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Natalia Vodianova in front of fireVogue Italia

I read in a mag on the weekend that the model Natalia Vodianova just GUZZLES Bach Flower Walnut Essence – a.k.a. Pluto Juice – as it makes her feel protected and grounded. I am so thrilled.



(1) This is what I do and and I had been a bit worried about it – as in maybe, you are actually only meant to have it occasionally but if a super-mod does it, than it is some kind of batty endorsement for a person with Moon in Libra like me. She also recommends wine and potatoes to stay in shape for lingerie modelling. I don’t care if she is a vampire or an alien, someone should study how this works.

(2) I immediately thought that if she guzzles Walnut Flower Essence aka Pluto Juice every day than she must have be a Plutonian – that is, have a strong Pluto in her chart. Voila. Yes she does. Mars, Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Libra – always fab to be correct on such things.

(3) It is always so fab to see peeps in the sleb world endorsing cool things such as the Bach Flower Essences. I love it. And really, I know there is a strong following for other ranges of flower essences but only the Bach ones – especially Walnut – work for me. Who knows why?

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34 thoughts on “Natalia Plutonic

  1. I got moderately strong for all of them. Surely a Leo cannot be this average? Can Donna do some quizzes for the other planets? asteroids even? I may be Chironic….

  2. I love Walnut essence too. It’s not only for Plutonian types, it’s good for anyone who’s in a major transition in their lives. For instance, it’s really helpful for anybody who’s moving to a new geographical area or making a major job change. Essences are an easy and inexpensive healing tool. Vibration Magazine, a blog about them, is at http// .

    Medusa, I wanted to say thanks for linking to the tests for Pluto and other planets on my blog, Skywriter. Lots of your readers have visited and seem to be enjoying themselves. Donna Cunningham

    • As an amateur I really enjoyed having a new way to look at my chart that was so simple Donna! It’s really very clever. Thanks for the link I will check it out!

  3. Lol brilliant – we can make up and market some Elvis remedies for the staid!

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  4. Good lord! I am soo Neptunian it rankles my Virgo little heart! It also explains why every time I drank alchohol in England I felt more, rather than less, sober. London is right on my Neptune line.

    It also explains why I am constantly asked for advice by total strangers and usually treated like a cross between Mommy and Elvis.

    Mystic, any corresponding Bach remedy for this? Help! Lol.

  5. Twenty-five.
    That’s about right. I am not a Plutonian character, but can I find the problem with any situation and dig out the infection so that it can heal (metaphor).

  6. I’m a bit over this how high is your score thing- For world astrology day Donna Cunningham made a competition out of who could score the highest in Uranus, Pluto & Saturn all together & you could only enter if you scored over 155. She had to declare that it was a flop because there was not a consistent scoring system that considered orb size etc & most people miscalculated anyway. Nobody even scored 155 anyway! There are so many subtleties to consider & somedays/transits just make you a lot more Plutonic or Saturnine than others…

  7. Just 24 still pretty strong but my multi Scorp Mum, whose birth time I don’t know, has a minimum of 46 and I suspect it to be much more.

    I am surprised models don’t wander around with one of those face masks breathing in essences instead of food…

    • similar no’s with saturn (12) and uranus (11)
      Neptune, however i get 37. That and my chart is ruled by mercury. no wonder the straights have trouble understanding what I am about, other than to put me into the ‘flake’ category. !

    • oops forgot one – 37…

      I had a massive walnut tree in the backyard when i was growing up. it was my tree house tree. I spent hours playing in it.

      • hmm and 36 Saturnian.

        What’s the deal if you have a fairly high saturnian and plutonian score? Anybody got any insights there?

        (also 16 Neputian and 18 Uranian)

  8. Baristagem, I scored 55 on my natal chart and 62 on my transit. Certain areas in my life are sucking big hairy donkey balls. Hope you are doing better!

  9. Wow! My score was 32, which isn’t crazy high but much higher than I expected! Thank you so much for the test, I didn’t even know I was even slightly Plutonian, but it makes a lot of sense!
    I’m always telling my friends I have magical healing powers, and what do you know. Being Plutonian would really explain that. Ha ha!
    I’m going to go look up this Pluto Juice now!

  10. This ‘proud plutonian’ thinks she should include Pluto in the 1st house as part of the score card. Would take my score from 28 to 38 and satisfying my plutonian self indulgence.
    But fun test – thanks Mystic.

    • How on earth does a Gem get 78? The mind boggles….. do the others too, great fun.

      I’m 63 for Plutonic-ism. I even rate ‘high’ for Saturn and Uranus, Saturn is lowest – but my Aqua ma is Saturnian – she got told off by our PT recently for having unrealistic expectations on MY performance exercise wise, basically he told her she was the freak, and to leave me alone. HAH! Take that you freak! Soz…… had a moment then *fluffs hair*.

    • Baristagem! Expect the Men in Black to come offering you a job exterminating otherwordly alien insect overlords any moment now!

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