickening astro energy is awesome, am so loving it!

    • or the seeds of a new job or financial reality planted and now waiting to sprout?

      • Yes for sure – 0 Aries is cusp of my 2nd house and trines my 0 Sagg MC and cusp of 6th house (Leo). Synchronicity and magic abounds. Feel like I’m morphing into a more real version of me as i pack up my house and ditch so much old irrelevant crap.

    • FluidFeline- Good luck on your move and positive changes.

      I pulled Wheel of Fortune late last night.
      Jupiter ruled card. Karmic Payback.
      My Jupiter is transiting my 5th House in Taurus along with Uranus 5th House in Aries.
      This also ties in with my dream-work and visions lately.
      The Hero’s Journey starts with The Fool. love it.

      • Wheel of Fortune is The penultimate law of attraction card signifying how our inner reality determines our outer experience. With WoF you are at a point now of seeing how the growth of your consciousness is progressing by having a definitive external mirror to show you what you have “manifested”. It’s also the midpoint in the Tarot journey so – an opportunity to make adjustments should your manifestations need some tweaking.

        • more to say on this … also a timing factor with this card. People often trip over the law of attraction concept because they’ve done all the “creative visualisation” bits and bobs but the “thing” is not manifesting on “their” time frame. In my experience that’s not how LoA works … if my desires are in line with the universal conscience and its will for me, I will be supported .. things will manifest but not necessarily on “my” time but universal time. Why? Because we are all connected and what manifests for me effects others – has a ripple effect. Hence timing is important, also the recognition that “to every thing there is a season”.

          • Wow that makes sense.. but speaking as an aries rising, its the ‘waiting’ that messes us up. I mean, we can visualise what we want to attract but then have to wait and see which category it falls in, if its right and in my ultimate life plan I might ‘eventually’ get it but if not I must realise it and move on

            As a libra sun I get stuck working this part out, esp. re love life with scorp venus in the mix lol. Taking break right now and much pondering and career efforts so all is good

            I love the wheel of fortune, esp. re thinking destiny is at work, takes the pressure off!! Nice to think there are forces shaping things and you havent been forgotten by the universe cos youve been quiet for a while and life tad mundane

            But thats prob just MY life lol, everybody else’s sounds terribly exciting.. esp on the ‘Q’ thread

            Anyone wanna swap for a bit??

          • thanks for the info- I was just researching more on Wheel of Fortune.
            yes, in the process of tweaking my manifestations.
            yes, it’s all a big balancing act.

          • Hey Traci … I hear ya! As a fellow Cardinal it’s been the exact thing I’ve struggled with for years. I mean Cardinals are here to “exert the will through leadership”. Unrestricted by an understanding of spiritual principles that can unfortunately lead to some of the lower manifestations of being a Cardinal (Aries, Libra, Cap, Cancer) – bossy, my way or the highway, fuq you all this is what I WANT attitudes.

            How I’ve been shown to manage that ego and put it into perspective with some balance is basically a matter of perception. There is “me” – the limited human being, full of flaws and limitations, with only the limited tools of instinct and intellect to guide me.

            Then there’s the universal consciousness – infinite, multidimensional, not human and therefore not subject to the demands of fear and instinct, which has a broad, encompassing overview of all things and primarily consists of unconditional love for myself and all beings. Which works for the greater good as well as the individual good.

            So which “will” am I going to choose to follow? My limited one .. or the universal one? Makes waaaaaaay more sense to me to follow the universal one and as a result a sense of “rightness” and “it’s all ok as it is now” infuses me. I should add I “the human” am screamingly impatient left to my own devices. :mrgreen:

            FF many many years of learning and growth!

    • Thanx scorpiontailedtongue. Really feeling the new energy, best to you too xx

  26. HOT younger man, far too young, seems to really like me. Have lost appetite and apparently my mind. Last night woke up to loud knocking on my bedroom door but nobody there. Like an auditory hallucination. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Not 2 me before. An omen?? Please help. It was quite freaky. And definitely nobody in else, children asleep

    • I had a friend whose dead grandmother used to call her – for real – the phone would ring in the night, the grandmother would say something important and then the line would cut off. Maybe there’s someone around you who’s interested in entering your boudoir and hasn’t had the gumption to make it known.

      • HOW BIZARRE I read your words but missed the hot young man part – maybe it’s him? Projecting – effectively.

  27. Woah! Thank you. I love it. I read a dream dictionary today that said it means opportunity is knocking soon.

  28. so for you, S x4, how do you determine what doesn’t work – are you aiming for a certain impact / effect and when it doesn’t transpire that way, tweak your approach, for example?

  29. Definitely believe that which you said. Your favorite justification appeared to be on the web the easiest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while people think about worries that they just don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , people could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks