Mars & The Supermodel: Astro-Naomi

Naomi Campbell Vanity Fair coverNaomi Campbell on the run? I thought i was hallucinating when i saw that tv headline at the gym this morning.

But yes, she’s done it again. I’ve lost track. She slapped her maid. She hit someone with her phone. She did community service mopping floors for something abusive. And now this.

My Leo-Ex interviewed her a while ago and was incoherent with lust, babbling about the brilliance of her hair (he is a Leo), skin, scent, skin tone, physique, hair again, eyes, animal charisma, skin scent, mode of movement etc.  When asked how he found her apparent anger problem, Leo Ex explained that she could be the Antichrist for all he gave a damn.

But still. She is getting some form here.

Astrologically, we look to Madam’s Mars and voila…in Gemini and square to Pluto.  That’s a classic rage-attack waiting to happen. I have Mars conjunct Pluto and used to hit the roof all the time. It’s like being one of those amazing actors who just need one trigger to access whatever the emotion. The drycleaner can’t find your skirt – voomp. Mars-Pluto can be volanic and the square is challenging.

So, for an idea of yours or anyone elses potential anger issues, look to the ‘hard’ (square, conjunction, opposition) aspects made from Mars.

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My mother has Mars sq. Uranus. Growing up was hell. I used to plug my ears on her and just look at her. She’d hit me up side the head..

Luckily she’s come a long long way…She apologized for things.

Naomi hits her driver and then gets out and runs away from her own vehicle….That just sounds nuts. Totally out of control.

She needs an exorcist. Didn’t she used to go with one of the guys in U2?


And that’s no reflection on the U2 guy. Just wondering if she’d been quote-unquote “normal” back then as from what I’d heard he’d been quite crazy about her.


Unless theyz both bin a bit crazy… 🙂

Speaking of which, had a patient today say his family was downright redneck…

Relative was sittin on the branch of a tree and sawed the branch plum off…

For reals…lol…

virgo cat

Mars square sun (and Lilith and Pallas). Opposite Neptune.
Used to have a temper. I’d like to think I’ve mellowed.


A simple thinking before one acts does wonders.


Ive got mars squaring jupiter and ascendent, opposing uranus and pluto,conjunct saturn and chiron (and trine neptune for some icing!)….i do lots of running and swimming, yoga has been a saving grace! I do get aggro if i dont channel my energy creatively and totally have hidden under a rock for years at a time! Fortunately ive got lots going on in pisces so some people like me LOL


Mars in Gemini tight square Mercury in Aquarius.

I am a bit argumentative and tend to shout a lot. Once I vent though it is over and I move on.


all that cocaine isn’t helping either…


Snort. Ha. Aha ha ha.


Un-huh. Mars in Leo. Conjunct Mid-heaven; opposition Saturn; square Neptune & Jupiter.
If I feel I’m being wronged at all, explosive anger is my first instinct. I’ve had many years of learning to take a deep breath & think before exploding, but it troubles me that I can go emotionally from 1 to the bell on the least provocation. Guess it makes a little more sense now.


whats the best astrodientisy chart to look for onjuncts etc. i’m a complete newbie to the analysis part of this astrostuff. anyone can help?


Leogroover, the basic ascendant/planets chart gives you all your natal aspects, the grid down the bottom shows you who is doing what to whom and by how much etc. its just a matter of interpreting all the symbols.
astrodienst has a glossary somewhere
If you’re running a transit chart, look up the top left corner, it has a link to additional pdf thing, which gives all the aspects from natal to transit.


Maybe dot jsut make sure aim is a little off when do feel the urge and that way you’ll never kill or maim anyone. Just a tip


am embarrassed to ask – but is there ANY hope if erm someone has squares, oppositions, AND conjunctons to their mars? or should i just live my life out under a rock and consider that my contribution to human civilization? there may have been some nugget of transformative wisdom in all of this i’ve missed, some kernel of hope? i really hope so, but what with all those hot bods bedecking the self actualizing posts and all, i’m still here cowering in the dark in my shell none the wiser. although, i’ve never actually hit anyone with a cell phone,… Read more »


LOL dotty you can relax, Mars is a really respected planet astro wise you dont need to live under a rock to “protect society” as you put it.
my chart is full of Mars’ doings and contraptions its all good!

the thing with astro analysis is.. that there is more than one side to every aspect or planet, ok YES mars is Anger and agression, war ect. BUT mars also represents Passion, initiative and personal strength!
does this help? im sorry if it doesnt! only 15! 🙂

Mystic how did i go?

something fishy

Wise beyond your years, dear Matt, as usual. I agree (as a mars- influenced person) that Mars certainly represents passion, initiative and strength – at least that’s how I see myself BUT I think I come across to others as aggression, impatience (even though I’m such a pussy- cat these days 🙂 ]

One woman’s passionate nature is another’s pain in the butt…


true that!
aww thanks SF!


dot, hard aspects just mean that these are the issues you have to work on; they put issues into tension with each other. That tension could be destructive but it could be productive too. It depends how you channel it. Mars energy is full of drive and power and energy. So if you harness the tension (and I bet you already do this) you can make amazing things happen. I have Mars square my Sun I have a huge temper but I’ve learnt to go off and channel it physically alone before I go into rage mode. The only thing… Read more »


thanks all for the reassurance 🙂 that the world will survive me – infantile! talking of which trait, what made me feel better the most was that other people, in comments below, have charts just as bad – most ignoble of me, but phew!

something fishy


Thanks for alerting me to the fact that I am Naomi C but without the legs!


ARGH! and oppositon to Jupiter …..boohoo….doomed to be a classic bitch forevs.
Oh, well – they say to work to your strengths – maybe I could get a job as a prison warden or something?


ooooh – you know, not to be down on your zealous ethic for public service sf, but have you considered that there are private citizens who would PAY for the priviledge of your unleashing – so to speak- your mars square pluto special effects on them 😉

taurean alchemist

I have a wide square from Mars at 16 Sadge (retrograde in seventh house) to Pluto at 22 Virgo (also retrograde, conjunct IC)… I channel it via vigorous walking and creative pursuits al la Sadge lest I become a nitpicking, kitchen-sinking screeching harridan. I’m sure you get the picture.


Hey TA,

Aren’t you glad that wide square is in your chart and not on your hips? 🙂


I’ve got none of that, but I do have quite a temper. I’ve always assumed it’s my Aries ascendant.


Ooohhh, Im seething today, im about to explode at anyone who even looks at me the wrong way. Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorp square Mercury.

scorpalicious robot

me too! Mars (8th) conjunct Saturn (Aqua in 2nd) square Mercury (scorp).

At my last job i had an account executive ask me if i had anger issues. 😆
I’ve calmed down a little since then but boy i can go off in an instant! At the moment i want to stab my neighbour, who rents my car space, because he keep delaying payment.

But i’m also feeling very Venusian-Uranian Woo-Woo. Tra la la. Head in the clouds.
My nerves are frayed! 🙂


Oh jesus scorp, yeah we explode….Im so feeling today..currently im having a glass of wine…

Stab your neighbour!!! Deep breaths, but if people are pushing, you have to do something right?

Have a glass of wine xxx

leonine librarian

SR maybe you could mention to him how easy setting up a direct debit to pay for the use of your car space could be for both of you…so that he can not have to think about this as a regular practicality of life, and you are saved reminding him of payment? (subtext you lazy fuqer pay me NOW)

scorpalicious robot

well, he has kinda paid but left an unsigned cheque in my letterbox!!!! So i sent him a text saying i’d drop it back into his letterbox for him to sign and that i’d also provide him with my direct debit details and his response was “so sorry, i can’t believe i didn’t sign, will do tonight” 2 days later, still no cheque. Grrrr. Mystic keeps advising not to get aggressive during Mars retro or it will backfire so there’s nothing more i can do except keep reminding him. It is seriously driving totally batso!


Mars in Leo square Uranus in Scorpio…aiaiai…


me too….
i figure at least they are weird flip outs – bursts of erraticness….


or just downright violence ?


I can only speak for myself, but it’s dramatic out of the blue bursts, nit violent as such. Have done alot of work on this ‘shadow’ part of me, as I don’t like it and is not constructive use of my energy.


Not me. It’s rare even I fantasise about engaging in violence – okay ignoring the last few days. But I’m a typer not a fighter.

Is mars up yo’uranus bringing out a violent streak in you David?


Typer not a fighter… Me too shell!


ah I actually thought about that a bit more now. Uranus is in my 3rd, and I’m a gem. I write a great complaint email when I get pissed off. And also some pretty lame irrational wtf? one’s too. Where’s your uranus Saggigal?


in the 7th, in scorpio. intense unconventional relationships- i need my freedom- squared by mars in leo in the 4th. ie some dramatics at home when i feel i have been pushed into a corner, expected to play a ‘role’, my freedom to be me is stifled in some way. i usually attract mars/leo types who challenge me, hence, it is my own shadow. once i make peace with the level of freedom i need in terms of just being myself i wont need to attract or act out fiery outbursts, i will just be settled.


me !, never violent, never have been, no I think miss smash sister is, and however beautiful she may be in my books she’s a mess. An ex hit me once and that was it, she was on the next greyhound outta my life.


though I did love my rugby for 20 years, now thats legal violence of a most satifying nature.


Ahaha, i know it is not nice to laugh about people getting hurt. In fact it is wrong & yet I am giggling. So she whacked her driver in the back of the head & fled the scene when he called the police. I bet she can run fast in Louboutin pumps too, GO Noams!! 😆

Yeah I got nothing going between the Mars & Pluto & probably why I giggle about it…. 😀

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