Something More Ethereal?

Esoteric scent bottle art

Alicja Kwade

Aether (also Æthere, Greek: ?????), in Greek mythology, is one of the Protogenoi, the first-born elemental gods. He is the personification of the upper sky, space, and heaven, and is the elemental god of the “Bright, Glowing, Upper Air.” He is the pure upper air that the gods breathe, as opposed to the normal air (???, aer) mortals breathe.


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Mystic you are funny
great shot

venus a-go-go

I have just organised a Mexican Themed Eurovision party.
With all the bright costumes, wind machines and songs of eternal love (as well as possibly puppets), it getting a little closer to Aether. Right?


V a go, Mexican themed Eurovision party?…This could be interesting. What is the Euro/Mex Vision, I wonder, as open to other perspectives. Right now, I’m so pissed at Madeline….She is eating her dinner alone… Bought a new ipod and shuffle today with Mom’s insurance money as I lost mine in transit….Meanwhile, Madeline hid my ipod from me as I let her in my room as I had to uninstall and reinstall itunes….Took time…Lots…. Love Scorpy Maddie but this sneakyness must REALLY stop… Pisses me off and I won’t abide it one second or play into “dear God forgive me”… Give… Read more »


Sorry doll for my spill…Hope your party goes well and that eternal love prevails!! x


As far as Aether in a bottle……Can I sniff the fuquer?



Sweetie, strangely, i have been a little concerned about you
not having your own place & and a chance to meet a partner, but
the space for it needs to be created. This is impossible at mo.
Strength to you, she was jealous of i-pod as she has claimed you,
the neg side of some Scorps can be said ‘they don’t make friends,
they take hostages’.
Some of our dear elders do get a bit demented & it’s draining
to be around constantly.
Hoping you find a nest of your liking to make your sacred space in.


Thanks Pegs. Yes, it’s temporary but there is a reason, of course. I’ve been around 80 somethings before and they are a challenge however. Madeline literally paces the grounds ouside my sliding glass door trying to get to me… Over the last couple of years or so, have not wanted a partner but am contemplating it. Susan (triple Pisces daughter) is going to place her in the next couple of weeks and then I stay on to help her with the house….Transition is coming in the next few weeks and then couple of months. I do love the nature here… Read more »


One of my patients said as well that Madeline is perhaps giving me closure to Mom’s passing as she went so much younger and unexpectedly. I did not experience this type of chapter with my Mom. For some reason the universe has seen to it that I do finish this passage in this manner.

At times I can’t help but wonder however, “is this a blessing or punishment?”

I tend to believe in the blessing. x

venus a-go-go

The Mexican theme is basically Magaritas, Burritos, a porcupine with cocktail onions, cabana and cheese. There is a possiblity fake moustaches will be worn. As a Toro, I am truly outraged that somebody would hide your stuff. Outrageous! Do you know why she did it? I had a run in with my ex yesterday… he was basically mean to me until I say ‘what is your problem?’ to which we moaned about having a cold and that was why he was being me and then asked me to give his current girlfriend all my textbooks from my uni course (which… Read more »


That sounds fun. Living two hours north of the Mex border, Mex food is huge here and I’ve literally been raised on it…partally..One of my fave foods…Absolutley!

In my frustration with Maddie one recognizes that they walk a fine line….

Geesh, more traing for the Soul. Sucks sometimes however but she is like an innocent child in so many ways. I could never stay mad at her..

venus a-go-go

Forgiveness is both wonderful and necessary.

But it is also a fine line being compasionate and giving and (in my case) being a chump.
I like not being a chump. A compassionate and forgiving non chump…


Oh yes….Didn’t mean to over look that. Maddie is always telling me how “kind and nice” I am…Told her today Ithat ‘d heard that before and now, “not so fast”…. But if pushed to far, she would not recognize me and that ain’t no shit…I will go for the jugular to protect myself.. One of my totems is the Black Panther… Rrrrrrrr! I only learned of that out of necessity of others seeking to take advantage of me. What is wrong with this world? People are sick and fuqed up. Peeps! There is enough for ALL!! The Goddess is generous…She… Read more »

venus a-go-go

Ok… your totem is pretty damn cool.
How did you find out what your totem animals are?
I don’t see why the whole ‘you are really nice’ thing 9which i get often also) means that you suddenly have to have your boundaries tested.
how about its just a ‘I am nice to you, therefore be nice to me’ transaction…


At the height of some very intense times, the panther came to me in a vision…for a split second…as I layed napping with my eyes closed. It was like, “where did that come from?” Later, certain characteristics emerged as I realized what a silly game it all was with a certain person. Knew I could wipe him out with one swipe of my paw. It was very empowering and I certainly needed it. Aries don’t always “have it all together”…we learn like everyone else… ~I don’t see why the whole ‘you are really nice’ thing (which i get often also)… Read more »

Curious Cancerian

Sorry to go off on a complete tangent, but I somehow stumbled across the following website while searching for recommended psychics:

I figured I needed to get the opinions of the brilliant MM’s followers on this one. What do you guys think — are these peeps SERIOUS?!

venus a-go-go

I think alot of these spells are just plain bad ju-ju… ‘Break up their currently relationship and get them to love me’?
I am not even going to _touch_ that one.
Weight loss spells?
People praying on the low of self-esteem…
Just my opinion.

Mo Davies

Crap stuff, working with lower energies – what you want rather than what you need. Being a webweaver requires respect, a spiritual approach, a deep respect of working with universal energies not directing them, and the good old “an’ ye harm none”. And yes, they’re serious – about taking your money!

Curious Cancerian

I know – and don’t even get me started on the entire ‘revenge spells’ category! I thought the best revenge was living well??


This is a protected sacred site………right here.
Of course i agree with Mo & Myst about these base energies
& not even acknowledging them or give them the time of day.

One of the strongest protection mantra’s IF ever needed is to
say ‘I AM of the Light’ 3 times, either out loud of strongly in your mind.


Agreee Pegs…My teacher said everytime you say “I AM”…you invoke your Higher Self…

This is important should one need protection..

fallen angel

And this darling Myst is why you are SO brilliant…your faith in keeping site quality up and keeping the bar raised is fab lead-by-example stuff..rather than any of us having to troll through pop ups of Madame Fake Nails lasciviously massaging a plasticine ball and preying on tender souls trembling on the edge of danger. I ended up having a chat with a Piscean Kiwi this afternoon, by the foot hills of a tres trendy hiking canyon, and she couldn’t hack astro she said as it was too amorphous (I paraphrase). Amorphous? I smiled. You mean like the weather forecast… Read more »


😆 hilar Mystic!! Much more child friendly, my two love Greek Mythology.

Goddess yes – need more air. Only air is Venus at 29.59 Gemini!


Ever smell hospital-grade ether ?…the kind they used to use for anesthesia ?… awful.


You get used to it.

venus a-go-go

More breathing room would be delighful.
Really, very, truly.

venus a-go-go

urgh *delightful


Barkeep, gimme a shot of aether with a phlogiston chaser.



xox rockstar libran publicist xox

isn’t that what the Samoan Lawyer in ”Fear & Loathing” had to revive himself?


LOL I thought he had the maid.


Ahh, refreshing.. and child-friendly!! Actually I was very fascinated by this, I love the animist ethos and wish I could worship ‘elementals’ without feeling like a freak. This elemental is sooo refined too. Love it!

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