Gerard Butler’s Scorpy New Apartment

Gerard Butler apartment interior

As discussed previously, Gerard Butler is a Scorpio.

He is about to appear on the cover of Architectural Digest with his apartment refurb.  According to his designer’s website here, he wanted something elegant & gorgeous but terribly raw and masculine.

Okay, my points…

* I cannot post the pic but if you look at the designers website, it shows the foyer of the apartment with a ceiling mosiac of Zeus/Jupiter getting off with Ganymede – the official most beautiful boy in the world. I mean, one doesn’t give a shit but is he coming out or what? Or did the designer mis-interp “terribly raw and masculine?”

* It’s really weird, I have never seen a Gerard Butler movie but have become aware of him entirely though trailers, pap-pics and sleb-goss fluff. He is not vibing Scorpy in the way that – say – Leonardo Di Caprio always does.

* The overhead beams being exposed are shocking Feng Shui.

* Does he actually play Chess or is that chess set just perched there to make him look profound?

* Scorpios need Red & Purple in an apartment. This is too Earth for a Scorpio. We’ll know if he’s really a Scorp or not when the pix of his bedroom come out…Or maybe he hired a storage vat for all the stuff in there until after the photo shoot was done.

* That desk-table with the big throne behind it – is that a football on the table? And a packed ye olde fashioned bag beneath it? A tad Saggo?

* And is that a portrait of himself on the left, just ever so casually propped up against a wall?? Or is it his Ganymede dude??  If it’s GB himself and he asked for that throne, then we are definitely talking Leo Rising.

* Not to be too bitchy but that paint effect on the walls looks like killer-mould. One would worry. He clearly has NO Virgo in his chart because that would induce screeching hypochondria in a Virgo. Virgo would be up all night snorting vitamin C powder and pulsating the anti toxic damp acupressure points on his/her feet.

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Omg, I love this apartment… needs a bit of color, maybe pillows or throws, but I could totaly live there. Dreamy.

Cancer sun, Leo moon, Aries rising

katrina purcell

well i like his pad. i love everything earthy about it…don’t you think mother nature is not important any more.. i see a lot of it here in this photo taken..why carn’t a man be a king in his own castle..good on you gerard it’s a lovely home..curious kat

leonine librarian

It screams stage setting to me. Maybe that appeals to him on some basis? That feeling that someone’s going to come springing out crying, ‘lights camera…’


poor gerard, i feel like he got massively gypped, and i cant believe his scottish soul is not screaming, as someone said before ‘nice space lets just strip it back…’

all my scorp mates have great taste, i think its the movie biz, all that dosh starts really messing wiv yr head, now viggo wouldenta let them do one on him! i think those guys need to sit down and have a beer….well maybe not!


The heavy, dark overhead beams are a big Feng Shui No-No.

fallen angel

Guys, is it just me or does this not look like Store #32 for Anthropologie?? The link is massive so just search in Google images. Or click on the home section of the store… Also, having grown up in the tropics this sort of design (distressed everything, plants, begilding..) was quite popular in “designed” homes, it’s a bit much for me.. something about it is so contrived. Like there are elements that can be good on their own..but the whole going for “my penthouse is actually the ruins of a rambling mansion in Europe” is just well, a touch nouveau… Read more »


I’d be totally embarrassed to bring any one home if that was my apartment. Not that it would be. yeah, so rustic, (yawn)oh you play chess (yawn) , oh my god this is the apartment of someone who has no idea and just wrote a cheque to some silly interior desiiigner who also has no idea. I mean really, look at that fuqing desk, lamp and chair..hideous.



Tom Ford would have a fit.


then die, then turn in his grave.


Where are the bats – or should that be:
Who is ………. bats


very Transylvania


Just checked out his chart online and apparently he is Multi Scorp (Sun, Merc, Venus, Nept) in the 2nd House, Rising Libra and Moon in Cap. His Saturn is in Taurus and with all that 2nd House action perhaps this explains the faint whiff of Cher floating through his apartment. The taste level is questionable here for someone with Libra and Cap so prominent. The paint, the columns, the vases – I am thinking as he is meant to be quite the Uranian and that it is tongue in cheek nod to his Grecian past life where he was more… Read more »

Christina Brown

Grecian past life? Do tell 🙂


The chess set screams scorp to me. Every scorp I have ever met has a thing for chess. Aside from that it doesn’t seem to Scorp at all. Clearly that interior designer knows not of astrology, or knows more about Gerard’s chart than we do.


out of interest, what would people consider scorpionic if you had to not lean on serious cliche for example? x

unpredictable pisces

I have a couple of scorp friends and they are generally pretty subtle I think. Generally less about show and more about action. I usually see combinations of black and red. depending on the aesthetics of the scorpio, this may be tastefully done, or not there;s definitely some reference to erotica – a book of sexy short stories, or maybe the kama sutra (or its more modern and practical derivatives). My gay scorp friend has a small set of arty photos of various male body parts, mostly a penis really. my heavily scorped g/f but with a Libran veneer always… Read more »


Well Dahlings, I’m a Scorpio who plays chess and ny home is accents of black, silver dark wood floors chandeliers and classical pictures with red upholstery . Love Gerry’s choice of the Rape of Ganymede and of course raw beams is very Celtic. Wish I could afford a house with them.
This is a beautiful apartment and his taste is very classical. Love it Gerry, well done you can come and deisgn my home anytime. Cup of tea dahling?


Joan (HUG) xxx


…and speaking of men with something to hide….


it’s VILE – like living in a theme park


Nice house! Put aside the chairs, then strip it down to the bare walls and start over.


This perspective didn’t freak me out – quite like the earthy woody stuff when the room is obviously large enough to cope with it.

But then I visited the designers site and looked at the rest….and ended up almost rolling round the floor laughing.

There’s an “Italianate” furniture store just up the road…at least two of the shots look like they are shots of the layout and floor stock of that store.

So theatrical. So over the top. So unreal and unlived in. Inauthentic. It doesn’t say ‘male and raw’ to me at all.


didn’t check the rest of the pad. this is making me look x

Ãœber Virgo

I love how they put fake books in these apartments to make the occupants look like they’re literate.


Now Now Uber, he was a Lawyer… and extremely hot… once…
Besides, some pornography is technically literature.

year of the fox

ha! spot on!


i hear this about scorpio liking black, red and purple in house. I like red but only in accents. Some black but not walls. The idea of my room looking like teenage emo angst/ 90s dungeon theme doesn’t do it for me. I think of all the Scoprios I know (many) and no one has this aesthetic. always a love of wood and raw materials. strong colour themes over washed out subtle tones but nothing as obvious. The amount of natural light is one of my favourite aspects of my bedroom. My dress sense is a lot easier to pick… Read more »


My taste really does not conform to the idea of what a Scorpio would like either, except maybe the occasional matt black wall but with lots of wood and paleness to balance it out. I’m obsessed with browns, beige, muted natural tones and I know a lot of other Scorps who are too. Have a lot of taxidermy but that’s more from a love of nature than my inner goth. Although I definitely look like the most classic Scorp you could conjure up, no getting away from that, even in a beige sweater!! There are elements of that apartment I… Read more »


And, hey, are exposed beams really bad Feng Shui?? – I love exposed beams. But then Feng Shui has always left me completely cold, the most uncomfortable home I have ever spent time in had been totally Fenged and I couldn’t wait to get outta there. Maybe I’m un-Shui-able.


hahahhhhhhhhhhha “un Shuiable”…

You so funny Lexicorn…

“Beamer”….gives a whole new meaning to the car don’t ya think?


Gerrardess, The Scotsman, is definitely cute. Left half way through “The Bounty Hunter” tho on my theatre hopping escapade. Was too tired. Now I know why. Gerry baby, if all that, pump it up a notch! This pix… way, way too staged. Yuck. Show me Gerry with shaving cream on his face & in his boxers, or, laying in bed with the maid bringing him cream and scones….SOMETHING! Rather than this run of the mill “see how cerebral I am cuz I play chess”. Hell, I can run little statues around a checker board too! And I don’t even play… Read more »


Pre 300 film when he became mega-buff and kinda square shaped he was SO WORTH delivering cream to in bed.


Love it! (Pisces) The wood, exposed beams, leather, open floor plan, and the large open windows. I could feel right at home there.


Regarding the Ganymede tiles – apparently Gerard is bisexual

He’s confirmed it a few times.

I’m more than happy to marry him and change the furniture – the actual woodwork, architecture and fit out seems quite earthy and would suit me fine. Just needs to be made COMFORTABLE did you see that pic of him in the chair, he doesn’t even know how to sit on the shit.




agreed – way too earthy, even for this scorpio with taurus rising/cap moon. Nothing looks comfortable, so I’d rule out the taurus. Some Libra in there maybe, with all the neutrals?

Ãœber Virgo

I hate this in more ways than I can possibly express. BROWN & BEIGE FFS!


I’m with you there, it looks grotty way before it actually is.

It’s the kind of place I couldn’t settle for the fear that the owner will produce an ice pick & chase me down in that dungeon & stab me to death. Urgh the stuff of nightmares, honestly I’m sure a few of mine have been staged there lol.

The only nice piece is the vintagey looking candle lights on the wall and the oasis of red.


I can’t tell who is more gay, Butler, or the interior designer. I particularly loved the little touches on the designers website, like the gladiator movie showing on the flat screen TV.

Yeah, this place is way too earthy for Scorpio. Hell, it’s too earthy for ME, and I’m a triple taurus, Earth of Earth.

BTW, what’s wrong with the Feng Shui of exposed beams? I used to live in a loft with open beams like that, I had constant problems with the upstairs neighbors.

The Leo Socialite

Chess is Virgo. Leos just do it to pose. This apartment very Leo. Scorpios would have smut everywhere. Maybe he hid it?


Chess is totally a scorp game.


I reckon Gerard’s got a hefty dose of Leo and Toro in his chart hence the throne chair and kingly desk setup, self portraiture iconography (it’s actually the promo poster for his latest flick Gamer – fairly crap sci fi blood n guts flick, ok for a boring Sunday arvo) .. and also the elegantly decaying medieval look which would be the Toro influence. And since Toro influenced blokes often seem to view new agey stuff like feng shui as a bunch of crap, doubtless he doesn’t give two hoots about the exposed beams. Plus have you seen his neck??… Read more »

virgo cat

Very interesting. Toro eh? Ya. That could make a lot of sense. Good call.

Stress Princess

I agree. Toro. It’s similiar to George Clooney’s place in Italy (well, okay, so I haven’t been there personally, but…) All rustic chic and earthy. Quite like it myself (Cap, Libra rising) but yah, terribly staged – Stylist: “Gerard, sweetie, your agent says we have to subtly place a pic of your up-coming flick in the living area. Don’t worry, I have three in the boot of my hybrid Hummer. And can we get the footy out of the garage and place it on your desk instead of the laptop and books? I mean, Gawd, we don’t want you to… Read more »


Ha yep and it reminds of the Cher palace but in male application with possibly a gay male stylist to help things along.

I actually think it’s gorgeous … love the high ceilings and the exposed beams and huge open windows and I’m a total wood freak … very rustic Italian/French provincial. Obviously being a crab I would “warm it up” a bit with … well at least a cheese platter and a bottle of red wine, with some bright orange, fushcia and red soft furnishings to brighten up the earth tones.

Stress Princess

My Libra Rising, Cancer moon is screaming “soft furnishings!!” I mean, is a lusciously rich throw rug/ curtain/ wall hanging too much to ask? And what about cushions??? As a Cap sun, I have to have expensive-looking, lush material, plump, fabulous cushions over everything. (Always bought on spesh, of COURSE!) Gerard needs something on all those cold, hard surfaces to soften the shags. Or maybe that’s what he’s looking for in a ladee – one who can hack it? Ow.

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