How Deep Is Your Virgo?

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woman with head in washing machine at laundromat

Forget figuring out how Plutonic you are. We are ALL Plutonian at the moment. Thank YOU Full Moon in Scorpio building, Chiron sextile Pluto et al.

I’m more interested in conjuring up a Virgo Test. What sort of multiple choice questions would there be?

Mismatched Socks

(a) Annoy you.

(b) W.T.F.? Who gives a fuq?

(c) Don’t happen in your household because of the system?

(d) Will be hunted down and destroyed

(e) Affect you psychologically, so sad and deranged.

Something along those lines?

But really, how Virgoan are you? I am interested in – obviously – the vagaries of Venus in Virgo (my Leo Ex – Venus-Pluto-Uranus in Virgo – would fly into incendiary rage at crap service or incorrect cutlery) and Mercury in Virgo (loses sleep over punctuation errors) but look also to the House or Sector of your chart where Virgo holds court…Is that an area of life where you tend to Virgo out???

Right now, anything Virgo (especially the end degrees) is supersonic as Uranus zaps it with weirding rays – real easy to go over the top with uncluttering and drastic change. But kind of satisfying too…

So: How Deep Is Your Virgo?

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148 thoughts on “How Deep Is Your Virgo?

  1. My answer is ‘B’… i prefer no socks anyways!
    plus ive only got sir Chiron in virgo anyways lol

  2. Quite Virgo indeed.

    Sun – Merc – Mars in Virgo, Sun in the 4th, Merc and Mars in the 5th, along with Pluto in Libra in the 5th.

    Do you know, whenever I see anyone running for public transport I am driven to a shocking, spiking rage of detestation and scorn because:

    1. Obviously late.
    2. Sweaty.
    3. Most likely sweaty in my vicinity.
    4. The world does not stop for you.
    5. Are you a surgeon? What’s the hurry?

    I should add, Taurus rising.

    It’s a condition. I’m trying to manage it.

    • That is hilarious! I will think that every time I run for the bus from now on…
      Though I do think #5 when people speed through amber lights. And yes, yuck to sweaty.

      As a Virgo with Mars in Gemini I am always SO distracted that I am late for just about everything, or squeaking in at the last possible second.

      • yes i decided to change all the habits listed by Friday above, when i got SO sick of being late as f*ck all the time, affecting my friendships, work, personal stress levels, bank balance (catch taxi instead of bus etc)…over it. So I do my best now to not be the stressed, late person. Unless ETA doesn’t matter then I do whatever I like. Time and place, you understand.

    • This is one of my pet hates, Friday.
      Even worse when they are pushy.
      Don’t rush me because you are unable to manage your time!!
      (Clearly, I’m ultra Taurus)

      PS – Using the word indeed is SO Virgo. My Virgo ex used it all the time.

        • I always find it reminiscent of legal text & it was one of my favourite things about the ex! It’s like the Venus in Gemini equivalent of dirty talk hahaha

        • Quite, Quite Virgo, let’s see:

          -Venus and Mars Conjunction in Virgo in the 5th House
          -North Node in Virgo in the 5th house
          -Mercury in Virgo in the 4th
          -Saturn in Virgo in the 4th

          I can be very critical when it comes to writing, art etc that I feel is not good.

          I also hate going to someone’s house that is messy, and I’m not talking they didn’t make their bed, more like a pile of dirty dishes or cut up food on a bench, yucko.

          • And then, of course, there is dire Virgo Guilt for being SO judgemental!

            Win win really! : )

    • I was running for a bus yesterday and was not giving a crap what other people thought when I got on, i was sweaty and puffed but who gives a ?? Friday maybe you should look at changing your meds. LOL

        • ha ha tres funny . No i wasn’t late i was just standing on a very dark bus stop so decided to move to the next one and of course abus came along so i had to run. and yes i never wear a watch- too confining for me. i do religiously use my mobile alarm clock so i can set and forget.

  3. Virgo Moon…gotta be pretty deep Virgo, huh? I do feel that informs a lot of my personality… I am definitely critical…of other people, yes, but am hardest on myself, extremely health-conscious, perhaps even occasionally hypochondriac, and the more positive side of the Virgo moon: deep appreciation for beauty in all things. 🙂

    • I too have discovered my Virgo moon. Hugely critical of others, high standards for the entire world, especially myself. Not much of a hypochondriac (leave that for my cancer husband) but I see wonderfully beautiful textures in strange places.

      Really the odd socks thing doesn’t bother me too much. I have a minor internal struggle re whether I should wear them. And usually I try disregard the opinions of others.

  4. I have nothing in Virgo at all, but often when I read on astro sites about Virgo traits, I identify strongly with them. Like, my answer to that question would be (c) – I like lots of systems in place to ensure everything runs smoothly. I guess that comes from Virgo straddling my 6th house – routines. I have lots of routines to prevent things from ‘going wrong’, and to keep me feeling safe, in control, and unflustered. And in my work, I’m a recovering perfectionist.

  5. You cannot leave the house without firstly….

    (a) tidying up & doing a bin drop on your way out

    (b) cleaning the oven

    (c) clean the bathroom while shredding documents

    (d) checking compass points & tweaking Feng Shui placements

    I have Mars, Jupiter & Saturn in Virgo 6th House.

    I am so virgo when it comes to work & intuition…. I think this why I got into the hospitality industry because of the fast pace and I rely so much on my intuition that I don’t even think about what I am doing…. I just switch off & do it. It is particularly helpful when I have had a gazillion catering jobs to do & can get it all done without reliable staff & be well within budget. 😯

    With so much energy to burn (mars in virgo?!?) I love exercising after a hard day at work! 😀

  6. Virgo in 7th house, no planets – mismatched socks will be hunted down and destroyed. Try the system but too busy pontificating about life to keep it going (Sag).

  7. Just shrug at lost socks these days. One miraculous turned up today and I was pleased.
    Does mismatched mean (1) wearing two different socks or (2) paired up as mismatched? Cause I assume that 1 is a result of 2.

    I don’t care that other people wear mismatched socks, but why in heaven’s name would people not pair socks up properly? Just asking.

    • oh th oddness of Everything,never mind th sox! i gave up sorting them long ago,if i can find 2, i count myself lucky most days.,if i were a Virgo,i would most likely have imploded by now-i Love systems but can’t seem to stick to any~and if Ever i am on time,everyone else is late or no show? Long ago ‘charm schul’ instructor (my dad’s idea when i was 13) said “a lady Never runs to catch a bus” (but i know wot th lady in th picture is doing-checkin in th machine for stray socks!)

  8. late degrees virgo bang at the start of my 5th house – no planets in virgo – but this whole saturn/uranus thing has turned out messy – just found out I am being made redundant so that is an ego blow! ego is a 5th house thing, isn’t? how you manifest to the outside world? and with uranus in my 10th house – career path etc it feels uncanny

    but my job (as a law lecturer) doesn’t really click with me – so maybe it is for the best – will force me to find something more true to myself. i have always had loads of luck with work and with uranus in the 6th house change in the workplace seems inevitable! (so long as I can have my freedom!)

    • best wishes on the career-evolution-revolution DC!

      i just had a similar life-work involuntary recalibration episode late last year, and am dormant for the interim while new growth stirs deep down (one hopes, fervently), especially now being bathed with uranian rays as you note.

      in my chart ditto late degree virgo 5th house cusp but with venus therein, (as well as pluto, mars and uranus in LIBRA, limply hoping to escape the silent revulsion and scorn of our most beauteous fairest sagest maitresse MM, grovel grovel 🙂 – pretty please dont tar me with the same brush as despicable low leo-ex). venus is the chart ruler trining the moo ascendant, plus 6th house sun and 3rd house moon, so i soooo wish to wriggle into virgin territory, and try-hard at belonging to the mercurially-witty-democratically-minded-always-take-the-high-road-with-a-touch-as-light-as-air-ever-unafraid-to-inquire-prudent-not-prudish-ineffably-stylish-beholden-to-no-one club.

      you know, the quintessential late 30s kate hepburn/barbara stanwyck/irene dunne/jean arthur fast talking dame eternal cool girl = ultimate haute virgo independent woman in her mellow harvest archetype, yes?

    • Wow Dreaming Cow, that certainly sorts out some of those do I run off and start a yoga retreat or research tax law doesn’t it ?
      Best of luck with managing the transition.

    • Sorry to hear about your bad luck, DC.
      I can completely empathise as I am in the same situation!
      I’m starting a new job next week but I was freaking out about income…Despite having pretty robust savings – I was horrified at the thought of actually using them!!

      I’m assuming from your name that you’re also a Taurus…Maybe it’s a change that you needed to be forced into? (Like myself!)
      That’s what got me through 🙂

  9. Finding lost socks rates highly as peak ecstatic experience.
    * Venus in Virgo

  10. surely uranus in the 6th house makes me almost the opposite of a virgo? I have strong resistance to system and routine (although they are a good antedote to all that high strung, zippy uranus energy) and they do soothe my little taurus heart

  11. In my world, matching pairs of socks rates highly as a peak ecstatic experience. When that elusive lost sock eventually turns up like you know it will, its worthy of an earth tremor…(nothing too tumultuous please!)

    * Venus in Virgo

  12. first house asc… virgo.

    i aspire to find lost socks… but then again i am also prone to buying two pairs – just in case.

    but it’s not about you, it’s about me. you can arrive late and sweaty– i won’t care.. but if –i– get sweaty on the way there.. well, i can make up some excuse. ok, the truth is, i once got off a public bus to stop at a friend’s house to wash the stink of the other passengers off me so i could WALK the rest of the way.

    my sweat smells better. well, better than yours anyway. *LAUGH*

    i don’t buy white cause i know i can’t keep it clean. don’t even ASK me over if you’re a wall to wall white carpet person. paranoia does not look good on me.

    • Precisely (another Virgo word) Andrew. It’s not about YOU, it’s all about me, am a V Rising as well though my attitudes are obviously affected by a raving Venus in Leo.

      And yes, I do believe my sweat smells better.. hahaha.. I have a “wake up” face that involves running to my toilette so I can emerge “fresh faced dewy” courtesy of Dr. Hauschka and Dermalogica, and yes, I do sometimes shower pre-gym if there is even an inkling my sweat will not be at it’s normally calibered sweetness.

      I LOVE white, but I can and do keep it clean. Yes, there is some scheduling involved..i.e. worn for days when I am mostly in meetings where I don’t do much but sit ethereally at one end of the conference table.

      My socks never mismatched due to The System and let’s face it, fear of my wrath. I used to refuse to go to school if I felt my socks weren’t lined up correctly…at the time they thought I had some kind of OCD, but it was just the Virgo Rising..haha

  13. Mars in Virgo…….I clean therefore i am.
    Dislike sox bigtime, unless brand new then it’s downhill
    from there-on.
    Have found the Virgo’s in my life quite stubborn & inflexible
    for my easy breezy self but those have been male in midlife
    crisis or whatever it is that makes them grumpy.

  14. I had 4 kids in 4 yrs. My personal Hell was matching socks. Finally I just gave up. I put a small basket in top of the dryer. When socks came out of the dryer they went into the basket. I completely didn’t give a s* about matching socks after that.

    • Pisces, with Pluto in early Virgo. I feel like I spent way too much time thinking about socks! Pet peeve is dirty, yellow, unclean teeth. I can’t even look at someone with poor dental hygiene. I want to gag!

  15. Venus in Virgo – I hunt down the lost sock.

    I do not fly into a rage but crap service or incorrect cutlery are an issue. Not sure but I think the following are Virgo related – bra and panties must match, toe nails are always painted, I am never late and skewed tan lines irritate the hell out of me.

  16. I have a box I keep next to my laundry basket for single socks to eliminate that problem. I also have sun, asc, jupiter, and venus in virgo. Very, very virgoan.

  17. My mothers system for sock management – only one brand, all the same colour (all replaced once a year en masse) – there may only be 11 single white socks in your sock drawer – but they were NEVER mismatched!

    Have no idea where her Virgo is – but she cleans the shower and squidgies it as she has her morning shower. Brushes teeth and cleans sink and mirror. Quick wipe of the floor and fresh towels put out, and old towels and last nights clothes into the washing machine as she head in to make breakfast. Vacuums living room whilst eating her toast. Polishes sink and bench tops whilst she drinks her tea in fine bone china. China into dishwasher – and she’s off to work.

    Her house is always clean, tidy and smells good. And unless you watch her routine in the morning – it all seems to happen like magic!

    • What an amazing Mother, how damn practical.
      I tend to do the same shower, basin & laundry wise.
      Just makes sense to me. This could be a Mars in Virgo

    • OMG she sounds like the late Leo midwife who used to run the IVF doc’s practice where i worked parttime during my uni years. She was …. words actually fail me…. memorable?? Think Virgo to the max with Leonic pride and attitude.

      Above scenario extended to everything – office systems, her diet and the way she ate, her dress style, i could go on. She would have to be the most efficent person i have ever come across but she was very unpopular and quite neurotic. People were surprised i could even work with her let alone stay for 4 years. I blame my multiple Virgo planets (Uranus/Merc/Pluto plus a pile of goddesses and ‘roids) and of course Saturn conj Asc. I actually learnt a lot from her and was comfortable in such an ordered environment.

      • Oh MusicalLibran i wasn’t inferring your mother is neurotic and unpopular btw 🙂

  18. DEEP? My Virgo is bottomless.

    Funny you ask this, as my Sun merc venus MC Pluto & Uranus are across the ninth and tenth houses and being Merc retro, I just had to deal with a recalcitrant government bureaucracy to do with a project I’m working on and I proceeded to give them a detailed, bullet pointed directive/rant on how they might do their jobs. Public service hacks. Tsk.

    And I’ve never lost a sock.

    • No way Über, a washing machine lives on socks. Don’t tell me, you handwash socks 😉

    • I don’t break crockery or glassware either. It is safe for centuries with me.

      • oh now that is something i also do not so. I treasure my stuff. no breakages. I have to hide fragile / easily soiled items from the Fearless Aqua as she breaks EVERYTHING IN SIGHT..un fuqing believable. Drives me mental

        • oh yes. me too – as a taurean I am too attached to my stuff to let it get broken. I was joking to my leo artist friend yesterday as I tore the house apart looking for something that I NEED to know where all my stuff is or I go a bit nuts – I feel the same when something breaks. Mystic always says toros are psychic about things, and it feels like a little part of me is torn or broken when something is lost or damaged *sob*

          • i’m so totally with you TA, even when you know it really doesn’t matter, it sooooooooooo does, quite distressing when something isn’t there or misplaced, though mostly when the mystery is solved, i can disconnect and no longer care at all!

            toro sun, virgo moon

  19. I adopt a “risk minimisation” approach to my life these days. All socks are black, cotton, short. All sports / gym socks are white, ankle, thick cotton. So if they are mismatched I can live with it, although I do try to match them ..

    apart from that, poor grammar and spelling when not used tongue in cheek / in email shorthand etc never fails to upset me. I see it as a sign of sloppy thinking. Obviously not including disadvantaged folks who simply have not had the opportunity to know better

  20. My Venus in Aquarius makes me quite like mismatched socks, but only when it’s deliberate. Also, whenever possible, I buy patterned or coloured socks to make it easy to match them. White and black tend to be the same brand, though I still get annoyed if one stretches so they don’t quite match anymore. Also, I once read that Virgo rising children have a thing about socks being on the correct foot, which I did (drove my mother crazy). Anyone else experience this?

    I can’t stand anyone else hanging out the washing. Is this a Virgo rising thing? I have a system that makes it so much easier to sort everything as I bring it in – the rare occasion my partner hangs out the washing, I can’t stop internal rant about lack of a system (he is Aquarius rising) but of course don’t let him know it (Libra Sun+Moon). And yet he does the ironing because he says I leave too many creases.

    • “but of course don’t let him know it (Libra Sun+Moon)”

      hee hee how do librans cope with this internal conflict?

        • ok – how do aquas help? I mean, i am serious, Librans are one species i still do not understand very well so i am curious…

          • I’m not sure I know but I am always drawn to them. They drive me nuts in equal measure to how much I adore them! Maybe it’s something to do with my Mars being in Aquarius? Of course, doesn’t explain it for other Libran Suns though.

          • they give us flight for our fancy and someone to bring down to earth.

            i (and i can only speak for my experience) find they balance me. when the aquaman is off in the ethers i am waiting on the ground, when he is on the ground i am saying ‘have you seen the view from the startosphere?!’

            about balance. of course.

    • This is true of my Virgo rising Leo son. He is a perfectionist about a lot of things – and takes forever to put socks and shoes on because his lazy mother doesn’t always turn the socks right way out when folding the laundry! My multiple Aquagirl is opposite, she may well wear mismatched socks and not notice at all. I’m also starting to think my Virgo riser may be hyper about his health. He regales me in fine detail about every little bump, scratch, itch, throat tickle etc…. drives me crazy.

      • hypochondria is super common amongst young Virgos. Junior Virgo is synonymous with ‘worry wart’.

        • Yes Lexi – so right there. He also has to have his massage e v e r y night, so touchy-feely (shoulders/spine/neck) or maybe it just “earths” him. Not sure, just notice the huge difference with Aquagirl. I’m trying the blase approach re the health intensity so his psyche doesn’t have this dotting, rescuing female prescence. Goddess forbid.

      • Glad to hear I wasn’t the only child like that! I used to hate hate that little bit of extra cotton at the toe seam sitting in the wrong position, even if it meant taking shoes on and off several times.
        I’m really glad I got over that!
        Oh, and I was pretty focused on health as a child. I was chronically ill, which didn’t help. Grew out of that, too, as I’m sure you’re son will 🙂

    • My young virgo rising self did have quite a thing for socks being on the correct feet! I still do today, my nylons/tights must also be put on the same way each time. I check them sideways if they have no tag/obvious marking to see where my butt has made the fabric extend slightly.

  21. This reminds me of one of the common type of questions used in math courses in “permutation and combination.” For example, say you have 3 different types of socks in your sock drawer, and they’re all jumbled at random. If you pull out one sock at a time without looking, how many socks do you have to pull before you get a match? The answer is left as an exercise for the reader.

    I avoid this sort of problem by always buying the same type of socks. Then they always match.

    • I too buy one type of sock only. It seems the logical solution to this age old problem.

      • Absolutely the correct approach. All black and the same brand. Efficient and then you don’t have to spend time on small stuff like matching socks.

        I prefer black clothing too, avoids stains. I have no idea whose idea white jeans are, but it’s mind-boggling – how do you sit down in a park or do anything active?

        Only Virgo in my chart is Virgo in 4th house.

  22. Mercury, Venus and Mars in Virgo.
    I hardly ever wear socks, only in the winter/fall when it’s cold. But then I mainly wear tights, sometimes with socks over them. I cannot wear normal white socks. I only wear black, lace/sheer patterned or some colored trouser socks. I also have a couple pairs of thigh highs. And, they always match and I never lose them. I have paces for them in my drawers.
    I also dislike having my clothes washed often, is that Virgoan? I never sweat or get my clothes dirty and I hate putting them in the wash only to find out the next day that I need that shirt, dress or whatever.
    There are also alot of things that bug me, but I don’t go into rages if something’s bothering me. One thing that really bothers me is if there’s too much sound. Like, if someone’s talking to me and I’m watching something and listening to music and my pet bird starts to chirp, I get super frustrated.

  23. nah, can’t vouch for my Virgo-ness… have it on my fourth house cusp (IC) with Pluto/Jupiter/South Node so supposedly I am Virgoan about the house… but actually I am more like Virgoan about my body and mind… strict with diet and tolerating no crappy thinking. With Gemini on the ASC and Mercury in Gemini I am a mercurial type anyway, albeit a very venusian (sun in taurus, moon in libra, venus in the tenth house) one.

    having said that, um… I don’t have any odd socks, but I put that down to Libra Moon aesthetics-consciousness. They look ugly, thus they don’t exist.

    • Oh I couldn’t agree more on the ugliness if socks TA! I own two pairs out of necessity for the gym. Otherwise, I’m barefoot or wearing pantyhose/stockings.

  24. Jupiter/Saturn/True Node – Jupes and the Node are conjunct and all in my 5th house…. The house of Fun. Hah – I am very structured about my play time. And I put significant energy into ensuring I connect with people, as isolation can be a major issue for me. Maybe its time to be really structured about meeting someone…..

    As for socks – never lose them. But mum blames me for her lost socks. I don’t even live with her…..

    I think my matching number of Sagg influences buggers up my virgo ness tho…..

  25. Venus in virgo and i have just boycotted my 2nd favourite cafe because the owner came up to talk to me whilst she was still EATING. She approached me and proceeded to talk with her mouth full.
    I don’t like dirty teeth, grubby nails, split ends, people who leave dog poop on the street oh god, do not start me…libra rising does not help eeitther

    • omg Leo Socialite – just realised when I read your post that I SO detest being around people who eat and speak at the same time – or make loud ‘mouth noises’ of any kind at any time – revolting! I am forever saying to my children ‘eat first, speak next’ at mealtimes to discourage them from the habit. My Cancerian housemate eats and speaks at the same time which has me running to my room to do deep breathing exercises.

      and I am also with you on dirty teeth, chipped nails, split ends etc and will add dirty shoes, trousers and jeans that are frayed at the bottom because they’re too long and have been dredged through the streets and belly fat hanging over the top of too-tight clothes. But I still blame Libra Moon (I just want everything to be beautiful)

      • Of course what’s even more appalling is when you don’t realize they have something in their mouth, happened to ask a question and they turn to face you full on and go, “Wot?”.. mouth gaping open, half-masticated meal saying hello in the most despicable way possible..

        A boy once asked me why it never happened between us and I told him that all desire abandoned me each time he kept on introducing me to his food..

        • eugh.. angel I so feel ya honey… men with bad eating habits are as bad as men who have bad toileting habits – like, didn’t they have a MOTHER? (I am not lining up to be the one to teach them good manners).

    • I so agree with you! I have Venus in Virgo too and cannot abide people talking whilst eating, gak!

  26. This is the type of quiz I would encounter in ‘Cosmopolitan’ and skip because I couldn’t give a sh!t what the answer is.

  27. Um, maddeningly deep Virgo-ness?!(and also quite Plutonian as it turns out after the DC test results; though as Mystic points out, we’re all feeling Pluto at the moment) –
    Perhaps best to ask my partner what the scale is on the Frustration barometer – especially seeing as I have Virgo sun/pluto/south node conjunct in 7th house – so maybe it all shows up in a partnership/relationship setting?? (However, he has a Virgo moon, so maybe doesn’t drive him AS batty as it might….)
    Have tossed out some odd socks(mainly kid’s ones) so I don’t have to wait around for their lost mate to turn up or not.
    Having small children/extra domestic duties/mess/chaos that they bring has definitely brought out more of my edges and some jagged nerves along the way. Getting more efficient at cleaning/housework helps, but still it (all) does ones’ head in – Indeed!! I remember reading once, that the seeming futility of it (making a bed when it’s going to get messed up again), sometimes eats at Virgo, & although known for their supposed fastidiousness – on this account they might sometimes ‘let it go’ and not do it….
    – Am crankiest when house is in a mess
    – In a terrific mood when house is clean & sparkling, everything in it’s place
    – Am amazed at the continuous, unrelenting, unforgiving pace of trying to keep up (trying to be like MusicalLibran’s mum!!) & trying to fake nonchalant doesn’t seem to work
    I have to smile when reading the many Virgo astro tidbits & confessionals – even the wannabe’s ! – it’s somewhat comforting knowing there’s others out there with similar angst (and pride at the same time!)….
    Thanks MM for the probe into the Maidens (and for just being all ’round fantastic & ingenious)

  28. If they ever get the Hardon Collider going and it opens up the crack between the dimensions, all the lost socks of the universe will come hurtling through, clog the skies and ground the aircraft globally all over again.

    • in my general day socks I only have one kind and I have exactly 9 pairs so I do not have to worry about socks mismatched. Other socks have different compartments.

      I love uniformity, they are all stacked neatly and arranged in colour and size

      Mars, Jupiter,Saturn,North Node and lilith in virgo

  29. Today, after once again freaking out when the office breaks out the spray and wipe anti-bacterial mutli-purpose industrial strength cleaner – I literally have to flee the office when this happens – I confessed that I wore a gas mask while using ‘Fabreeze’ on the weekend so I didn’t inhale any of it.

    I have been informally diagnosed as chemophobic
    and it is TOTALLY TRUE

    I have an irrational (although somewhat founded, I feel) prejudice against chemical cleaning products, food additives and cosmetics. It’s not just a preference for organic, it’s a FEAR of the inorganic.

    Anyways – I feel, that whilst potentially ‘dirty’, this is actually my mega deep Virgo rising to the surface.

    True Node conj Ascendant in Virgo, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter all in Virgo first house. I almost out Uber the Uber… almost.

    • I think that might out-Über me. Cripes! Maybe we could start a support group.

      Anyway, I hate chemical cleaning products etc too, but it’s not an actual phobia. I just launch into uncontrollable bitching. But I do that when forced to deal with filth as well.

      I have a theory that Virgo risings are even less relaxed than Virgo suns. We just have to manifest perfection, which is easy, but Virgo risings expect the rest of the world to do so as well.

      • Yes, I often think of the Fiona Apple (Virgo) lyric
        “Everything good I do is too good to be true, everything else is just a bore…”

      • Actually you are not on the wrong track at all Uber..I think I read that in another astro book as well, I can’t remember. But speaking as Virgo Rising, no I don’t expect the rest of the world to manifest long as their world stays the fuq away from mine, hahahaa..

    • Lex, I think that might be the Cap actually – is still earth sign and from what I see (also my moon in cap), caps are all about high standards, authenticity and Right Ingredients (for whatever – business model, panna cotta, cotton/linen jacket)… thus chemical crap is seen as superfluous to needs, since the real thing is out there and will last longer, keep us healthier, look better… perhaps?

      • you might be onto something there. perhaps its a combo of the two that makes for such an intense, committed rejection of all things manufactured and bio-corrosive.
        Or just the Cap sucker for hard-work – “I can remove that gunk just as thoroughly with a little hot water and elbow grease”

        • Hah – I too get sick when the office is cleaned, its so bad I have gone home with ferocious hay fever, knocked out by antihistamines.

          Personally, things get cleaner with bi-carb and vinegar, smell fresher cos the gunk is GONE, not just smeared into new locations, and hidden under perfume.

          My nucking futz housemate washes her clothes in organic detergent – then uses Cuddly softener…. WTF? She also doesn’t rinse the dishes after washing – so detergent remains on the dishes when ‘clean’. Revolting.

          • Ooooooooh. That’s my big NUMBER ONE virgo pet hate. Yes yes yes. Dishes must be rinsed in clear hot water after washing to remove all the detergent!!!!! Oh, the skin crawls when I see them stacked up in the dish rack covered in suds, waiting to infect my next meal in toxic petro-chemicals.

    • ha, was that gaskmask just for the “fabreeze” or was there something more about having your face strapped into something tight and inpenetratbable ??

      virgo is the sign I most associate with fetish

      and by fetish people I mean actual fetish

  30. A dirty sock can send me into an itching and cleaning binge.

    I notice that when I’m really busy is the only real time when I clean up a lot. I’m a relatively neat person in general… I think so anyway there are other people who don’t think so… but DIRT is what gets me. When I see it under nails. When I see it caked on mirrors or clothes or anything that I’m looking at I judge. I judge harshly.

    It’s a complex. I’ve had a panic attack once because I washed my hands and the water was brown from the dirt on my hands (I was outside playing with kids all day).

    Dirt… Ick.

    So, my answer is B. Except where do those things go???

    I’m a sagg btw.

  31. Ok this interests me as currently my Gem Asc is under scrutiny as I have a plethora of Virgos in my life (we always get along famously, even if it’s purely for the sake of trying to thrash each other at Scrabble) AND my serial killer work space and desk arrangement.

    So I think I might actually have Virgo Asc. I’m only thinking this as Virgo is nowhere else in natal chart, although plethora of 6th house bizo. But not sure.

    Does the following qualify me as having Virgoan tendancies?:

    – cannot function surrounded by mess – cannot cook in messy kitchen, must tidy EVERYTHING up first, then start from scratch. Same for work – impossible to sit down when there is dust/bits of paper/shit everywhere.
    – anally organise books, magazines, files in colour and height order
    – have a spastic amount of spreadsheets – job trackers, income, invoices, quotes, expenses, personal budget. Actually do not trust accounting packages and think my system is way better.
    – hand drawn labels unless deliberately using cool hand drawn font on schmick labels is NOT ON and will actually irritate me everytime I look at them
    – do not understand the concept of “piles of paper” .. WHY? What are they doing there? Would drive me insane wondering what important information was hidden in said “pile”
    – a new job is not a new job until it has a job number. Period.
    – people with a bazillion icons and crap on their computer desktops instantly make me have an anxiety attack.

    • ps:

      – water marks on sink not ok. Must wipe down with teatowel until gleaming
      – same for pots
      – dirty tiling a horrific experience
      – sensitive nose – garbage must be put out and perfume used judiciously
      – food is not to be dumped on plate but arranged artfully to please palate
      – dumb people should sent off to a far away island where I don’t have to listen to them
      – blackheads require instant extermination
      – smoking inside is NOT ON even though I smoke

    • ps ps:

      – dirty teeth are not acceptable. Medibank offers cheap extras cover with two free teeth cleans a year. No excuse.
      – chinese food smelling BO is blatantly a public nuisance
      – people farting in my vicinity are not acceptable either. Ok one needs to fart from time to time – but have you heard of a place called the BATHROOM with a vacuum force fan air sucking up thing???? Like really whenever I have to smell someone’s fart I automatically think “oh great! Whatever was up X’s butt is now floating up my nose.” Beautiful. *rolls eyes*

      • ps ps ps: I am never late … except for when I used to work full time and then I was always late for work – but I put that down to some latent passive aggressive stance against corporate working hours a la my Aqua Mars & MC. Otherwise I am always early or bang on time.

        Oh and I can guestimate the time without a watch to about 2 minutes of the actual clock time.


        • that’s some kind of gnarly plutonic extermination of crud thing going on. mars in 6th? mars pluto? pluto sextile virgo something? either way my deep-down irascible snob moon in cap likeee

          • Pluto is in Virgo making aspects to Neptune, Jupe, Merc (Sextile), Moon and Venus (Square) and Saturn (Trine) …. plus 3 planets in 6th house. I reckon it’s the Saturn and Merc that’s doing the job.

        • hmmm. If you were truly Virgo asc you would have already called the hospital you were born at and insisted on them telling you the exact moment of your birth, yes?

          but, yeah, you do sound a bit, um, un geminian 🙂

          • I did. When I was 21. Had to go through the Greek Consulate and use an interpreter and everything. At first they couldn’t even find me coz I was registered under my christening name which was something ridiculous like Maria Maria Maria Angelica or whatever. Obviously my numerous godmothers and the priest thought I needed as much help from the saints as possible. Cut a long story short … no record of birth time.

        • Kataka has a lot to answer for here prowln! I share some of your *tendencies* but suspect some are Kataka (of which I have more than a stellium conj). Also re your Asc – where is your Merc and what are the major aspects to it???

          • Ermm … yes the kitchen fastidiousness could have something to do with Crab Sun and Venus in 1st house.

            Otherwise Mercury:

            Mercury Leo 1°13’03 in house 3
            Mercury Trine Jupiter 4°09
            Mercury Sextile Saturn 0°53
            Mercury Trine Neptune 0°34
            Mercury Sextile Pluto 4°00

          • Just remembered i had your birth deets from way back in my uumm, little book of secrets. Well imho you are definitely Gem riser – Asc makes 2 beautiful aspects – trine Jupiter conj Neptune in the 6th house – your daily contacts and work environment etc.. Plus it sextiles Pluto in the 5th which is also conj Lillith (bitch moon). Your airy trine from Asc to 6th house also trines Aqua NN in the 9th house. This to me definitely resonates with your intellect and wit. It also sextiles Chiron in the 11th house and this trines your Saggo DC – lots of half horse/half men around you – lol. Something interesting is you have Part of Fortune at 0 degrees Cap – that’s gotta be fortuitous?

          • Oh and you lack the earth element in your chart so perhaps all the Virgo friends are a compensation. Perhaps you attract the earth peeps but your air can only love the virgos due to their mercurial nature???

          • WOW I have no idea what that means FF but it sounds good nonetheless. Re men = hrmph *whinney* stamps foot. Re PoF = I do tend to meet a lot of influential people quite by accident. I hate self promotion in terms of business. They just seem to want to do it for me?

        • Please don’t bitch slap me if I don’t get the hand towels lined up correctly, prowln…please please please don’t (shivering).

          Unless you wear your boots. hee hee

        • Don’t know if this is Virgo assc or wot, but I tell you I am letting my sis’ know she is passive aggressive in her lateness because this strikes as so true.

          That pic was simple and big enough to look great as an avatar and small btw, it looks really good on you.

          • Can’t speak for your sis but for me it’s sooo true. Like client meetings and social events do tend to make me nervous prior to the event, but I’m never late. But if I passionately detest something (working fulltime for someone else) … I’m always late despite good intentions. Actually I just resent the implication that I will be somewhere within 5-10 minutes of the clock hour. I find the concept heinous. And yet without that pressure … I’m there, bang on time, or early. Weird

        • thanks for the insight: being late = pass agg.

          check and check (but trying to weed that out of my psyche).

          • read above explanation to FireTrine … but it’s def a subconscious thing in my opinion and experience. 🙂

  32. OMG my Virgo rising really shows up when it comes to the laundry.
    There is only one way to hang it – mine – and don’t mess with it. Do not walk away from the clothes line leaving a sheet or towel hanging crookedly and expect to ever be welcome in my home again 🙂

    What is it with all the lost socks, I’ve never lost a sock in the 30 years I’ve been doing my own laundry?

  33. I actually used to go out of my way to ensure I was wearing mismatched socks. Now I only care if they match if they somehow form part of the outfit.

    I have a housecleaning frenzy every couple of months, otherwise I happily live in an organised mess.

    I can spot a grammatical error a mile away and it stands out like it’s written in neon. However, I don’t correct people (unless I’m proofreading, of course) – I kind of enjoy creative variation in language?

    pisces with gem rising, aq moon. Not a virgo bone in my body! Dated a virgo once; the constant ‘helpful’ suggestions about how to improve my skin care routine (what routine?)/life/sock drawer/etc kind of wore me out.

    • Wait, I just re-checked my chart… third house in Virgo.

      I certainly am thingy about communication – if my boyfriend is rubbish at writing to me he stands NO CHANCE. If they write me eloquent love notes/letters, I am pretty much theirs for the taking.

      My Ceres is in Virgo, too… now that I think about it, I do remember an ex complaining I mother-nagged him…

  34. I feel like a fraud Virgo right now…. Well, in this section told me to “Virgo up”, to let the Pisces moon hold less of a sway over me. Eeeehhh… I let a lot of things go these days; they’re just not worth my powers of attention to details/discrimination/whatchamacallit. I channel those at work, or having great sex. Have even discovered that the sky didn’t fall down when I started vacuuming less, or obsessing less over the kitchen sink’s gleaming-ness, or less of any of the other things. My observation, of myself, (how effing Virgo), is that a lot of the things I used to ocd over, it was so I could feel somewhat in control and also if I didn’t do them I’d be valued less. I was wrong. YIPPEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Hallelujah!!! Even doing less of the previously ocd things, my place is still cleaner than a lot of peeps; coz they tell me, hehehe….. 😆

    Still learning to be kinder to self. Would never dream of subjecting others to the standards I hold myself to!!! It would be classified abuse! But to self…the Pisces moon is good to listening to self. The Scorp rising is bemused by it all; just wants to do things intensely. 😉

  35. No Virgo at all. Am forever putting my g-string on in the wrong direction.

  36. I think my bedroom would make a virgo cry. Lots of books and papers all over the place, it’s horrifically disorganised AND I’m always late.

    I definitely have some virgoan hygiene standards though. I don’t take baths, unless I’ve had a shower first, because then I’m just sitting in the dirt I’m trying to wash off! I also had to go on a mad cleaning spree of my boyfriend’s student digs, because it was literally unbearable. I don’t understand why the concept of throwing out mouldy food seems to escape people as soon as they enter university???

  37. a) d) e)

    at first mis-matched socks annoy me, so I pop them all in a basket ear-marked as ‘mis-matched socks’ and hope that one day the washing machine or my kids bedrooms will one day spit the missing partner out. After about two years they are then all thrown in the bin. Playschool would be mortified at how many potential puppets I’ve led to the final solution.

    I don’t mind mess and I don’t mind dirt but I DO mind BOTH mess and dirty in the same area – one has to go – usually both – at least for a while so some sort of equilibrian is established. 🙂

  38. A psyche would be having a fit with this bunch of virgos all in one place and running for the nearest bar or hospital in fear. As a very non virgoan you are doing my head in. I went out with a virgo rising for 3 weeks and that was enuf i was judged the whole way. It was awful
    I think you guys need a whole cartegory just for yourselves some place to hang out in where you can all speak the same language.

  39. I don’t understand! I’m sun and venus in virgo, and I don’t care about odd socks! As long as they feel the same – ie I wouldn’t wear a thick sock with a trainer sock. But colour wise – no probs. I’ll generally wear the pair if they’re together, but not really bothered if they’re odd.

    Would having scorpio rising, or venus trine uranus, or leo moon make me more chilled out in typical virgo stakes?

  40. Does this explain ending my 2 year relationship over the state of the floors in my house?

  41. Virgoness? I found that is an evolving process…
    Having Sun, Mercury and Pluto in Virgo, with Capp rising, it was not a surprise to find out that pressing recently washed/dried clothes could be a relaxing activity for late nights!

    After the pressing session, one must pay attention to vital details, commonly overlooked by many less deep Virgos:
    • The hangers have to be of a single type (no, all those different, sagged dry clean wire hangers are NOT OK),
    • Clothes should be organized by colors.
    • Oh, and yes, 1 hanger = 1 piece of clothing; no, layers of clothes on a single hanger are NOT OK either!
    • No need to say that the hangers have to be all facing a single way; you can choose if they will be facing the door or the wall, but once chosen the direction, one must keep the consistency! Shirts? The same way, dear…

    Surprise was when an “improved Virgo” friend asked:” But are all the hangers evenly spread on your closet?”
    In despair, I run to the closet just to find a disastrous arrangement: a bunch of hangers here, a huge gap (of at least 10cm) and another bunch there.
    How could I have missed that?!

    • oh, snap on the hanger regime, and snap on the deep Virgo-ness (Sun, Merc, Pluto and Uranus in Virgo plus Cap asc – are we twins?!)

      I only wish I had gaps in my closet – my clothing archive has long outgrown the available hanging space.

  42. C!

    Our household socks are always sorted after laundry and folded in pairs before they are put in the drawer. Any singles are placed in another drawer until after the next laundry day. Any remaining singletons are banished to the shoe polishing kit.

    My Virgo rules my 6th house and Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto are all in Virgo. In my daily work, I have become increasingly organized over the years. I have been staying on the Virgoan Path of Improvement in this area of my life for much of my adult life.

  43. Having a laugh that Virgo sock sorting has been almost as popular as the looking for the Goddess guy!!

  44. Venus in 1 Virgo 8th house conjunct Leo Moon

    Just “conquered” lifetime of SEVERE messiness – super ordering for the last few months WAHAYYY!!! 🙂

    V pernickty about matching COLOURS and all the variations – why can’t anyone see what I do!!!! That there are infinitesimal shades of a colour (tried 10 RED wall paints before I got THE ONE) Husband “its green” no there is turquoise, sea green, sage, emerald, grass green, aquamarine, teal, and lots with no name!

    I don’t do odd black socks enough to drive anyone mad SOLUTION
    !) get one style and make so they all mix and match and who cares if they are with their original partner OR
    2) get different colours so it is obvious and the odd ones get thrown
    (having said that being a cancerian I have one odd lilac sock I have had for about 2 years convinced its partner will turn up somewhere- poor thing 🙁

  45. Mars in Virgo (5th) and Pluto in the sixth (Lib).

    Y’know I am not pernickety. I don’t care if things aren’t perfect. Of course I would LOVE everything artfully tousled and ultra clean, but I don’t care enough about order to put it before, say, relationships or life.
    (But I do care about a tidy kitchen as I have met some rats, mice and cockroaches late at night in kitchens and thats just filthy).

    Like Kataka on Fire I only just discovered order late in my life and I now really adore having systems. My doc reckons I am slightly ADD but is quick to note it is common in creative/shamanic type thinkers (!!).

    Also like KonF, I am extremely colour sensitive and cannot wear discordant colours and used to change outfits several times a day to suit my mood.

    Socks should remain unpaired until their perfect match is found. No one night sock stands allowed.

  46. Hmm your moniker mean anything as I have a Grand Trine in Fire..seems we have much in common (except perhaps my laissez faire heartless attitude to the lone socks!)

    I found Messies anonymous helpful – really had issues with clutter and hoarding but pretty uptight about cleaning, and own appearance, no one would guess my guilty secret until they came over and those people love me anyway…. much better now sigh peaceful house, time to do things!

    Also recently let go of the “I’m not going to / can’t start xyz because it isn’t going to be perfect” thing and just GET IT DONE! Shifted several qualifications recently after years of perfection procrastination.

  47. Hello KonF I am Leo, Aries Asc with Moon in Sagg, I didn’t know much when I made up my name here BUT on Tues. I have my first astro reading, so I will let you know if I have a Grand Trine, I don’t really know yet!

    I will post something on it after then! Ditto re the appearance as I liked to appear immaculate (it’s an insecurity thing) at work. Perfection procrastination c’est moi!!
    But am no hoarder, I LOVE to chuck things out. My hubby does too, we have an industrial sized bin in our kitchen!

    And what is your trine about and where? Edjumacate me there?