Martian Mercurial

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The Flash close-up runningMercury is now in action-Aries and trining mega-Mars in Leo. Some ideas:

* Faster talking.

* Impatience.

* Men are more daring.

* Ideas zip from the subliminal mind at the speed of light.

* Suffer fools? They should all be interned for the duration of Mercury in Aries.

* Brash ideas cranked out and whizzed off to about 1000 peeps at once, who all run the risk of being struck off the Mercury-in-Aries contact list should they not respond within more or less nano-seks.

* Big-noting.

* Winking. Seriously, monitor winkage. It’s always about more when Mercury is in Aries.

* Gutsy mission statements.

* Interrupting.

* Batting out of your league but w.t.f.

Think about it. Mars just back from that retrograde a.w.o.l. trip really needs a bit of a pep talk. And whom better to deliver that than Mars in Aries. Mercury stays in Aries till early April and then goes into Taurus just as Saturn goes back into Virgo. April will feel quite diff to now. Live it up.

Image: Alex Ross

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66 thoughts on “Martian Mercurial

  1. With you ms tho nothign stiriing in the brain department jsut down below and way primal. was in stilletos last night and felt wonderful. I;m 5’9” so thats extra spesh for me to be out with a tall man. Felt like a real girl.

  2. YAY. I have natal square merc mars here so happy to hear men are de caving after serious wondering whether I had to grow a psychic penis to compensate for certain lack of fronting and dealing.

    can totally feel the venus shift its like getting sniffed out pheromone meow primal hot street raw style. πŸ˜€

    I love aries season. marching in stilettos and armed with coffee and clear pathways with fast idea exchange is my heaven.

  3. Merc nearly conjunct my Merc. Could have easily lost my patience with the slow drivers on the way home but being aware of this fact and ready to accelerate from 0-60 in a nano thus blowing them off the road, didn’t.

    Who said Aries have no self control? HUH????? I dare you…

    • Good for you!

      ….This is my usual curbing of Aries impatience driving style….that got blown out of the water this week-
      Glad to see someone caught it as it was flying past……

      Developed patience. Nicely done, girl….

  4. I am in the throws of thrying to work out what I am doing for my 30th.

    I want to have a rollerdisco and have found a place that open up at night time for private functions… but i have to have 70 people… 70 _skating_ people.

    This is as about as indepth as my brain gets… BBQ (easey-peasy) or roller disco with smoke machines and lasers…

    mmmmmmm… smoke machines and lasers

    • Try and bargain them down VGG and add a sweetner like you’ll let them supply the hotdogs or something extra. Sounds like a totally fab idea.

    • OMG!! Roller DISCO! i want to come!! I saw Roller Boogie recently, got me all hyped up & super jazzed for my skates again…if you are in Sydney, can I gate crash ??? πŸ˜‰

      I sob every time I pass the Majestic Roller Rink in Petersham … why has no one resurrected it for partay magic??

      • If you come to Melbourne, you can totally gatecrash:)
        Anything that get me to 70 people (and plus it would be heaps’o’fun to put faces to names).
        There is a DJ booth, and they say that they supply DJ’s, but I work for a Radio Station and thought to get one of the announcers to DJ (as a favour).
        Who wouldn’t want to DJ a Roller Disco???

        • Dude. Roller! Disco! Just make a playlist of all the best disco tunes you have. Sigh. Disco. I’m going with a 1950’s Mad Men inspired theme for my 30th. Mostly because I have vowed to learn to wear red lips for my thing to conquer this year. Last year I learned to love my previous nemesis pumpkin.

          • Mad Men theme is hot Gem… TOTALLY HOT!
            I am actually thinking more along the line of garage rock (I want to skate to the Cramps… maybe get a bit glam with T-rex? Is that such a bad thing?)
            Although I have a mate the dj’s only 70’s funk and soul 45’s.

            The choices are so damn hard!
            Plus all these people are being wimps about not being able to skate? Does turning 30 mean that your sense of fun and adventure (and making a fool of yourself) dies in the arse?

          • Erm my reply got eaten. Brief synopsis is 30=more fun because less self conscious. And your party will be AWESOME whatever music gets played. x

  5. Batting out of my league – why not? I am currently chattn 2 men up at the same time I’m riding a tsunami of male attention at the mo and loving it. Finally the men are bak and 2 ‘nice’ boys aqua/caps. No more sooky Katakas for me- I don’t ahve the patience for em. I know I’ll need infinate patience for aqua men ( I can see your eyes rolln MM) however that is one of the lessons I’ve been working hard on (hhe he) over the past month.
    Cheeky girl

  6. MM funny you mention winking… in my dream last night i saw a hanging corpse wink at me.. weird stuff…

    my aries BF has hit the ground running (his mars is in leo – imagine that!) – got offers to work out of a shop, consistent enquiries emailed to him and moving forward with his business development. also meeting with person who is helping him develop and branch out his healing practice. that is after a good three or so months of stagnant un-aries-like lack of motion in that department. me thinks he is loving it!

  7. UM not sure if this is good for me or not??

    * ALREADY AM fast talker

    * actively work to curb impatience

    * Men are more daring – YAY!!

    * Ideas zip from the subliminal mind at the speed of light – TICK!!

    * Suffer fools? They should all be interned for the duration of Mercury in Aries – TICK!!

    * Brash ideas cranked out and whizzed off to about 1000 peeps at once, who all run the risk of being struck off the Mercury-in-Aries contact list should they not respond within more or less nano-seks – CRANKING OUT GAZZILLION COMMINQUE PER MINUTE IS LE NORM – THO am no instant response nazi

    * Big-noting – NOTED!!

    * Winking. Seriously, monitor winkage – AM KNOWN WINKER!! xox πŸ˜‰ xox

    * Gutsy mission statements – TICK!!

    * Interrupting – AIMING TO CURB THIS

    * Batting out of your league but w.t.f. – – YUP!!

  8. OMG so thats it. |I have been tailgating and swearing at every driver for four days, and I got a speeeding ticket, and this frustrated mood just came out of the blue…..

  9. I have practically been twitching all day at work today, things just don’t seem to move as fast as I’d like. I was apoplectic when I had to sit around watching those stupid “progress bars” on my computer, waiting for things to finish. And I was in such a rush to get home, the moment I walked in the door, I realized I left my eyeglasses on my desk. So I had to get right back in the car and go back to the office and get them. It took me 3 times as much driving as usual to get home tonight. You know what they say, “more haste, less speed.”

  10. I was having a hideous nightmare last night when I was woken by little puppy having a Liz Hurley in the hallway about 3.15am. I got up but couldn’t find him or the L.H remnants anywhere, so I FINALLY get back to sleep to another nightmare….. 😯

    I have Merc in the 1st house sq Moon… must stop looking at the word ‘winking’ it is causing me to wink more than I usually like. πŸ˜€

      • He is real & a chihuahua about 7yrs old now- Dr Aqua’s puppy. He is smaller than my two kitties who tower over him!
        I haven’t been ready to get another puppy after losing my beloved italian greyhound to my ex many moons ago… πŸ™ Maybe one day I’ll get another, they are just such a beautiful breed! πŸ™‚

        • He he, I bet your kitties know their superior position too! Yes, so hard losing dogs. I adore them. We have 3 chocolate brown Kelpies at the moment (all pure but all very different). Soooo smart, gorgeous and good company. Could never imagine living without dogs (or out of touch with nature in some form). I don’t know the greyhound personality but they are amazing looking.

          • Yes I totally understand, i cannot imagine living without animals. Kelpies are gorgeous and great for the farm lifestyle! Have some family who own masses of land in hunter valley & they are surrounded by kelpies to help them out with the livestock.
            Iggy’s are amazing, very sweet and you have to be careful to not let them jump off of lounges etc as their legs are very delicate and break easily. At the same time they are lively like all dogs, I would take him jogging every morning to burn off the excess energy, for both of us really! πŸ˜€

          • i LOVE chocolate brown kelpies!! I want one (plus 2 more dogs), one day when I have my big property with fruit trees and plantations and big verandahs and some horses and a beautiful man in my life πŸ˜€

          • pets bring so much to life!!
            current resident hound has been on such a journey with me – almost ready to add no 2 to the quiver!
            even the goldfish get love.
            like you alll – can’t imagine a life sans animals xox

          • Funny – Aqua Maddie mother had a serious discussion with her cat during the week, and they decided that next year would be a good time to bring in a second kitten….
            Negotiations with Cat.

  11. So I have merc in aries natally, venus is in aries closing in on my natal sun, moon and sun conj today ?, mars is moving forward in my second, something has to give big time..please keep all weapons of mass destruction away.

    • Lamby, my gut feeling for your bored/frustrated/stuck work situation is to get out of the house and away from the computer/TV/mass media and seek interaction with actual people and the natural world. Get your fabulous self back in touch with the simplicity and beauty of nature – you KNOW it works for you.

      And, whilst I’m giving orders πŸ™‚ , get moving physically in order to open up mentally i.e. to inspiration & new angles on work ideas. Oh, and walk in the sunshine. Breath in the fresh air. The simple basics work so well for unlocking Aries energy.

      I wish I could employ all of you. I have so much work coming its burying me but no salaries. I’m in a weird situation of people giving me more and more to do but no more $ or time. Tres frustrating – espec as I have a bloody hard time saying n n n n No. Did say no to another job yesterday – that someone assumed I would do and sent out advertising saying I would do it for them but no one thought to Actually Ask ME…. I said ” ah, NO, I can’t help you with that”. Then spent half the night torturing myself about saying no even tho I simply cannot fit the (6 day and 1 night) job in.

      Any way enough about me, back to the Aries malaise… To all you grumpy little lambs out there: Get out of the house! Get into the sunshine! Frolick and skip on the grass – it is impossible to feel completely miserable whilst skipping (try it and tell me if I’m wrong). Dress in RED. Sit is the sun. Count your blessings. If this does not make you feel blessed to be alive, consider going to Haiti to do some volunteer work.

        • Good work lambchop. Go gettem!

          I was also thinking about Mars in 2nd House. You already know this of course, but it may be good to think more broadly about 2nd House issues. More broadly than just ‘money’ that is. For example, Resources, Talents, Self-Worth and Values are also covered by 2nd House. Could be timely to review what these things mean for you. Can you look at them or assert some energy (Mars) toward them in a different way? You’ll fire up, I have no doubt about it x

          • ohh good advice Natty, i also have mars in 2nd atm… soon to conjunct my natal SATURN in 2nd…. one of my life’s challenges being establishing and hanging on to self-worth! bah

      • good on you nat for saying NO… don’t feel guilty, it is THEIR problem for not being organised enough to consult with you first and just *assuming* you would say yes. sometimes you have to put it back on them so they can take responsibility right..? Of you can do what builders or consultants do – give them a massively high price if they really really want it done, that way You get more money and they get their work. you sound flat stick. take care and remember those boundaries if poss / feasible πŸ™‚ xxxx

        • Thank you UP. Exactly right, Zachary! I have struggled with the boundary/saying no thing A LOT in my life espec’ in relation to work and to do with my privacy-invading, projecting (Capricorn) parents. Yes, lots of Saturn stuff there!

          I totally agree about the beauty of giving responsibility back to others for what is theirs. And taking responsibility for what is mine. That is a fundamental for living a better life. But I forget to APPLY it in the moment when I’m busy focussing on something else and someone dumps something on me. I wonder if it could be to do with Neptune so close to my ascendant too.

          Re Kelpies – they are tops. We’ve had so many and mostly they find us. Your dream is totally attainable. I gather you are back at work after lovely hols? And I must have missed your birthday, so many happy returns UP. Hope the year ahead has lots of magic and positive things in store for you x

          • yes…I am sure in the ooodles of wisdom you pass on in this blog, you are totally aware of your own needs too…and you are right though, when we are in the moment (of whatever), it is so easy to forget! and that becomes a project to work on, until somehow we make it a good habit… maybe neptune close to your ascendant can create a tendency to be less ‘defined’ or definite as you might prefer? (as well as, of course, a dreamy, creative and wonderful haute neptunian πŸ™‚ ) ..i am not sure how your work is set up, but sounds like some new ground rules for the colleagues or clients may help!

            thanks for the b’day wishes…yes it was a few days ago πŸ™‚
            I should add that i want an art studio and a music room with that dream ( the astro is right for Big Dreams isn’t it!)

            and i love that the kelpies find you. they are so chilled and loving πŸ™‚ So maybe you can have an imaginary kelpie guarding your desk / workload – as soon as something comes up that threatens your serenity, train your inner kelpie to bark its little head off! hehe. hope things level out for u soon nat. xxx

  12. Brilliant MM, I love this post, so funny!! Batting out my league is my specialty, I’ll focus on that.
    Hope Tesla is curing your neck. If I didn’t have a baby curled around mine I’d love a kitty cat!

  13. 1. falling down the stairs at 5am

    2. running out of gas on freeway

    3. forgetting wallet for police officer

    4. getting mugged

    5. losing a huge oppurtunity for no reason

    • You’ve been having a real hard time lately. Someone/something is trying to tell you something. Wake Up! (ie., floor lamps, unusual things)

      • hm. I’ll tell ya, then i really do have to go,

        it’s like there’s a higher mind, or higher self? it’s like

        i feel like it’s a higher mind trying to contact me…each one of those

        incidents also had quality of … like i was to receive something?

        it’s hard to describe, overall feeling is just loss, disappointment..

        it’s what i mean about low i.q

        • low i.q. spirituality I mean it does nothing, it is just nothing… less than nothing probably harmful really, if anything anti-spirit, it’s just useless waste and no good for anybody, it’s bullshit man. sorry…thats what it is and where it is,
          peace out.

    • so no winking as yet?

      Or that’s what caused the mugging?

      As your signature approach isn’t the most direct I can only assume you’re providing alternatives to Mystic’s list.

      If life really IS that crap, have you considered some homeopathy or vibrational remedy to help you deal? Best thing about the crap phase is that you know the wheel keeps turning – goes up again eventually – you know it – goddess energy will not forsake thee. The peeps here are worried about you – if you are joking it might’ve gone a bit wily coyote on you.

      Take it easy x

    • WIlliam, I’m not sure what the episcopalians are all about but I’ve got plans for the day and don’t have time for research. I’m struck by what you said to Nat – and also after reading about your dad being a minister – by the fact that you may be having the anti “low iq” reaction because you have been brought up in a different spiritual “culture” to some of the other peeps whose words you read, which may be contributing to what appears to be (forgive me if I’m wrong) your feeling that some approaches to spirituality are of a lesser quality or value than others.

      I realise you have a lot of challenges at the moment and they are possibly ongoing issues, you never mention that you’ve managed to surmount any of these challenges so it’s hard to know where you’re placed emotionally when you write your words here and whether the issues mentioned in the past have ever been resolved in a positive way for you. This leads sometimes to a sense of foreboding when talking to you, a feeling that one can never be quite sure what effect their words will have because there’s no context to place you in – you hold all the cards. If you’re going to bring it and engage, have you considered bringing some aspect of it all – as nat requested, the good as well? Not necessarily all the gory deets but, you know, samples from the array? She’s a kind woman and she’s concerned for your well being – as are some others, each in their own way. If you never go full spectrum then things devolve to the point where it comes across in a “low” way – not low IQ but low QI – even if your intentions are the opposite.

      It’s been pretty obvious to me you’ve been trying to get peeps to “see” that chatting about handbags isn’t going to lead them to salvation – or whatever it is you think this all leads to – for the last few months. Your approach s eccentric and usually amusing – sometimes hysterical. But (and this comes from the heart william, because I went through the same kind of thing when I had the chiron pluto phase when I wanted to tell everyone how fuqd they were and I said it all wrong and ended up looking like a twat – although I didn’t feel better than them, I just felt pissed off by them, thought they were mean spirited – now I just realise they’re human) it’s for other people to find their own paths – to find their teachers. If you feel in some way on a higher spiritual plane to the peeps around you then maybe you need to find some peeps who vibrate more harmoniously with your frequency? Otherwise you run the risk of coming through like a radio that’s not tuned properly.

      There’s love and compassion for you here if you choose to see it. The astro of the now is all about seeing things differently – you know that. Maybe it’s not about you getting others to see, maybe it’s about you relaxing a bit, having a laugh and adjusting the way you’re seeing things? Not taking it all so seriously?

      If I’ve got it all wrong I apologise and please ignore. I hope you find what you’re looking for, William. Peace to you too.

      • Hi whatever. Just wanted to say that you made a gallant and well thought out attempt to engage with William there. A genuine & positive humanitarian effort is clear in your post. Who knows what William’s “problem” really is, or if it is even a problem at all? It is a bit hard to know the motivation behind what some people post on the internet and the written format like this is so easy to misconstrue. Some have a gift for being direct and easy to understand in this format. Others are so cryptic and unclear it defies reply.

        You made several very honest responses to William that show clearly that you care and are trying to understand what he is banging on about, as others have here as well.

        The phrase “low i.q. spirituality” makes no sense to me. By i.q. does he mean Intelligence Quotient? Is he then relating IQ to spirituality? No linkage IMHO. Is he actually trying to define an S.Q. as in “Spirituality Quotient”? If so, its certainly no-one’s place to be making judgements about others in that regard!!!! No place at all. Anyhoo, no point trying to analyse or communicate further about this as he is not participating in the conversation. And, just to be clear, I’m not judging him for it – I reckon he’s doing a fair bit of that for himself. Just wanted to acknowledge the effort that you made to write the above.

        Have a nice weekend.

  14. wow i feel like i just woke up from a 100 year sleep, today i built a website, got cards printed, put myself on someone elses’ website…owned the fact that I am an amazing healer…go those new moon res’s

      • heres a question, if there are no planets in my 12th house is it still meaningful the signs (aries and taurus) that the house sits on? and as above transiting planets?

        • Of course its important watersprite. It reflects a part of you and a part of life. 12th House covers wonderful (High) things such as spirituality, faith, psychic experiences, merging with the Universe, compassion, photography. And Low end stuff such as addictions, dependencies, victimy or deluded behaviour, unhealthy projections, illegal or hidden things.

          Think about the qualities of the planets that are transiting your 12th House and what they might be bringing to or asking of 12th House issues.

  15. Thank Goodness for your earlier warnings, MM! And now this reminder.
    First lunch date with Leo man yesterday… like, out of the blue, hot, daring…
    Back in office, Aqua Man is on the phone after two weeks silence!
    Haute, haute, look at me, I’m haute….. in total control (not)

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