Astrological Inkblot Analysis

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Ink blot art I was once made to do an inkblot test at school.  The teacher, i swear, was drunk. A bottle of Gordons Gin on the test and a copy of a book with a title something like “Inkblot Testing For Idiots” is not a good combo. None of my inkblot interps fitted her diagnostic manual. I became truculent. Someone less drunk was called in to referee. The inkblot testing session was cancelled. But still, I love the idea of it.

So, citing your sign, what do you think this image is all about? I think it will be best if you don’t peek at previous answers and then it will be more of a scientific (lol) survey of how the different signs, elements or modalities see the blot thingies…

They were – of course – invented by a Scorpio: Hermann Rorschach

Go For It – What is this thing?

I think it’s Batman doing ballet from behind, trying to go en pointe but he’s got tentacles. However, I think it’s de rigeur to say everything reminds you of a phallus, no?

Image: Tony Just – Sommer & Kohl – Berlin

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119 thoughts on “Astrological Inkblot Analysis

  1. It’s a hole in the sky.
    Reality and the black void ripping through the pretty pink sunset to destroy the world.
    Now THAT’S an ink blot test.


  2. I know its all over now, but I’m catching up from lost timezone etc…

    This Capricorn sees a Masquerade ball mask disguising tears that are ruining well applied mascara.

  3. At first glance a butterfly, second glance two birds pressed together, third glance a black bat…which then got me thinking about that poem from Tennyson ‘Come into the garden Maud, for the black bat….’

    Very symbolic

  4. Actually Scorpalicious, maybe it’s lack of water?
    Pretty sure clouds are water droplets or ice crystals.
    Which would make sense – The only water element in my chart is Scorpio in Saturn.

  5. Libra Sun – It’s a fruit bat, and I’m probably inclined to that conclusion because there’s a bat colony down the road, stinks to high heaven, and thousands of the buggers fly overhead at dusk.

  6. Twin black birds colliding at the heart. Or maybe joined at the heart. This painting makes me feel melancholy, sad but not depressed.

  7. gemini sun~either a ‘push me pull you’ butterfly (coming and going) or 2 birds w/machine gun beaks back to back (takin no chances or would that b prisoners?)

  8. LOL the splodge makes me think of those journaling / high brow scrapbooking books that teach people how to unleash the artist within.

  9. I can’t decide. This morning I had a quick squiz and thought a butterfly with its knickers in a twist, but now I’m seeing duelling black peacocks or are they scrub turkeys.

  10. Gem sun/ pisces rising/ cap moon:
    spent the day&nite flying & thinking how close am to Sat-Ura. Nine hr flight went by inviting both holding a scissor together, to cut the stale cords to past. So my reading: it is the moment before Phoenix was rising thru ash flexing wings – hence burnt color

  11. I see two little vultures peeking up over space guns, or a pelvic bone I am not sure. Regardless, I assume it was a very chic revolution, as I am digging the colour palate. All revolutions should be chic.

  12. I immediately focused on the background & thought of pink/purple/orange clouds at dusk (which I have always loved).

    Taurus Sun & Rising, Capricorn Moon.

    No idea why someone so Earthy would be so fascinated by clouds!

      • Actually Scorpalicious, maybe it’s lack of water?
        Pretty sure clouds are water droplets or ice crystals.
        Which would make sense – The only water element in my chart is Scorpio in Saturn.

        Ctrl V’d…. A delete button would be handy for when I forget to hit reply 😉

  13. Aqua sun, Kataka moon.

    It’s a beautiful butterfly, I’m digging that pink/purple colour it’s given me inspiration for the garden.

  14. Two lovely little hummingbirds have learned how to hover and nuzzle. They are the opposite kind to albinos – their down the presence of all colours not absence. Is nuzzle a word?


  15. First impression: two black swans paddling towards each other on a sunset lit lake, leaving water-ripple trails in their wake.

    And then I saw a squashed, black heart (hahaha … can someone say love-bitter?!), followed by a pelvis.

  16. Ok, so now I’M going to be the one looking like a Psychotic on a Freakin Day Pass…because when I look at this I think, UTERUS.

    Or PELVIS.

    Or LUNGS.

    It’s like so not pretty. You guys have all sorts of lovely birds, and I have bleeding body parts. Where is my knife?? kidding..

    • You need to spend more time in your happy place…

      On second thoughts, you need to spend some time in MY happy place.

      Hang it you can have an extended Visitor’s Pass with no expiry date. Just don’t mess up the hand towels! 😉

  17. I’m seeing squishy remnants of two blackberries havin been dropped by feasting maggies or cheeky mynors onto fave white shirt hanging on line & and in tryin to remove the stuff, I created either a worse stain …merde …or a uniquely evolving mauve-edged motif (glass half full)……..that looks like a bat on my tres nouveau blouse..which screams so tres aqua to my frenz ! …and tres batso from them!! haha

  18. Libran lesbian here. It looks like the pubic area of a woman to me. That little criss-crossy bit at the bottom looks like precisely where a tongue should be placed…

  19. I see paint on canvas. I see an asymmetric, irregular area of Iron Black pigment in the center, it is mostly opaque except for some transparency around the edges and down to the lower left corner. That black area is surrounded and intermixed with some transparent washes of some lovely (and expensive) Cobalt Violet. A beautiful work, postmodernist painting is all about the flatness.

      • Umber seems a little weak, not enough tinting power to make that black. I was going to call it Mars Black but I thought people would draw astrological inferences from Mars, when it’s just a newer name for Iron Black. I use Mars Black a lot since it’s one of the few warm blacks, most are cold.
        Yeah, I am a weirdo about black pigments. It was my teacher’s specialty, I used to joke that she got more range from black than I did out of the whole color palette. So after years of her instruction, now I can spot the differences between dozens of black pigments, and can bore you endlessly with discussion of the differences between Ivory Black, Lampblack, Peach Black, Mars Black, etc etc. And let’s not even get into warm vs. cool color-mixed blacks (my favorite: Pthalo Blue and Cadmium Orange).

  20. Three synchronised swimmers dancing. Two have just dived in and have left a water trail – the middle one remains on the edge of the pool – in her pre-dive pose.

  21. I did what Mystic suggested and wrote down my impressions and well now I’m a little embarrassed…

    first impression a vampire butterfly, a vulva

    on closer inspection

    a penis on the far right,
    a bit to the left of the penis but still on the right wing, is young African woman with light gray fabric draped across one shoulder looking longingly at what?…the penis??

    upper middle: two arms doing a swan shadow dance against the wall

    to the left of the shadow play is a black truncated body

    The bottom bits looks like another naked torso, male with no feet

    and finally

    bottom right corner: an upside face either in agony or having an orgasm
    depending on how this full scorpion moon is panning out…

    Can you guess my sign?…


  22. errr…no not phallus-affected this time but instantly saw female pelvic ultrasound – inked out womb , ovaries etc – clear so no illness, healed, precious…..p’raps my dreaming and wishing …wow love it! Scorp rising 🙂 …Thx MM

  23. It looks like 2 ‘Danger Swans’…

    My housemate have an alter-ego called Godfrey (who is a naked sock puppet with a sandpaper tongue and air of rentless naughtiness)
    There maybe a song called ‘Danger Swan’ (Danger Swan is essentially Godfrey with the fingers dipped in yellow paint). The song uses a refrain similiar to ‘Spiderman’:

    ‘Danger Swan
    Danger Swan
    Graceful Godfrey is Danger Swam
    In the Park
    On the Lawn
    Graceful Godfrey is Danger Swan
    Godfrey is in the pond’
    Apparently we are making a video clip.

    …Or its an 80’s bat (into bubble wings)…

    Toro Sun/ Scorp Acs/ Libra Moon.

  24. Gemini

    I think it is two bulls colliding. The matador is in the middle with his hands up & has taken a step back at the last moment before impact……&…. I think we all know why his legs are crossed……

  25. Sun sign: Cancer
    Rising sign: Scorpio
    To me this inkblot is: a butterfly or a moth (heavier & darker than a butterfly). Larger scale could be a phoenix rising or something trying to look dramatic with a black cape.

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