Scorping Up

Metal Predactor Claw RingsThe Predator Ring would be an excellent silent cue to the office sociopath.  Perhaps this ‘get ahead’ tip is why i don’t actually work in an office. Hmmm.

Still, imagine the constant visual reminder of one’s willingness to strike if required.

Even if you don’t have a Predator Ring to put on for today, get your claws out.

No I am not advocating bitcherel but you know it’s the Bitch Moon & people can be strange. Note: it’s not just that it’s a Full Moon in Scorpio. Mars squares and Mercury is opposing.

If you have a choice between vibing predatory and vibing like the cute little soft-bellied gazelle limping by the waterhole in the nature documentary, go predator. Or just shut t.f. up and avoid les nutters.

Scorp Up.

Image: Danielle Nicole Metals-Predator Rings

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34 thoughts on “Scorping Up

  1. Weapons or Come Hither Device??? I think this is good for scratching up someone’s back..and well, SCRATCHING up someone’s back.

    I’d love to have these on, tap my fingernails and go, “serve me”.. giggle.

  2. Ridiculous! One can’t talk, type, have a phone glued to one’s ear, roll a cigarette and update one’s spreadsheets all at the same time with this sort of paraphenalia.

    • I think the assumption is that you would have slaves cowering in fear and groveling to do your will for all that. The Chinese empresses had the long nails and bound feet, which implied they need not move a finger, or apparently a toe.

  3. What are your other signs?

    Im the exact same. Also with my saggi parts im a searcher for the truth and Im quite confrontational with people if they dont see clearly or yes delusional. Blunt, honest and yes sharp when angry (mars Scorp baby).

    Now, are Scorps just destined to always ruffle others or have the aggro or deep dark stuff projected onto them?

    Hope your current situation goes ok and the said person can see clearly and doesnt self destruct too much..xx

    • Scorp Sun / Uranus, Aries Asc, and Sagg Merc – truth is out there, and I bloody well see it! Mars in Leo, so I can be flamboyant and funny in the telling of the truth…

      as for the second query – Projected – I’m only responsible for what I say, which is why I am so careful about expression (too careful sometimes, to my detriment). If someone chooses to react to what I say, that is their issue, they make that choice independent of me.

      And thanks Sassy for the good wishes. I hope she doesn’t self destruct much more either.

      • mmmm am hearing this thread: and some similar astro going on – Mars in Aries, Sagg rising, Leo something, and Scorp something big too – sharpness, performer of stories (esp about me!), and I just find over and over again, the truth hurts at times, but, sorry to use a cliche, it sets me free, gives me peace. I want to hear it. I do much injury to myself creating the stories internally to explain external behaviour of others . . .

      • Arrgghh, yes I think I need to learn that. To not take peoples reactions personally. My Cancer parts want to bloody take everything on..

        Oh shit I need a lie down….I havent been this anxious and angry for a long time.

        • Hear ya. Not sleeping well, have self medicated with vino blanco – so body feeling worn, anxiety levels sky high so not sleeping well, stressed about $$ so not sleeping well. Its extreme self gentle care thats getting me thru right now!

          Tears on demand as we speak…

  4. kind of bemused as last night my beloved (see Venus exercise below) returned after a work required week long absence and within the hour I was screaming obscenities and character assassinations at him which is truely (despite an overload of fire in my chart) a rarity but it was actually fantastically cathartic and lead to some incredible honesty/reconciliation/healing . . . off the charts . . . apologies/laughter/tears . . . anyway, best wishes to all, it seems the bitcherel can work for you in unexpected (uranian?) ways . . . am still processing it as you can prob tell xxx

    • Wow, thats great that you wee able to make up and find some healing and honesty..

      Is it true that Scorps are into honesty, but are afraid of peoples reaction to their intense feelings and emotions? Just curious, as full moon Scorp seems to bring the truth out in a very harsh way, but is totally needed for transformation et al..

        • lol wheeee! it was . . .

          mmm one of my dearest friends is a scorp, a woman who does not fear digging deep with you into yourself, or herself for that matter, but she does do it with kindness at heart.

          It is confronting at times but ultimately, beautiful I think – there is nothing quite like the intimacy of sharing those deep deep emotions, and as a listener, the receiver, of restraining oneself to simply listen and absorb . . . powerful and my favourite . . . as well, always a time for your own turn to be the deliverer . . .

          I am procrastinating like nothing else . . . must go insure car in order to leave this state! eek. x

      • Yes – my level of self honesty has freaked many a person out – and then when I aim it on others, and basically they freak even more as I have no tolerance for self deception, mine or theirs…..

        Makes me sad – as current life trauma is a case in point, someone I love dearly is busily building all sorts of self delusions to project out to the world instead of dealing with their inner shit…. I will support evolution, I won’t support delusion… So relationship has imploded.

        The people who value my honesty get to see a very soft version of me, that is extremely sensitive. I rarely say things to be spiteful – so when I speak an observation, its always from a place of love. But when pushed too far? My observations will still be honest, but much more ‘pointed’.

  5. I think some people are more sensitive to this than others? so far so good…although i haven’t actually left the house yet. Might need some help after that. I have my invisible protective force-field cloak and helmet ready to put on as I walk out the door…

  6. Very appealling. Look like something ‘Dark Slayer’ would use to to rid the world
    of Xavier, a very nasty piece of works in the Carpathian series by Christine Feehan.
    In the world of fantasy…tout est possible.

  7. I have already Scorped it up, finger pointing and f u’s. All in the space of three days I have lost my closet friend and been fired from my job.

    Im hoping that I can now just relax on this full moon, I have done my bit. 😉

    As a Cancerian it was way past the due date.

    Note to self-dont hold on and let things build up, alas along comes a Scorp full moon and bam the flood gates open!!

    Good luck and peace to everyone. xxxx

  8. Hmmmm – well I gave it to my flatmate yesterday with both barrels, and am now on the receiving end of Faux Scorp bitcherel. FFS – I can and do out bitch you, give up, play nice, I’ll be gone soon. Pass-Agg hurts you more than me.

    Hmmmm – this is the sort of astro weather where the one eyebrow lift and haughty look are perfect. Bliss, I don’t have to pretend emotions for a while…. lol

    • omg I almost said the exact same thing about hausmate yesterday!!!

      pass aggressive hurts you more than me – I play face to face open fire but prefer to just raise an eyebrow to get it done yeah.

      maybe we can get my flatmate and yours to live together and they can piss each other off instead xxx

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