Sun Sign Survey: What Sign Was Your Weirdest Flatmate?!

The Young Ones at their kitchen table share flat

AM sorting out the archives and this is SO FUN I think I am going to bung it right here, right now – Because not all of us have shared…YET.

YOUR WEIRDEST FLATMATE WAS WHAT SIGN?! Or housemate/roomate, whatever?

I have three contenders for this…And, to be fair, I am sure that i was someone’s weirdest flatmate myself. I think it is always worth acknowledging that point.But these flatmates were all joyously raving astro-cliches…By which i mean SO true to the most trite traits of their Sun Sign that it was  – at best – archetypal.

* Flatmate One:  Female – Sagg.

Alarmingly athletic, leggy, toothy, tanned and super-candid to a point that stunned people. She spent all her spare money on sports equipment that she was totally thrilled about. So my friends and I blew $ we didn’t have on booze, shoes, poetry and perfume – hers went on kayaks, mountain bikes, new running shoes, skis – fresh sports socks if she really broke. Had a banker boyfriend whom, she candidly admitted, was to “facilitate” international snowboarding excursions. Also prone to fleeting but very-intense-whilst-they-lasted-lust-crush-fixations on men whom she would blatantly stalk. Slept nude. Opened door in the nude. Studied in the nude. Rarely drank due to usually having to be up at 4.30 am for some kind of run or kayaking event but when she did get On It, Sagg-Flatmate would quickly go from ‘one glass of wine after tutorial’ to debating law with bouncers trying to eject her for dancing topless on the table.

* Flatmate Two: Male – Aquarius.

Much older bearded Gestalt therapist and frequenter of workshops. Recently divorced and the part-time parent of two daughters, he populated his house with teenage student flatmates a la the incentive: ‘live here, close to uni, I am so cool with you bringing all your fabulous friends around and partying day and night…Truly relaxed living, no hassles etc.’  It did not occur to me until years later that this may have been the source of his frequent day-long domestics with his ex-wife on the verandah. Fave Saying: ‘that’s your shit…’ Morphed between being quite fascinating a la discussing mythology et al to pompous and ostentatious meditating in the middle of the living room with Nag Champa burning and his horrid white belly freaking out his cute-teenage-flatmates + their lovers and then again to cannabis-inspired creepy investigative candour and flaccid passes.


V.short and muscular. Had huge pile of smut in the living room, not really looked at and just magazines but there to make the point that he could. He constantly denounced feminism, in really bonkers ways. And would get visibly thrilled if you argued with him about it. Like visibly. Beads of sweat on brow, unbuttoning his shirt a bit and let’s open another bottle of wine. Read endless tracts of stuff such as Shere Hite and Germaine Greer to get his “ammo.”  Slept between sheep and goat skins as did not approve of sheets. Had v.expensive stereo etc but always kept doors/windows unlocked because – he said – his karma was so fantastic. Could not go three sentences in any conversation without doing pull-ups on the nearest door frame. Opinionated to the point that he was constantly getting into fights with people, which he enjoyed. Aries Flatmate had no formal martial arts training but genuinely loved fighting, especially if he could keep mouthing off whilst doing it. Blamed his frequent turnover of woman friends on Feminism.

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143 thoughts on “Sun Sign Survey: What Sign Was Your Weirdest Flatmate?!

  1. LOL!@!

    gawd I wish I’d got birth data for my flatmates… rented a room in Highgate (London) from a guy who was a maths teacher by day (private boys school) and a ‘goth’ at night. Definitely Scorp in there somehow.. never shook the feeling that he went through my stuff while I was at work – all a bit icky – in the end he found me a new place to live… a house share with four brat-boys from well-to-do families who were all aspiring actors and/or playwrights…who taught me to play bridge and ate stinky black pudding. Definitely NOT virgos, my guess is Gemini for at least one of them, because as weird as they all were we had a lot of fun… then again I’m a taurean and we like weird.

  2. Male, Sag.
    He was my first flatmate…tall, dark, and yes, handsome, piercing baby blue eyes with a thick mop of black curls. Captain of the Grammar 1sts, rugby and cricket. Self made millionaire by age 20, in the rag trade. Super model girlfriend, and incredibly cool ‘A list juniors’ set member. Non stop 24hr, full on, drug fuelled mayhem and mischief. He would come home on a friday night and put a huge thick line of coke right around the edge of the dining table and start calling people, while knocking back vodkas and abusing the news reader on tele.
    He would then be up early on saturday morning in perfect condition to attack the next day, polishing his boots to go and play rugby. Coke actually slowed him down. After about 3 years (yes, 3 years!) I’d had enough. He was and went totally psycho, things held up for a while till a few mishaps…like falling out of the balcony of a 2 story block of apartments onto his head (totally survived but needed a bit of dental work). Fist fights with people who are now federal ministers. A cocaine crystal, and mda addiction that destroyed his finances and his relationships with everyone in his life.
    You know what , he is also a true genius whose insight into situations still astounds me, all of this genius now hidden in an alcoholic pensioner living in a very basic studio in the cross who people steer clear of as he mumbles to himself walking up Bayswater rd.

    • wow, so excessive. Reminds me of my favourite quote from Bladerunner “The light that burns twice as bright burns for half as long – and you have burned so very, very brightly”

      He lives in my neighbourhood. I wonder if we’ve crossed paths. How old would he be now?

      • close to 50 , SR, Im going into the cross to see him next week, its usually harrowing, or incredible fun, we normally sit at the Spring cafe in Challis Ave, him making over the top remarks in a loud voice at people that walk by, while the staff look at me like ” please get him outta here”.

        • I’m proud of you David el, so many people turn their backs on faded friends. Good boy!

          • one thing I didn’t mention was how much he looked after me and included me and cared. Its the least I can do.

          • wow, i’m impressed you lasted 3 yrs david. gotta admire people who are able to live their lives so hedonistically and survive…

            i’m in sydney next week and I stay in the cross when I’m there.. maybe I’ll see him on the street some time :)

          • wow, i’m impressed you lasted 3 yrs david. gotta admire people who are able to live their lives so hedonistically and survive…

            i’m in sydney next week and I stay in the cross when I’m there.. maybe I’ll see him on the street some time :) (gazes about curiously)

    • this is interesting also because you state his state of being now from such heights at youth. I wonder what will happen to those I knew of similar state in years to come

      hell of a story Davey x

    • wow, that’s sad. such talent squandered (yet again) by drugs booze and mindless partying. that’s my cap moon speaking again…

  3. LOVE IT MYSTIC!! Esp Number one. I have a Saggo girlfriend JUST like that!! I pity her flatmates. She has about 67 hobbies. And when she is in love (with latest random from hobby number 54 or 32) BOY do we hear about it.

  4. Wow Davidl, you’ve illustrated the extreme nature of Saggo’s so well. All or nothing. And yes – in that extreme element pure genius, but skating on the edge of a bottomless vortex when they go over the edge to the failure side.

  5. First ever flatmate, Libran. She was 10yrs older than me and an alcoholic but really pretty and could be totally charming. We were non-share food. I ate like a sparrow but she ate like a vulture. She’d spend all her wages on booze and clothes and raid my section of the fridge. I went away for a weekend leaving nothing to eat but part of a loaf of bread, a packet of gravox and a bag of onions returning to find she’s lived all weekend on onion gravy on toast and a large bottle of scotch. She didn’t smell good! When my parents came to town they always brought prime cuts of home-kill beef and I probably consumed about 10%. Anything I cooked she would eat if there was leftovers. She would eat celery sticks, tins of smoked oysters and I would shop but leave all but what I needed that evening in the fridge at work. I was living on aprentices’ wages and couldn’t afford her. I found her booze flaked in her car (a VeeWee), cuddling the loo, on the back steps, under the dining table, once in my bed (feet on my pillow) against the fridge and in the shower but she always managed to look cute. One night two guys carried her in and asked if she belonged here. Thankfully she was transferred and I found a sweet Cancerean music teacher to replace her.

    • Hilarious CC! I lived with a Libran stripper in Fremantle who liked a spot of valium…mixed with a vodka…or twenty. Yet strangely she only ate vegan organic food and wheatsprouts in between valium parties. She once came home with no clothes on but her knickers. Yeah, she managed to do it all pretty elegantly. In between stripping work she trawled online dating forums, watched horror movies in the day, waited by the letterbox for her delivery of NW and applied fake tan. Sigh. How i wanted her life (or wished it was enough for me). But then i got sick of just talking about celebrity gossip and cellulite…

    • just remembered another of her incidents. She was going to a ball, primed with pre-ball drinks and formally dressed, with one of her blokes. He had a rifle in his car and asked if he could leave it inside. Failed to mention it was loaded with ratshot. Discharged in living room peppering wall with tiny holes. The landlord who lived in the same block appeared and I thought instant eviction but he fell about laughing. Ah, life in the country!!!

  6. LOL … some of these stories are just hilarious/tragic which always makes the best comic mix methinks … particularly Mystic’s naked Sagg kayaker and Cheshire’s alcoholic Libran onion eater. David’s story was sad though. Goes to show that there does seem to be more than a casual link between genius and insanity.

    Anyhoo … mine are probably not as wild or bizarre but there was the Aries vegetarian, tetotalling chef from Cornwall called Andre – yeah weird mix huh? Why was he called Andre when he came from Cornwall? Aren’t Cornish folks avid meat eaters?? So many questions that will never be answered. Anyway he was a body building freak who, for some reason only known to himself, made weights out of buckets of concrete, hung on these long assed metal pipes. He would do his “routines” in his room, amongst lots of groaning and carrying on, that made me wonder if there was some sexual component to his workouts. He also had a penchant for wandering around in his budgie smugglers, puffing up his chest and flexing his biceps/ showing off his ass to anyone vaguely interested – especially when attractive female friends of mine paid a visit. He would literally stand there in the hallway, oiled up and “flexing” – you know … a la Schwarzenneger.

    Then there was the Capricorn ex junkie who spent half his time in an alcoholic haze downing vodka UDL’s and the other half living off royal jelly and raw food which he juiced. When he was in one of his juicing frenzies nothing was spared, nor sacred. He had this online relationship with an 18 year old Brazilian (she was 20 years his junior) who he was OBSESSED with and stuck pictures of her all around the house – even in the toilet. She was supposed to be at medical school studying to be a surgeon and when he booked tickets to fly over and go visit her, she unfortunately died of a brain aneurysm 2 days before he was due to fly out!!!! He was told this by her dentist Brazilian friend, who he then decided was the new love of his life. Well I guess she could supply a free life time’s worth of teeth cleaning.

    But like Mystic, I admit to probably being on someone’s weirdest housemate list for sure.

    • “He had this online relationship with an 18 year old Brazilian (she was 20 years his junior) who he was OBSESSED with and stuck pictures of her all around the house – even in the toilet. She was supposed to be at medical school studying to be a surgeon and when he booked tickets to fly over and go visit her, she unfortunately died of a brain aneurysm 2 days before he was due to fly out!!!! He was told this by her dentist Brazilian friend, who he then decided was the new love of his life. Well I guess she could supply a free life time’s worth of teeth cleaning.”

      Um, is it just possible that the 18 year old never existed and the dentist was his online girlfriend all along, and just sent him pictures of an 18 year old model?

      • hell the Brazilian dentist looked just as airbrushed as the 18 year old Brazilian surgeon-to-be with the brain aneurysm. I think it’s more possible that the whole thing was a big fat hoax to begin with. Which I kindly pointed out right from the start and was told “this is my reality and you’re not invited!” … hehehe

  7. worst ever flatmate – Leo male, followed closely by an Aries male…

    Ahhh there are so many funny flatmate stories! Like the time my fellow libran gal washed the entire bathroom with the shower head (including walls and ceiling)


    The leo was definitely the worst. Prone to bouts of paranoia and *loved* bossing us about frequently declaring “this is MY HOUSE” and leaving instructions via note even though we would actually see and talk to each other. ie, “libran dreamchild, i noticed when i came home from work yesterday that you left your bedroom window open. do not do this again. next time make sure all windows and doors are closed and locked when you leave.”
    This, in a house set off the ground (break-ins hardly likley unless the robber carried round a larger ladder… do they do that these days??) in the height of summer.

    The aries was so lazy, never lifted a finger for cleaning, ALWAYS let the toilet paper run out – and everything was unfair for the poor bastard!
    “it’s unfair that i have to do the dishes”
    “it’s not fair that i have to share the electricity bill”
    “life is so unfair!”

    Dream flatmate = Gemini all the way; funloving, easygoing & willing to do their share without having even to ask yay!

    • omg…you have just described my leo housemate from hell…but she came in female form…the notes….OMG the notes…in big red ink the morning after a perfectly sane conversation where any number of issues could have been brought up but were saved for an A4 sheet of paper instead…

  8. I had 2 aquarians in a row, both called Andy. Odd. Andy number 2 was a pint size british geezer. (alright then?) We swapped Levis (i was then a slim size 8-10) who alternatively looked like a mini-me Jon Bon jovi, or back on, a rather rough woman. He wore a bum bag. He LIKED EVERYONE. as a scorpio this was patently DISGUSTING for me to behold. House constanltly full of ragamuffins, backpackers, freaks on way thru from esoteric headkicking in Indian ashram. Andy Liked to party . COS HE LIKED everyone, of course. Routinely I’d hear him “wake up” on a sat morning. The ritual would be “fuck, fuck, fucking hell. Fuckin hell did i have a big one last night. Fuck me. Dont; know how it happened [again], think i ended up down the Impy [imperial, erko], FUCK ME”.

    Every saturday and most sundays he seemed genreally AMAZED and a little perplexed that he had survived, and was more-or-less, alive. Oh how i loved him. I do miss him.

    • gawdd plutonicfemme … that is just too funny. Makes ME want to live with him just for the soap-operatic entertainment.

      • No, not really but it doesn’t seem natural. Not to me anyway. There’s always someone I dislike. Pluto influence maybe? Scorps have strong likes and dislikes.

        • yeah i mean having lived in redneck-ville for too long, i have developed a quota of people i have veery little time for. talking to them is like eating something that tastes bad. i guess it’s the gem-pisces in me that means i don’t hang on to the dislike too much, i just forget about them to save brain cells…. but i do get where you’re coming from S’bot.

  9. The weirdest star sign flatmate I’ve had is an Aries. I must own some part of the weirdness though as we’d been really good friends for about 3 years and it took only a month of living with each other for to all blow up…

    I could handle her doing army style exercise in the lounge room at dawn…even after we’d both been out till 2am. I struggled a bit when she would turn up to my workplace wearing something brand new of mine.Instant boundary set. I had definite issues with her sister having our key and using my bed to have sex in with her boyfriend.This was a once only event with much instant boundary setting happening then too.

    We had a raging argument when she broke the only mirror in the place in a fit of anger.

    She ended up not working, and I semi-supported her for a week or two…then she took the rent money and gave it to her mother so she could leave her husband…but based on past results her leaving was only ever a holiday and then they’d make up and the cycle of madness would continue to spin. Which was what happened anyway…

    She is the only person that has had me so angry the hair on the back of my neck has raised.

    • After reading every one else’s versions of weird, mine I think is probably just weird for me personally…in living with someone who I thought I knew and then finding them to be someone that had no idea of boundaries. Well maybe she did, but just overlooked them as beneath her notice in getting what she wanted ramzilla style?

  10. thanks prowlncat. I’ve never met anyone who loved life more. twas very therepaeutic in its onw insane way. and is hould have addedd, of curse, he pronounced fuck as “fook”. FOOKEN ‘ELL

  11. Saggitarian PR Diva. Had an amazing collection of designer duds, which would all go through the washing machine and then hang like a chinese laundey all around the house/patio. For days. If not weeks. Thats if the clothes made it out of the machine in the first place….. not uncommen to open the machine lid and be king hit by the smell of clothes left damp too long in small enclosed space….. Clean clothes would then lurk on the floor of her room, intermingling with her dirty stuff, and she would randomly shove her hand in the pile, drag something out, put it on, and miraculously look immaculate. In the evenings she would totter home clutching wine/champagne and then lurk on the patio swigging it like no tomorrow, talking loudly on her mobile, smoking constantly and putting the butts in left over bottles scattered around the place…. She was hell on wine glasses, bottles, and designer heels…… Drove the aries and I SPARE!

  12. Haha, I love it when you do these!
    The boozy flatmates all sound alot like me. Im sure I am one of weirdest flatmates of all time.. But here’s mine anyway..

    This guy wasn’t really my flatmate as such but read on and you’ll see.. He was a Scorp, tiny, wiry and italian.. Greesy as all hell, used to use sorblene cream as hair gel? Now he wasn’t really my flat-mate he lived in the unit next door and for a little while was under the impression that he WAS a flatmate.

    He was kooky, I don’t know much about Scorpio but his behaviour seems slightly out of character. He was just super crazy flamboyant. In everything, actions, clothing – like bright red leather pants etc.. I seriously thought he was gay when we first met but then it turns out no no no he had a major jones for me.

    Used to come over unannounced all the time and bring uninvited guests with him.. invade everyone’s personal space, talk way way way too much about bullshit, just word vomit. Would play guitar with amp and microphone until the early hours of the morn… Just wailing it sounded like.

    Once cornered me with guitar and serenaded me… the song had something to do with my creamy thighs and my penchant for chai tea lattes – went on for agesssss.

    He invited me next door to his apartment once in the early stages..I was reluctant but kept it friendly and polite. Was there for two secs and he goes oh excuse me for a mo and comes back out wearing only his underwear and was like oh i hope you dont mind i just feel more comfortable when I dont have any clothes on.. then proceeded to splay out on the bed all inviting like.

    I dont know if i painted the picture too well, but he was a kook!

    • La Vierge, this sounds like the worst type of Leo behaviour, maybe he had a Leo moon or Leo rising or an Aquarian channelling a Leo.

      • Yeah I think there is definately Leo in there. Once while word vomiting as he so often did I think he was talking about how attractive he was. And I said something sarcastic.. and he was shocked. “What you don’t think I’m attractive??!” He actually teared up when I said I didnt. Haha he wasn’t all bad though. Just really confused I think.

  13. I loved the bit about the Aries guy sleeping between sheep and goat skins!

    That appeals to my Ariesness very much, though it is a little bit yuck as well, and thoroughly impractical for Queensland weather.

  14. CC…that is HILARIOUS about the Libran alcoholic!! Wierdest flatmate…Gemini. King of theatre/foyer small talk. Truly brilliant at it. Often found making cups of tea in jocks in the morning, not the greatest bod, big paunch and wore thick silver chain around his neck. Loved smoking pot. Would get excited at the thought of it. Extremely camp but had gf, now wife with a baby, who was always sick and spent hours in the bathroom in the mornings. Kept massive gay porn collection in boot of his car. Having said that, he was a lovely man.

  15. I had an exact same male older Aqua flat mate, his name was Nick, or more commonly known as Nick the D***.
    Had been to every South American country and bought the coffee table, hammock or other trophy to prove it. He used to spike his hair and wear a UV studded choker when he went to his once a year rave party on NYE. Never left his bedroom, always looking at the stock market on his computer, found naked photos of him in my room, skinny with white paunch. Yuk.

    I also loved the bit about the Aries sleeping in the sheep skins, reminds me of Pan in Jitterbug Perfume. Bet he smelt musky.

    • Scorpio Chick, hand model

      Preceding her studio gigs as hand-model, she’d slather on hand cream until every door knob in the house would be covered. It’s not easy opening wonky old doors when knobs are greasy.
      Also prevented her from washing-up, naturally.

  16. Scorpio, by far. She drank a box – yes, a box – of wine every night. After the wine, proceeded to tell me what losers men were and basically repeated the exact same 2 hour tirade every night. Called herself a loser the entire next day if I beat her at scrabble (which wasn’t hard to do), so I had to let her win, and she wanted to play EVERY night. Coughed up “things” onto the carpet and left them there. Lovely girl.

  17. I want to know how to get rid of a 40+ yo Cancerian male. He’s really hard to get along with, even his fellow cancerian male flatmate has difficulty with him! Its really funny watching those two argue because a) they’re both right, and b) the other is always wrong. The 40+ yo even admits he has difficulty keeping girlfriends and has problem with women in general (but he’s not gay!). He’s practically impossible to live with because he flies off the handle if we comment about how we need fresh air in the house, or how we’d like the curtains open so we can get some sunlight inside. I’m coming to the conclusion that he should actually be locked up in a psychiatric ward, preferably far, far away from me. I feel really sorry for our future new flatmate.

    • Holy crap! Your Crabby flatmate sounds like the one i just got rid of. He was one of the worst. In addition to what you mentioned about not being gay but having nothing but horrid drama with the ladies…like restraining order being issued and shit… He was OCD about cleanliness and was alcoholic. I think he finally left because he managed to drink every bit of liquor I had acquired over the years. It often takes me like 5-10 years to finish something like a bottle of barenjager or scotch or rum. I had a huge stash but I’m actually glad I didn’t have to move that stuff again. It was a lot of heavy glass.

    • I think it may be a reflection of age rather than star sign. Being 40+ myself I understand that I have become quite set and odd in my ways and I have to choose flatmates very very carefully because I don’t want to inflict psychological torture on someone who won’t be able to handle it. My tolerance for things ‘out of place’, which of course is a state that only I am capable of defining when in my home, is near zero. I love having visitors, but I fear I have outgrown the whole flatmate thing. I may be wrong, and I apologise to all the 40+ flatmates who are still wonderfully easy going, joyful to live with and to whom this does not apply.

      • jen, i think that after a certain age and quantity of flatmate experience, our tolerance levels get very low! even now i am pretty protective of my space…stuff…etc

  18. Lol my flatmates a cancer? well im considering moving out im looking through sites about physco flatmates and im feeling alot better but also wondering how nuts i must seem.
    One of my current flatmates is tottaly nuts and devoid of social understanding.
    I moved into a random flat with 4 guys that know eachother.

    He loves annoucing when hes gonna shag his misses.

    He spends his nights when hes not with her farting in the lounge in his flatmates faces. he doesnt with me cause id smash him.

    he has in the past become very excited and called me into his room to show me his used condoms.

    he has this spaztic mental laugh. and consistantly makes inappropiate and very lame calls all night

    He blurts out my female friends are hot, when they come round.

    im actually slightly afriad he may try to kill me if i challenged him and his status within his friends (the flat)

    Things in my head keep telling me to leave but i get along well with the others who are completly normal.

    haha help!

    • The used condoms stuff FREAKY…get out! Or padlock your door. Good luck

  19. O.m.g.
    I think ALWAYS listen to “things in my head” – like TOTALLY…This guys sounds psycho…Soz but are you a woman??? Or a guy???? Anyway, go-go-go…i.m.o.
    And at the very least, put a line of salt across the threshold of your door and around your bed and go online (Kua Direction calculator) to find the best direction for you and point the head of your bed that way…
    And please re the Astro-Weirding post just recently or what i said in the Daily Mystic re the next few weeks!

  20. Hang on wait. Slightly afraid he might kill you??? Can you just move already…I don’t know how old you are but we have all made mistakes with places/share accommodation and moved out real fast. Really. I once moved in an apartment – really amazing rent, lol – and realised quite quickly that the landlord had drilled little holes in the roof above the bath and the bed. Was awful. Especially as i had just broken up with arsehole & was taking long baths to kind of try and relax & get over it. I ignored my intuition but luckily this woman turned up after dark one night to warn me to move immediately…Long story that don’t want to go into…Please move?

  21. Move, move, MOVE!!!

    Or at the very least try Mystic’s suggestion of bedhead and salt. I am trying it for slightly other reasons!!

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  23. Love it.

    My weirdest flatmate – Scorpio, in news quite a bit now. For sex scandal. Beautiful. Took three hour baths with powdered seaweed she ordered from france. Left ring of green slime around the bathrub and lipstick stained cigarette butts in sea shell she used as ashtray and sopping wet towels everywhere.

    Was completely disinterested in food, ate only fruit and nuts

  24. I am feeling too positive today complain today! So I will say that my BEST flatmate ever is a male Bull and I am Libran. We live in the house that Venus built!

    Huge comfy couches, soft muted colours, fresh flowers, mohair rugs, expensive candles, art deco mirrors and we entertain at least once a fornight. Only weird thing is that neither of us seem to eat. The kitchen is the least used room of our house and the contents of our fridge is: one bottle of champagne, six pack of beer, wheel of brie and two limes that have been there for at least a month!

    We also NEVER go outside. We only enter the backyard when we have too many friends over to fit inside.

  25. Cancer flatmate older and perpetual uni student, looked like Jesus, slept on the floor, extreme vegan who would wash everything he owned at once, then sat naked on back porch till clothes dried said it was part of ‘life’s process’. If asked to do anything or any question would cock his head like a bird and say “I don’t know, I will have to think about that”. Once left a pair of jeans on the clothes line as a spider had built a web on them. Had been saving his own hair for years and it was a huge ball of twisted hair. Would walk up and down the median strip at the front of the house for hours at a time. As he had a total honesty policy would tell you used your shampoo etc…with word “I can’t test till I confess” Last straw was when be “confessed” he’d found my condoms in my room and was so excited he jacked off sitting on my bed and had drilled a hole in the wall to watch me…only while I was sleeping though !URGH. Ended up living in a tree at Uni and sadly obsessed with trying to ‘impregnate’ a woman god told him would have the next messiah.

  26. Hate to say it, because I love them, but my two craziest housemates ever were Geminis. One, a young woman, literally moved her boyfriend in in secrecy. She just pretended he was visiting lots, and then we realised she was making two breakfasts ever morning and retiring to her room with them. Then his mail from centerlink started arriving at our house… And it was, quite simply, WTF? He, a Sagittarius, somehow managed to live in the shadows of our home, unnoticed for 3 weeks… There were four of us ‘officially’ living in this house… I repeat. WTF?

    The other one, I won’t bore you with, cos it was truly truly a nightmare. Don’t think I’ve yet recovered, 8 years later… but… Short story in dot point is.
    He was a Gemini.
    Turns out he was dishonourably dismissed from the ambulance service.
    Turns out he was 7 years older than he said he was.
    A sex addict, who would leave his door open while at it and once said “you know you should always feel free to come join in”
    I was once trapped in my room (upstairs) for three hours because he was having an orgy with strangers ON the stairs.
    Regularly set up sex dates online, from work, and sent the guys to our house before he got home, so I had to open the door to them – often times they thought I was him… eew.
    He downloaded child porno onto my computer using my internet account and I reported him to the Federal Police.
    He is currently in jail serving 4 sentences of statutory rape.

    Hang on… I did kinda ‘go into it’ didn’t I. But needless to say – you want nightmare flat mates… I got the stories…

    • ~Turns out he was 7 years older than he said he was.~ haha…funny..There you have some Gemini right there.

      Would be funny if like you say, was not so “ewww”…

    • PS – when I confronted the guy about the child pornography his honest to god comeback was… “Well you never do the dishes and I always buy the milk.”
      Seriously! Which of these crimes DOES NOT come with a jail sentence?

      • If that wasn’t so scary & icky it would be really funny.
        Actually, it is really funny.

        • As Ms says – so demented you have to giggle. We must laugh at these things in retrospect, yes… And maybe easier ‘cos his shites did, in the end, catch up with him. Poor sorrowful crack-pot that he is.

  27. So many! Must irritating award: the Libran male who refused to ‘conform to capitalist fascism’ by laying about in his room growing facial hair and masturbating all over his Kaftan whilst writing the same ‘estatic moment experience dialogue’ over and over again. Every morning his stereo would shake the house with old fashioned pirate movie music. We kept expecting a Spanish Armada to sail through the hall-way. Smoked so much ganja he reeked of it and often attempted to exterminate the other housemates pet axylotle by blowing smoke into its aquarium (I’m dry-retching as I write this actually). He would pour all the milk, which he never paid for, into his personal yoghurt maker because it was ‘easier to digest’. The personification of a slime-caked brillo pad. I still can’t go near the suburb he currently inhabits.

  28. I am really floored at how patient you’ve all been with these crazies! Even when I was younger & more open/tolerant, I’d have evicted those jerks – or if it wasn’t my property, moved out in a high dudgeon. I have strong boundaries – violate them & you’re toast. (Don’t mess with an aggressive Aries Moon with a Leo Mars in the house of hearth & home – even if she is a peace-loving Libra.)

    I’ve avoided flat mates for the most part, outside of living w/boyfriends, so the only bad experience I had was with a boyfriend’s roommate: guy wouldn’t clean anything, almost set fire to the place & made a point of leaving all his porn out when I was visiting. He once tried to force the bathroom door when I was in there. (I rather hope he’s in jail now.)
    Even years later, anytime I’ve considered internet dating, the idea that I could potentially end up on a date with someone that creepy has stopped me in my tracks.
    No idea what sign he was – guesses?

  29. yikes. ok, look, i am probably the weird flatmate. you absolutely must change all products to cruelty-free and if we can share organic food i am in! i will be putting “smelly stuff” (ALL my roommates/lovers/etc have called the use of essential oils/absolutes “smelly stuff”) everywhere. yes, EVERYWHERE.

    you can have your life and i won’t get involved until you’re sick or bitching in which case i will try to run your life for you (but only until you get better.)

    i will be nice to everyone who comes over, but only while they are in the house– if i run into them on the street and i don’t like them– they’ll know it. but if you invite them back to the house, i will again be nice to them.

    if it’s MY flat– there’s no yelling. you can disagree, but if you want to fight with someone- you have to go outside. people who DO fight and must go outside may come back in when they are done. you may be asked to LEAVE the house for one thing or another- but this doesn’t mean you are not invited back, it just means you done pissed me off.

    there is most likely NOT a television, and certainly NOT some gaming system.

    i have porn but i don’t leave it out… unless we are swapping. NO I DO NOT WANT TO WATCH IT WITH YOU.

    and seriously, if you don’t clean the bathroom after yourself, there will be war.

    usually, people tire of me like they tire of listening to their aunt gertrude go on about the necessity of manners. but i do know that 98% come asking for a bottle of that “smelly stuff” they liked so much.

  30. Derek – 30ish y/o Scorpio. “Ex” heroin addict who was clearly still doing whatever drug came his way. Parents were famous artists in France (no, really. we looked this shit up on the internets) yet it seemed he had been cut off and living in California for a long time. Would pass out while standing up, sit in front of the TV for hours sometimes yelling shit at it or laughing hysterically. Walked around the house naked during a massive house party just to piss the other roommates off.

  31. So interesting you posted this again today, Im seeing the ex flatmate mentioned above at a barmitzvah….oh, boy, this will be fun.

  32. Molly – about 30, Taurus. I moved in to a loft with Molly and her friend, soon to become my kataka gf. I intended to be platonic in this “three’s company” situation but she kept hopping in my lap and kissing me every time Molly wasn’t around. Eventually Molly got jealous (I think she had a crush on her friend) or perhaps two Taurus in the same room just is too much bullheadedness. She got really furious the night gf and I took that.. well whatever we ingested, for reasons I cannot recall, we ended up naked and underneath a pile of overturned furniture. So Molly decided to move out. But first she started bringing over one of her friends, a playwright. He used to sit at our table for hours while gf and I went about our daily business. He seemed to be a fixture, which kind of pissed us off but since Molly was leaving soon, he would be too. And then she left, and so did he.
    OK, so a couple of days later, I’m down at the corner bar by myself. It’s the local watering hole for artists. It’s noon and about 100 degrees and I want a beer mostly for the water content. I walk in and up on the stage are rehearsals for a play. I see Molly’s playwright friend on the stage walking the actors through the lines of the play, entitled “Loft Maiden.” I am sipping my beer when I realize that the actors lines were words my gf and I spoke inside our loft, just 2 or 3 days earlier. The play is about me and my gf. As I realize this, and realize beer is gushing out through my nose, I am red with embarrassment. I slugged the rest of the beer and left in a hurry. I don’t think the playwright saw me. My gf was furious. Molly became persona non grata to us.

  33. Taurean Fire Horse – Female. Neurotic, unlucky in love, rampantly promiscuous one minute, maudlin and woeful re lack of emotional satisfaction achieved via these “relationships” all spanning periods of 2-3 weeks max the next. Gothic tendencies, wore not much a lot of the time and it was always black. Shaved eyebrows to “experiment” with the shape of her face. Vacuumed at 2am obsessively. Hand washer who always wanted to “do something” with the mulch left in my juicer. The colour of the beets was “too good to waste”. Seldom defrosted the freezer yet became anxious when anyone else tried – which may have been because it was so overfrozen we were pretending we were scottish and whacking inanimate objects into said freezer with the golf club the taurean kept for self-defense when answering the door (we lived in red light zone). Collected kinder surprise trinkets and made diaramas in the living room. Was truly psychic yet ignored her instincts. Got “feelings” in her bones, carried on regardless. Wore kabuki makeup even though she was not “in the theatre”. Liked bedding adolescents, feared commitment. Had more than 5 abortions when I knew her and I have no reason to believe her choice of contraception changed after I was gone. Never wanted children, worked with them. Went on three day benders yet could still hold a relatively lucid conversation – could drink herself sober. We never argued and she never stole from me, nor I from her – if something was borrowed it was always returned. We had so much fun and there was a lot of dressing up and wacky make-up. She felt betrayed by me when I moved out and created vast tracts of collage on living room walls with headlines like “Betrayed by best friend” “deserted and alone” festooned across her melancholic mixed media feature walls. Never called me, never visited, sulked and behaved like a child. She was one of the best and one of the worst. My experience of Taureans is that they don’t let go without some kind of scene or debacle – there’s nothing graceful or dignified about the way they cope with inevitable change but while you’re in their realms they’re great to galavant with.

    • I’m Taurus/Horse. Actually find your flatmate eerily similar to me. :(

      It’s true about not letting go without making a big deal/scene. The only way to let people go is if it’s done little by little, losing touch very slowly and kind of nautrally. It’s how I end friendships, write less and less letters. (Yeah, letters. Finally stopped that about seven years ago.)

      Most of my relationships have been a 3 weeks max as well, with only two serious. The first killed himself. Yeah, unlucky in love.

      • oh dear, it must be hard being taurean – I mean that sincerely. But it’s not like I died or anything, I moved down the road. We didn’t have to stop being friends! But obviously, we did.

  34. Can only share my abode with animals as it is a joy to clean up after them
    not other peeps.
    Did live with 300 women for a year, decades ago, but only worked ate tveed & slept with 30
    of them. Was wierdsville & volatile when our menses starting synching, one could
    cut the PMT with a knife, some did actually as they had a thing for knives & violence.
    Naturally since then have never shared my space with live-in persons & luckily
    have never had to.
    The exception is when i’m doing beach house with my best friends, a husband & wife
    (and 2 dogs) team every 6 weeks. When the 3 of us are together, we know all is well
    in the universe, no problem to great, no world disaster can enter, such is our love for
    each other. Can jokingly say i have a Wife AND Husband!
    And now my Lover’s back after months of separation sans the angst & communication
    Fortune is smiling on me…in fact blessings have arrived & harmony reigns in my world.
    Believe the roots meaning of ‘Surrender’ means to ‘melt into the highest’ aspect of yourself
    via Spirit.
    Fait Accompli.

  35. I can honestly say I would never splay out on the bed all inviting like on the first visit… lol 😉

    And the one about the aries guy sleeping between sheep and goat skins – that is soo gross me out!

    That’s funny lioness, (re lovely girl) I lived with an aquarian male who used to cough up stuff… it was to say the very least DISGUSTING! Having said that though, he was heaps of fun to live and go out with. Really funny and super smart.

    MM that reminds me I was a bit surprised about the French footy coach reluctantly taking on scorp players cause I’ve always had aquarians around me whether as friends/flatmates/colleagues and we seem to work well together. Maybe me being third generation scorp has something to do with it?!? I’m absent of “no-one understands me” (and I’ve had scorps say this to me) and it’s all about the collective. Or maybe it’s just HIM! :-)

    I’ve worked with other scorps and most have been okay, some have been a bit weird – no more or less than any other sign tho. The one sign that does stand out to me recently anyway are virgos, is it just me or are they generally lazy re work?

    Anyhoo, my worst flat mate would have to be an early-30’s kataka male. A pathological liar and completely unstable, would flip at any given moment. Terribly mean to the other flatmate/male/aquarian. One-on-one he was better, but he told me once that he wasn’t sure if he was gay and another time that he wanted to have a child with me… my then taurus boyfriend thought it was very funny… I didn’t and for the reasons set out above plus some I moved out.

    Another time I shared with three females (i.e. aquarius, taurus and aries) and me being water meant all the elements were covered. Even though we were from different backgrounds it was probably one of the best share places I’ve ever experienced. There was harmony, balance, mutual respect and fun times.

    Generally though I have a similar approach as Odette-in-Libra, in that if I ain’t diggin the vibe I’m out of there. I think the shortest time I’ve spent in a place is 3 days and two of those were spent at a friend’s while I sorted it out.

    Andrew, you sound pretty cool, a straight shooter.

    • Have found on many occaisions when 4 people are together
      & a certain harmony ensures, that it is the Fire Air Earth & Water
      balance that has created it.

  36. Had a Scorpio sun/rising flatmate who cunningly drove all my friends away while making me believe it was okay because I had her in my life, all the while having a secret affair with my best male friend (who was also a Scorp) and then running off with him as if I’d never existed.

    Glad to say I’m a lot wiser these days. And I still love Scorps, just not those two!

  37. Out there Arian guy who had a good heart but was completely nuts.
    Gay, but had never made peace with it. Drank a cask of wine and several long necks of beer EVERY NIGHT. Chain smoked incessantly. Loved to cook apparently, as had kitchen full of utensils but I never saw him cook or eat the 9 months I lived there. Had actually forgotten how to eat. Never cleaned or bought loo paper. Religiously broke the tap in the bathroom each time he used it and left if for me to fix -drove me nuts.

    We lived near gay pick up joint where he would religiously head every friday night, pick up a random and spend the rest of the weekend holed up with them in his room downing pills, drinking and chain smoking. Never had sex with them though – his idea of sex was a BJ. Had never had a relationship, ever, was 35yrs old but looked like he was 50. Had an alchy’s nose – red, mottled and pitted.
    Would then spend Monday & Tuesday coming down like a b*tch in his room hysterically crying and not come out except to buy cigarettes and more booze.

    Was a talented graphic designer and when the company offered to pay for counselling for him he was touched and went to two sessions but stopped when was told he couldn’t drink with the meds he was on. When I suggested the workplace were trying to straighten him out and if that failed they would fire him he didn’t believe it and kept on with the blotto lifestyle – sadly, it proved true.

  38. Mystic! that is hilarious. You sound like Aries man IS mike from young ones!!
    and wow wow wow you have some killer stories people

    the ones I will share ,I have a few…

    – Arts squat, me 17, a guy who said his name was “Rick” but turned out to be something else, gemini giving new name to multiple personality when my other mental librian gallery director mate called the psyche team after hearing him having loud conversations with Elvis in his room then laughing hysterically. He confessed to watching me sleep and left his contact magazines around drawing pictures of my head on porno covers.

    -same squat, Libra gallery director/photographer. Was dating my best friend but used to take a million photos of me and put them in all his exhibitions. Tried to pass off a gallery to me for my 18th birthday that was spiraling into debt and threatened to kill himself on a regular basis when the owner of the building rocked up to evict us and I had to mediate. Threatened to set himself on fire at centerlink and was arrested for walking around in his underwear at the train station. Slept under the stairs, had massive temper.

    -Scorpio heroin addict lesbian from very posh background but hated the entire world, except me and her girlfriend. I had nick caves old room apparently and it was the most haunted house I ever lived in. I was scared to sleep cause the energy was so bad from this one ghost and it was an ex bordello. def someone murdered in there. she would drink a cask of red a night and pass out on the stairs not quite ever making it to her room. we all had to step over her. She and her gf would tag team vomit out the window every sat and sunday morning onto our other housemate’s window who lived in the room beneath theirs and would wake up to the noise of them vomiting onto his window. I saw this once eating breakfast in the back yard. She broke up with her gf and moved up north to become a roo shooter

    Piscean Activist- accidentally set his room on fire then moved out and lived on the couch. used to collect giant bits of industrial melted plastic and try to arrange them in the middle of the warehouse to make ‘art’

    Current- Sagittarius Anarchist- lost job some months ago and lives on the dole refuses to get new job as he believes his politics are so good they prevent him from working and will limit his ‘lifestyle’. loves the working class comes from massive posh boys school but misses the ‘working’ from working class bit and sees us all as bourgeois capitalists yet is more than happy to bleed off the money off all in the house by eating all of my food and drinking all of the house alcohol, shoots nazi zombies on line as he quote ‘can’t kill them in real life’ does this non stop all day and night at full volume. He is insanely manipulative and there is a trail of filth everywhere he goes. Has absolutely no consideration for other people at all including his gf.

  39. ok, let me be quick about this as reliving the memories is a bit much.
    NUMBER ONE wierd flattie was the scorpio Frenemy, who i know refused to acknowledge boundaries (other people’s, aka mine: hers were airtight, talk about double standards?) and take/use/steal my stuff. Mainly clothes. And copy things i wore/said, enough for me to think it was really not right and not just a once in a blue moon. Other times, it was fine..enough to lull me into a false sense of security.

    Other flatmate – aries pot-head, army type – failing his degree, pot dealer on speed-dial, stoned mates over all the time (I had a giant crush on one of them so didn’t faze me too much as a 20 YO). refused to ever wash the dishes. other than that he wasn’t too bad…

    then again for me, wierd flatmates are the ones who watch TV non-stop, think tofu is wierd and spray spiders with pesticide instead of catching them and putting them outside. hey, go figure.

  40. hmm, quite a lot of Scorps in these tales. Just as well I live on my own. I’m sure peeps would think I was weird. 😆
    Can’t bear the thought of sharing my abode with anyone. I had the share household experience very briefly in my early 20’s but nothing too hideous. Just remember coming home and going straight to my room and not wanting to socialise with anyone. Hated the experience.

    • I’m in that situation now. Wonder how peaceful it would be to live by myself :)

    • the funny thing was, she was also the best flat mate at times. we went through a lot of crap together, later on. I mean, i really like scorpios, they actually get it, if you know what i mean. And all the scorps I know never grizzle. they either do stuff or they don’t. the problems only arise when wierd interpersonal shite that directly involves oneself starts to happen, which is obviously not with all scorps.
      I think the situation with my flatmate was also more related to age and insecurity (we were, like, 20) than much else, but as a scorp she just expressed that in a scorpy way [sigh]. but there were some events that really left me mistrusting of her and that I feel damaged what was becoming a close friendship. anyhoo that’s all….

      • oh UP, my comment wasn’t a direct response to yours. Just coincidence. Anyhoo, would have to agree with the age and insecurity thing. I know where you’re coming from.
        I’m sure we all experience low versions of our signs when under pressure. I know I still struggle to be a haute Scorp when i have PMT. 😆

        • My best housemate ever is a Scorp. Maybe because we both kinda wanted to live on our own there was synchronicity / compatibility. Brilliantly, we recently landed her the apartment downstairs from me, so we are ‘sharing’ again but with complete autonomy.

  41. A Scorpio wannabe satanist fellow soldier I bunked with played Hawkwind over and over and always dressed head to toe in black when not in uniform yet hardly left the room just sat and stared into space. I didn’t mind him at all and thought he was quite harmless.
    I smuggled my girlfriend and her friend in one night as I was confined to camp and the friend awoke at 4am with him standing over her making hand gestures. I recently got in touch with them through facebook after 20 years and thats the first thing they mentioned!

    • … played Hawkwind over and over… Fuq thats funny! They have a lot to answer for :)

  42. My roomate at Uni , Junior year….a Cancerian…Floral bedspread, to match the floral drapes…to match the floral towels, to match the floral bathrobe…

    She also was a ` collector`—–absolute CLUTTER everywhere….I could barely breath in that dorm room for all the futzy collections gathering dust.

  43. I lived with my craziest roomie for one summer sublease 14 years ago. He was another Kataka and his birthday was the day before mine. He was an ex-Army prep cook with dreadlocks who was heavily into voodoo (as a religion). He had three different jobs to make enough money to travel to Haiti as often as possible. He had several different snakes and kept mice to feed them. When one snake died, he popped it into the freezer where I discovered it when pulling out a pizza! He also dated and dumped a good Aquarian friend of mine and got into a physical confrontation with my emotionally and mentally unstable Leo boyfriend.
    Those were crazy days indeed!!

    • “where I discovered it when pulling out a pizza!”
      Oh lordy, that must have been a moment. LOL

    • urgh we had that happen with the Leo too cool for school artist that froze her dead rat when searching for a proper burial spot. x

  44. Oh, these are golden.

    Weirdest/most annoying was this mentally disturbed Virgo man who had every food allergy known to man, and ate the weirdest cereal mush every morning for breakfast. He would complain about the pettiest shit, like the fact that my soapdish always had “scummy soap water” in the bottom of it, and would rearrange our furniture without asking. Which wasn’t tolerated. He was incredibly anal about everything and also suffered from insomnia….I was frequently creeped out by hearing him shuffle down the hallway in the wee hours of the night in his slippers, like a mental patient. He had exactly 2 friends, one of which he would invite over, shut in his room, and rant at for HOURS. He would also rant and rave at his parents whenever they called. I really should’ve gotten the red flag when he told us he followed his last roommate around the flat barking at her because she wouldn’t stop bitching at him, and she called the cops on him. Uh, yeah. He eventually moved out on his own accord right when we were at our wit’s end about how to kick him out without his going mental on us. WORST. ROOMMATE. EVER.

    His replacement was this female Scorpio who subletted from us for only a couple months. The amount of destruction she managed to wage in that short time was amazing. She had a sketchy story that didn’t add up: had just come back from Australia where she’d moved after marrying an Aussie she’d met in my town after knowing him for only a couple weeks. I guess he was rich, and they did nothing but shag each other silly in full view of the windows and any neighbor who wanted to watch, and sunbathe on his yacht. Mysteriously, he canceled her Visa only days after she moved with him and she was forced to move back. Didn’t add up, although she always claimed he was the “psycho” one and she had no idea why he did what he did. His sister told her she was “the worst thing that ever happened to him” and apparently she’d slept with his brother before hooking up with him! She was bisexual, very smart and funny, and charismatic. Unfortunately, she channeled all that into playing mindgames with people, mostly my male friends who she would brag to me over “getting them to buy her drinks and dinner” and basically leading them on with no intention of doing anything about it. She hit on me, also. I was actually considering living with her again until I found out that the big high school love of her life she talked about all the time, was not just a guy but also a girl that she carried on an equal-length, three-way affair with. She’d conveniently left that part out. Her “bestie” was an equally effed-up game-playing cokehead who she enjoyed stealing men from. Her lies, games, and manipulative tactics eventually wore me out and I told her she was no longer welcome in my friend circle. That was a messy one.

    • aeris your comment about the one who rearranged the living room furniture without asking made me remember the time one of my mad taurean hosuemates friends was visiting and taurean went to the shops. Her friend says something along the lines of “I’ve always thought the way this room is laid out is shit” – I agreed – so he suggests we change it. I’m a bit, ummm maybe we should ask the taurean first and he’s all, no,no, let’s make it a surprise and I’m all OK, but we have to hurry before she gets back from the shops. In the space of ten minutes we perform a complete make-over of the living room – couches moved, TV somewhere else, the whole deal – we may have been “stimulated” at the time cos I know it happened super fast. When she came home with the milk for the tea she rounded the staircase and walked into a totally different living room to the one she’d left. I can still see the look of horror on her face and the milk dropping out of her hand as she swayed, hanging off the wooden knob at the top of the stairs. All she said was NO repeatedly – for at least a minute. It was both hilarious and scary at the same time. WE WERE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE. Her reason for needing it put back was “because I grew up in a family”. Her friend and I gaze blankly at each other and meekly suggest we might have had some family ourselves but it didn’t mean we had to have shit living rooms for the rest of our lives…. I can’t work out why it took so much longer to put everything back in its shit place than it did to rearrange it in the first place.

  45. Some diabolical house-mates you’ve flatted with out there everyone! Thanks for the hilarious stories. I do not like visiting memory lane very much but I recall astro for 2 former housemates:

    * Leo male, with Virgo rising for sure. Very preoccupied with his looks & his own reflection. Covered a whole wall of his room with alfoil (shiny, right?). Always strutted about in his rugby shorts with no shirt, even in winter. Had a real “washing machine” walk. Used to mix up the most bizarre food in the blender – obsessed with nutrition but not with cleaning up, sadly. Used to spend HOURS in the shower, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t cleaning it… eeeeuuuuw.

    * a meek Virgo male who drove a hot purple XU1 Torana and was training to be a chef. He was actually quite an OK bloke but we asked him to leave as we could not cope with the non-stop New Order at 200 decibels. I don’t care if I never hear Blue Monday EVER again. If you are out there, sorry about that, we should have just bought you some headphones – or some industrial noise-blocking ones for ourselves.

    • hahaha…and what’s a washing machine walk??!! i must know :)

      • The torso remains straight, chest pushed out and the shoulders move rigidly side to side like the agitator in an old top-loader. You have a look next time you are at the beach, I bet you see a few…!

  46. i worked out pretty early on that i don’t do flatmates… better off on my own!

    i’m a sagg :)

  47. I have to say this is the funniest thread I’ve read in a long time albeit there are some poignant stories too. Someone should write a book!

    • Yes it is good isn’t it!! Even my hubby sat down to read it and normally he’s amused by my addiction to this blog but not enough to check it out. Thumbs up MM.

  48. High school: Spanish class summer trip to Mexico for 6 long weeks. I was 17 yrs. old, cheerleader, party girl, loud, boy crazy, and out-of-control. My Spanish teacher paired me with this boring, religious Mormon girl, who was a quie do-gooder. He candidly told me that he paired us because he thought I needed a positive influence. We had been in Spanish classes for the last 4 years and I thought my life was over. I even packed some of my mother’s sleeping pills to slip her so I could sneak off at night.

    The first day of the trip, I met her on the bus in the parking lot of the high school to begin our drive to Mexico. Her first words to me were, “I hope you packed water because all I brought was vodka!”

    She was a Cap. and my best friend for the last 30 years. She passed 2 yrs. ago. I miss her a lot. She had a dry sense of humor. She flew under the radar but was the craziest person you ever met. She became the head nurse of an ICU of a major hospital and was the ultimate professional. There were 2 sides to her personality and she never blurred the lines. Professionally you could trust your life to her, but her personal life was head-on fun and crazy (drugs, sex and rock-n-roll!). If someone knew her in one role they would never guess the other. G-d bless you, K!

  49. great responses…this one definitely dregs up the memories! as for me, shifting sharehouses so many times over the years has utterly convinced me of the validity of astrology 😀 for example:

    ~the extreme fringe culture aquarian who could only sleep four hours a day for cooking up crazy new creative life theories and sharing universal love with strays and ferals. she would roam the neighbourhood at night alone, communing with the planets

    ~the cappy scientist, precise, uber stable, and considered, whether it was his experiments, the cleaning roster, or love

    ~the libran who oozed languish, love boudoirs, vaguely inappropriate approaches to flatmating and friendships, multi type relationships and general nymphoness. no man or woman was exempted from his attentions!

    ~the messy piscean who dreamed of being a big movie star. messy room, messy house, messy life. she was super sensitive, full of dreams, but unfortunately left one too many used pads forgotten on the floor of the communal bathroom

    …and I’ve always been a virgo in the bathroom, a libra in the kitchen, and a scorp when a flatmate has just gone too far in pushing my buttons lol

    btw, mystic, LOVE the young ones piccy hooray for the ultimate scary sharehouse. here’s my guess: Neil=aqua or pisces, Mike=deffo Leo, Vyvyan a headramming Aries, and Rick a low virgo with a super dose of anality 😀

  50. virgo housemate – she worked her way through a recipe journal of carefully written-out blue biro recipes, singing la-la-la in the most forced way that makes me still occasionally check myself when I begin singing in the shower – as in, am I for real?! Virgo housemate was absolutely convinced i and our other housemate was sleeping with her boyfriend. I stood in front of both him and her and finally, exasperated, announced there was nothing remotely attractive to me about her doormat ahem boyfriend, to which he nodded gravely in agreement, but of course this added to the paranoia. Her storm-out strategy: thumping slowly through the house after an out-and-out rage at her doormat to stop at my door and say menacingly, ‘I guess your light would be on.’ [It sure was. I was trying to distract myself by reading a book with my ipod on under the covers and workshopping my strategy for moving house].

    • Wow your experience with a virgo flatmate sounds Extremely similar to one I had with one.
      She was completely nuts about just about anything being out of place in her ordered house, had extremely crazy moods where she stormed round the house accusing everyone of all sorts of things. She was hugely critical and I did exactly what you did and moved out as soon as possible, even though I loved the house, just couldn’t live with such a nightmare.

  51. Shared with a Piscean woman, she never paid the rent & skipped on my sister & I. There would be a loooong line of men in her room through the weekend and half the week, her bed was riddled with pubic lice, nice.

    I think I went out with that Aries man Mystic.

  52. Virgo (Multiple Libra) Tap Dancing Secretary: Only ate white food and wore purple or blue. Very rarely cut her long hair, so looked like a pretty Cousin It.

    Actually most of them were really nice! Even the weird ones..except the Northern Irish guy who I thought might kill me. One night he just went beserk at me, so I moved out really quick and ended up living with a friend and 6 Albanian guys.
    They let me live with them (in London) rent free which was incredibly sweet though they didn’t pay the rent anyway. They had jumped the border and were working while being looked after by the state. They were saving up enough for a house and a cow in Albania so they could go home and get married.
    The Taurus in the group had 6000 quid under his bed and they would all gather round when he brought it out and counted it lovingly. Cute!

  53. I am a zany flatmate (neptune conj asc. Virgo sun)

    (1) BUT my first zany flatmate experience was an Aquarius who:
    couldn’t remember to close the front door on her way in and out
    threw all the other flatmates’ towels on the bathroom floor when it was wet
    put her nasty pumice stone on my soap
    was a total new age-head etc.
    was really sweet though.

    The universe was vengeful when I made fun of zany Aquarius because…

    (2) my second zany flatmate was a Scorpio. She:
    tried to convince me I was sexual abused as a child
    tried to convince me I was a lesbian
    discussed the above with our landlady all the time
    “saw” insects all over the floors
    believed i was trying to ruin her life by not remembering to keep the bathroom feng shui
    believe i was leaving stray hairs on the bathroom floor on purpose to ruin her life

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  55. I have many different experiences with flatmates but the ones that have particularly stuck out in my mind as being hard to live with are Virgos and Scorpios.
    Virgos are super critical and obsessively orderly. I also think they’re pretty oldfashioned and always think they know everything and that they know best. And on the whole are pretty annoying to live with!
    On the plus side they have quite a good sense of humour but a cutting tongue! The two virgos I have lived with have both ended in almost physically coming to blows!? This has never happened with any other signs.
    Scorpios on the other hand are also a nightmare to live with. Totally OCD, controlling with horrible moods and vindictive as hell.
    My current flatmate is one. She is beautiful as hell and so I think alot of men would put up with a lot to be with her but as another woman sharing with her its a nightmare!
    The day she moved in she started rearranging all my stuff and has had some horrible strops about stuff.
    My Mum is a scorpio too and would blow up all the time about stuff destroying anything in her path! Now I live with someone who totally sulks if she doesn’t get her own way. Horrible.
    I agree with the descriptions of Aquarians of being creative and far out but for me this is a kind of weird I can enjoy. They can be a bit too weird for me, but on the whole they are totally lovely adoreable people.
    As a Libra I know I am pretty easygoing and not that domestically minded which doesn’t mean that I am messy only that I am not uptight about stuff! Only when people try to impose there rules on me! I mean I lived here first she should fit in with my way of living or just not move in!

  56. Actually, I was a BIG peanuts fan in the 70’s and know that Snoopy was born on the 4th August at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm!!! Snoopy is a Leo with the same birthday as me. I have always enjoyed this silly fact. Get it right guys!

  57. I had this flatmate, Leo Sun, Libra Asc. She was this wierd agressive punk girl untill she started to live with. After awhile, she started to do all the stuff I did (meditation, music, vegetarianism etc. Oh and she took my boyfriend to movies while I was away for one weekend. Lovely, don’t ya think.) We became wierdly close but I realized there’s just something bizzare and I grew apart. Once we had this fight when I told her all the sh**. After two weeks she spoke with my boss (we worked together, sigh!) and got me fired up& then told me to get the hell out of the apartment. Yes, Leos, my most painful stop. I’m Gemini Sun, Scorpio Asc, Venus in Leo (is Venus responsible for my eternal antagonism with Leos, I wonder….)

    And I never had another roomate after her. It was just too much.

  58. ps: there were some guys mentioning notes. Yeap, been there, done that. I can totally relate.My roomate Leo would leave notes in the kitchen like:

    “All people (?!) who gather in here and cook or eat should be aware of the mess they’re leaving afterwards. Clean!!!!!!!!!!!!” or