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Voila the Moon in Scorpio…tres deep and strategic…Squaring Mars in Leo so (this sounds so like i am a counsellor-lady in a hemp kaftan) so sitting with uncomfortable emotions can actually lead to a really cool action point. For the next 52 hours we’re Scorping up.

Apart from navel-gazing, f**king and fear-facing, what to do? May I refer you back to When The Moon Is In Scorpio

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23 thoughts on “Scorpability

  1. … as I say bye bye politely to erstwhile ungracious and ungrateful friend … hard times for a Sun/Venus Crab. Luckily I have lots of other ones thanks to oh gracious Sag moon, Gem Asc and Leo Merc. *sheds a tear .. shreds ancient paraphenalia* … moves on

    • Same here..sadly if they dont pass the test then they have to go. A friend of 13 yrs chucked a hissy last month at me. I have never seen him so angry.
      Seems like we are moving in diff directions. and yes sun/venus crab also, hang onto things far longer than we should. xxx

      • interesting Sassy mine is a “he” also. This one didn’t chuck a hissy but basically implied, well actually stated in abrupt Toro-speak “I’m not worth it” and “I wish everyone would leave me to my own devices” … ouch. Last time that happened he tried to kill himself. *moon face*

        • soz re yr ‘mate’ prowlers – hope the transition opens new doors. quaffing walnut essence ? (change) xox

  2. Sorry to those of you having friends problems…I’ve been there, over and over again.

    Yes on the results-driven diet…on day 3 on a quite restrictive thing that you do for one week. My will power has been awesome, tres Scorp of me, no

    I’m also gathering intelligence…actually had to stop and ponder who might my enemies be and who might be doing what? Not very fun, but I am all icy-cool about it. Scorp!

    • aeris – tell me, if you wish, how does one go about detecting enemies? this is not a trick question but i am trying to suss out who in my crowd might not really be that great a friend after all. there’s a couple of peeps i am wondering about, this is not general paranoia or anything (lol). just so i know where I stand, who are my secrets safe with (no one?!), i am sure you know the deal ! xx

  3. I moved into a basement apt.

    And I had a dream a bout a sexy scorp man…… Dunno who he is…the mystery…….

    • BSA I’ve had a different guy starring in dreams for each of last 3 nights – movie length!! their role is the same. strong, leader, directional, affectionate, adoring & daring. last night had a bit of cops N robbers triller style stuff. found the villain hiding under a car & calmly stared him down as he pulled a gun to shoot me. each of the 4 bullets misfired, then I got to do the tough guy bit (on ground, hands behind head) & kept him face down until someone trussed him up. then the alarm went off…..

  4. I have been complimenting my Pluto Juice with some homeopathic Gelsenium, for anxiety & apprehension. It has worked a treat!

  5. Ohh I am sick, the kind of exhausted sick though!

    Yesterday was my dads anniversary over 20yrs since he died & I had a sudden outburst of tears last night, not like me at all & it was intense…. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    Dreams are interesting, last night I was walking through many country towns.

    • Go with those extreme outbursts of tears darling, very cleansing and all in all good for you. Hope you feel better soon.

      • I’m with Lexicorn: let it out Barista, whenever it comes up. Honour your emotions and don’t be afraid of them (Note to Barista’s Air Signs: Expressing emotion is NOT the same as being stuck forever in an emo whirlpool). Best wishes x
        PS have you had a go at drawing some roses yet? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. When the Moon is in Scorpio, you conspiracy theorise.

    I have had the most odd couple of days. I appear to have taken on facebook in some sort of media frenzied battle over breast censorship. Scorp ascendant kicking in. Conspiracy theorising to the nth degree. Stranger, and stranger….

    • Considering that I have recently been scarred by photos of a family friend doing dick trick on the book of face, I am wondering how and why with this one.
      *shakes fist at facebook*

  7. Love that Moon in Scop post from last year MM. I’m toning down the scorp so I don’t rush the plodding aqua/cap crush with too much yoo hoo voodoo. He’ll take a bit of warming up to my scorpy ways but and hopefully a willing victim.

    Happy Bilby Day to you all!! off to the bluesfest/mudfest yahooooo

    • Is this the Byron blues/mudfest? Was hoping to go but too far away now. Enjoy!!!

  8. Put on a new black T-shirt today that I bought this week. Didn’t realise til I looked in the mirror that the chick on the front…is a vampire ๐Ÿ˜ฎ tres scorpionic clothing me thinks. Thanks for the repost MM. Can definitely tick a few of those. Things are very deep, dark, and secretive at the mo.


  9. this (often) shy pisces is working on making all the right Eye Contact this scorpy moon. I love scorp moons.

  10. also, just had bowen therapy and doing all sorts of immune analysis to find out WTF is happening to my digestive system. I LOVE reconfiguring things. getting to the bottom of problems (aha scorpy detective moon:D) I have so much energy i could run 5km right now (except it’s humid 25degrees and i would get sunburnt!).

    It’s like I have rewired my brain or prgramming so that no moochy gets hold of me before the white T-cells in my emotional immune system come along and devour the old crappy feelings/behaviour. It’s really wierd, no not wierd, it’s GREAT.

    I think I just decided to be happy (or happier) and not wig out about things, or feel bad about something. perhaps relating to forgiveness of self, acceptance that I am doing the best I can. If i need to slump on the sofa for a night and eat microwave popcorn, i’ll do it, but then it’s done and finished with. and the cruddy feeling slides off me like water off a well-polished car, and i am all great again. who am i to try to think too hard about this?!

    • Sounds like you’re doin it right UP. Allowing ‘bad’ feelings to have their time (as opposed to supressing or fighting with them or overly indulging/playing on them) is very freeing. It is a form of acceptance and detachment. Most powerful. Good on you. Have a nice long weekend.