Catty Astro – Asteroid Ubasti

Sixties Girl with Cat

Asteroid 4257 aka Ubasti aka Bast, the Ancient Egyptian Cat goddess might be fun for Astro-Fiends and Egyptophiliacs to go chuck into their chart.

She’s on my South Node, which makes total sense. I know my insanely cool Bast dream is here someplace on this site.

It would be interesting to see if self-identified cat-peeps have Ubasti in strong aspect?  And/or to compare to asteroid Sekhmet – the Lion Goddess

Ubasti is currently conjunct Neptune in Aquarius…Anyone with lives once upon a time in Ancient Egypt dreams of them now.

Does anyone want me to put all the Egyptian astrology into one category or is that just me???

Can not believe nobody has ever done a brand of cat food named Bast featuring really camp Cleopatra style peeps with cats draped all over them.

Oh and I am especially interested in anyone with Bast Rising (or Sekhmet) who officially looks feline. Or prowls the streets on Full Moons, looking for trouble.

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Just got Asteroid Galactica; I have Ubasti conjunct Venus in Cap, 10th house. I love the playful, slinky dimension this brings to what I’ve always seen as a deep but kinda severe Venus placement. The conjunction strikes me as a tad kinky, which is fun. I was happy to see this asteroid on the report, as Bast deigned to visit me a few months ago during the Lionsgate. She popped up seemingly of her own accord in a poem I penned to a special friend, the content of which couldn’t be more aligned with the aforementioned Ubasti-Venus in Cap kink… Read more »


Ok, Mystic my mind is officially blown; Sirius is conjunct to my sun and moon, both in cancer. Sirius is smack bang in the middle of them. my dog, is Cancer sun, cancer rising.

Stick a pin in me. I’m done!


22 degrees in leo, conjunct vesta!… my cat is also Leo, with Leo rising. Any cat who lives with me, has to have one hell of a big personality, which The Baron certainlty does.

I have had a cat familiar my enitre life, they are an anchor for my whole existance, without them, I feel bereft, somewhat lost; if they did not live in my home, I would not go home, it simply would not be one.

Now, which one would represent the dog? 🙂


Mystic, when are we gonna do pet astrology? 🙂


Bast is conjunct my IC by one and a half degrees. I have three cats, whom I adore.

Fury LittleCross

Mine is on South Node, too. 🙂


I’m currently a volunteer at a local cat rescue, and I’ve had cats my entire life and identify strongly with them…I’m born year of the Tiger too, and my Bast is late in my first house in Capricorn and conjunct Lilith & Pallas…my north node is there in my first conj. my ascendant in Sag…guess it makes sense I feel so compelled toward them!


How do you find out where yours is?


plug the number of the asteroid (4257) in the bottom of “Extended Chart Selection”, there’s a place where you can type in numbers!


I have Bast conjunct my North Node and Ascendant. I have had a love for and mutual understanding with cats my whole life.


Thank you, Mystic. It took a while to to accept the good that came with the heart rending … but he made me better person, and I think I have yet to learn some of the lessons he was sent to teach me. So he is till around. It is nice to know about Sekhmet and Bast as well. 🙂 (And as for that cat, she is really trying my patience at the moment! She keeps going AWOL and then turning up at the doorstep a bit irate that I have taken too long to open the door. Am counting… Read more »


Bast is in in my sun sign (Sagg @ 19), and so is Sekhmet (1). Always loved cats, and dogs won me over at some point too. I now have one of each, and both came to me from others. I recently heard that the cat was born in the same month and year that my son died, which has thrown me a bit.


Interesting. My husband & I both have Bast within 5 degrees of Saturn — and we’re the proud human companions to five feline friends. His — 10th house in Libra. Mine — 1st house in Sag, loosely trining my Sun/Uranus conjunction in Leo. I’ve always been a “cat person”!


I have Sekhmet conjunct sun/mercury in Libra 8th. Aqua rising… Uranus conjunct Ubasti in Saggo 10th. Definitely been told I look feline. I have so much hair. Jesus. 5 minutes in the sun and it’s GOLD. Leo hairdresser has a field day with it. I’m glad someone does.

Suddenly Leo

Wow- I’m a Leo and my Ubasti is smack dab in the middle of Leo. I’ll have to tell my two kittehs.


I have Sekhmet exactly conjunct my Sun at Aries 14. I have a lot of love for cats and usually get on the very best with the boys (boy cats that is).

Kim Falconer

I love cats like I love the sun.

My Ubasti is exact on my Ascendant and I do have Bast ink on my left arm. It was my first tat and I got it before I realised the Ubasti connection. Meant to be. My cats are my muses. I write them into my novels. I plan my days around them. They bring me treats a midnight.

Meow 🙂 xxx


It appears that Sekhmet is on my ASC. ASC 2 degrees Virgo adn Sekhmet # degrees Virgo. Yes, I love to kitty kitties. And I often speak of “my feline nature that makes me need to wander about at night”. I definitely have elf/faerie qualites in look and I do tend to paint my eyes like a cat. Of course, I’m sensual, but only on MY terms. 🙂


Ubasti is 5 degrees of my Moon in 8th. Kinda wide but is conjunct “Lie” and “Achilles Heel”. Those are some emotionally wrought themes that have been played out in my life….”lies” and issues that were “Achilles heels”…

Panther Medicine helped me resolve that so perhaps yes, Ubasti is my friend. And during one juncture of working those things out, did prowl the streets at 3:00 am Mystic, feeling very cat like.

Panthera #4198, is conjunct my Black Moon Lilith in Aries opposite Pallas Athena and Juno…Makes total sense to the relationship issues I’d had.


I have Ubasti right conjunct Uranus and ascendant which is all in Sag. I like cats, always had them around but since having the kids I have no more pets. I swear at night, the neighbouring cats use my house as a meeting place for hookups or what not. They usually feel my presence as I peer from behind the curtain. As for looking feline, I got mistaken for a Leo. I like my hair big but kinda undone like sex hair or groomed 50s style. I wanted a pet tiger, am born in the year of the tiger and… Read more »

Kataka on Fire

I grew up in Egypt for 8 years and always wondered if it was reflectedin my chart. Ubast conjunct Mars in Libra in 11th. And Sekhmet in 11th too. We had about 20 stray cats we would feed so everytime I stepped outside wod be surrounded!! I saw generations of them! Also my parents bred Siamese when I was born (a long time ago b4 in my o pinion they got too weird looking sorry to any current owners ! :)) don’thave any cat pets anymore like people here had a car experience and don’t wish to repeat..we live near… Read more »


Growing up in Egypt….That’s so neat Katak on Fire! And all that 11th house energy and kitty kats around, means you were truly friends to all those felines and put your energy (Mars) into their wellfare. How sweet…Truly.

I’d had a lovely grey kitty when I was young (well, we had lots of cats over the years)…

He got ran over outside on the street. Then I met “Hank”, a German Shepard and he was such a love. But then, he got dog napped from a local park! A year later came back. Long story….x 😉


Both Sekhmet and Bast fall in Scorpio for me. Not very close to my other Scorpio placements except Pluto.

The closest I can recall was being told I look like a Leo, but I assume this is the work of Venus in Leo.


Do you mean bewegung? (German for lithe movement).

Cats have it in spades.


i’ve got Ubasti (which sounds like a rude word in Italian LOL!)
conjunct Pluto and Jupiter and squaring mars – WELL dad HATES CATS so thats the square mars sorted but i loveeeeee em!
Getting a black cat next month – Naming it Nox (Roman god/goddess of the night!)


I’ll have a bagel and Lox…Er, make that Nox!

😉 x


I’d thought you jumped ship Matty!! Good to see you around!!


lol NO IM STILL HERE! LOL just exams are keeping me pretty busy!
and school play, and work experience and travel ITS ALL BANG BANG BANG! Jupiter is in my home sector this year so you’d think i’d have more time by myself but NO!


Ah, when Jup was in my 4th several years ago, I sat on my couch realizing how blessed it was to have the serenity of my four walls around me…And what a sanctuary.

Spirit always provides what we need. x

I was not 15-16 however, but in my forties. Your making great, lucid, ultra expanded progress!!

Can tell Uranus is almost in Aries!!! Key word I’ve found in my vocab is Progress!!

To stagnat is to die..Death is an illusion…


true yeah!
house is up for auction today – tried to convince them otherwise but my two stubburn arien parents just wouldnt listen.
Ah well Uranus in Aries is set to be…an experience?
Living life by the seat of your pants i think makes you appreciate everything else that little bit more no?


Two Arien parents? 😕 lol

Yes, living life by the seat of one’s pants can get old but we really are doing that even if we don’t acknowledge it as nothing is permanent, etc.

It’s the not acknowledging it that makes it hard! With Uranus and the house auction sounds like your parents will be budging even they don’t want to.


Hasn’t the Bast placement been suitable for the personages here.
Sympathies Libra Scribe It reminded me of Sugar Pearl, hence the memories.
She was The White Goddess to me.
And my ambivilence ce re cats…….mostly owners fault, cats are cats.


Agree about the owners Pegs. A bff had a cat so vile that you could not approach her. My youngest literlly cried because the cat had her cornered and my daughter could not get out. The cat was a bitch, just like my bff could be sometimes. She’s no longer my bff by the way.


Merci david & Sassy AT LAST i can drive the Astrodienst. Printed my chart 2 years ago & still figuring Houses. I look at Asteroids via NASA Hubble site & download the beauty of the universes. As an animal lovin’ freak, i am obliged to include cats but i like only the specially bred pampered pedigrees, screaming wailing Siamese not included! Have rescued so many animals & birds from unsupervised cats. There are 2 each side neighbours devils who kill little creatures & have a habit of not pooing in their own backyards. Have had only one cat in my… Read more »


thank you – Sassy and David! got it done but I’m too much of an amateur to understand it… I love cats (have 2) and it says Ubasti 7 Scorpio 4’3″ – way too advanced for me. but thanks anyway!


I wanna be a cat. Sometimes I come over all feline but I look like a rangy loepard. Would love to be a panther with shiny talons. I do have skhmet in Leo so thats cool.


AND forgot to mention that the reoccurring dream theme of past 18 mths, partic with regards to the new r’ship, has been big cats … lionesses and tigers …


ah! Sekhmet in Sagg, which is also my rising sign … and in 1st house … as mentioned earlier, always appreciated cats but ethically at odds with them – then a new relationship, new city, new house brought one into my life and I was instantly besotted and nurtured by this new companion in my daily (work from home) life … ppl comment on how we match each other, we are both strawberry blondes … Ubasti is in taurus, my sun sign, and in the 6th … So, when MM says Bast rising, is that when it is in the… Read more »


Yes, I love cats and a cat was the first pet we had in our house. They are just elegant – what’s that word in German for enjoying moving? That’s what they are like for me. Sun: Leo, Rising: Gem, Moon: Scorp. I have Ubast in the 7th house opposite my Sun and also almost opposite Sekhmet in Leo. I don’t think I look particularly cat-like – but my 1/4 Chinese older son looks very cat-like with his almond shaped, hazel-green eyes – but he’s Kataka… I have been responsible for horses, dogs, a boa, a crocodile, snails, ducks, chickens… Read more »


He sounds divine Andromeda. Think there is a kinda vibe green
or hazel green-agate eyes give out to others with the same colour,
have noticed.


Kataka son’s eyes are like agate! (Or like petroleum as my Narcissist-Competes-With 18-Month Olds dad would have it). He has charm a bit overdone in his astrology chart and huge dimples too… I worry he will be unnecessarily *charming* (read ‘slutty’) when he grows up!


Now I’m having very weird dreams about cats. What does it mean to dream of cats. This one was, well, slightly unspeakable – very strange but very comforting. I don’t especially even like cats – I mean I like cats but grew up in Australian countryside where all cats are a menace to tiny pretty things. But what do cats signify?


Yes, Egyptian astrology~! I love Egyptian…anything. Ubast for me is in pisces, all alone. ;p I’m sort of cat like (leo sun, maybe thats why?) I love taking naps and I’m really laid back (altho almost all my signs are earth, so yeah) But I don’t care for cats much. I like all animals, but I would never have a cat as a pet. When I was younger I dreamed of having a panther because of some book I read about Cleopatra having one, but otherwise no. My sister has a really awsome cat tho, he’s nice and likes attention,… Read more »

Libra twins

Ubast at 7 degrees Sag in 6th, exact trine to Saturn in Aries in 10th. We do have a beautiful young cat, Marakesh. This placement works with our relationship, she’s there and I’m there and we’re part of each others daily lives long term. I really can’t remember what it was like before she came to live with us. My youngest daughter (4 yo) has a very close relationship with her, very extreme, Marakesh seems to think she’s higher up the heirachy than her. Sleeps with her at night but gives her the occasional biff to keep her in line.… Read more »


Ubast in Kataka smack bang in amongst a stellium of North Node/Vertex/Mars and Moon in the 5th house. Sehkmet in Libra squares Ubast. Leo Sun in the 6th house. Love cats, have two beautiful burmese (who are desexed and kept in at night) who I swear can read my mind. To me a house is not a home without a cat or two.


Ah, so that’s what my cat gets up to during the day whilst I’m at work.
She’s a cat model!


As a rabbit and pisces with Leo rising, I have always felt the loucheness (maybe too strong and derogatory word) and languidness of the panther. When I’m relaxed and feeling luxurious, I mean. But I am not crazy, crazy about cats and I don’t “own” one.However, I do like them. They all come into my walled garden and, yesterday a big black one kept rubbing against my leg as I tried to garden. They are usually too snobby and aloof. Like David, I like birds a lot and they are endangered in my garden. Is there a good book anyone… Read more »

Pisces Goat

I am very sorry to hear about the people who lost their cats. Very sad. I’m not sure about degrees, etc, but Bast is in Sag for me. My cat Buster (beloved, gorgeous Buster) whom was going to be put to sleep about 20 times due to illnesses is also a Sag…he has come through and is now robust and healthy.

I have always LOVED cats. Like someone above, put a cat on my bed and I feel ‘whole’.


Thanks Davidl, I just worked out how to do this!! So my Bast is 2′ Aqua (sextile neptune and Mercury, trine Venus and Pluto) and Sekhmet is conjunct my sun Scorpio at 43′. No idea what this means!! Bast came to me in my meditation last night, this happens a lot


My 17 year old son is a total cat person. They always find him, follow him, bring him offerings of mice, birds and lizards.

Sun: 29 Leo
Rising: 6 Pisces
Moon: 10 Gem
Mercury: 11 Leo
Ubasti: 10 Lib
Sekhmet: 5 Lib

Even to look at him he’s lion like – from the amber eyes through to the shaggy mane of wavy brown hair.


ubasti in 27 deg in aqua, conjunct sun and mercury, bang smack on top of it actually, trine pluto, opp moon

love cats, my family abhored cats due to allergies, but i have a gorgeous little deaf kitten named beethoven, who is a white, blue-eyed gorgeous boy and happy to identify with cats as they are majestic refined clean intelligent animals 😉


Ubasti conjunct my Saturn in scorp in 6th house. Me and pets do not mix.

The cats I have had always run away 🙁

Yes please Mystic a category for the asteroids yep.




If anyone feels like sharing how to find Ubasti on AstroDienst, I’d love to know.


I assume your birth details are registered, yes ? Then on the left side of the page you will see options for ‘Horoscopes Drawing and Calculation’ click there and then select from the submenu ‘extended chart selection’. Select at the top ‘natal chart wheel, and at the bottom in the additional objects section add 4257 under the main asteroids and click to show chart. On the chart your selection will show up on the wheel and listed below your planets etc.


Ella, go to free horoscopes and select extended chart selection. At the bottom of the page you will see a space where you can put in numbers for the asteroids. type in 4257 Ubasti, then click on show my chart and there it is


Sorry to hear that LS.
I am allergic to cats and have always preferred dogs. I have bast in cap near my saturn.
Unfortunately cats kill too much native fauna for my liking, of course its a natural instinct but really its a problem that needs attention.


david I am so with you on that issue! altho I have to confess that after years of ‘will never own a cat because of that issue’, an orange stray beneath my house has since undermined me. Still, de-sex I say! De-sex and register and keep the little buggers in at night!!


i have a gorgeous cat that due to deafness lives indoors.
he is desexed and i take him out often on a lead. sounds silly i know, but he really likes it. he has a large open balcony to play on, which avoids him getting hit by cars and killing wildlife as mentioned.


Thanks Davidl, Yes it is a problem the killing of fauna and so we were happy to have her indoors at night so she did not go hunting. One night she spotted a snake in the house in the middle of the night, something for which I was grateful.


Oh you poor thing. That is awful Libra Scribess. Have a little ritual for her, say goodbye?


Thanks fishgirl. Did it this morning.


I couldn’t believe it when I saw the lovely cat pic and blog. I am not sure if Ubasti is in strong aspect. Not fit to sort out details on AstroDienst today, and just beginning to learn. Returned last night from first Zumba class (working through the 10 steps for The Quickening) and found our cat on the road. Had just been hit by a car. She was brilliant and will be missed.


So sorry about your loss Librascribess. My cat was run over recently too and so I know how you are feeling. My Eva (a russian blue and looked just like bast!) was like a person, she undestood everything I said, would sit with me when I did spells and she looked after my daughter. I keep expecting to see her walk in the room, I feel her around us and the loss is too painful for words. Am sending you lots of hugs and love 🙂 My daughter has not been dealing with it well, so I shared a poem… Read more »


Thank you Scorphilia. Flossy’s loss was hardest for teen son and 7 year old daughter. But she was brilliant company while I worked and can’t believe she won’t walk all over my printer and jump up and stop me working by sitting on the keyboard.
The poem is lovely. Thank you so much. I will share it.


I’m so sad for your loss, librascribess. My most beloved cat of all died four years ago, and I still miss him so much. He comes to me in dreams sometimes, especially when I need comfort. I’m sure yours will too.

Sending you hugs and comfort. x


Thanks LibrabutwithAriesontheRise. I have a feeling I will miss this cat most of all. She simply made me smile every day.

Worked out my Ubasti I think
Sun 5 Lib, Ascendant Saggitarius, Moon 17 Cap, Mercury 26 Lib, Venus 2 Sco, Mars 3 Can, Ubasti 8 Lib.
Very new to this – not sure if anything vital is missing or what it means.


oh gawd Librascribess, that is so awful. You poor thing. I know exactly that wrenching feeling of loss of an exceptional animal companion – espec in that way. When my beloved Kelpie was killed on a road I just couldn’t accept it – I thought something must be able to be done for him. Then I went into shock and could not eat, lie down or remember the name of anything for 2 weeks. Thankfully I understand death and passing a lot better now, but it is still so sad. They give us so much and ask so little of… Read more »


Thank you Nat, it is difficult to accept, and you notice it most when all the little routines of the day are no more.


I have Ubasti 28 Sagg in opposition to my Gemini 26 Venus! I have been totally obsessed with Egypt since I was a little & treat cats with RESPECT! I try to communicate with them & I can encourage them to try to communicate with me…. 😯 I LOVE cats & have two. The female feline is a Virgo, her name is Zen, we have a connection. The male feline is a Leo, name is Leo who totally looks like a lion with a huge mane and is very brutish, very vocal. He pretty much demanded I take him home… Read more »


Cool. Ubasti is at 1 Aquarius 12′ in my 5th opposing my Moon at 1 Leo 59′ in the 11th.

year of the fox

I have Ubasti loosely conjunct my North Node in Cap. I do love cats. They were my very first totem animal that I encountered.


I have Sekmet conjunct SN in Libby with nearly all the other witchy asteroids & Bast conjunct Saturn in my 5th. I’ve only had 1 cat, when I was a teen. She was black, I named her Psyche & she was a very cool cat.


Ubasti is conjunt my IC in Sagg (square my T Node if you accept a 4 degree arc), Sekhmet is conjunct my Venus in Aqua. I love cats and have a crazy spooky simpatico with them. I LOVE THEM And I LOVE THAT CAT in the picture right there. I WANT IT. Wow, when something is tweaking your Sagittarius points, you really do start speaking in CAPS LOCK. Everyone always picks me for a Leo, but it is just the hair and the insane ‘if there is a cat anywhere near me right now I will fixate on it and… Read more »


same I get leo or aries as first pick of signs. never scorpio oddly.

love cats have nice rapore but they make me sneeze. I have feline qualities but I thought It was a gem asc thing

I have her in scorpio 4th house (just) Sesquiquadrate my asc and sextile jupiter in virgo semi sextile moon


hilar Lex…xo

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