Ghost Moon

girl holding hands with ghostYes, there is the relentless & fab buzz of Uranus in Aries with fuq-it-all hyperbolic Jupiter approaching fast.

But the Moon in Capricorn near Pluto with Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) stationing direct is still capable of summoning up an ancient ghost or two.

Moon-Pluto is also flashpoint for any lurking rages/resentment.  A lot of peeps are now finishing up chapters of their lives that started in late 2007.

Also 1979-1981  and 1994-1995 if you wanna dig deeper.

But the Ghost thing? It’s real spooky through until Tuesday eve.  Dream messages could be interesting though. The Scorpio Sex Academic had a dream in which her now-passed father appeared to her and told her off for wasting money on psychics. “It was so him,” she said.

Image: Winkler + Noah

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60 thoughts on “Ghost Moon

  1. you know the thing that I love about you Mystic, is not that you’re so mercurially witty and erudite, but that you bother to write it here so we can have our little total mind fuqs in our own private realities and then come here and go oh yeah, that’s what that’s about.


    For me it’s 1979 vibe – crazy flashback to childhood. Familial moment that changed the way I perceived the world. Amazing moment of letting go. Awareness that we don’t always have to see things with the same eyes.

  2. 79-81 : careful what you wish for.

    94-95 : careful what you manifest.

    2007: you better start wanting something better than THIS.

    yes, i would say you, yet again, hit the nail on the head… or in this case drive a nail through my head– either way, thank you!

  3. Just want to ask about something- with this jupiter uranus conjunction its happening in my 12th house directly behind my ascendant by about 2 degrees. Does this mean it will have only a 12th house expression or will it also leak over into a 1st house expression?

    • I think a conjunction is classed as 5 degrees or less away. If I’m right it means the Jupiter Uranus conjunction is conjunct your ascendant and has the potential to leak suddenly and extensively. VERY EXCITING.

  4. how great is the image?
    how great is the work on their site?

    79-81 stepping out of the shadows
    94-95 career surge / stepping into own skin
    career went backwards since 2007 – so bring on the timely reversal!!

  5. This is arguable and astrologers Do argue about it.
    I reckon both – u can be the test case.
    if u get strong urge to change look, it’s 1st house. Use i t how you want though!
    Also, your Asc is most likely in the Zap Zone so go read about THAT!

    • I was guessing am so glad to hear it from the mystics mouth – the corners of the chart are special aren’t they – esp now with the oppositions? MAD Why do astrologers argue about it? Someone told me astrologers argue about the asteroids too. I love that – it means astrology is alive and not some antiquated relic.

    • Yes my asc is in the zap zone. I feel a look change but stemming from something internal that I am yet to put a finger on

  6. Dreams and ghosts just resonate today. I don’t usually remember dreams – but last night’s feels like a metaphor for where I’m at now. Moving on from years caring for kids and focus on career, to (gulp!) dating again at 50.

    So in my dream I’m running away from something or someone (the ghost of Gemini past?). I reach a ravine, and launch myself across – but freeze. My right foot tries to propel me forward over a wide brown river. But it’s anchored to the bank and I’m stretching over the water flowing below me. My left foot is heading for the far side but it’s too far. If my right foot breaks free I’ll plunge into the water below.

    I look back to the bank I’m trying to leave. If I turn slowly maybe I can pull myself along the length of my outstretched leg and back to home and safety. But I decide no, fuq it, I’m going with the flow.

  7. Weird, 2007 is when I met ex housemate… It is also when I completed my masters. So new era in home and work, especially as I have Aries asc. Pity about being sick… Not my fave way to start a brand new reality. But am off to a work thing for 4 days. Let’s see how it pans out

  8. All dates point to a phase ending- another beginning. Not just 2007, 2006-2007 applies for me better.

    Lots of dreams, just can’t remember any – other than a fleeting thought; better to solve them in the background. My night-sleep self is working over time, while day-wake self is waiting patiently.

  9. Had a weird dream I was in some sort of The Little Mermaid play in a setting like Sea World or something where we did a 2 hour of more show for people and I was the mermaid and it was weird. It wasn’t showy at all. We were kind of in our own world, ‘realistically’ acting and the audience was a blur/didn’t interact with us at all. It all wrapped up in the end which has been unusual for me lately (dreams actually finishing in a coherent way). I guess even though I have no idea what it meant I can understand that something is wrapping up in my life…in an abstract way??

  10. Also weird…..we didn’t get those wrinkly toes or anything after that long in the water!

  11. the two earlier time periods were times in my life [i was v young in 79] where there was a major move – like, moving house, life changes as a result.

    thanks for the warning about moon-pluto shitzone …

  12. I am an Aries and last week my love life was going fabulously and I thought YES!! this must be the uranus in Aries thing. I had got back together with my ex which is what I wanted despite past problems with him the love was still there. AND THEN WHAMMO ! everything turned to shit and I caught him out to dinner with an ex of his. There was of course a big scene and now 2 days later I feel like shit again and am wondering where is all this wonderfulness I have read about – supposedly evrything moving forward. I dont get it I have been positive yet despite my efforts I am left wondering WHAT THE!

    • astro-demolition maybe bella-d? Hugs anyway – sounds like you’ve had a crap week.

  13. The jupes/uranus conjunction is exact my medium coeli. How strange is this 2007 link:
    In 2007 a psychic predicted I would meet a certain person for all sorts of magical reasons to do with my profession. She predicted he would be married, from Italy, a photographer, look a certain way, be a certain age etc etc. Yesterday a married Italian photographer emailed me after seeing something i’d written in the paper and googling me. I met him for coffee today, and it was like meeting someone I’ve known forever. I didn’t remember the psychic thing until i got home. I feel like this time (the jupiter/uranus conjunction, the ghost moon etc) makes waking life like a dream and vice versa, as if the veil is completely blurred. I shut my eyes and have bizarre visions.
    Maybe it’s making us all a little psychic?

  14. Last night I dreamed about Mr Charisma Scorp, a totally full on married acquaintance, extremely hot and brilliant and knows it, and damn him, his Scorp Sun & Venus are exact conjunct to my Scorp Mars & Neptune. Plus, I’m pretty sure his Saggo moon is conjunct my Asc. Even if he wasn’t married, he’d be too much of a handful for me.

    Anyway, he appears in my dreams a lot, always madly in love with me. Don’t know how he feels about me in real life. Don’t want to know. Last night he had me locked in this kiss and most of me was trying to get away from him, but couldn’t move, and this smaller part of me just wanted it to keep going. Sigh.

    • oh ubey. sounds like interesting situation. damn those charismatic scorps eh, not even leaving yu alone in your dreams, they can be quite good at subconscious infiltration…

    • awwwwww
      so weird this really dreamy 70s dream sequence music playing from ghost in the shell kicked in as I read that.

    • Love the fun we can get up to in our dreams. Uber, I don’t want to spoil the party in anyway, but could it be that the dream version of Mr Trrrrouble, sorry, Mr Charisma, represents a part of you? A part that your dream is asking you to “embrace”? Or are you ovulating? (joke!!!)

      • Nah, your all missing the point here..UV is def a frustrated S+M mistress, its just that she would prefer to do it with someone she knows, you know, feels safe with. 🙂

      • It wasn’t fun.

        Amazing with dreams how many possible interps/layers there are. I’m sure he appears in my dreams as a much higher version of himself, although it’s difficult to tell as I don’t know him well enough to know what he’s like in private (and I’m not about to). He always appears with a Neptune theme. Once we were wrapped around each other swimming and turned into a dolphin, but this time the dream was actually saying ‘Neptune!’ His profession/personality is Neptunian. It prompted me to check his chart, and sure enough his Sun etc conjuncts my Neptune + Mars.

        But yeah, perhaps my unconscious is using his shell to embody the Mars Neptune aspect of myself. It could also be an eros logos dilemma — what I want vs what will work. I just don’t get what it has to do with my current situation.

        • Darling Uber, sometimes I reckon you just gotta let dreams like that through to the WTF keeper. Too much potential heartache/confusion etc to be had from trying to work it out.

          • Wow, I totally disagree. I let the majority of dreams go, but some pay off in huge ways and it can take a while for the meanings to reveal. This dream recurs, so there is definitely something in it. Also, I’m ruled by Mercury with a decent Pluto presence, so I thrive on ambivalence/ambiguity and I’m certainly not afraid to plumb the depths. I love a good riddle, and this one is more than half way solved.

          • okay yeh, sorry, I didn’t mean write it off as insignificant. But don’t you sometimes find that in the puzzling through of it the initial ‘feeling’ you had of the meaning can kind of get lost in the trying to work out whether its your brain telling you about you, or about them, or about what they think/mean of/are on a sunday and so on?

          • I get what you mean. It’s finding the balance between thinking it through without thinking too much, but enough to kick start the intuitive process. I find all the best dreams have multi meanings on multi levels. I’m comfortable with it not having a fixed meaning.

  15. Shite that was me. Midst of moving and commentg on iPhone, all a bit of a pain. Need to go to bed!

  16. right before falling asleep last night i had a dream someone was telling me to stop taking vitamins because they were going to kill me….very strange. and at sunrise i was looking through one of those glass beads which come in floral arrangements and i saw Jesus in the orange glow of the sun. creep-tastic and fascinating as this kind of thing never happens to me.

    • vitamin pills damage some peoples kidneys, I was once told, not good for the stomach either.

  17. also had dinner last night with a couple friends from my childhood- i was closest to them in 1994 and moved away in 1995 and had not seen them since I had stumbled into them again in 2007.

    • yes! people from primary school are FB stalking me>!? I uprooted ze area long ago. everyone is married but me. I told them I wasn’t interested at 8 and no one believed me ,lol.

  18. ok, extremely vivid dream just then that i was acting out the hilary swank part in that god awful but tear jerking movie ‘ps, i love you too’- the one about her irish husband who dies. and yes, my ex is irish. it was mainly me and gerard butler (the irish husband in film- and someone i do not find attractive at all in real life) kissing passionately and looking for ages into each others eyes.

    is this supposed to be somekind of omen? myst, when you say sppoky do you mean like this??

  19. ` Moon / Pluto is a flashpoint of lurking rages and resentments` ?

    Why, yes…indeed it is !!!…. Currently enduring a Pluto square my Natal Moon…I hate everyone, resent everyone , and am enraged most of the time.

    Glad to hear that it the norm with Moon / Pluto ….relieved.

  20. Weird. COMPLETELY out of the blue last wednesday my friend (who is an ex) asks if i’m interested in moving in with her for X months. Situation is absolutely ideal for all concerned. We first lived together back around 94-95. Went to have a look at a house on saturday & i still have goosebumps at all the ‘signs’ we saw. Spooky. Icing on the cake was the sms I got in the midst of it all, from a woman I had a reading with last year, saying “angels are with you”.

  21. Sad to me this pic currently, someone I know of lost one of their twin babies.

  22. And I’ve had some three hander dreams, so to speak. Even last night’s episode of Dr Who was a 3 hander. And I was walking along the street today and stepped over a playing card. The 3 of hearts.

    Doesn’t reflect my situation, but I wonder if it’s reflecting the Zap Zone of Pluto Saturn and Uranus…

    • Magical things come in three’s, the card of change don’t you think? Don’t know your personal sitch, but I think the two dreams you mentioned are about the flowering of passion and the need for change in that sphere. Also could it be possible you actually really like this guy even though you don’t want to and might even feel guilty about it?!

  23. I dreamed I was walking on a level rocky path with a cliff on my left and my husband on my right. There was a young male lion, kinda hungry eyeing me. My husband didn’t see what I was upset about and told me to relax and ignore the lion, he wouldn’t hurt me. I kept walking nervously and jumped into a dead tree at one point when he got too close.

    I was relieved to get home and climbed up the ladder into my dead brother’s bunk-bed from his teenage years. I felt safe and sighed. Then I looked around and saw there was a secret sunroom at the end of his bunk with loads of little flowering pot-plants. I laughed and told him even his plants were ‘so Virgo’. He looked at me seriously then continued talking to someone else.

    What is hubby not taking seriously, what does a the young, mangy lion represent?