Venus-Pluto Voodoo Strikes Again

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Voodoo Love Candle

So, as if Saturn hurtling back into opposition with Uranus, a Dark Moon and Mars flamingly direct again is not enough to contend with, voila Venus in Aries square Pluto.

It’s both a prequel of late May and a harking back to last December…hot & karmic,…Mercury does the same dance late next week so that’s the communication aspect of what is more clandestine now.

Venus-Pluto always feels amazing for budding or emerging-Qi (yes i just had acupuncture) relationships – v.stimulating in all regards but it is hell (like anything Plutonic) on stale/stagnant situations.Β  I know a few peeps in relationships that they say should end but that they can’t for various practical/sentimental/whatevs reasons and they always go ape whenever the Moon or Venus touch Pluto.

It’s raw. Fun for authenticated individuating types – hard on lies and pushed down emotions. Look around you for examples of feelings that can not really be disguised, negative & positive.Β  I’ve been overhearing the surreally skanked up domestics on the streets. Yick.

Short Version: Blame your libido on Venus-Pluto if you like and yes, things are heating up. If you’re stagnating, non-stop bickering and proud of it, it’s only going to get grottier…From here on in. The Venus-Pluto square is like a little taste of Uranus square Pluto…

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67 thoughts on “Venus-Pluto Voodoo Strikes Again

  1. ah… thanks again Mystic – it all makes sense. Am seething, semi-volcanic force this morning. There’s a state election on here and I looked out my front door to find an enormous mug-shot of the Liberal Leader (wearing the obligitary strand of pearls) staring back so I asked my ex-hubby (sel-proclaimed Greenie) Libran to help me pull it down. He said, ‘I don’t have a knife.’ To which I replied, ‘You don’t have a f*g backbone either.’

    My scales are not so much unbalanced as unhinged.. and you say its going to get grottier…

    oh oh oh.

    • Oh bluelibra, that is PRICELESS! “You don’t have a fuqing backbone either”. Love it, love it, love it.

    • I can’t believe you married another libran blue – did you have separate bathrooms/mirrors or is that what led to the divorce? ; o)

      On the upside, bet your kids are beautiful.

  2. oh a piece of cake, a doddle, a walk in the park, hahahaha demented laughter…I’ve taken to my bed with tea, chocolate cupcakes, and pg wodehouse… try tansiting venus opposite natal venus pluto conjunct in 5, obviously then with the t-square from tansiting pluto in 8, and being a scorp with bull rising…hahahahahahahahaha…it’s like in the shining, some edwardian music hall number reverberating through my skull and all, here’s dotty!

    • You might like Audrey Neffineger’s latest, ‘Her Fearful Symmetry’ then dotty.

  3. Wow it all makes sense now. I am like a volcano about to blow as well.
    I just feel like kneeing every male in the balls at the moment. Sorry guys.
    And I have been so calm and composed lately this has come out of nowhere.

  4. Hmmmm – I think I’ll continue individuating…. and flirting… My nucking futz cross to bear may go totally ape tho – I don’t think she realises how suprressed she is – glaringly obvious to the observer, totally denied. I shall sit back and observe, then prowl off and continue on above plan!

  5. Well I have venus sq pluto natally, so its all standard operating procedures here. I quite like it.

    • Was in the very wee stages of getting to know someone when he admitted he had someone else at home. I’d gotten his birth info. and found he had Venus sq. Pluto. Was glad I did not get involved as knew it would be hard to get out of!! Waaaaay, too tempting. I simply DID NOT go there….

      But gosh I wanted to….And he sure tried….. πŸ˜‰

      • Yeah we are just too tempting and sleazy.. hehehehhe

        More trouble than its worth, hey Sweetpea..good for you.;-)

        You can spend your energy on someone who is worth it.
        I have finally understood….I just cant be bothered with something that will lead to nowhere land. I have become serious and celibant. Dare say even responisble, maturing person who wants something real and authentic. Blame Saturn transiting my 5th house.

        • I’ve been celibate for several years now, like 5. Must say though, this guy was honest and at least saved me a heap of trouble by not lying. Cracked me up though as he thought I was a sure thing but like you, I’d learned alot by then and that road was just not going to be worth the heartache, headaches and low self esteem….

          But oh yes. He was a hunk-o-rama and very sexy….A Scorpio….

          Go girl. Saturn will be transiting my 5th after it gets to Libra cusp at 8 degrees but I’m using it more for a creative thing than romantic at this time….Maybe forever…..

        • Hey sassy, are you having saturn returns as well? Just wondering because that’s when I deliberately had a celibate year. Does Saturn rule celibacy?

          • I broke my 2 year celibacy just after Saturn hit my venus – so go figure! Definitely wasn’t celibate during my Saturn return either.

          • i think saturn just means taking a more worldy view of things. much less likely to have meaningless flings (unless rebelling against saturn!) and more likely to seek out stable partners. during my saturn return i was generally too stressed and serious to be frisky. i felt like i had the weight of the world on my shoulders. my saturn return was in the 5th too.

          • ahh, saturn rules rules. Making AND breaking? My celibacy was deliberate plan of retreat to gather inner strength. Just had a look and Jupiter Uranus and neptune were all in my 8th house during saturn returns and chiron was in my 5th. When the saturn returns was exact lilith and north node exactly conjuncted natal pluto. Something HAD to happen to my sexual/relationship status quo with all that lining up.

            Be interesting to know where your jupiter was when saturn hit your venus Scorp. The “breaking” of the celbiacy is an interesting point in time.

          • No whatever. Another two years till my saturn return, think im just preparing for it now. Im just so over the casual stuff, I get attached when i have sex with someone, I cant help it. So to save the agony and pain, torture, tears falling. I have stopped it. And have found out who is worth it and not. When you say no to men, they just disappear!! Hmmmm..

            Are you going through your saturn return?

            Anyway it is time for me to be more responsible in the 5th house area of my life. I havent been too responsible in the past, so it is just right on cue…

          • saturn also rules time and waiting. My celibacy was also a “deliberate plan of retreat to gather inner strength” one meaningless encounter after another does nothing for one’s self esteem. Where once i thought it was fun and adventurous, as soon as Pluto went into Capricorn i changed my tune and grew up (?).
            I have natal Jupiter in Taurus in 4th house and a Jupiter Saturn Square in 2nd. Drought was broken with a Toro πŸ™‚
            Saturn hit my venus in October last year and Jupiter was sitting on my Saturn in Aqua in 2nd house. As soon as Jupiter went into Pisces and off my Saturn the freelance work dried up! And it’s been a famine ever since *sigh*
            So, i guess Jupes was in Pisces during the β€œbreaking”. I have Chiron in Pisces in 2nd. It was temporarily healing πŸ˜†

          • Hey sassy, no I’m pretty much halfway between my first saturn returns and my next – it’s conjunct my sun right now. Just wondered about saturn and whether it might be connected when you mentioned your celibate status : o) because I went from feast to famine pretty much over night and it was entirely out of character at the time – I thought it would just be the saturn transit I was having then, but now I’ve looked at my chart for when I had saturn returns it appears there was a shitload of other stuff stacking up in the celibate vs not zones. Interesting. It was an 8th house extravaganza.

          • hey robotinik – sorry to hear about the freelance by the way it’s always a bit strange when a gig that seemed to go on forever suddenly stops dead in its tracks – hopefully you have a stash of cash from the making hay times? Maybe its an opportunity to explore new frontiers if it was jupiter that coincided with the glitch? The career change you’ve been looking for might raise its head now. Good luck with whatever happens anyway – I can 100% empathise with all the emotions that go with the free part of freelance – esp the part about life not being free x

  6. good. now that The Toro angst has all but disappeared (touch wood), i am looking fwd to seeing what venus sq pluto is like without existing Man-Crap. or any crap. bring it, VP!

  7. * Le Ex – outta mind / outta site :: dust-ups averted ~ check!!

    * Le Scorp – honour & genius trumping Le Ex ~ check mate!!

    PLENTY space for important stuff – like Admin – declutter – primp – clean /sort / new projects + editor gave extra week on BIG story YAY :: stress relief ~ check

    * PRO SURF TOUR IN BONDI ~ check (worlds best surfers)

    * PIXIES Sunday nite ~ check
    * pre ordered live recoding of same gig ~ check (tres cool!!)

    * MASSIVE ATTACK (w Le Scorp) Monday, Sydney Opera House forecourt ~ check

    working this new moon with glee!!

    • same. πŸ™
      may and december were the most uneventful months of ’09.
      so far: have had loads of suitors from times gone by coming out of the woodwork, but the long-distance courtship of present (i.e. the only one I am interested in) has turned stalemate.
      wonders if this astro is perhaps more potent for us kataka rising peeps? (pluto squaring venus from the 7th, yo) *cringe*

      • hey dudes, venus and pluto are also about creativity and the ability to create unusual works of art or a fanaticism about art and artists. Ability to draw upon the depths of your psyche – or draw it from others depending on where it is in your chart – to use it to create beauty of form or in the case of kataka – home space. Maybe you were just using the vibes in a different way and it wasn’t all about romance at the time? Maybe you made a lot of great meals and had quiet time at home or stayed in and made sugar art? Icing flowers? Butter sculptures?

        A lot of the mating posts here don’t manifest in that way for me because I’ve already bagged and tagged my mate so I always check my stellar influences book to see how else they could manifest to help me out with understanding the vibes. Mars retro made saturn conjunct my sun, uranus and pluto easier for example because it sextiled the transit – so much easier than the december pass was. None of the mars retro posts made sense until I worked that out. I’m sure you two made art or did something else venus and pluto hold dominion over in those months instead.

  8. Hey all, tell me about it.
    this astro-weather is teasing out the bitch in me.
    I feel like i’m going to go all naomi on some poor soul…
    time for another cup of lavender earl grey!!
    laughter, anyone?

  9. Right after I read this the Aries I’ve been mooning over got in touch. Might see him this weekend, muey interesante. Our conversation always flows quite naturally, despite my pre-initiating contact panic. He’s so genuinely kind it’s almost startling! I suppose I am a sucker for a boy with a pompadour and stand-up bass. His personality seals the deal. Dreamy sigh~*
    May or may not be engaging in some sexy activities with the person I was discussing such things with in December. No strings attatched type of deal. Fulfilling each other’s needs while we’re both mooning over other people. I’m a Virgo and he’s a Cap. Once either of us is attatched it’s over. We’re not discussing it with any of our friends because it isn’t any of their business.
    Ahh, life has been sweet as of late. I’ve been jamming, creating, individuating, and seeing friends all week. It’s been so lovely, I enjoy school breaks.

  10. robot, Good Luck for your date with Aries Man today!
    I hope the Venus-Pluto shezam helps with the good-yet-sultry-vibing! πŸ™‚

    • he bloody cancelled!! I could see it coming as soon as he started talking about the work related emergency. Said he wouldn’t be in a good mood. Wanted to re-arrange but i just went offline. Kinda relieved he cancelled anyway. I’ve been nervous for DAYS and now i feel like someone’s punched me in the solar plexus.

      I’m going to be unavailable for a while. He’s an Aries, he can do the chasing. His Cancer moon probably got cold feet ’cause i’m so freakin’ awesome! I know I’m a catch, stuff him if he doesn’t come running after me.

      • Oh wow Scorpy.

        I’d been dating this guy for two months and he stood me up new years eve.

        I was LIVID…

        Had been borrowing his tele. I told him it would be on the front step. He asked if we could talk. I said no, good bye.

        Click fuqing click…

        In the morning the tele was gone. I’d slept through the whole thing.

        Well, regroup and a good nights rest, eh? And Aries will be back around…. πŸ˜‰

      • Careful now, he may have some little things to clear up before the ‘big’ night.I could never date a new woman while I had even a little bit of shite from another sticking to me. I always went for the clean sheet approach…if things move on you will understand.
        I personally hate making plans, for the very reason that on the night I may not feel like I would be good company. Trust him on this one, he wants to have a clear head when he’s with you, I get that. Anyway who wants to be out with someone a little grumpy and preoccupied.

        • EXACTLY what I was going to repost and say. He wants to be at his best and give undivided attention to our beauteous Scorpalishlish….

          She ain’t lish for nuttin’….

          • Too true robot; from an Aries man and Aries woman, too. Not much more I can say after their words. Still sorry he cancelled, though, even if “He wants to be at his best and give undivided attention to our beauteous Scorpalishlish…” Feel free to grizzle over cups of green tea and FTC dark choccy, though my schnukems might wrestle you for the tea.

        • Awwww, thanks guys. I’m better after my walk and your loving vibes. πŸ™‚

      • robots Hold Fire…! It just might be that his reason is genuine. Aries can be blunt in their delivery but they usually speak the truth (ie. are not natural born liars or deceivers). Don’t suspect the worst here, especially at this early stage.

        If you’ve been feeling very nervous try to adjust and see it as a bit more breathing space for you. No need to rush in. He will be back in contact with you I’m sure. And I think that you should be open & mature about that contact. Resist the temptation to be unavailable in order to “punish” him as that would get things off to a bad start. By all means tell him how disappointed you felt about his actions and that you like an arrangement to MEAN an arrangement. If honesty and authenticity are important to you, say so. Maybe ask if they are important to him? (but beware, many of us say we value honesty and authenticity but we very bad at handling it when it comes!).

        In any relationship, brand new or long term, we have to be able to cut each other some slack (and its often when we least feel like it). We all have genuine bad days that despite our best intentions turn to sh*te. How about the idea that he might be even MORE nervous than you?

        I say be the bigger person. Stay open, proceed calmly and let it unfold in its own time. Oh, and be nice and supportive to yourself in the meanwhile x x

        • Okay nat. *puts gun down gently*

          You’re right. It’s silly to punish him by being unavailable. That’s exactly what i was doing and i hate playing games anyway.

          I just got back from a long walk and feeling much better, and that horrible tight feeling in the pit of my stomach has eased. It’s amazing how physical activity can clear one’s head space. It’s the main reason i do it – to clear the “monkey mind”. I definitely wasn’t in the mood for a walk but forced myself because i knew i would get seriously down in the dumps if i didn’t.

          You might be right about him being more nervous than me. Never thought of that. Makes sense with Cancer moon/venus Pisces. My philosophy is “feel the fear and do it anyway”. Very Sagg moon.

          Thanks nat. You’re too kind. xx

          • Good work there robots! You are SO right about physical activity helping to disperse emotional tensions – I have to do that today myself as I’m waking up overly-stressing about stuff. If I feel desperately confused or pissed off I just walk (or clean furiously if I’m home alone), and keep on walking until I feel a bit clearer. Sure helps to clear the head and calm the stomach!

            Feeling things in your stomach is very Cancerian btw. Even the word feeling is very Cancerian! I had a meeting with a financial person at work this week about managing our research budgets and she used the word ‘feel’ several times (eg. as in “get a feel for how you are going with your budget” “get a feel for how you like to work”). I’m sure she is a Cancerian or Cancer rising. It was the LEAST stressful such discussion I have ever had! No over-complicated rules and systems being imposed that usually leave me feeling (ha!) stressed and inadequate.

            Like your Sagg Moon comment. I struggle to understand the Saggo Moon (even tho mine is in fellow fire sign of Aries). Hubbo has Saggo Moon (with Sun Taurus & Mars in Aries) and he has been very much into “instant gratification and response” espec around issues of self worth & acknowledgement (Taurus). But, bless him, he has been really putting in the work over the past few years to deal better with his reactional habits and now has a range of new ways to deal with things not immediately going as he wants. Much better at accepting and not personalising, letting time pass and giving out some understanding and patience because that is how he would like to be treated. (Ironic for a Captain Slow Taurus to be impatient with others I know!). He is much better to be around because of it.

            Anyway, you have a nice weekend robots and keep that gun in its box OK? πŸ™‚ x

          • nat, I’m the same – certain words make me wonder what sign the person is.
            Good to hear you had a stress free meeting. Your hubby sounds adorable and quite evolved (no doubt with a little help from you). He’s hardly your typical slow Taurus with Sagg moon and Mars in Aries! His Mars conjunct your moon sounds lovely. I’ve heard it means powerful sexual attraction.
            I can understand how you would struggle with Sagg moon. I’m an enigma to myself sometimes. Never a dull moment. Hehe. Sagg definitely more elusive than Aries.
            I never got around to posting on the astro signature thread but would have said: Scorp and Cap (rising) are two adults who love each other’s company and my moon in Sagg is the restless teenager in the back seat bouncing and yelling “are we there yet? are we there yet?!!! “…. bloody annoying sometimes. Yet that youthful exuberance and optimism have saved me from intense dark moods, many times. Sagg moon is a party animal. Cap rising is a party pooper. Scorp sun often caught in the middle.

            Think i have some work to do in the “reactional habits” department. Good example was the cancelled date. Things didn’t go my way, so i got sooky. Oh well, we’re all a work in progress, I guess.

            Hope you’re feeling less stressed after New Moon. x πŸ™‚

          • robots, I LOVE the image of your Sun & Rising sign as loving, consenting adults in the front seat driving the car with the Saggo Moon bouncing around and yelling out from the back seat! Great imagery.

            Yes, hubbo’s Saggo Moon is very much the loud boisterous teenager, which is infuriating at times but can also be fun (eg. you do turn the car into some place you would otherwise never have gone into). Luckily he is a bit more discerning about what he directs that teenage energy into these days. But he still often the last man standing at any party with all the blithering drunkards crapping on until dawn. Worse still, HE will be the one keeping the drunks up, egging them on, plying them with more music, more booze, more stories, more of everything – SOOOO Saggo. And then he’ll be hung over and grumpy for 3 days afterwards but swear that he isn’t… Uuuuugggghhh! I will have long since curled up in bed with the littlest Kelpie with my earplugs in. And I have long since given up feeling guilty about it.

            Interestingly his rising sign is Scorpio (same as mine). I had thought it was Saggo but his mother gave me the wrong birth time (amazing how often I have found mothers recall with Absolute Authority an incorrect birth time!!). Taurus with Scorp rising = Tres Fixed! And more than a bit internally conflicted with Moon and Mars in Get-Moving fire signs, hee hee.

            Re your (gorgeous) Scorpio Sun caught between the Party Animal Sagg Moon and the Party Pooper Cap Rising: I immediately thought, ah yes, but the Scorpio Sun has the psychological insight and patience to understand and allow all these parts to operate as themselves. The haute aspects of your Scorp Sun are the key to the combo I reckon. Maybe working in concert with your MC’s Sign & House (for the style or area of application)?

            Works in progress… my oath! Same here. Love that saying When I was berating myself over something once one of my lovely Sydney girlfriends said, “Honey, we’re all works in progress!”

      • Bastado Send the pic of that bike!
        Don’t start me on low Kataka men. they are the most hard work and yes pull into their shell with the blink of an eye. and yes you are awesome. Just be patient if he is worth it he will sidle bak crab like or jsut turn up like nothing has happened – typical aries- Your response – a sutiable subtle put down showing you didn’t notice he was gone adn you’ve been having an ab fab time snorkelling in the Maldives with the Brazilian sky diving team.

      • cancer moon?? think your asc and moon, now his moon. can’t do cancer moon. last one I dated was for 4 weeks and his STILL refers to me as his ex gf

        • hahaha… that’s funny. Was he really clingy? My first thought was eeeeuuuw *shudder*. All that clinginess is like a wet blanket to a Cap. His Mars in Cap might help. *hoping* Don’t know what his rising sign is yet. I hope it’s a strong one and not more water!

          Scorp has feelings but Cap rising and moon in Sagg don’t ever TALK about them!! I’d rather jump out of a plane. Hehe.

          • yes he was clingy. honest I just read his moon knowing we share sun/moon and had a Noooo! flashback.
            Mars Cap has gooood stamina though πŸ˜‰
            and he’s an Aries…
            depends what you’ve got in your astro kit really?
            I am changing my spin on cancer male energy of late- Currently I am infatuated with a striking kataka but he balances this with a hot as hell leo moon mars combo.
            and my new housemate is cancer and he can man up like no other. pretty impressed with the haute lunar manhood factor actually

          • well, i’m changing my tune too, especially when he mentioned his “gut instinct” and how it never fails him. He might teach me a thing or two about emotional intelligence. So far, he hasn’t been clingy at all and has given my plenty of space. So I’m not going to let an astro prejudice get in the way.

            I think my Sagg moon blends nicely with his Aries sun and his Cancer moon is a good match for my Scorp sun.
            And he’s quite romantic which appeals to my Libra venus. His Mars in Cap is very strong (very work oriented which satisfies my Cap rising) and yes… “staying power” tee hee. He mentioned that himself, said he could go all night. I bet!! πŸ˜†

          • OH MY, robots, the Haute aspects of all of that sound GREAT!!! I am so excited for you. My Cancerian Sun looks forward to hearing about what he COOKS for you!!! I think you mentioned somewhere that he subscribes to Gourmet Traveller – reads and loves cooking… sigh! Anyway, he sounds very much like His Own Man. Yay for grown ups who kind of know themselves and are not too dependent. You like your space too, right? Oh Gawd its so exciting πŸ™‚

        • no cancer venus and cancer rising. Did not show his cancer venus as I know that one well being that way myself but he said his cancer rising was a curse and i would not be surprised if his new gf is a past love. His sun was leo but he was sooo not a leo more low cancer and low aries whcih happens when a sign s not given the opportunity to shine – eg. family put down and in his case a major dope habit.
          damn shame i still thnk abt him its only been 4 weeks but drugs can f up any sign with no hope in sight.

  11. Grr bot. The only people that have cancelled on me at the last moment have been Aries people. Once in my teens (yes I come by my scorp moon honestly) and once last year. Both people that I thought were good friends with more courtesy.

    Frankly I found being unavailable till I could be calm good.Which translates to me not wanting to scream…’Is my time not valuable too? What the fuq?’

    I have little idea how to ascertain the workings of an Aries male.

    Glad you’re looking for the positives as per usual.

  12. little left over love vibe from dec last year still hanging around… the call hey lets meet up for a drink tonight (gem sun/sag moon i aint holdin my breath!!).
    Been a total bitch from hell today, bat shit crazy busy and loving every minute of it!

    • Hope it all goes well CC. report back to HQ for a debrief won’t you.

      Seems like the shift is really happenin for the guys and they are on the march again. i too got a txt from an aqua man tonite that I’d given up on altho i knew being aqua he’d come bak when he was ready and bingo! So after a major FU for good episode with the ex lusty Leo ( from back in Oct) yesterday ( found out he has started a “relationship” with soomone new- somethng he couldn’t “offer” me Grrrrr was I f n p###d off.)
      Now I can move on but with Satrun girl/new moon resolutions to speak up always and go gentle on myself.

  13. bugga cc (hands tissue and champers). go visit your inner saturn girl she’ll know what to do.

  14. its all much o much to me – got pluto conj venus at present – the weird thing is i dont feel like shagging anymore and ive lost my inspiration – creative block. i try to do it and theres nothing there.

  15. I’ve got my flirt on but true to venus la saggi its international again

    can I please meet someone hot and rockin who intends to live near me one day?
    still groking solo time no ex but still. eye candy local gives faith πŸ˜‰