The Shadowzone Of Mars

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Drew Barrymore in pink ballgown with lionAnnie Leibovitz

Yes, Mars in Leo is moving forward again. Faster every day in fact.

But Mars is still considered to be in his ‘shadowzone’.

Mars went Retrograde at 19 degrees last December.

Mars gets back to 19 degrees again just after the New Moon in Taurus on May 14.

Between now and then, we even have Mercury Retrograde in Taurus. Talk about slo-mo.

So stuff that went a.w.o.l. in December (men, romances, your fitness routine, awesome life mastery schemes etc) will be back in full fettle from mid-May.

But until then you need to convince yourself that taking things at a stately pace is somehow absolutely brilliant for you. Why?

Because it actually is.

May 14 and the following weeks from there is the deadline/new beginning for a lot of things…

In the meantime, you revise, edit & get ready.

I did a special Mercury Retrograde rant for subscribers – you can read it if you’re a subscriber obviously or you can sign up to free-trial a subscription and read the Mercurial Bats stuff that away.

Is that lion in the pic above with Drew even alive? Or just sedated?

And, if you are waiting on something in particular, don’t go thinking it is never going to happen and let yourself go spectacularly off-form. You will hate it when Mars gets out of shadowzone in mid-May. Keep your (metaphorical) weapons sharp. Yes?

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62 thoughts on “The Shadowzone Of Mars

  1. I have totally lost track of whatever it was went awol. Should be intersting surprises when I see what turns up……My Mojo certainly, I have missed it. I am aite with this slowness. Prepping, setling, priortising, exploring what slowness really means and the actual speed of the universe.
    Have had two brushes with mortality… thinks this Aries is a-growing up!
    Oh, but I am really testy too, no exercise I guess. Got to start planning that, too…..Yoga in the mornings maybe?

    • Are Arieans actually into yoga? Kidding.. but “exploring what slowness means” sounds like you’re just having to go through the clicks as a camera lens goes into focus, no?

      If speed is your normal thing then being in slo-mo would make you testy but I think as in all things, it’s a cycle. I hope you’re alright with the mortality brushes Blackstar.

  2. I am writing this post because I am trying so very hard not to bite at my goading Cap ex.
    I was having an interwebs discussion with friends about the death of Malcom Maclaren and what we all think about him and he bursts into the thread with a misive that is a all in capitals, stating that he was old and boring and ‘fuck him the dead fuck’.
    And I am appauled.
    I had some weird fit of pique on Wednesday (curse you Wednesday) and called him to ask a favour (I needed some disco tracks and he would have excellent knowledge). It went through to message bank and I decided to not leave a message. This decision was aided by his phone message being his current girlfriend in recorded form (what? you aren’t allow to record you own message? tsk).
    I feel a little sick in my stomach. Scorp Housemate says ‘Ice him… he needs to learn his lesson’.
    Not replying… certainly not asking him what is his problem/is everything ok?
    Just. Not. Going. To. Do. It.
    *breathes deeply*

    • his girlfriend recorded his message! Eeeuuuw. No wonder you feel sick in the stomach. I would too. I agree with your Scorp housemate – ice him. Ice ice baby!

      • I am the sound of vintage synths in human form.

        So cold, I am dry ice.
        (at least trying very hard to be… not in my nature. I am much more ‘oyu aren’t happy, i can’t be happy unless you are happy. how can I make you happy?’ school of thought. My housemate pointed out, he is not in a vaccum- you aren’t the only one has to help him and he _knows_ that this sort of behaviour will get my attention. And that’s not right. its just quite out of character for me and he seems to be getting _quite_ angry about it. Am really not good with anger either. )

        • don’t you have Scorp rising? Of course you can do ice! Where’s your venus and mars? What have ya got in your astro kit to ignore a Cap?

          vintage synths *sigh* 🙂

          • Toro Sun, Scorp Rising, Libra Moon, Venus in Gem, Mars in Leo
            I can ignore him… I am just worried that ignoring him will make things worse…

        • Venus babes, get some Centaury Bach Flower Remedy. And tell him to get himself hence.

          Put yourself first, you are the most important person in your life


        • Dear Venus-a-go-go, Listen to yourself: “I am much more ‘oyu aren’t happy, i can’t be happy unless you are happy. how can I make you happy?’ school of thought.” Surely that is not the person you want to be??? It may be the person you have been (with the best of intentions) but now is an opportunity for you to grow and to be a new way. The dickhead ex’s behaviour is giving you an opportunity to be your adult self and to break old habits that no longer serve you well. Please take it.

          DETACH, DETACH, DETACH! Keep meditating on that concept until you really understand what it means and how it feels when you put it into practice. Detachment means that you accept that the other person is making choices about their behaviour just like you are making choices about yours. You may not understand why and you don’t have to. You cannot change them or the situation, you can ONLY manage your own behaviour.

          Whether they like it or not, you MUST take responsibility for your own existence & your own functionality & happiness (those concepts are in that order for a reason). I reckon the concept of “icing” others is not all that effective because in doing so we usually “ice” a part of ourselves in some way. I used to be a big Icer-Outerer!!! To my own detriment. I now think “icing” someone out is investing energy in them – it is actually a type of engagement, just like actively hating someone is a type of engagement & investment of energy. Detachment is way more effective and way more healthy for you.

          If his angry outbursts upset you, find a way not to let them into your world. Do not seek advice from him on music for christssake! Do not ring him. Do not enquire as to his welfare. And if he bursts into an online thread and makes a dick of himself, let him. Let his behaviour stand out there for all to see. It is not your problem. Don’t make it your problem.

          If you don’t mind me saying it sounds like you need to find some new skills to:
          GIVE him responsibility for what is his; and,
          TAKE responsibility for what is yours.
          Make that your mantra and see how you feel after a couple of weeks. It can take a long time to really separate those 2 things, especially when we have spent a long time with them confused and entangled.

          Everything will feel better for you and your precious energy will be more available to you if you can master how to do this. Please give it a go – it is a golden opportunity for you right now.

          • Mystic, is there anyway you can set up a tag especially for Nat’s wonderful words of wisdom? They need to be catalogued and easily searchable for benefit of all human kind!

          • Thanks for the advice Nat…

            … there is a lot there to process and take on board. I am just tired of this bullshit. By bullshit I mean me feeling like he is angry at my because I am not around, yet being unable to approach him.
            I clearly do not know how to adequately detach from the situation to protect myself.
            The phone call I made was the first I had made in over a year. I have made no attempt to contact him via any method in months. He does see to keep on finding me, and I am actually beginning to feel a little scared.
            the phone call was an attempt to have some sort of calm conversation about a netural thing that may have taken some of the insensity out of it. Probably not the best of ideas.

            I will go away and think of ways I can actually detach.

          • oh lovely shell, you are very kind but please, no, my words only work in the moment. And they are Universal concepts, not mine per se. I’m just passing concepts on, faithfully and usefully I hope. Many lovely people gave me new ways of looking at things (particularly since March 2005… eeeep, I can’t even join in the thread on Chiron & THAT date above as still too raw…). Like the lovely, funny, smart & wise words from so many here, I hope there might be a kernel of usefulness in my rants. I may come over a bit too harshly at times (I apologise if that was the case venus-a-go-go) but I figure we are all grown ups here and can take, leave & make comments as we choose.

            I went to a funeral this morning. It was simple, humble, beautiful and very moving. A great perspective bringer too.

          • Venus-a-go-go, didn’t see your comment until after I posted mine. Sounds like you are doing very well indeed. It isn’t easy to separate the feelings that others evoke in us, is it? Not easy at all! I *highly* recommend a book by Stephanie Dowrick called “Intimacy & Solitude”. It has some excellent ideas to help untangle all those feelings and define what is ours to deal with and what is not. Sounds like he may be projecting his anger/confusion/lack of responsibility onto you. Time for a new approach? Loving yourself & giving up guilt is always a good place to start. All the best to you x

          • I heard that book be mentioned a few time on this blog and keep on thinking I should read it. Have always shide away from those sorts of books as I have Cancerian bestie who reads them all the time and I fear that I might end up doign all these ‘step by step’ stuff instead of geniunely reacting and interacting with the relationship that I she her do sometimes.
            I know that this in not something that people do majoritively…
            It _is_ time for a new approach as this situation is unworkable, has shade of previous heartaches and a whole lot of stuff that I just don’t want to do anymore. Most of which is being people’s punching bags, picking ups other’s slack or being generally ignored in the wants and needs department.
            The ignore and detach seems to not allow me to point out what I require. and this is going to sound a little od… but that doesn’t seem to be fair to me… its like I have never gottena chance to say ‘I really don’t like this for these reasons… this is pretty darned fuq-ed’. And I would really like to.
            Now, however… would really not be the best time. Waiting for a lacking of retros in both Mars and Mercury. Helllloooooooo May. Undo my own knots till then

          • I agree with your comment about detaching somehow denying yourself the opportunity to make some kind of claim Venus-a-go-go. I’m a classic want to detach kind of person (gem) but if often is not too far off evasion. Let it slide rather than stand up for myself. Not helped by feelings of being a tantrum thrower/needy or whatever when I do make claims. Its a tough line to straddle. As Nat often says, looking at who’s actions and responsibilities things are has helped lots, at least in investigating my reactions and thinking about how they translate into actions (i’ve mars in leo sq uranus, gee whiz can I do some stupid things when I’m nervous/twitchy). I’m not sure I’ve really managed the whole translating it into affirmative action/boundary setting as of yet, but at least I’m getting a handle on examining my motives before I react. etc
            An aside, my father/step mother, do the ‘I feel’ thing. It’s a family joke now, but the underlying principle that you frame your claims in a ‘when you do this behaviour it makes me feel this way’, rather than ‘you’re a blah blah blah’, is a good one. Of course it does rely on a relatively evolved recipient as well, who can recognise the difference between being made aware of consequences and being criticised. I also think its good for forcing yourself to examine exactly what/how things make you feel, and seperating those actions/reactions stuff.
            Another aside. Sounds like he’s the one with the detachment issues.

          • ah, yes, I know what you mean, the conflict between VOICING your feelings vs practicing acceptance & detachment can be very tricky. But it is so worth exploring ways that you can do both. They are not mutually exclusive.

            shell, that technique you mention is gold. “When you do XXX (behaviour), I feel XXX (simply define what you feel inside yourself)”. The key to getting that to work is to come to it with absolutely no intention for the other person to DO or FIX anything. The intention is purely to voice how YOU feel i.e. you are not making a loaded statement just a factual one about your own feelings. You are fully entitled to your feelings. They are yours. You can preface your statement with, “Let me be clear, I’m not asking you to DO or Fix anything, I just want to say that when you do …, I feel ….”. Even in this small way we can start to separate our feelings from theirs, and break the habit of demanding that the other person do something to make us “feel” different (they can’t, our feelings are our own and we must take responsibility for them). It also helps us to clearly articulate what we actually feel (hint: when you start looking it is not always as clear as you might think!). If the other person WANTS to make a change in their behaviour they will, but not because you tried to force or guilt them into it. This can be very challenging for people who don’t want to step outside old patterns of anger/fighting and start taking responsibility for their own feelings and actions. They will likely feel threatened, won’t participate and may even try a range of old tactics to get their partner back into the familiar old pattern (I know, I’ve done it in the past myself, I am ashamed to say).

            This can be enormously tricky in long term relationships where we have so blurred the boundaries and have entrenched emotional habits of reaction and counter-reaction etc. What a mine field! It is very possible to navigate that mine field tho’ espec if we stop looking at the other person so much and focus on our own feelings and behaviours. Oh, and Venus-A-Go-Go, please get that book & don’t worry, you won’t turn into your Cancerian bestie 🙂

  3. Ah naughty retro Mars. Crawling about in my 7th creating merde, giving my moon a hard time, with ladies old, new and prospective. No love for this scorp since November. I’m with lexi and whatevs here – too much simmering and stewing in the old headspace can make for much moaning. You should see the whingeing from some of my fb acquaintances – mainly male scorps – is there a pattern here – indupitably.

    Here’s a fitting slo – go song. Gents – get yer eyeliner out – ladies – waft about in Cold war Euro existential icey cool maiden-ness.


      • Innit tho, shell. Tonight I shall be doing something similar to your good self, for tomorrow I’m painting my lounge. Action beats wibbling any day!

    • Lovely indeed scorpionix. I heart early Ultravox and John Foxx. I have all their albums on vinyl, some very rare ones too. As you know, when Scorps love something they get obsessed.
      Hiroshima Mon Amour, I Want To Be A Machine… perfect for when I’m in a melancholy mood. 🙂

      • Such good taste mme. robot. Foxxy is awesome (and I can’t quite forgive them for replacing him with Midge Ure), even though it got them the recog. they deserved.

        As for the scorp obsession thing – you should see my Magazine (band, not media) collection…..:)

        • I have a great Magazine collection too! Still listen to them today.
          Had a feeling you’d like them, same era and all.

          I played Secondhand Daylight to death. So much so, that i bought a second copy. 🙂

  4. Well I’m very happy that Mars has finally moved on from my Saturn/Asc/Mars thing. Gee whizz.
    But a recent reminder of the nasties of general anathestic is exaggerating the time vortex experience. I’ve been feeling very old and boring and much lacking in joy. Double gee whizz
    Tonights plan is to plant myself on the couch and thoroughly worship my Pisces Moon/Taurus Venus with wine and pasta. Saturn and Mars can go fuck themselves. As the lovely Ghost just said – ‘when the energy says there is no way out, go further in’

    • wow, that’s exactly how i feel – lacking in joy!! No highs or lows, just supreme ennui.
      Sleep is the only thing that gives me any pleasure at the moment.
      I was supposed to see the Toro for a massage tonight but he cancelled because he was coming down with something and I didn’t even care!
      Was quite happy to vege on the couch alone. *shrugs*

      • Feeling a bit the same here robots & shell. Ennui (Dark Moon hitting I think) but tinged with just a hint of desire to give men/Mars a swift boot up the date, he he. Man, have I been around some appallingly stupid selfish male behaviour this week… with over-caring, compassionate women running to their rescue and hence rewarding their pathetic behaviour. Blah. I agree, retreating to the couch, detaching and nourishing oneself feels like the right approach at the moment. Hope you both have a nice weekend.

      • YES, exactly! I can’t believe I passed on er..a really fun workout, but like you darlings, I can’t be bothered. And sleep seems to be the only thing that’s satisfying.

        And Pasta. 🙂

  5. fallen angel

    I year ya.. I want one back too but am currently ingnorin cos all his attempts to woo me back thus far since our Oct splat have been wishy washy and I want to see Decisive Action..

    I mean we have had 6 months apart now so you MUST know what u want!! So I wait and hope and thats it

    Nuthin for 2 weeks now and I see him logged onto dating site 24/7 a lookin for summit better

    Pasta must have somethin nutritional if you look hard enough…lol just go on

    • Eek, Traci.. the whole logging on to a dating site would bug the bedevil out of me, specially as he’s also trying to woo you non? I speak from experience unfortunately.

      It sounds like you had a history together which would concern me even more. As for timetables, darling, men have their own weirdly divined calendar, it’s not Mayan, Incan, Chinese, Roman or anything usable for any sort of planning so I suggest (as I will be doing), you also mentally remove him from your thinking as it will send the appropriate vibes.

      It’s not like you’re just getting to know each other..or is it?

      • Thanks for replying fallen angel.. Yes its bugging me to death but I CANT STOP CHECKING! Its an addiction I have ritually done for last stupid 6 months, whats wrong with me??? (apart from scorp venus lol)

        He dont want me or he’s scared too like yours, and your’e so right, should just remove him from my thoughts pronto and move on! We met up again 6 weeks ago and he made soo much effort to let me know he wanted to try again, we were going to meet again and then I saw him on there 2 days later. Told him to forget it.

        Maybe saying he attempts to woo me is a bit far fetched, prob more like he keeps txting but wishy washy wiffle waffle, think he insecure but MAN UP please!!

        Hes aqua (sigh) and we dated for 6 months last yr , synastry amazing, his venus trines my pluto, neptune, jup, mars all less than 1″ orb, plus sun mars and the composite a conjunction sun/venus/jup/merc all in 8th.

        In Oct after 6 months happily dating he said he didnt want a r/ship so i dumped him. Dont know why cant let this go but I AM trying. Going clubbing lots and trying to get back out there. Cant do men anymore tho. Just cant…

        Maybe if I was bit more confident could have handled all this better.

        What will be will be. Blessings angel x

        • Eeek, a Uranian! No wonder he’s in and out like a radio signal from said planet, which btw takes 84 years to circle the sun, hello!

          Of course you’re having a hard time letting go because it wasn’t like the end was all quelle horror non? So it’s easy for your romantic inklings to fill in the blanks for “what could be”.. but my experience with Uranians is that they are either immediately devoted, or eclipsing in and out of your life randomly.

          Btw, the Uranian definition of “devoted” doesn’t follow the usual rules, it’s most characterized by their commitment to you as a friend first, they like their girls to be besties first who do stuff with them. Sure, they’ll put on a romantic show during the initial attack but they find it hard to sustain because that’s not their natural mode (that would more be the genre of a Leo or a Libra male, even a Cancer).

          You’ll go utterly mad trying to pin them down, because well, the pattern is erratic (and trust me I’ve tried). So my suggestion is this. You do YOU first, IGNORE him with a vengeance – I am NOT a Rules Girl by any stretch of the imagination but Uranians are the only men I have encountered to which this strategem is full proof, and when he’s ready he will orbit back round.

          Your job is to decide what you’re going to say about what you need and want to him when he finally does. The Well Hung Italian/Uranian was an ex turned pillow friend from 2004. The only thing consistent about him over the last 6 years is that he reappears at least 4 x a year.. so go figure.

          My stand to him was that it would go no further, and there it has remained. On the pillow. Like a tasty little mint.

          • Yup, thats what I suspected… these dudes dont want you but wont let you go either

            Yes- Im ignoring, to save my sanity! *Normally* my libra sun and gem moon mean I can switch to another playmate real quick but this time, maybe due to retro mars or saturn in libra I just feel there’s unfinished business and not interested, most odd

            When I go out and potential suitors try to play all I can think is ‘gerroff!”, even been rude to one or two that are slow to take hint. I have decided not to date for a while and all my profiles are down, thought about putting them back few weeks ago after I met my sister’s lovely new guy but after half an hour and 5 msgs later I realised I just cant do it and removed again

            This just isnt like me at all!!! Something weird must be going on. But I wont chase someone who doesnt want me in a million yrs so hence the waiting and drumming fingers and trying to distract self with career, home maintenance, clubbing and coveting new convertible

            Sigh. Thanks Angel, you have really helped! xx

  6. Right. So awol men back mid-May hmm?

    Then WHY is it that every come-what-hey emmer-effer is coming back and there is neither sight nor sound nor smell of the Cappo Comedy Writer whom I like and who is so devotedly doing AWOL that it now sounds “institutional” to me due to my having associated it with his Cappo-ness?? Huh, huh, huh????

    So I get Random Man A who is from Massachusetts leaving me a message, babe am in town Wednesday wanna meet wink wink (he was part of the Rebound Post Sewer Coterie and is more an acquaintance). Random Man B is email friend from the UK who suddenly announced he is coming over, SOON.

    Then the Well Hung Italian starts madly texting me asking if he can come round blah-de-blah, wants to show me how his wound has healed (really?).

    Do I care? Not really. I just want ONE back.

    But I have to acknowledge that the delay is doing wonders for my health and wealth (what wealth?)… and the on form reminder is SO TIMELY (she says as she wonders if having a bowl of pasta is considered a cardinal sin).

    • Angel, I left a rant about the Cap for you back at the ONJ thread. In synopsis: he’s had a testosterone bypass. Love Über xx

        • Andrew One, you mean the Well Hung Italian non? Because my darling gay friends have been asking me to pass him around like a bad habit (giggle).. he is quite impressive.

          Dense, but physically impressive.

      • Darling Uber, just saw it…sigh. Yes, it sounds about right.

        It probably doesn’t help that he was raised with FIVE sisters, in a practically all female household which oddly enough, is the complete opposite of my experience – that is I was raised in a super male dominated environment with a thriving double standard.

        He hides, I dare. He writes professionally, I do it non-professionally. He watches and writes for TV, I barely watch it at times. Where everything seems to meet is that we both absconded bad relationships, where he too was cheated on.

        Of course, this doesn’t justify the watered down hunting instincts (ironically he actually does hunt) and you’re right. The whole “not being ready” thing is code for “I don’t think I can handle you”. One part of me even suspects he went off to work the extra pounds off judging from how he eyed my surfboard suspiciously.

        And he has apologized profusely for being confused, scared and well, possibly hurting me. On that account I can’t fault him. much as I like him, I try my best not to do anything and spend my time mantra-ing, “I am the prize, I am the prize” between non stop slog and pasta temptations.

        • Of course he can’t handle you if he can’t handle his own feelings. God forbid he might lose CONTROL. I swear to God spanking was invented for Caps. By a Virgo.

  7. Slo- mo ? what slo-mo ? if this is slo mo then I better take a few valium and go lie down. Think the effects are finally hitting me tho getting a bit sick and want to rest but too much socialising to do- will collapse next week. i cannot say no at the mo!

    • yeah well, exactly. slo-mo for her– industrial speed here. really. work has NEVER been better; but i work in the creative field and spent several internships as persephone…

      …don’t tell me you don’t know what that means, i have SEEN all of you there. on the off-season.

      all of you. ~*

  8. Have been doing some healing (shredding?!) sessions while in SA in the last week still recouperating from yesterdays jettisoning of ancient anger. I see it as part of prepping, for what I’m not totally sure of, just an urge to. I don’t mind the slo-mo at the moment.

  9. Yes I agree with the elderly lioness, that lion does look stuffed.

    I can empathise.

    Still feel a bit wrung out from extended weekend.

    Plans are moving at snails pace, yes…but there is still movement. I find that every now and then these go slo modes prove helpful to contemplate, successful and appearing atm not so successful strategies. Quite frankly I need a bit of breathing space right now, so am happy to go with a slower flow.

  10. miis M;

    you are so spot on, if i ever need it… is there a way to PAY you for psychic surgery?

    i mean, i GET it, i do it myself.

    ~* taa~

  11. One thing’s for sure – people are still total whinge bags. I don’t think I’ve ever heard so much relentless whinging before this Mars Retro occured.
    Roll on out of the shadows little Martian – roll on out…

  12. I was wondering if Mecury was retrograde… public transport has been most unreliable of late – this morning a tram ran off the tracks, and my brand new met ticket wouldn’t work, the machine (several of them)asserting it was invalid. WTF?

    The lion looks stuffed

  13. Hmmm – all this slow mo is a tad depressing. I want to leave my current house scenario, strike out on my own, but I have applied for a job in remote NT so am leary of organising a new place, then having to break lease etc. Plus the thought of having to move into a new share place and start renegotiating living needs is just too much for me…. Actually the thought of ‘moving’ is too much for me (but weirdly the thought of moving to a new locale/job isn’t).

    I know I “SHOULD” talk to my flatmate, but I’ve been talking for months, and she hasn’t been listening. I’ve switched off. Friendship is over. No going back. I have no desire to explain myself, I have no desire to give empathy, or attempt to renegotiate the already totally ignored living agreement we made, and which she has ignored for the past few months. Its so bad I feel physically ill, and shake uncontrollably if I go back to the house and she is there. I’m totally detached from a space I loved, and which I put much energy into finding and making beautiful (I found the place, did the applications, and all the furniture / house stuff is mine). Yet I feel unwelcome there. Basically its detente – If I see her, I am civil and cheerful, but only skate the surface.

    So slow & stately huh? Deep breathe. Ok. I can do that.

    • i dunno if this is bach flower remdy;


      listen to kate bush’s SUSPENDED IN GAFFA. repeatedly.

      ‘…it all goes slo-mo….’

  14. aahhh – thanks Mystic. Was wondering how to respond to a snap-your-head-off email I got from the Pisces threatening to no longer send me emails because the last one offended me and he’s sick of ‘getting into trouble’ with me.. so… I shall just stay away from my email today and go listen to the beautiful rain. Have a lovely day MM.

  15. I love that photo! The whole spread in VF in 2005(?) was beautiful! And was wondering if the lion was alive or if the whole thing was photoshopped.

    And THANK YOU for the billionth reminder about just waiting. Am finally at peace with the whole situation (of slow mars in leo).

    (have great Leo in Venus hair today, which likely accounts for the smashing good mood!!!!)

  16. …. & here I was wondering why I felt like I was running around in circles & getting nowhere… I will stop beating myself up about that now…

    Oh & If I were Drew I would be looking away from the lion too, thinking ‘QUICK take the friggin shot before he wakes up!’…..eek!! 😯

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