Clean Sweep With The Virgo Moon

Claudia Schiffer with broom up her skirt

Merry Moon in Virgo.

Yes, this IS an image of the v.Virgoan Claudia Schiffer with a broom up her, um, bum.

No, I don’t know what the creative concept behind the shoot was.

But it’s Virgo in the sense that their are books (learning) a Virgo looking prim and with her bangs neatly trimmed and, well, a clean broom albeit a supernaturally possessed one.

Is she meant to be a witch caught about to fly off someplace and she’s trying to conceal the fact? Is this a patented new Virgo cleaning method?

Anyway, the Moon is in Virgo for basically the whole weekend and there will be Work Ethic, Hygiene Mastery and Even Blood Sugar if you want it.

The Saturn-Uranus Opposition is also in full operation, like the Large Hadron Particle Collider, and the time rewards ruthless reinvention.

Look all around you for signs of people suddenly making quite rad changes. Of course they have properly been in the works since last October. And how many break-ups are there which, according to the media, actually happened late 2009 but are now being outed?

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48 thoughts on “Clean Sweep With The Virgo Moon

  1. Planning a session at the beach – gonna salt scrub my face, chest and back, then I’m gonna sand scrub my scalp, while lounging in the waves of the Northern Rivers beaches……. BLISS! Virgo out AND play at the beach!!!!!!!

  2. so… um.. what you’re saying then is that there is no link to buy one of these… brooms?

  3. While it never surprises me to see a virgo with a stick up her ass, I am more intrigued by the book cabinets. The books are all immaculately sorted by similar height, and behind glass where they will be dust free. I suspect the cases are locked too, the books are just for show. I remember living with a virgo gf for several years, she had big bookcases with tons of books, but I don’t recall ever seeing her read one.

    • The only person I’ve ever seen do that was a Cap hung up on her philosopher ex, so she “vibed well read” complete with markers on the books, which naturally had never ever felt her breath on them.

      Interestingly enough, one of my Scorp best friends (and I have loads) loathes having books around. “It’s just not neat” he says. Maybe he owns stock in Kindle.

  4. You know, I’m normally fine to suspend disbelief with conceptual fashion photos, but WTF?
    Unless it’s an advertisement for a new type of, er, self pleasuring instrument (can be installed on all handy household appliances, such as broom).

    I’m definitely in a Virgo mood… Weekend of planning, tidying, indexing, clearing out: coming up! Currently completely knackered, coming down with hopefully just a cold not flu…need to up the vegetable quotient.

  5. I am feeling the virgo moon! Moon conjunct jupiter

    ….. & I am guessing Claudes is feeling the Virgo moon as it er seems to be squaring Uranus……. πŸ˜€

  6. Don’t feel Virgoan
    Just want to eat sugar, sugar sugar
    And stuff the cleaning.

    • Hi FireTrine.

      We should have a sugar party…. then whilst in the throws of a sugar high… clean like whirling dervishes…

      Then have a nap.

  7. She hasn’t got a pole up her butt! She’s a super Virgo witch flying around eradicating dust .. crap … illogical thinking. And that’s MY bookcase. Ok my ideal bookcase … actually my ideal office. The glass is there to protect against irritating dust buildup that requires tedious cleaning. She’s smart our Virgo witch.

    • Those beautiful antique bookcases are hard to live with in reality
      energetically speaking, all that opening & closing…reaching etc.

      Books & me have conversations, they are written on with 6 variety
      of pens-pencils, texta’s, underlined, asked questions to author, coffee
      stained, bits of shell, feathers, ribbon, masses of bookmarks using
      perfume sample cards from DJ’s or Myer. In other words MY books would
      look really bizarre in those cases, but would love the house to match them.

      • *cough splutter frightened look* … you do that to BOOKS?? I take photocopies and stick into my visual diaries and make page notes with references in there – or on my computer spreadsheet. But writing in and sticking stuff on the actual book? I can’t do it. Post it notes is as far as I go.

          • My books are art books – not words but picture books haha. I think I would scream if someone damaged one of them. I get extremely antsy if anyone cracks the spine on my paperbacks.
            Consequently my books look pristine and unread, even though they have been carefully pored over.
            And I know if anyone else has looked at them … ha.

        • Read them. Leave them lying around filled with bookmarks, pencils, under the furniture (woops), kicked into the corner, found again, new bookmarks and throw away the now-trashed dust jacket. Book finally makes it onto a shelf, then back out for second reading. Coffee stains, wine spills, back under the bed. Out again. Onto the shelf.

          This is unusual?

          If it’s an unloved book, it’s read once, then sent off to the thrift store while immaculate. So the trashed-out books are the GOOD ones.

    • I kinda liked “speakless.”
      I’m speakless for a second, too. WTF. Very disturbing photo, not made less so by the fact that she looks so unperturbed by bum interference. But truthfully, I think it’s just a photoshop mistake (along the lines of

  8. I dunno..the way she’s kind of standing THAT pertly, calves bowed out in attention, well, I just don’t think that broom is up her butt…I actually think she’s doing some version of the Supreme Kegel and attempting to whittle down one side of that broom stick.

    Mayhaps even carve it??? gasp…

    • typical Virgo witch … not only helpful to others but concerned about unslightly urine leakage in her old age! No Depends for her! πŸ˜‰

  9. What beautiful bookshelves! Take that woman with the broom up her ass out of the way and …ah…perfection.
    Can’t bear it when people write in books. I would hate to meet my former self while re-reading a book years later, and I do keep all my books. But I have a habit of putting little notes between the pages which can be interesting years later when you suddenly come across telephone numbers for ex-boyfriends etc.
    I hate it when you buy a second hand book and somebody, no doubt pretending that they had all the answers, has gone through and underlined ‘salient’ passages. Bring me the eraser.

  10. It’s her facial expression that is the great thing about this photograph, as she is looking out the window (reflected in glass cabinets): ‘Now I’ve tidied the library, I guess I’ll have to go outside and sweep those leaves off the path.’

  11. “And how many break-ups are there which, according to the media, actually happened late 2009 but are now being outed?”

    wow. story of my life. first ‘break up’ happened in october 09, now i think it’s actually happening.

    how amazing!

  12. My first thought was that she was trying out some new butt-tightening exercise which involves lots of clenching. The broom is just there to help her do it right – it falls down if she isn’t.

  13. Virgo moon has brought me a full-on health crash…fun. But at least it’s forcing me to get it together and take care of myself. Just ordered a gang of herbs and have a massage booked for later. Ahhhhhhh!

  14. This could be the German ad for the new “Swiffer Broom.” “Stick your old broom up your ass. Get our new and improved broom!”

  15. “Are you anally retentive about cleaning? Think dirt is a pain in the ass? Cleaning lady fat and ugly? WELL TRY THIS!!”

  16. That broom making a clean sweep alright…

    “Dr. Dooheiney’s Industrial Dash”…

    “We go where no mop would dare to plunge”…..

    It looks kinda thin tho πŸ˜†