Don’t Virgo Out!

Olivia Wright

Please don’t go Virgo-ing out with this Moon!

Yes, it does exaggerate the effects of the Saturn-Jupiter-Uranus opposition.

And it’s true that there is such a thing as productive neurosis. Perhaps even efficient hysteria?

Just go easy on the be-guilting.

Jupiter opposes Saturn in the Virgo on the weekend; the Scopes are all across it.

Short version: Jupiter is a hyperbolic catalyst to whatever your Saturn-Uranus issue has been — think a la the evolution you have been attempting since March 2009.

You CAN use Virgo-Vision to help see what old-era stuff/attitudes/people/relationships could be sloughed off before Uranus gets into Aries. But don’t go bonkers with it…Jupiter prominent signifies some degree of indulgence…Be balanced.

eg;ย  If you’re contemplating either scrubbing the kitchen floor with Dettol as you listen to Anthony Robbins AwakenThe Giant Within OR getting drunk enough to compete in a Strip Karaoke comp, then you need to oscillate a little less wildly. No?

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The Leo Socialite

Typewriter?? Carriage return? Ding? I love your hair and general look btw but are you a time traveller?



Yes, you are lovely but look awfully young to be “ding,ding,dingin'” the typewriter!! LOL!!

I DO remember however!! Gee, I’d love to post a pix of me circa 1983 and pass it as current…I was working for a trucking terminal as a secretary in Los Angeles and had a typewriter!!


thank you so much Sweetpea and Lexicorn … am hanging onto the 2 weeks thread and the 1/2 inch/ month and the profound growth … it is so rare for me to go into a salon anyway, purely because of the hell of sitting in front of a mirror for an hour … I think am now reconciled to leaving it be, no further trimming to try and fix, just let it do its thing … which is so pertinent in other ways too – and LL, shall we take it as an episode to dig deep for the inner… Read more »

The Leo Socialite

Salmon makes it grow faster. And these tablets called Hair Food or something by Figaro. Also scalp massage and acupuncture. Nettle tea as well. I am an expert on fast hair growth. Also have high quality protein at every meal.


FB it’s a deal. I know it’s an inner thang but the long hair…it had it’s own mojo happening, this new hairstyle has a different one that I’m adjusting to.

Thanks for the tips too LS – goodbye tuna, hello salmon.


One of my early incarnations was hair stylist & make-up artist sooooo great time to try all sorts of scarves, turbans & hats, try weird & wonderful ways to wear them. Change colour to suit new style, but not solid colour,, unless darkest brown or wheat blonde. Go buy a new pair of earrings to suit the different you & yes, i say 10 days to like it & change your opion. Never do radical change with new dresser only shape up as she needs to know you. Try changing your eyebrows a little… guess what i’m saying is: Play… Read more »


Briskly taking notes: salmon, scarves, South Pacific, ten days, tend eyebrows … love life? O yes. Love life. It’s pretty nice really. !! Loving all this and do feel better … and LL may our mojos grow back thick and lustrous! and Pegs, it coincided with communication breakdown w my ex … but play, I think you are absolutely right, it is a ‘loosen your grip’ reminder, be creative/silly to get over the humilities … It reminds me of my youth youth, always a coldsore for school photos, terrible skin, etc you develop this ability to stare ppl in the… Read more »


O Hell – sloughing – I had my hair cut yesterday – a severe trim is all I can say – I had forgotten how exposed and shy a bad haircut makes you feel – and it was one of those ‘relationship cuts’, ie rship has ended, cut some old stuff way, and the thing it exposes is how drained I look since we have parted ways … I think the moon is in my favour tho for a brisker regrowth tho? She says hopefully …


Oh doll, do understand. I had my bangs cut a bit too short and a male co-worker looked me dead on and said “I don’t like it”. Well gee, thanks luv.

Then another co-worker said “what’s the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut?”

WHAT, the FUQ, pray tell?

She said “two weeks”…



You’ll be fine. Do understand. I’ve looked in the mirror at the hairdresser’s during major relationship upheavel and felt old and washed out. Fuq ’em, I say. It’s really not you….It’s them…


And yes, hair grows about a half an inch per month, SO….. you’re growing inwardly, spiritually PROFOUNDLY…A half an inch per month!

That’s progress!!x


I feel your pain! I finally succumbed to hair makeover whimsy & stupidly allowed 20cm to be cut off. I thought it was a length that I could still curl my hair & do my vintage sets with – not so ๐Ÿ™ Have never been more devastated by a hair cut. I’ve gone from sexy woman voodoo hot to….Gidget


Oh LL,

If it helps, I was nicknamed **Gidget** at one place of work! If not for the hair than for the idiotic naieveity…See…STILL don’t know how to spell naieve!! (I think…that one looks pretty good lol)


I think I’d rather be called Gidget than Morticia! Am sure you were only ever sweetly naive, never idiotic. Argh I can’t focus on anything now …all I want to do is flounce around and dramatically sigh “oh MoonDoggie………..”

I am soooo watching Gidget Goes to Rome tonight.


I love Gidget movies!!


As stated to FA about moving, Monday I gave my two week notice to Susan (triple xxxPisces). Monday I had to be at work at 8:15 and was ready for work when Madeline jumped out of bed “See, I’m already dressed now, aren’t you pleased?” She forgot to tell me however that she had taken a crap in the shower. Good gawd, had no time for that. Susan was going to be there about an hour later so had to leave it for her and a note….Had gotten no rest on the weekend. It’s simply time. Grateful they were there… Read more »


Oh, trans. Saturn in my natal 4th house….Makes sense but should check on other aspects than besides to my Asc-Mars.


Have I missed something? Tell me Madeline is your cat…!! Happy for you in your time to move on Sweetpea. Best of luck, xx.


Maddie is 84 yrs old and a dear but I’m simply not equipped mentally, emotionally or physically to carry on. I need my life back.

Thanks doll.


On the mark! I was just taking a break from deep cleaning the kitchen.
I’ve got a Virgo 6th house (Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, Pallas) that can be a cleaning and organizational force to be reckoned with; )

Back to work…


Can you have a stellium of planets if they are not made up of the sun, moon, asc? For example, I have Merc, Venus, Sat close together.


They may well be a stellium. There are so many conflicting definitions of stelliums :all one sign, all one house, all conjunct to all, each conjunct to the next, must be four, etc…

My definition: Three or more planets (no angles or points) that are close enough to be at the very least conjunct to another planet in the stellium.

Ex from my own chart:
Mars at 8 Kataka
Sun at 12 Kataka
Venus at 16 Kataka


Thanks! In that case I guess I have a stellium of also:

Mercury 7 deg
Saturn 11 deg
Venus 15 deg

All in Kataka too! Go the subliminal Cancerian types!


We are a degree out, how weird..!


Virgo almost-stellium here, with Saturn sitting virtually motionless on my Mercury, do I feel like Virgoing out? Ugh, no. So much to do though! Summer plans to make, legal matters to straighten out, oh my, sounds like Saturn resonating even in that.


Made a long list and then went to bed with a dvd. Still rocking the Kataka vibe?

unpredictable pisces

OMFG! Strip Karaoke…Why didn’t I think of that!! Mystic you are a genius! But really, I am happy with the Virgo-ing out. My drive to “achieve things” had sort of dried up as a result of some life changes…long story… but this is actually helping me to get a grip again, get my house under control, swipe through the to-do list. ALL of my astro-everythings are almost shouting at me, “WORK! CAREER! OPPORTUNITIES *NOW!!* DON’T STOP YET GREAT THINGS ARE COMING! ” so I heed the alerts, messages and signs, flog myself a la saturn in my 3rd house, then… Read more »


i am literally sorting out my socks and undies drawer on a friday night. am on a cleaning frenzy. it suddenly seems imperative and urgent to get everything SORTED before next week. like im about to leave on a trip and i need to have everything organised. even maybe labeled. for good measure.

unpredictable pisces

me too saggigal – the urgency! Like, “do this NOW! because something amazing is going to happen!! and you want to be ready!”


and too funny- just as mystic predicted above, i was ‘staying at home, staying at home,’ then Whoop! suddenly out drinking red wine. god i love astro.

BRING ON NEXT WEEK. i am so excited about the uranus aries shift.


not a lot of virgo happening here either, Even said to hairdresser this afternoon “just a trim i don’t want anything to change”. Chilln to Massive attack and preppn for not much at all. House is in complete disarray. Dont give a rats. I did a huge clean up for sparkly sagg 2 weeeks ago and thats enuf for me.( it was worth it)
Maintenance for me this slothy leo now


Hmm, wish I could Virgo out, so much admin to do but I am all Taurean at the mo, no energy, the lounge calls, baths, candles and chocolate. Crap, I hope it shifts soon I have soooooo much to do!

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Wish I could’ve Virgo-ed out this morning! Set the alarm, had a lot to do, knew *what* to do, but come the alarm…….bzzzzzt…..nada…..
I was trapped in bed out of fear; fear of so many things……fuq
But finally managed to get up, get ready, get out and got to the bank. Phew…

anotherbloody aries

OMG just got home from visiting a friend with almost 4yo virgo (sun) son he spent the afternoon rushing around the garden ordering peeps to pick up the leaves he had raked into a pile and wouldn’t settle to eat lunch because there was dust under the sofa that he had to sweep and kept begging to be allowed to mop later in the day (i am NOT kidding) tres tres virgo not sure how to suggest he “oscillate less wildly”


I think the balance might be found vibing Venus in Cancer….comforts, comfort food & a back-rub- cos I kinked my neck cleaning this morning! Doh…


OMG – thanks for the warning. I feel a lot less alone now. I’ve been Virgoing-out a bit lately (am stellium virgo).

So no cleaning frenzy tomorrow (much as it is tempting) …


Think the exaggeration of Saturn-Jupiter-Uranus opp finally came to the fore for me today. Have stayed calm, non-reactive, mindful, aware, looking forward to a new somewhat unknown future. Today someone I have not seen for months PUSHED MY BUTTONS and now I can’t think clearly. Ugh! And they really want to see me for my birthday. I’m thinking not likely at this stage. This of course has brought into play all the things that have been on the backburner re Mars retro (and def since March 09). I’m glad I am finally seeing movement; just know it’s gonna be a… Read more »


I wish i could start virgoing out. Here i sit procrastinating on the computer while i have to pack up my entire household into boxes etc for movers who will be arriving early am this coming Thursday (which i now note is the Full Moon – what was i thinking!). It’s raining, cold and dreary here and i just don’t want to fuqing start. Took a carload of kids gear over to their dad’s (with the kids) but it’s merely a dint on the marathon i have ahead of me. My kids are mourning the loss of their primary home… Read more »

The Empress

Know how you feel ff. Supposed to be packing rght now but am on here instead. Travelling tomorrow and can’t seem to vibe that part of Virgo at all. *hugs*


Oh thanx Empress and big hugs to you! Where are you off to??

The Empress

Back home. Have been in QLD for the last 6 months. Bit nervous and excited. Same feeling I guess.


Where’s home??

The Empress

For some reason it won’t let me reply to you ff. NSW. Where are you?

The Empress

Oh, it worked. Weird.


S E Qld – Brissy in fact, so not far.

The Empress

I have missed the colder weather although having been up here since summer I don’t know how I’ll go.

I hear you about Venus now in your 5th house. My Merc is there at the moment and what am I doing instead of packing? Looking up fun things to do when I get to home.

Are you moving locally?


Yes. Staying at my mother’s while she is overseas. Still battling with ex over property settlement split so can’t buy a place just yet. See how long i can last before resorting to renting a place. I’d much rather buy than pay dead rent money but who knows what will happen, it’s a new era afterall. Have been fortunate in that I can store the entire contents of my home at a friends place for free.


Tony Robbins needs to slow down!


Feline, that comment had nothing to do with you.

It’s actually starting it, then it’s easy peasy, isn’t it?


Tres true Pegs. In fact that is exactly what i told Aqua-girl this very afternoon, likening it to everything we find difficult/yucky/boring etc. Still i’m in front of the tv with wine and phone in hand putting it off still. Just dropped by computer after loo break lol. I need a bomb under i feel or more time pressure. So much for my stellium in Virgo (but hell it’s all in 7th house – where i shove onto other peeps where i can but i really know better ๐Ÿ˜‰

รƒล“ber Virgo

It’s the sloth before the shitstorm. I’m sure we’ve all been there. Them boxes will get packed, you just might not get any sleep.


Ooh, I just stopped cleaning to check the blog – et voila!


me too…have been cleaning like a fiend for several days….very out of character.

fallen angel

Thank the Goddess I read this, as I was mid-flogging myself for various and sundry things to beguilt myself over. And getting somewhat paralyzed amidst it. Which is the most terrible result of all. I so appreciate the Call to Balance. This is a bit off-topic but I find it ironic that certain peeps view astro as suspicious when really, there is such practical advise to be had of it. I mean, had I not read this, I’d be stripping my walls right now and actually believing I can finish a re-decorate by 4 AM this morning, get 2 hours… Read more »


Glad you got that sorted FA ๐Ÿ˜† x ….I slept like a rock last night…A ROCK. We are so, so busy right now at work. Rock sleep two nights in a row now and this weekend, now will be researching a new place to live and packing.

That’s Virgo, no?

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

I sleep to ROCK all the time ……lol!! x

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