Pornography For Virgoans: Chez Hypochondriac

Man in Hazmat Suit sitting in kitchen

Go read this New York Times article if you want impetus to take the week off work and just Virgo OUT.

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Lark, it’s here! Just secret & subvertive.


Went natural in terms of cleaning products, cosmetics and shampoo etc in the last few years. Can’t believe I’ve been putting that toxic s*$& on my skin and in my house since forever before that.

Profit, profit, profit over people’s health and environmental sustainability. I wish the Golden Age would hurry up.


i think it’s because we are bred, inbred, indoctrinated, educated, encouraged, threatened, enthralled and entertained by the idea that it’s all about money.

i have worked in the alternative health/non-toxic cosmetic (home & self) industry for years… and people are NOT interested (mostly) unless they have to pay more than they can, or are simply forced by lack of choice.

i like to keep it upbeat… so when people ask me about the oil spill, i like to say, “told you your carmex would kill us all.”


Andrew, what a ‘carmex’?
So sad for the marine life. ‘Sieze BHP’s assets’? YES!


Going chemical free is just so much cheaper ( not to mention nicer to do the cleaning with!), I don’t understand why more people don’t get it. Give me vinegar mixed with bicarb soda and oil of cloves over duck, domestos & Ajax anyday!


So loved this article and have been trying to go far more natural since being pregnant and reading Barbara Brennan’s books. She is a medical intuitive who has lots of tips in her books on how to live in such a way as to help stimulate our energy field for maximum health. Like Pegasus says, water will fix most things. Though apparently a bit of bleach in the water when you wash your veggies helps take out the toxins? It’s the Parcells theory that the bleach can, “revive foods, remove pesticides, toxins, and chemicals from food, as well as… Read more »

Kataka on Fire

When we lived in Africa growing up my mother used Milton aka mild bleach (sodium hypochlorite) on ALL veggies and fruits – this was to remove the “human” pesticides hahaha as they were pretty organically grown if you know what I mean 🙂 The carrot and celery sticks seemed to last ages in the fridge but not sure that is how they are meant to be! Anyway it obviously didn’t work as we all had rampant amoeba when we came back after years there and I have vivid memories of amoeba tests and suppositories when I was 10….Also I hated… Read more »


This reminds one that our experience is not all there is to reality! Ye ghads…


That’s an interesting tale Kataka o’ F. Worrisome that the bleach didn’t help with the amoeba anyway! I have stopped using it after some testing as I don’t have enough time in my day to do the method.
I mean it’s bleach my veggies or blog. Which would you choose?


Andy, have the Hands of Light #1 & #2 of BB’s books as i wanted
to be her.
Wouldn’t use bleach as smell is bloody awful. I like the Chinese way
of shopping daily for your foods. Don’t like anything in fridge for more
3 days & don’t use freezer cept for ice & dislike anything in tins,
needless to say it keeps me slim…hahaha.

Think if you are aware & keep your immune system on optimum, the bugs
won’t infiltrate.


Yes BB is so amaazing! I want to go live in Switzerland and do her course. BIG sigh, I travelled the world looking for something like it, came home and started a family THEN find what I am dying to do!!

I can’t get to market more than once a fortnight and I don’t like Supermarket veggies. The good thing is market veggies make it a week and half and are cheaper – a double saving! I will try to be more aware *closes eyes and does Tripitaka hand pose while solomnly eating a grape*, good advice Pegasus. 🙂


Some peeps from The Aids Council waay back in ’86 asked if we would
all have to wear something like that outfit for sex in the future.
Glad to say there has been no need. ha ha.

There is a co-relation to lead poisoning & empty stomach’s it has been
found in the lead smelter captial of oz.
Children being sent to school on empty tummies it appears, so the smelter
now gives free breakfasts to every school age & kinder child.


you mean my last lover made me wear that for NOTHING?!

and let me give you props for being AWARE of an aids council in 1986.


Andrew (i’m feelin’ chatty lately), it was ’88, nevertheless, hiv+ scared the living daylights outta me, so put on my sword, lit the lamp & went full on into promoting sex pax (condoms) viewed on 4 TV channels calling them Lifesavers, with the hole in the middle, as fine as silk, with roses imprinted on them when held up to the light & peach coloured. Beautiful, considering what was available in the 80’s. Made in Japan & electronically tested. Ansell partitioned to have them banned so they could corner the market, then Government imposed a 5 figure fine if Chemist… Read more »


back then? you should try it today. *wink*

well… like oil, like ‘medicine’, like clothing, like… just about everything- we don’t so much want a healthy planet, people to be covered, nourished, or healed as much as we want cold hard cash. or at least so far.

i applaud your sensibilities, i honor your foresight, i empathise with your fear and i encourage your travel into healing!!

ps: you don’t need a lot of takers, you just need to take YOURSELF> others will appear.

not long rave, just right. ahhhhh, to be assuaged. that’s sexy.

much light! andrew


Strangely i often ponder that if everyone on the Planet inhaled, exhaled
or crapped AT THE SAME TIME exactly, what choas would ensure.
What if everyone goggo-darted ATSM?
Wouldn’t that poison us all 🙂


That puts a whole new spin on the butterfly effect… the notion of yurtlife and treehouse living. When I watched Avatar I just hoped that more people would catchon to the treetop sleeping thing.


lol! that’s one hell of an incidence of synchronicity


Maybe household toxins are the reason there appears to be
so much ‘dumbing down’ of peeps or is it our ‘Advertiser’ newspaper
to blame.
To be a Shaman is to transmute poisons.
We would be living in Yurts, Old Stone & slate, mud huts, tents & tree
houses if i planned the world.
Have noticed that good natural fabriques for houses only need water
to clean, just water.


Its not a newspaper Pegs. Its mulch.


Insulting isn’t it BlueLibs!

Ãœber Virgo

Okay, I thought you meant the PICTURE was Virgo porn. No I do not fancy men in hazmat suits, no matter how buff they are. Sex is extremely difficult in those things btw.

The article is good but frightening. And this sort of stuff can send people into paranoid mania (okay Virgoness) but dammit, I’m so fed up with all the toxic shit polluting our world now, I might call some sort of meeting of the International Federation of Virgos to deal with it.


Touche, my Dear Uber Vee.


International Federation of Virgos….good idea.


The IFV really does need to take some action soon. I’m sterilizing the meeting room in preperation.


Count me in for the IFV. I’ve always thought we should have more regular meetings.

virgo cat

sign me up for the IFV!!!




I’ll join the federation!

Ãœber Virgo

Holy heck, it’s a Virgo army, lol. And yay! Imagine how much we could get DONE.

It’s open to all Virgos and Virgo risings, anyone with a planet in Virgo or the sixth house and anyone who feels like a Virgo or wants to be a Virgo or thinks Virgos are hot, and I hereby appoint Lexicorn (Virgo stellium in the first) to be in charge.

I’ll be enforcer (practices swings of Mason & Pearson).


~ ~ It was a mighty and imposing honour, but one that had fallen on his shoulders to bare. He knelt and and accepted the charge. He had been chosen. The Virgos had spoken ~ ~

So, do I get a cloak or something??


OMG – there’s a TYPO – I’ve lost my job already….


Punish him with your Mason & Pearson Uber!!

(To be sung to the tune of Sweeney Todd).

“This is the tale of Lexicorn, His made a typo and chipped his horn. He’d been ridding the world of toxic men, but never there after was heard of again…
Uber swing it high, Virgo, Swing it to the Sky… “.

And thus another mighty organisation comes to it’s knees due to petty bureaucracy… A Mars in Virgo speaks.


typo ?…that will not be tolerated….hand in your IFV badge.


Do what you like with your badge, just please don’t put a space between the end of a word and a question mark. The … is ALWAYS three dots, and generally a space follows those three dots too.

And Andromeda – “its knees” is possessive, no apostrophe, please.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Have I won back my title??
I promise to uphold our high standards from now on…


Why not? Badge up.

Now, gotta go study The History of the Apostrophe… 🙂

Ãœber Virgo

You can’t lose the title, Lex. You can’t even give it away. We need a Cardinal sign to lead us, because Virgo suns are hopeless leaders. The power behind the throne etc, yes, but leaders, noooooo.

Typos, poor grammar and unironed cuffs will be punished with a paddling. Present thy Capricorn buns.

Refreshments will be served.


If we are to ever achieve world domination, the spankings must be televised.


Ooh nice … Looking forward to receiving my badge in the mail. And no typos in the address or covering letter please. LOL.

Lexicorn – a cloak would be apt attire. Just make sure it is neat and tidy – not anything shaggy or ugly *ROFLOL*

Ãœber Virgo

Do you suppose Beyonce would agree to be our spokesperson?

Does anyone have her email address?


I’ll make it my first official duty to find it.
And Elvis Costello can write our anthem.

VirgoSun ScorpioMoon Vegan

you should checkout the youtube for Cob-houses and strawbale/earthen constructions since the toxic crap around us is mind boggling. Also strange is getting a mega 30year loan on that crap to poison yourself with…

also regarding food the suburban homesteading movement and urban hydroponics are taking off with force 🙂

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