Greedy Guts

Woman in armor at banquetHands up who has been carbophiliac ever since Mercury went into Taurus back in early April?  Can we blame Mercury in Taurus + the Sun for porking up?  Well, why not?  Seriously, i think it slows the metabolism and warps perceptions so that naff crap seems like it might do something for the soul. But the Sun is in Gemini at the end of next week, not to mention Uranus in Aries soon…Mars out of shadow? We are all getting ready for some action in one way or another…Astro-sensitive types sense it from right now, this nano-second.

Image: Paco Peregrin

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49 thoughts on “Greedy Guts

  1. Oh FOR FUK SAKES … wot a load of nonsense. I’m so sick and tired of all this claptrap about body weight, body fat, body fucking this and body fucking that.

    Carbs are GOOD! Why? Because they feed the brain and if you’re lacking carbs sure your body fat may be low but you’re probably also irritable, short tempered and prone to waking up in the middle of the night and a complete obssessive compulsive annoying wanker to everyone else! Go eat some fukin mash potato already! ~grrrr~

    Hey wot about the idea that I really don’t want to look like a gigantoid stick insect replicant????? Maybe I LIKE porking up to sexy Nigella proportions????

    • here here prowlin!!! if i were to want a woman, i would NOT want her bones to pose a threat of puncturing me should we lie together.

      people should eat for nourishment AND enjoyment. what else are these things HERE for anyway? we COULD have evolved into creatures who use photosynthesis… but then we’d miss the sheer delight in the process of eating.

      now pass the taters sweetpea!

    • Go Prowlncat – life without carbs is no life at all.
      I’m yet to meet a man who likes girls who thinks the twig look is a good look
      Yay for mashed potato – I could go a big bowl right now!
      Or better yet mash mixed with cubes of cheddar cheese and cooked sweet corn, baked in the oven topped with parmesan and bread crumbs – YUMMMM

  2. Ok… so I am eating like a horse but I am doing _a lot_ of exercise everyday (am thinking about having a day off tomorrow tho… as I am feeling a little run down and am going to the osteo)
    I have staqrted making a delighfully quick and delish lunch/dinner…. hwne you want something light and good.
    Soba noodles in water. Boil for 2 minute. Put miso (paste or instant… I use Spiral as they have no MSG) into the water so it become a soup. leave for about a minute. Chuck in a handful of Enoki mushrooms an some bok choi.
    Eat and drink.
    No waste. on pot… all good:) Dinner done in 4 minutes.

  3. It’s frikkin’ well hard when you have a evil girlfriend that comes & dumps all her Chinese-made or just-not-good-enough chocolate leftovers from Easter right on the cusp of PMS. Even though I declined them. Then same person bakes all these bloody biscuits when it was clearly stated to her numerous times that I was not interested in because I don’t do carb sweets. I refrained from these but it was hard.

  4. Yeah, I put on an extra 5 pounds. OK, well 10. I have to work on that. I blame my recent attempts to quit smoking, which tends to pile on the extra pounds. At least this isn’t as bad as when I quit and failed 3 times in a row and gained 25 pounds.

  5. This Libra has been a good little fox. I gave up wheat during this transit. 😀 Vanity first darlings..

    • This Libra gave up smoking during this transit – and I thought that was why the extra three kilos are making their presence known 🙂

        • Good job on that giving up smokes thing! It can affect weight gain because you have to shape up your pancreas (which makes insulin) which is affected by the smoking. But don’t worry, it is temporary.

          As a fellow Libra I can attest a life without carbs seems almost pointless. :p

          • mmmmm hmmmm. this is why libras should not marry… i say i am on a nicotine and caffeine diet and these two gotta go full scale the other way and throw wheat and NOT smoking up.

            but yes, job well done! just don’t come looking in my cabinet… it’s all organic tobacco and fair trade coffee at the moment. *wink*

  6. Merc is retro in my 9th, and neptune is sq my taurus merc, I’m way too busy off in high flautin concept/fantasy land to be tied to earth with carbohydrates.

  7. and mercury… WHY?! i go through all this hoop jumping to get internet in my bedroom and you constantly erase my logins. how much longer must i be anonymous, computer? these people are going to want to know who to kick off the blog. *giggle*

  8. do cigarettes count as carbs? i love my new nicotine and caffeine diet as i wait out all the crap in the emotion-sphere. you can literally smell/feel/taste/hear the tension hovering about. (even my own… hence the new diet. i had previously supposed i had quit all that.)

    but it’s not all gloom/doom… but more like everyone’s WAITING for something. i thought it was a bus, but as it turns out, those girls WORK on that corner….

    • ooh that sounds like the breakup diet. or the “breaking point” diet …look great, feel like shit ..take care x

  9. Too many milk based drinks for me. Two cappacino’s during the day, and a hot chocolate to try send me off to sleep. Oh…and the nibbling on white castello and pear paste and crackers whilst drinking white wine as dinner substitute. Vegetables. Really need to make friends with them.

  10. I’ve been ridiculously healthy in a ‘lets be realistic here’ kind of way. Making myself fresh juice with brek, miso rice & seaweed for lunch, tons of veg & little bit non-veg for dinner. Dark choc & a dandelion tea for after. I’ve never been this healthy ever, & aside from having some HARDCORE MAPLE SYRUP ENVY, I’m all for it…

  11. *Both hands up*

    I don’t like CARB CONFESSIONS!!

    Oh man & here I thought it was ‘fine’ to eat sourdough all week, ok ok, it is an addiction I admit it!!

    Saturn Girl:’Sourdough Anonymous for you?’ *grabs BG’s arm*

    Baristgem: 😯 ‘Dammit!…..oh hang on what’s that over there?’ *points to my Virgo feline who happens to have a flappy belly*

    *Wriggles free, grabs the remaining sourdough & RUNS FAST*

    Yeah that’s right I been working out all week- everyday! Cardio sessions followed up with a 2km run & finishing up with a yoga session…. 😀

  12. Been doing a few pancakes with maple syrup & king island creme, & pasta at least
    3 times a week.
    Think i have gained a kilo……….thrilling, another 3 would be thrilling coz it goes
    straight to my boobies & derriere. Strangely have been same weight since 25, give or
    take 4 kilos (a great way to save on clothes) so i have carbophilia & loving the result
    vis a vis my usual high protein-lo carb intake.
    A woman needs an extra couple of kilos for hormone production, was told by GP,
    and it looks healthier, kinda full & juicy.

    • I had a three day pancake run. On the third day I put cocoa powder, blueberries, and strawberries in the mix… realized I was starting to get way too into it! haha

      I am usually a consistent 110 lbs but I shot up to 116 at the heaviest (probably a lot of water/undigested food weight) that week and it was kind of fun having some junk in the trunk for a change…lol I am a yoga instructor so I like to keep lean, but I relate to feeling more juicy and womanly with the extra weight.

  13. Oh god…glad there’s an explanation for my recent pig-outs. Second night in a row I had carby snack food for dinner. Dammit…and I need to slim down a tad and tone up for a big event next month!

  14. YES.
    It all started at the end of April…

    After a year of consistent, clean eating I started eating huge amounts bread with vegan butter, beans, tahini. Super heavy addicting crap that never used to appeal to me. I puffed up and felt awful.

    Went on a 3 day juice fast last week to reset, have been eating all raw this week, but got my hands on some vegan chocolate tonight and am regretting it as my system is super sensitive.

    I’m ready for summer parties and late night bike rides and subsisting on salads and juice and vino already!

  15. photo shoots gatecrashing superchocolatebirthday cake at herald office in melb ACTUALLY talked bout mercury retro in Taurus with Gem photographer before scarfing down 40 extra laps worth’v choclate cake in the name of journo bon vivancy. FUQ.

    • Chocolate rules. ‘When all else fails…eat chocolate’. Potshot by Ashleigh Brilliant
      who’s a chocholic.
      It’s also recommended in a book ‘The Art of Pleasure’.

    • Love that lsc. i’ve probably eatan 5 extra kms of junk in the past week. that means i have to run like 10 kms. Like that will motivate me. annd i’ve got a hot date on Saturday and I’m feeling like a beached whale at the mo.

  16. Erm…. nope. Bread has languished in the freezer, no pasta to speak of, not a potatoe chip in sight!

    I retroed back to fit, fab, and on diet target. Have cranked up exercise too. But I have also avoided my former home to the point that I have a Bachelor Fridge – celery, alcohol, and unidentified cheese….. Mars Retro had a bigger impact for Carbofilia for me….

    • Do you have scorp saturn in 6th house?

      Im back on track with diet and exercise as well, I must also add that the stressy, tense astro has kept me on the straight and narrow with diet, but not the other stuff. hahah

      • Wow Sassy I think I’ve been the other way round. Just finished a plate of pasta and indulged myself a plate of chips n gravy a couple of days ago. Mind you the uni campus I attend is built on the side of a cliff so I spend most days trudging up and down around eight flights of stairs. I’m very happy with my thighs atm…

        Lots of calm work, studying, mothering, cleaning, Feng Shui-ing…

        Still, this too shall change…………………………. soon… maybe.


        • Yay for the thighs!! You probably work off the chips & gravy from climbing to the uni?!

          Please can I have some of your calmness? 😉

      • Lol – Saturn in Virgo – 6th House… its almost retro’d back over my natal placement! Mildly disappointed I didn’t get another return…thing…y’know…
        The astro has kept me out and about and active to keep me sane (nothing like good friends to help one thru a tough patch).
        But yes – have reverted back to significant vino quaffing per night (a bottle anyone??).

  17. oh my! Ive been eating our storage of easter chocolate – 4 kids (you can imagine how much we have ESPECIALLY with my huge italian family!)
    – urghhhh do i HAVE to go for a run? LONGGGG day today! and ive got rehearsals after school! o.m.g.

  18. I have been *blush* baking… I never bake. Every night Gem hub comes home and says, ‘We should really be doing the Atkins thing’ while he scoffs another Anzac biccy.

    I blame the onset of Winter, breastfeeding, pregnancy, the Sun, the Moon and the stars for me porking up and that’s aside from this week’s pork roast, chuk with pork mince, sweet ‘n’ sour pork etc.

  19. shit & I thought twas lashings of pasta & bread in Italy – the land where Aperitivo flows from 4pm ….. even Le Ram commented – nicely…

    action stations re sharper mind & body now activated!!

    • part of exercise regime encompassed seeing The Cult last night was 9 parts awesome & 1 part suckass = ok pretty apparent Ian Aspry’s packed it on a bit ….. but when HE bought it up it was somewhat cringeworthy …… belongs in the book of sing dude, dont speak!!

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