Venus Volcanic

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girl in fashionable boots standing on volcanic lava

Venus is lining up for a square to Mars over Oestre and then a trine to Pluto…the combo is quite sexy in a bats sort of a way and there is definitely some volcanic style emo lurking. Lust? Jealousy? Megalomania? What happens when Love Goddess Venus challenges her archetypal lover Mars but is in fact receiving supportive vibes from underworldly Lord Pluto?Β  Study the picture above.

Image: Raymond Meier

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41 thoughts on “Venus Volcanic

    • Say it, sister. I have had about enough of this volcanic emo lust extravaganza already – not looking to see it enhanced with Venus-Mars-Pluto action.
      (When do all the planets calm down in their respective corners & leave us poor confused humans alone. Pretty please?)

  1. Looks like an elephant…..

    I’m hunkering, despite the fact its awesome stars for me sex/lust/romance wise…..

    I had planned an all out assault on men in SEQ. But meh. I’m chilling with the Purring wonder, and wine, and food.

    Bugger humans

    • Meh. I love that word PMScorp. Perfectly sums up where I’m at too at the mo. When I’m not seething with angsty grinding of teeth that is… argh!!!

    • PMS, are you trying to tell me that although SEQ has the highest concentration of ultra fit, tanned, sexy, young, men are not proceeding with your Operation??? strike a blow for the sisterhood! gorn πŸ˜€

    • PMS same same re elephant….

      enjoy the moto-purrer, but don’t rule out seek n conquer mission should spontaneity strike!

      current astro typified ove by Libby venus / L’Aries mars – style & finesse trumping power plays hands down!

  2. Hmmm…

    Pluto is still in my 6th house, Mars is in my 2nd, and Venus will be at the end of my 10th…something sexy/plutonic happening re day job meets Brilliant Career?

    • Whoops, just checked astrodienst, Mars is in my 1st – sexy plutonic egomania, here we come!

  3. Love the shoes. Reminds me of my dream the other night, strolling along a path but there lava underneath. Be careful of what you wish for?

  4. i was at a volcano just the other day (ish).
    whilst i did not get to see flows like that, it was underground at the time. i did get the see the bubbling cauldron as it were. and wander about rocks that were merely 7 years old. kind of a humbling thing. the lava flow was both moving and frozen. it was hard not to feel that it would not come to life again any second, like the rock was playing a game of statues with me, and if i turned my back it would continue its tumble into the sea, taking me with it. I couldn’t go near the edge. it was like destruction and creation at the same time, death and life, stillness and movement. it was amazingly beautiful.

    • That sounds fantastic shell. What a wonderful experience. I find geology and the process of making of rocks/soil/landscapes truly awe inspiring.

    • Shell, that was Pele, the Goddess of the Volcano’s communicating with you.
      She rides along with the Kali & Medusa so it’s written.
      Pele signifies jealousies, eruptions, danger, fire belly & womb.
      All our ‘fiery’ bits.
      (according to The Goddess Pack of cards)
      OK you can laugh now BlueLib

    • It was indeed Pele. She’s also a goddess of creation.
      It was pretty phenomenal Nat, particular the whole, ‘these rocks are younger than me’ thing.
      I’ve got a heap of photos of the lava I may post at some stage, if the xray didn’t destroy the film.

  5. Looks to me like Venus has won the first round by pulverising/melting Mars with her sexy boots. Round 2? MArs will be back with vengeance,,ust, and april fools tales of infedelity.

    Just heard a good FAcebook April Fools story. A woman posted on her profile that she just had got engaged (today) when she’d actually broken up with the guy last week. Ha love it.

  6. Ooh. My Pluto is squaring Pluto currently (9th) and Saturn conjunct my Pluto (4th) most of the year.
    Who is this Pluto and what does he want? I feel like he is invading my territory, he’s stepping on my toes. I am tired of restructuring my life it is all I have done for the last two years. HEY PLUTO, HOW ABOUT SOME PEACE & QUIET????

    • And you were also aware FT that in June that whole shebang GOES TO 11? deja vu the surmise, but i think our charts must be roughly similar re these inconvenient outerplanetary unwelcome truthsayer-types?

      I am having the same natal vs transit plutos squaring (and i hope you’re spared the further complication i have of natal venus and jupiter joining in the tug of war on either side – oh demented lol), AS WELL AS saturn along for the merdefest as you noted; btw all of this in 5 vs 8 for me, charming, if or where there’s love so there will be death so i’m keeping indoors mostly.

      And THEN it gets to June – as MM has already forewarned transiting Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in early Aries, squaring transiting pluto, meaning EXACTLY OPPOSITE our natal Plutos, with transiting Saturn still hovering by and why not? it’s like the ending to Dr Stangelove…goodnight and goodluck!!!

      • Hello dotty, what do you mean goes to 11? What’s gonna happen?
        That’s it I am off to a proper astrologer.

        • Happy Easter Sunday to you and yours FireTrine!
          I was just making a limp jokey allusion to “This is Spinal Tap”, but seriously it feels like that title :-Β¬
          I’m sure every little thing is going to be alright, if not sooner then later! πŸ™‚

    • I associate certain aspects to the birth of a child FT. my wife’s chart was tough nearly from the day of the birth of no.3, your chart is your babies in some ways?

      • That’s interesting, I am not sure what you mean by the chart being the baby. This baby is possibly the easiest baby on the planet. He doesn’t cry unless there is a reason and may I say, is remarkably good-looking and grins at one and all. But I am definitely at home and not straying much except to go to the park. Could you elaborate on how my chart might affect the baby?

  7. hm. i dunno.. mars in 6th/aqua, venus in 2nd/scorpio, pluto in 1st/libra… first off, that pic is so tori a la boys for pele i could just pee.

    …i just get this persephone feeling. you know, like screw you– hell loves me and earth wants me. all those things that you said made me childish make me queen.

    oh. i guess that would be megalomania then… but in the most LOVING way.

  8. Salvador Dali could have painted that…….. just needs a clock

  9. Did a healing session today & wow, yes volcanic, cathartic. Crap I thought I’d processed, nup, purged up under the crust. My kataka moon & asc shell possibly. Feel so much lighter, sorted.

  10. Pluto is a WWF (no mercy) player in my chart right now. Pluto transit is square to my Venus, conjunct Saturn, square my AC, and opposing my MC, all at 0 (ZERO!) degrees. Pluto is ALL OVER ME. Add to that a Grand Cross with Pluto, sun, Jupiter and Mars in my natal chart. My life has been turned upside down the last 3 months, and not in a good way. I feel like I’m caught in a hail storm with no cover.

    • hang in there 2N, my pluto conj saturn last year was tough but ultimately rewarding in amazing ways x

      • TX david. I’m happy to hear that ultimately it turned out to be a good thing for you. Guess this is the celestial “midlife crisis.” G-d it sucks!

  11. The recurring pop up of the x when Venus and Mars action happens is a little interesting.
    He is trying to be all… combative… I think. Seems to me his actions (coming to my house to ignore me… being all over my facebook like a rash, writing only in capitals and falling just one step short of calling me names) might be trying to look like playful, but really a thinly veiled attempt at getting a rise.
    I am currently (hopefully) vibing a ‘oh, your a dark cloud of tension? *smile sweetly* that’s nice dear… isn’t today lovely. Gotta dash. Byyyeeeeee.’

    I do kinda what to go ‘what the fuck is your problem?’… but those discussion never go well if not done face to face. And he is not quite that far out of the wood work. And I ain’t asking his to come out and play if he is going to be captain cranky pants.

  12. ah – you know how I said, ‘oh fuq’ well.. just found out that my ex-hubby is currently in a romantic b n b with his new lurv interest… The last time I tried to organise something like that with him – he said we couldn’t afford it. I must have been a Nazi in a previous life I swear.

  13. Argh! I don’t know if it is part of the plutonic-saturn sitch I got going but it seems my eldest sis has disowned my other sis and I.

    She had a kid and suddenly started dropping round with booties and pies and being more involved with family after having been incredibly rude and disinterested for the last twenty years.

    I was uncomfortable with her and kind of annoyed and when my other sis and I told her how we feel she reacted by refusing to talk to us. She says she is happy not to have a relationship with us other than to see us at official family functions – birthdays, weddings etc. I can’t believe this!

    She is Cancer, Rising Leo, Moon in Leo and is the most selfish, self-deceptive mean-mouthed creature. As a Leo I don’t understand! She is autocratic beyond belief – almost Machiavellian in her social tactics. She is the cold cuckoo who would push it’s siblings from the nest and a Chinese Rooster with it.
    She has a powerful chart, lots of planets conjunct – if only she would use her powers for good instead of evil!

  14. Whatever/Robots, finally found out the boy’s birthday, Aries, Cappy moon, Venus in Taurus, Mars in Aqua, Merc in Pisces. Can’t guess rising now as that kinda explains a lot. (i thought he might be taurus with aries rising, but cap moon, taurus venus may explain that)
    Poor boy’s got moon exact sq pluto, sun exact sq saturn, pluto loosely opp sun and saturn loosely opp moon, so a loose grand cross, sun, saturn, pluto, moon. Ewww. Lucky him gets transit pluto conjunct moon and square pluto soon. Prob about the same time as saturn is conjunct his pluto, opp his sun, and thus sq his moon. Double ewww. All that aqua stuff was on his Mars and Uranus is on his Merc. No wonder he’s been going through some life changes.
    His venus sits between my venus and jupiter, almost on my midheaven, all loosely conjunct in Taurus. But his Aqua mars is almost exact sq my venus. Our Pisces/Taurus Merc’s are sextile, which explains the communication connection. His cancer saturn is trine my pisces moon. And because we’re about the same age, my pluto slots in as loosely opp his sun and square his moon. His lillith loosely conjunct my moon and our moons are loosely sextile.

    • and my sun is conjunct his south node…
      gees girl go do something else. i knew there was a reason i didn’t really want to know this…

    • what does it all mean though? Do you feel like running to or away from him? You are way more advanced than me with the astro analysis.

      Venus in Taurus sounds nice πŸ™‚

      • dunno really. of course I’ve wasted hours this afternoon googling it though…
        some bits make sense. like that i’d be drawn to an aries with strong saturn/cap stuff going on, given I’ve got saturn/mars rising. and the mar/venus sq, and that it would effect me more than him as he has it natally anyway. weirdly in effect we amp up each others squares, thinking from a people as transits perspective, or i have a sextile/trine and he has a square btw the same planets and vis versa. learning opportunities? i might run away in oct/nov though when he cops pluto/saturn transits simulateously, but then he has sat sq pluto natally anyway, so maybe no big deal for him…

        • Shell – that’s interesting. I have Saturn sq Pluto natally, with recent/current Saturn/Pluto transits to it. I was nervous, but it hasn’t been a big deal – maybe that’s why. Fingers crossed, as there’s more to come.