Mercury Bats In Taurus

Paris Hilton reading Mercury Retrograde bookRightio, here we go again…

Mercury is now officially Retrograde in Taurus…a guaranteed turgid slo-mo few weeks with (yes!) some upside as we all channel tranquility and improve meditation skills. Still, don’t sign contracts, watch keys, anticipate delays and be extra careful with $$$ transfers…Taurus rules your ‘stuff’…

If you are a subscriber don’t forget to read the special Mercury rant linked to off the Scopes pages…

Mercury is outta retro on May 12 BUT that’s a Dark Moon so i’m timing it till May 14. Triple check all arrangements…Stay sane. Like Paris and I.

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61 thoughts on “Mercury Bats In Taurus

  1. Yep…asked husband to run an errand for me tonight. Sure enough, he came back with the wrong stuff.

    • Oh me too, Spirit. Asked for milk and bread, he came back with lettuce, tomatoes, Brazil nuts (“Hey, they were on special!”) – and no bread.

      And we already have a huge lettuce and ample tomatoes in the fridge. And I don’t eat Brazil nuts…

    • Spirit

      your story reminds me of a former flatmate. his partner came home from work around 5.30pm and asked ‘Have you forgotten something>?’ Flatmate thought ‘no, I picked up bread, milk…’.

      Partner, seeing his blank look, prompted with ‘Let me give you a hint. She’s four years old’.

      forgot to pick up the kid from childcare.

      Be grateful it was just the bread he forgot.

  2. I just got offered an awesome new job, no way I can avoid signing a contract for 4 weeks! So scared that something is going to go wrong but I don’t imagine that it’s the kind of place that would look kindly on me asking them to wait until Mercury is no longer Retrograde…. I’ll be double checking, triple checking & crossing my fingers ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m a multiple conjuct Taurus, so I can be patient through delays (as long as there is a good reason) but I definitely want my “stuff” where it’s meant to be! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That’s what I thought when I got a job offer during a Mercury Rx. The job was a nightmare and I got canned after just 4 months.
      But I don’t want to jinx you so good luck. Go for it, and I figure that anything that happens out of a MercRx won’t be held against you, even if it doesn’t work out.

      • Hahaha thanks Charles, I think?!

        It’s very much an unexpected job search – The company I am currently working for has gone into voluntary administration. I’m looking at it as a forced change which I needed to make but would never have done of my own accord. Just a pity about the timing really, but at least if it is a disaster I’ll have a decent payout to fall back on!

    • I had a lease end during a merc retro a couple of years ago and had to relocate my business. That went fine, but I had a heap of trouble with phones, changing telephone numbers etc

      Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do and merc retro doesn’t necessarily mean everything will go tits up. It’s more glitchy, that’s all.

  3. Okay, here’s my highbrow contribution to retro mercury mayhem. Some (_E=mc2_) just intro’d me to assicons. Truly the highlight of my weekend. (Sarcasm)

    (_!_) a regular ass

    (__!__) a fat ass

    (!) a tight ass

    (_._) a flat ass

    (_*_) a sore ass loser

    (_?_) a dumb ass

    (_o^^o_) a wise ass

    (_E=mc2_) a smart ass

    (_13_) an unlucky ass

    ( Y ) a butt

    (_$_) money coming out of his/her ass

    (_x_) kiss my ass

    There were some even less tasteful ones, and something called boobiecons, but you lot can google them yourselves.

      • Hey robots, did you see the all new steampunk Doctor Who? Art Direction is brilliant and the inside of the Tardis has been redecorated with bells & whistles etc. It rocks.

        • ooh, love steampunk and good art direction. Will check it art (oops, meant OUT. ๐Ÿ™‚

          Speaking of great art direction, juts finished watching Mad Men 3. Can’t wait for 4 !

          • Nice Docotr rant. Looks schmick… but ti don’t like the nice doctor AT ALL.
            Too much like some sort of preppy english prt… not enought ‘verging on crazy’.
            A bow tie and elbow pads?

            My heart breaks.

            But the new tardis looks nice.

          • Oh i agree, he looks like a wimpy teenager!
            Will probably just watch one ep to see the steampunk/art direction.

            I haven’t watched Dr Who since the late 70’s/80’s.

            Jon Pertwee and Tom baker were the best Dr Whos ever. Can’t accept anyone else.

          • Tom Baker is my definitive… but really enjoyed Tennant.
            This one makes me grid my teeth.
            And I stopped to watch for the end credits and suddenly realised that there is no thermin in the theme tune anymore.
            It was one outrage after the other….

          • oh no, you’ve missed the last Doc who…he was geeky older zany dreamy…sighhhhh
            this new one seems to be missing eyebrows

          • what!!? no thermin. *jaw drop* That IS outrageous!!

            aquaphobe, do you mean David Tennant? Not a fan.
            I don’t mind Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston though – more manly.

          • I had to leave half way through, bugger. Almost made a whole group of people late for a comedy festival show cause I was watching Dr Who, opps. And my internet connection is a bit too crappy for iview. double bugger.
            Yes i think the kid will need to grow into his role. But do love that they are lavishing so much love on the way it looks.
            I’m sure there is a theory about attachment to the Dr present in your formative years, Tom Baker and Peter Davidson for me. But David, he did a mighty fine job I say…

        • David Tennant gave me the pip at first, but he grew on me. Give the new dude a chance. Venus-AGG, I think his tweedy outfit goes with the steampunk theme. He can’t help it if he doesn’t have eyebrows.

        • I loved the new Doctor Who! I saw the last David Tennant episode while in London in Jan, so was really excited for this one. I thought it was a sweet introduction to the new Dr. and his lovely assistant Amelia Pond.

    • googling boobiecons I’m familiar with, thanks very much, still waiting for a good monkeys ass symbol..or baboons ass

    • Ohmigod I so want to use this!!!!

      Invoices (overdue)
      Hey (!) get off yer (__!__) quite being a (_?_) and acting like a ( Y ) as I don’t have (_$_) to cover your print bill!!

      And by the way (_x_)

      Love you Uber!! ๐Ÿ˜†

  4. is it bad to purchase even miniscule things on this merc retro even having studied a million different options and made a pretty coherent plan regarding $? It is a bit too slow/turgid for my liking….especially since i already spent so long thinking all this crap over

  5. I wanted to purchase new lights for my bathroom…but I don`t want to accidentally get electrocuted….better not buy them for awhile.

  6. Merc retro is a whole industry of us stuck in Milan c/ volcanic cloud no fllight zone sitch – last update was 1st flights are thursday … seriously its quite funny, no real inconvenience at all. quite the opposite actually

  7. Oh god I’d love to be stuck where you are RPL :).

    Lol love arse art.

  8. So I’m thinking this volcano spew might last for all of merc retro. Wouldn’t that be FAB? Think of how that would totally fuq the world up. Yeah, that’s right, world, you aren’t so in control after all! Mwaha haahaaaaa. A little volcano fart can ruin everything!!! – But sorry for anyone inconvenienced:)

    Anyway, cute merc retro story: have a friend who was due to be married in London on Sunday but was stuck where her plane stopped-over in Dubai. They rolled with the punches and did a big web-skype-video whatsit. She got her entourage who were stranded with her (plus heaps of other Aussies who were around) to be her congregation at her end then hubby had his peeps in London. Ceremony went ahead as planned – just a tad different from what they’d rehearsed!

    And thankfully they’d already officially married over here. This was just a repeat ceremony for his UK family. Awww. Story for the grandprogeny.

    • Oooh, and she’s been interviewed on Okay, I feel redundant now…

      • And my friend who told me allll about this got it WRONG. Turns out Hubby was WITH Natalie in Dubai. Jeez. I’m getting better info from the bloody paper than from friends.

        Signing out until May 14th!!!

  9. Already lost f**** internet dongle. Found it again but only after making a deal with Merc that I would sort out my old accounting crap. Hrumpff. So technically this is probably the trickiest time to publicize a new record eh?? Christ.

  10. Someone else’s merc rx loss was a little gain. Today we needed to hire a digging machine but was told there weren’t any available. A large local company who’d booked one had a technical hitch & cancelled nice & early. Thank you, we were able to make a start.

  11. Sure enough, I am already scathed by mercury retro! Long story short, I had an appointment today that I had written down weeks ago, I go in, and am told I am late by an hour and must pay a courtesy fee! And I thought that I was doing so well…