Sun Sign Survey: What Sign Was Your Weirdest Flatmate?!

The Young Ones at their kitchen table share flat

AM sorting out the archives and this is SO FUN I think I am going to bung it right here, right now – Because not all of us have shared…YET.

YOUR WEIRDEST FLATMATE WAS WHAT SIGN?! Or housemate/roomate, whatever?

I have three contenders for this…And, to be fair, I am sure that i was someone’s weirdest flatmate myself. I think it is always worth acknowledging that point.But these flatmates were all joyously raving astro-cliches…By which i mean SO true to the most trite traits of their Sun Sign that it was  – at best – archetypal.

* Flatmate One:  Female – Sagg.

Alarmingly athletic, leggy, toothy, tanned and super-candid to a point that stunned people. She spent all her spare money on sports equipment that she was totally thrilled about. So my friends and I blew $ we didn’t have on booze, shoes, poetry and perfume – hers went on kayaks, mountain bikes, new running shoes, skis – fresh sports socks if she really broke. Had a banker boyfriend whom, she candidly admitted, was to “facilitate” international snowboarding excursions. Also prone to fleeting but very-intense-whilst-they-lasted-lust-crush-fixations on men whom she would blatantly stalk. Slept nude. Opened door in the nude. Studied in the nude. Rarely drank due to usually having to be up at 4.30 am for some kind of run or kayaking event but when she did get On It, Sagg-Flatmate would quickly go from ‘one glass of wine after tutorial’ to debating law with bouncers trying to eject her for dancing topless on the table.

* Flatmate Two: Male – Aquarius.

Much older bearded Gestalt therapist and frequenter of workshops. Recently divorced and the part-time parent of two daughters, he populated his house with teenage student flatmates a la the incentive: ‘live here, close to uni, I am so cool with you bringing all your fabulous friends around and partying day and night…Truly relaxed living, no hassles etc.’  It did not occur to me until years later that this may have been the source of his frequent day-long domestics with his ex-wife on the verandah. Fave Saying: ‘that’s your shit…’ Morphed between being quite fascinating a la discussing mythology et al to pompous and ostentatious meditating in the middle of the living room with Nag Champa burning and his horrid white belly freaking out his cute-teenage-flatmates + their lovers and then again to cannabis-inspired creepy investigative candour and flaccid passes.


V.short and muscular. Had huge pile of smut in the living room, not really looked at and just magazines but there to make the point that he could. He constantly denounced feminism, in really bonkers ways. And would get visibly thrilled if you argued with him about it. Like visibly. Beads of sweat on brow, unbuttoning his shirt a bit and let’s open another bottle of wine. Read endless tracts of stuff such as Shere Hite and Germaine Greer to get his “ammo.”  Slept between sheep and goat skins as did not approve of sheets. Had v.expensive stereo etc but always kept doors/windows unlocked because – he said – his karma was so fantastic. Could not go three sentences in any conversation without doing pull-ups on the nearest door frame. Opinionated to the point that he was constantly getting into fights with people, which he enjoyed. Aries Flatmate had no formal martial arts training but genuinely loved fighting, especially if he could keep mouthing off whilst doing it. Blamed his frequent turnover of woman friends on Feminism.

messy bedMy Bed – Tracey Emin 1998

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143 thoughts on “Sun Sign Survey: What Sign Was Your Weirdest Flatmate?!

  1. I have to say this is the funniest thread I’ve read in a long time albeit there are some poignant stories too. Someone should write a book!

    • Yes it is good isn’t it!! Even my hubby sat down to read it and normally he’s amused by my addiction to this blog but not enough to check it out. Thumbs up MM.

  2. High school: Spanish class summer trip to Mexico for 6 long weeks. I was 17 yrs. old, cheerleader, party girl, loud, boy crazy, and out-of-control. My Spanish teacher paired me with this boring, religious Mormon girl, who was a quie do-gooder. He candidly told me that he paired us because he thought I needed a positive influence. We had been in Spanish classes for the last 4 years and I thought my life was over. I even packed some of my mother’s sleeping pills to slip her so I could sneak off at night.

    The first day of the trip, I met her on the bus in the parking lot of the high school to begin our drive to Mexico. Her first words to me were, “I hope you packed water because all I brought was vodka!”

    She was a Cap. and my best friend for the last 30 years. She passed 2 yrs. ago. I miss her a lot. She had a dry sense of humor. She flew under the radar but was the craziest person you ever met. She became the head nurse of an ICU of a major hospital and was the ultimate professional. There were 2 sides to her personality and she never blurred the lines. Professionally you could trust your life to her, but her personal life was head-on fun and crazy (drugs, sex and rock-n-roll!). If someone knew her in one role they would never guess the other. G-d bless you, K!

  3. great responses…this one definitely dregs up the memories! as for me, shifting sharehouses so many times over the years has utterly convinced me of the validity of astrology 😀 for example:

    ~the extreme fringe culture aquarian who could only sleep four hours a day for cooking up crazy new creative life theories and sharing universal love with strays and ferals. she would roam the neighbourhood at night alone, communing with the planets

    ~the cappy scientist, precise, uber stable, and considered, whether it was his experiments, the cleaning roster, or love

    ~the libran who oozed languish, love boudoirs, vaguely inappropriate approaches to flatmating and friendships, multi type relationships and general nymphoness. no man or woman was exempted from his attentions!

    ~the messy piscean who dreamed of being a big movie star. messy room, messy house, messy life. she was super sensitive, full of dreams, but unfortunately left one too many used pads forgotten on the floor of the communal bathroom

    …and I’ve always been a virgo in the bathroom, a libra in the kitchen, and a scorp when a flatmate has just gone too far in pushing my buttons lol

    btw, mystic, LOVE the young ones piccy hooray for the ultimate scary sharehouse. here’s my guess: Neil=aqua or pisces, Mike=deffo Leo, Vyvyan a headramming Aries, and Rick a low virgo with a super dose of anality 😀

  4. virgo housemate – she worked her way through a recipe journal of carefully written-out blue biro recipes, singing la-la-la in the most forced way that makes me still occasionally check myself when I begin singing in the shower – as in, am I for real?! Virgo housemate was absolutely convinced i and our other housemate was sleeping with her boyfriend. I stood in front of both him and her and finally, exasperated, announced there was nothing remotely attractive to me about her doormat ahem boyfriend, to which he nodded gravely in agreement, but of course this added to the paranoia. Her storm-out strategy: thumping slowly through the house after an out-and-out rage at her doormat to stop at my door and say menacingly, ‘I guess your light would be on.’ [It sure was. I was trying to distract myself by reading a book with my ipod on under the covers and workshopping my strategy for moving house].

    • Wow your experience with a virgo flatmate sounds Extremely similar to one I had with one.
      She was completely nuts about just about anything being out of place in her ordered house, had extremely crazy moods where she stormed round the house accusing everyone of all sorts of things. She was hugely critical and I did exactly what you did and moved out as soon as possible, even though I loved the house, just couldn’t live with such a nightmare.

  5. Shared with a Piscean woman, she never paid the rent & skipped on my sister & I. There would be a loooong line of men in her room through the weekend and half the week, her bed was riddled with pubic lice, nice.

    I think I went out with that Aries man Mystic.

  6. Virgo (Multiple Libra) Tap Dancing Secretary: Only ate white food and wore purple or blue. Very rarely cut her long hair, so looked like a pretty Cousin It.

    Actually most of them were really nice! Even the weird ones..except the Northern Irish guy who I thought might kill me. One night he just went beserk at me, so I moved out really quick and ended up living with a friend and 6 Albanian guys.
    They let me live with them (in London) rent free which was incredibly sweet though they didn’t pay the rent anyway. They had jumped the border and were working while being looked after by the state. They were saving up enough for a house and a cow in Albania so they could go home and get married.
    The Taurus in the group had 6000 quid under his bed and they would all gather round when he brought it out and counted it lovingly. Cute!

  7. I am a zany flatmate (neptune conj asc. Virgo sun)

    (1) BUT my first zany flatmate experience was an Aquarius who:
    couldn’t remember to close the front door on her way in and out
    threw all the other flatmates’ towels on the bathroom floor when it was wet
    put her nasty pumice stone on my soap
    was a total new age-head etc.
    was really sweet though.

    The universe was vengeful when I made fun of zany Aquarius because…

    (2) my second zany flatmate was a Scorpio. She:
    tried to convince me I was sexual abused as a child
    tried to convince me I was a lesbian
    discussed the above with our landlady all the time
    “saw” insects all over the floors
    believed i was trying to ruin her life by not remembering to keep the bathroom feng shui
    believe i was leaving stray hairs on the bathroom floor on purpose to ruin her life

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  9. I have many different experiences with flatmates but the ones that have particularly stuck out in my mind as being hard to live with are Virgos and Scorpios.
    Virgos are super critical and obsessively orderly. I also think they’re pretty oldfashioned and always think they know everything and that they know best. And on the whole are pretty annoying to live with!
    On the plus side they have quite a good sense of humour but a cutting tongue! The two virgos I have lived with have both ended in almost physically coming to blows!? This has never happened with any other signs.
    Scorpios on the other hand are also a nightmare to live with. Totally OCD, controlling with horrible moods and vindictive as hell.
    My current flatmate is one. She is beautiful as hell and so I think alot of men would put up with a lot to be with her but as another woman sharing with her its a nightmare!
    The day she moved in she started rearranging all my stuff and has had some horrible strops about stuff.
    My Mum is a scorpio too and would blow up all the time about stuff destroying anything in her path! Now I live with someone who totally sulks if she doesn’t get her own way. Horrible.
    I agree with the descriptions of Aquarians of being creative and far out but for me this is a kind of weird I can enjoy. They can be a bit too weird for me, but on the whole they are totally lovely adoreable people.
    As a Libra I know I am pretty easygoing and not that domestically minded which doesn’t mean that I am messy only that I am not uptight about stuff! Only when people try to impose there rules on me! I mean I lived here first she should fit in with my way of living or just not move in!

  10. Actually, I was a BIG peanuts fan in the 70’s and know that Snoopy was born on the 4th August at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm!!! Snoopy is a Leo with the same birthday as me. I have always enjoyed this silly fact. Get it right guys!

  11. I had this flatmate, Leo Sun, Libra Asc. She was this wierd agressive punk girl untill she started to live with. After awhile, she started to do all the stuff I did (meditation, music, vegetarianism etc. Oh and she took my boyfriend to movies while I was away for one weekend. Lovely, don’t ya think.) We became wierdly close but I realized there’s just something bizzare and I grew apart. Once we had this fight when I told her all the sh**. After two weeks she spoke with my boss (we worked together, sigh!) and got me fired up& then told me to get the hell out of the apartment. Yes, Leos, my most painful stop. I’m Gemini Sun, Scorpio Asc, Venus in Leo (is Venus responsible for my eternal antagonism with Leos, I wonder….)

    And I never had another roomate after her. It was just too much.

  12. ps: there were some guys mentioning notes. Yeap, been there, done that. I can totally relate.My roomate Leo would leave notes in the kitchen like:

    “All people (?!) who gather in here and cook or eat should be aware of the mess they’re leaving afterwards. Clean!!!!!!!!!!!!” or