Explain This Scorpio Dilemma And Win

Scorpio Dilemma

Who wants to explain this Scorpio Dilemma?

A Mega Mystic membership to the person who comes up with the best caption for this pic, please!

Clearly, it is depicting a situation about a Scorpio. So the potential for drama and intensity is already there. He’s found this in the wash, suggesting that the other person is secretly seeing a Scorpio?

Or, perhaps this gentleman is a Scorpio, and he is attempting to hypnotize the object of his affections?

Of course, the real Scorpio dilemma is that their high-volt Pluto powers unintentionally delude people into thinking that the Scorpio has the hots for them.

Even when they’re merely thinking about whether they should break their low-carb regime or not.

They’re also – as mentioned in Dating The Zodiac – Scorpio – well-connected in poltergeist circles.

Scorpios give good vibe. You can usually sense one coming a block away. Their Qi field is immense.

Maybe it’s Schumann Resonance, maybe it’s magic.

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Was it something I said ?

Aqua snail male

Prowlncat deserves a consolation prize. Meowmix rates an honorary mention… yeah but Fallen Angel, gratis subscription well earned.

[like who the fuq am I to judge captions anyway?]


“Alright, you have me, I cannot remove your talisman and am yours Lady Scorpula to do with as you wish… NO – NO – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I would rather die than become a bloody-swilling, sexy, Scorpionic Vampire!!!! Hellllllp!!!”.

Or something. This pic is so perfect that a caption seems superfluous. Or maybe I am just hypnotised afterall!


“I’m from the south side. When we need protien or magic in the mix, we just swish the Scorpion around. Works every time..”

“You talkin’ ta me?”

“Fuqin slice yo face….”



Being a in charge of all de silly props in deese pointless Bollyvood movies makes me vant to board a plane and go to London.


“yo, ya want some of this?”


“Looks like yo mamma”…


84 year old Scorpy gives Pisces daughter STEELY Blue eyed looks…

Am experiencing Scorpy first hand lately….Gave Pisces a hundred dollar bill and Scorpy Mom found it and hid it in her nappy…Swore she didn’t have it…

We call Scorpy Mum “Mrs. Parson’s”, so she doesn’t know we’re talking about her…

Told her the other day that she is like a ray of sunshine to me and more fun than a barrel of monkeys..

Hathor's Horns

“I’m a Scorpio, like my Romany grandmother. She gave this to me just before she died and told me it would bring me luck with women, but I don’t know… perhaps I haven’t found her yet.” (pauses) “Do you believe in fate?”


“What do you mean? – ‘will it be worth it?’ ????”


I just watched a doco about people in Thailand who consider fried scorpions a delicacy …


yes, and i like hairy bald men. there is no accounting for taste.


too much information andrew! 😛



fallen angel

So Lou Grossman in Tropic Thunder would be the shizzle for you then andrew? 🙂

tati scorpitini

nothing wrong with hairy bald men, anyway smooth young men with a full glossy head of hair (like the bloke in this photo) eventually end up as hairy bald men, just add 20 years or so.

they might have shaven heads prowln ….
Never can be too much info for a scorp!


Come with me – do you dare? With such intense, soulful eyes can he not read my innermost feelings? This Scorpio man is intxicating. All it takes is a look and I am hooked!


fuq me i’m a scorpian…


Taurean with Scorpio rising desparately trying to achieve sartorial balance against layers of chunky knits.

unpredictable pisces

“Baby, I want to get a tattoo. No, i am so over tattoos. I heard you can get branded these days, now that’s cool. gosh! What should I have branded on to me forever and ever??”

*scorpboy sheikh/multi-nightclub owner produces pendant that may or may not have been used for the same purpose with others*


Scorp boy: ‘No, really I am a sweet caring Cancerian…. See!’ *shows scorp pendant*

Libby Girl: ‘As if! That is a scorpion, it has a TAIL!’

Scorp boy: ‘That is no tail baby…..’

Libby girl: ‘Oh….. 😳 *Giggles* Hmm I’m glad we cleared that up, sorry where were we….’

Scorp boy: ‘We were discussing how to get to your place….’ 😀 😀 😀

unpredictable pisces

ahaha cute BG

fallen angel

I have not many a Scorp who would “discuss” Barista doll, “abduct” yes, “discuss” no.

By now that poor Libby girl will be shrieking her head off as he drags her off muffled, and bound until finally she succumbs to the perfumed spray of liquid sleep suddenly stinging her eyes from that so-called tail..

fallen angel

Meant not have met..


“Just 15 dollar. it does everything. it open bottles, it open cans, it remove blackheads, it pluck your eyebrow, it hypnotize guerrillas, it cut glass, it stop terrorist, it even can be used as contraceptive devise. just 15 dollar, but for pretty lady, i make it 10…”


oh, and he’s not talking about the necklace…

fallen angel

That makes me think he’s The Prince of Persia, and we just caught him at his second job…? 🙂




yesterday’s soiled scorpion. don’t feel bad, with those eyes, he’ll find some slag who doesn’t mind reeking of your fabric softener… or shower gel if he’s virgo rising. organic if he’s leo moon. cause it really does work a mane better. ask jesus luz.


Whoa!Yummy YUMYUM!!
“Who da man? Yes I am!”


btw – The Sartorialist recently featured a pic captioned “Variation on Theme” of a man called William Gilchrist (apparently, an international stylist to the stars but stylishly low-key about his biz, so not much more to be gleened google-oggling) and HE has the same sweetsexyswoony gaze – mesmerising!
so, WHO IS THIS delishdelightedejour monsieur???

Ãœber Virgo

‘Honey I shrunk your ex.’

(To a woman with a serial scorp fetish)


Ha ha. That’s really funny uber.

fallen angel

Yes, please. I will take one of those SHRUNKEN, not stirred.


he’s a male scorpio, then don’t talk abouthis ‘ shrinkage’. leos either.


short & sweet UV brill

Double Edged Scorp

‘don’t ever say I didn’t warn you baby’


i know the tale of the scorpion and the alligator. *wink*


ok, got another one: Need I say more?

Him, the silent type. He’s the guy who sits at a party and analyzes everyone but doesn’t talk to anyone. You see him, he sees you. You are dying to talk to him so you sashay over and say the most stupid dumb ass thing you promised yourself you would never say: “What’s your sign?” This picture is his response to your question. That’s it, you are now dismissed.


‘I found this in the wash.. and given, you know, I’m a Leo and you’re a sweet little Pisces why the Fuck was THIS hooked to your satin blue suspender belt I bought for you to wear for ME! .. hmmmmm? !’


“Am I Christian?….Oh baby, I’ll show you what I am…”



*** ARE THREATENING OR PROPOSING?! i KNOW your boassting, like this JESUS LUZ wanna-be (that felt SO GOOD!)…

…but then again, so am i. ***


The eyes actually make me think this guy’s a Pisces. All soul. Also, am I seeing this right, or isn’t he wearing the necklace? I think the necklace belongs to the Scorpio bloke his also-Pisces lady likes to flirt with, and that she “accidentally” left it somewhere in the house for him to find and to incur jealousy. He responds with a guilt trip; doesn’t he look like he’s about to say something ridiculously melodramatic about it, like, “It doesn’t matter who it belongs to, I’m wearing it because it’s a part of YOU…”, not that he means that, but… Read more »



A marvellous “tea”… mixed of Neptune, spiced with Scorpio/pluto’ things, the fibers of Satune (the earth thing.. Taurus (?) why not!?; for sure Venus might help).. Or , also, with a strong echo from Libra (with the Venus/Saturne mix anyway… The Moon in earth, and strong?



I haven’t done any of these before, but here goes my try! He’s a Leo, obviously by the meticulously groomed hair and the attention grabbing eyes. He was washing his favorite white sweater (pictured above) when he discovered the necklace from an ex girlfriend who is a Scorpio, but whom he could never handle due to all her heady incense, her occult memorabilia and the fact that she could cooly ignore his roars of “Pay attention to meeee!”. Being the only girl to successfully ignore him, he still longs to one day capture her gaze and command all her attention,… Read more »


He’s a rapper and that’s his “bling”?

Sting bling?

Yo homey’s lets go get some drama and bitches, yo…. Scorp to the O….


i don’t know, but if i found that in the wash.. i would march up to my aquaman and say:

“i found this in the wash… you’re either cheating or proposing… so which is it?”



Check out my new sink plug!
Bend over … it won’t hurt a bit.
Zodiac Contraception – if this doesn’t put you off, nothing will!

tati scorpitini

ok I read the first 2 lines together and got a bit confused about what type of plug you were talking about. My bad.




Ok new one:

Bend over and check out my new ummm …. sink plug!! *cough* My worse.

tati scorpitini

*helpless laughter*


“I like my scorpio on a chain.”


You think the Rabbit’s good? Wait till you get bitten by the Scorpion. Kaboom!


He’s a Taurus (look at the freakin nose). He’s dangling a silver Scorpion medallion key chain that padlocks his male chastity belt in front of tati and saying “please take me as your slave Oh Holy Mistress”. She’s swigging scotch on the bonnet of his white sports car and with one sardonic eyebrow cocked says “drop yer pants loverboy and then we’ll see.”




Well not really .. Mystic asked for a caption in which case one must abbreviate to:

“please take me as your slave Oh Holy Mistress Tati”



When I grow up I wanna be Tati…

tati scorpitini


aw shucks

that does sound awfully like me prowln … but I gave up Taurus men for Lent.

Oh dear gods and goddesses, I met another one. Italian. Taurus. Good with his hands (I have seen proof).
…. no, that’s not what you might think. 😛

ps. I have modified my moniker, to account for sun sign, what do you think?

Ãœber Virgo

Hey, I like it. It saves people having to wonder about your sign.

Where’s the tati from? Anything to do with Jacques?

tati scorpitini

yes it is to do with Jacques ÜV! Well observed!

the second part has much more to do with my preference for vodka martinis…very James Bond although my preference runs to evil villains.*

*(with the possible exception of the current Bond)


it sounds like one of those moreish drinks that tastes great at the time, only to discover yourself in a parallel dimension the next day. hehe

I like! 😉

unpredictable pisces

yeah and you have to drink the scorpion at the bottom of the bottle. or one comes as a cocktail garnish. or you are served by a Scorpio and you have to *not* think about sleeping with them. or, after you do drink a scorpitini, you find that you ARE sleeping with one


I love scallopini and gin and scorpio’s – Tati it’s all good!


“You are getting sleepy, very sleepy…” (Hypnotizing his future conquest).


Lol! I want to be sleepy, very sleepy…Mmm.


Ha! Yes me toooooo….


Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don’t look around the eyes, look into my eyes. [click] You’re under!



I’m the only gay in the village.


HA! ‘i’m the only gay [scorpio] in my triiiiii iiii iibe’

-corky & the juice pigs

fallen angel

He found it hidden amongst the twisted sheets on her bed as he came by to wake her up with coffee, he (clearly by the mane and the jewelry) is a Leo and doesn’t take too kindly to random jewelry that do not symbolize or worship him being strewn about what is his territory. Never mind that he is a sheikh in non-fancy dress and you happen to be Concubine #65, so the concept of fidelity is really more about ownership than anything else. “So,” he asks with a toss of the glossy black locks, “would this have something to… Read more »



you, too, have loved amongst the lion? people would mistake (us?) for xians.

unpredictable pisces

‘concept of fidelity is more about ownership’

word, sister!

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