Mars & Saturn Retro = Daddy Dearest

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abstact art picture of Superman

You know what?

Mars & Saturn are both Retrograde and they’re in a sort of sextile…This can evoke some v.useful opportunities for pragmatism, especially re dealings with corporations etc. A military mindset, applied toward positive ends and all that.

But it’s also a guaranteed formula to evoke any bad Dad shite you might have lurking within. Or even a good Dad, but with wasted potential, thwarted psyche urges & well, you know the drill. I’m not a shrink but Mars-Saturn Retro means mining the Daddy Dearest nostalgia vein will hit psychic gold real fast.

So hands up who’s doing about a 1000 things at once, heated right up now that Venus is in Aries, pissed off at how a certain something seems to be in slo-mo AND is doing father issues on top of all this?

Image: Paul Housley The Decline Of The Archetype

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53 thoughts on “Mars & Saturn Retro = Daddy Dearest

  1. *BOTH HANDS UP* 1000 things @once / pissed re certain slo-mo!!

    hmm daddy issue huh?
    will ponder….

  2. YES!!!! Have been thinking about Dad, his vulnerabilities and the events in his/my life that led me to realise he was actually a human being, not a Superman for the past 2 days.

    Dad died 6 years ago (I was devastated, I adored my Dad *sob*) and this has been the most emotional consideration I’ve had of him in several years.

    In particular, I’ve been pondering his advice to me, like:

    “When you make a commitment, you have to stick to it”
    “Never make a commitment you can’t get out of”

    No wonder I’m not married.

    And yes, doing 1 GIZALLION things at once, hate everyone, everyone in the office is shirty, although have managed to resign myself to certain slow-mo. Would rather slow-mo than no-mo.

  3. done the father thing, for 1 week, in FACT saturn at base of chart approaching 4th house – most of my trip was ‘family of origin’ related! had to laugh when i realised this and that was opposite uranus / everything more or less in 9th house

    yeah lots of old dad shite but could be worse and hey forgiveness of self and him is the way to go, plus understanding how has affected me as grown woman
    still blissed out from holiday, am maintaining buoyancy with small efforts thru the days… refusing to let anything piss me off…

  4. woah. I was just playing some old tunes thinking about my Grandad and his life affecting my fathers! spot on mystic.

    and a massive yes to the 1000 things juggle. It’s all ON ON ON

  5. I have a thousand things that need to be done, they are all vying for my attention simultaneously, and I steadfastly refuse to listen.

  6. augh! Stop reading my mind! just kidding. But yes, I’ve been thinking of my father who passed away not that long ago. I miss him because our time together was so short but we were always close. Until he died, I never felt the kind of loneliness I feel now. I feel a void inside me because I’ve always had him as a male in my life cheering me on in my endeavours, so I never needed another male voice doing the same. It was easy to chuck idiot boyfriends who never lived up to their potential. I could afford to be picky with mates, after all…Dad’s watching and grading. It’s like, now what? :/ I have to tap my own inner resources and be my own “dad” I suppose.

  7. Wow! Impecable timing Mystic.

    I was discussing with my mother last night about how my Tarot teacher was intrigued by my cold reaction to the Emporer (ie Father figure) compared to the fluffy reaction to the Empress.

    She suggested I should work on the card because I obviously don’t like my father, but she hadn’t let me finish my spiel.

    Funny that The Emporer insight (obviously spurred on by Saturn and Mars’ retro) revealed that while I don’t think I had the closest relationship with father, which distanced even more after ‘coming out’, I still hold great respect for him as a man and the qualities the community admires him for. I guess that’s what it means to have an “Emporer” for a dad; he may not always be as close, nurturing and open as you’d like, but he is upstanding, honest, strong willed and respected (and at the end of the day, one needs to look for those qualities that others respect too)

    • OMG , BL, thats no good.. rest, look after yourself , wonder where you got it ? its pretty rare now that most people have had the shots. I’ll send you some virtual chicken soup x

  8. I’m doing so many things at once my brain has totally stopped working. A few days ago I thought I would send one more email before I went to bed (after brushing my teeth). I looked down after a couple minutes typing and realised I still had my toothbrush in my hand. Urgh, brain strain.

  9. *hand up*

    I have been going like the clappers! 😯

    Oh yeah the dad thing is hitting home… The end of March marks the day of my dad passing, I can not freakin believe it will 20 years this year since he died! I have felt every minute of it- it’s tough stuff but you know my Dad was my world. He was a single parent raising my brother and I & losing him suddenly broke this 9yr old’s heart to pieces.
    But he built me to be tough, so he would not expect any thing less from me, so chin up!….. 😯
    Lately, I have been meditating and sitting with him in my thoughts, it’s nice and comforting.

    • Ahh my heart goes out to the poor little 9yo you were and sends her (and you now) big warm hugs…

    • Its good if you use a photograph to meditate with, helps the contact…
      ask him to let you know somehow he is with you, you might be surprised
      to get an answer (very surprised to say the least, in my case..)

  10. spot on! spent a lovely day with father dear, but had a horrific nightmare the other night about him dying in a snowblower accident (what the hell!)

    mega hands and feet up and all my pens and pencils and books they are holding up to 1,000 things at once — i am being promoted and engaged in more projects, who the hell can bloody admire my work when IT HAS BEEN GOING NOWHERE SINCE AUGUST HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE frustration x 1,000 (1 each for the things I am doing)

  11. Yes!
    I was talking about this over the weekend, seeing as Mars is tooling through my Roots and Origins zone….. And dad just paid me back the money from our europe trip, which we did in Mid Oct (when there was something about fathers).
    I think I mentioned this on another thread – but its been nice to realise just how much my relationships with my fathers (I claim two) has evolved, and how much I appreciate them!
    Oh, and the million and 1 things? Yup, thats the case here!

  12. I *wish*’ I was doing 1000 things at once. I miss working but enjoying my involuntary time off as well. Hopefully Mars direct will get things moving and shaking in the work department.

  13. Eeeeeeekkkkkk! – Mystic I have a love-hate relationship with you when you post stuff like this πŸ™‚
    So many things going on with my new job – talk about having to step up and learn a whole new gig with what is shaping up to be the best boss I’ve ever had.
    Then to really top all that pressure Dad and I are at logger-heads over some bad behavior on his part that I’m no longer prepared to accept. Glad to know that’s it’s not just me πŸ™‚

  14. my dad was butchered by the medical establishment march 5 2001. In for a routine colonoscopy- never came out. Place called Shady Grove hospital in maryland, later found et workers referred to the place as “shady grave”.

    couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy-

      • Thankyou.
        I just got a ‘reminder’ that a lot of posts could be
        construed as ‘inappropriate’ (too strong and not funny, altho’ I think
        I do mean to be funny…) I’ll be keeping this in mind from now on.

        My dad was a minister, (episcopalean) he had a terrible struggle
        with anger- not being able to express, etc.. Try to imagine not being
        able to express or deal with your anger and you get an idea.
        A pure taurus, gentle, far from weak.
        I’ll never forgive the modern medical establishment for how they conducted themselves, (Let him lie there nearly two weeks un attended with abdomen swelling up– obviously there was a hole in him) We sued but they had those corporate lawyers– we lost.
        It says something about the state of healing in our world today.
        Incredible. And he was a man who did everything by the book- followed all the rules. The doctor was supposedly ‘the best’ (we found out later suppressed records of this having happened before tho’)
        It’s following the rules that seemed to be the cause of his death ironically… which is interesting…
        Again, apologies for anyone I might have shocked or offended on this site… sometimes I vent I think. – And that, I think, interesting too- there is no place to go, or people that understand really the struggle with psychic, spiritual phenomenon you know- how one feels alone with it? I just realized, I’m not the only one who suffers from that. We need to talk to people of like mind if only once in awhile. Amazing how important that is, you wouldn’t think it would be so important.


        • This is a place where you can share what is happening inside – I don’t post very much, I don’t really have the hang of it online chat (saturn in the third house can make for an awkward conversational ‘flow’), but I don’t think there are rules about content being too shocking – it is very moving to share.

          My dad died mysteriously in hospital – sad, sad, sad

        • Hey, peace to both of you. Hospitals are good places to avoid as best you can, but sometimes they are unavoidable. Most medical personnel are amazing people doing their best, but a lot of the systems are screwed.

          I love this site for its diversity of content and commentary. Be yourselves. And if you’re feeling shitty, someone will be along to cheer you up.

        • William, you’re ok, you know that? I’m sad about what happened to your father. It’s hard enough without having to deal with medical negligence and corporate cover-up.
          I like your posts.

        • Hello! one of your layers just peeled? Don’t be too hard on yourself William – not sure what you done did but it’s always been obvious to me your intentions were not malicious – not everyone got andy kaufman either. x

  15. I notice Howard Sasportas in ‘The Twelve Houses’ writes about the fourth house as representing the father and the tenth as the mother, but I’ve found it to be totally the opposite.

    Eg. I have Pluto in the tenth, and Sasportas talks about this as manifesting as a manipulative, destructive mother, but seriously, my mother is a peach. My father, however, is a conniving shit — now kept on a short leash.

    • UV, I’ve come across other astro texts that say that too. I go with the ones that say father 10th and mother 4th houses; as that’s pretty much how it is in my life.

      Weird, Mars rx ditty:
      Early on during Mars rx, for some reason, in my inbox I received an email from Dad. I thought it was a new one, but upon reading it I realized it’s an old one he sent me a year or so ago! To boot, it contained his opinion of this male (who was then to materialize in Melbourne, but didn’t, and never did), he thought he was “worthless”. Yowza! An interesting Marx rx bit!
      I never did ask if he sent it on purpose. I don’t think he did. Not at all the type to do that.

      • The email thing is weird!

        Sue Tompkins works with tenth house as father, and I was reading how Pluto on the midheaven can manifest as bullying, domineering father. I know someone with this aspect and it’s absolutely spot on. His mother has problems too but isn’t an overt bully. She’s extremely pass agg though.

    • Hmmm, no correlation for me either way, I have sun in the tenth and 4th is my north node in libra fleur…neither parent was ‘sun’ like .

    • wow i never heard that about Pluto in the 10th. I have pluto in the 10th and my mom is the f***ing devil. My father was the kind one.

    • I can’t remember where I read this but the 10th represents the ‘more nuturing’ parent (ie socially sanctioned role of the mother) leaving the 4th to deal with the parent who is more ‘out in the world’. This interp of the houses makes sense for me. With Neptune in 10th, as much as I love her, I still don’t ‘get’ my mother; I’m a fourth house Sun Daddy’s girl all the way.

  16. Well, umm, my dad…long story, see him regularly, he lives down the road. IQ of 160 or something, aqua cusp cap, well and truly retired, quietest man I ever met, born and raised in the bush, I have no real issues other than he lives in another world, always has, always physically present and loves me a lot, but never with us in mind and spirit, wouldn’t hurt a fly and is unique in my world cause Ive never in my 50 years heard him say a negative word about anyone,anyone ? The schizophrenia is another issue but lets not go there.

      • Total freedom of thought is a rare gift, thats how i look at it. He never told me what to think, how to be. There is an old jewish saying..when one is raised in silence (father not present) , one feels the pain of the world.

  17. what if natally your mars and saturn are conjunct in the 10th house (cap) and dad is a cap? Because I’m definately bringing my daddy troubles to work and its suffering badly and am about to lose it….the job and my dignity.

  18. wisdom from my father – eccentric, brilliant, creative, bombastic cap/aqua cusp (i am sure Leo asc):
    Know yourself!
    Use your head.
    One step at a time.
    If you like both…buy both πŸ™‚
    Make things easy for yourself. [by being organised/planning/efficient]
    Get it right the first time.
    Know who your friends are.

    other things as observed:
    Always introduce yourself to the restaurant manager / waiter / bar person, if you like the place
    Think before you act.
    i’m here for a good time, not a long time.
    Think for yourself! Never follow the crowd!
    Believe in yourself and your vision, refuse mediocrity at all costs.

    in fact, in re-reading these, he is actually a very common-sense oriented person in spite of the social animal he often comes across as

  19. Freakout!! Just sent off amissive in the comment section after a publication in a N.Z paper espousing the virtues of my father/I knewthe Dark side of him as opposed to the public reputation and image he put out there. A social worker in the community but a weak sexual deviant at home!!! He too died six years ago and I’m still having to deal with the hurt and confusion/ that everyone thinks he was an upstanding honest man who chose to ignore reconciliation with his daughter in case it put his reputation at risk still is difficult to come to terms with! This was a man who was granted custody of 4 children in 1967…in a contested divorce! Sun and mars in Aries…does that mean anything? Just the fact that I am sending this confirms what mystic has to say!:)

  20. I have a million things to do all being slowed by others. Just got home late from work and wept. Trying to stay positive and wait it all out head held high. But everything is reeking of stagnation decay and stuggle and I never get sick yet went to hospital emergency last week due to flu thing. I just need some guidance turning to my usual things cleaning, buying some flowers doing affairmations having a nice bath and giving thanks for all the positives but nothing is helping at the moment it all feel very very hard. Is anyone else feeling this way? Any suggestions? I don’t think I have depression just stuggling with the energy right now

    • This too Shall Pass …remember that..and without sounding patronising(not meaning to anyway) i work with people with SERIOUS mental health issues in they are in supported accomodation and don’t even Have the choices WE have.. at least we have our independance etc …sending you LOVING thoughts chook..THIS TOO SHALL PASS! πŸ™ to πŸ™‚

  21. Am more or less over the father issues. Disconnected, appreciate what he can do, only doing LOVING truthfulness. If cannot be truthful with love, shut UP.

  22. Oh man my hand is up up UP for all of those things. Buuuuhhhhhhh.

    Mars needs to go direct NOW.

  23. woke up this morning to interesting illusion created by two lamps in early morning glow.

    a round plate (floor light stand) but over this circle another angular

    lamp created a perfect arrow off the side of the circle (perfect aries zodiac symbol) Interesting the arrow part of the circle very elongated… and when

    I re opened my eyes it seemed to have grown longer, very extended

    (aries getting excited?) It was weird. (and so am I !)

  24. Oh my!! Both my hands and legs are up in the air.

    Doing a billion things, but the one I really want is not progressing. And Daddy issues!! My golly, I have been very busy reliving past Father issues and assessing how much they have progressed this time around.

    He even came to stay for the last month and we’ve developed a new relationship.. a fab way to move forward.

    So yes completely agree.

  25. i dreamt I was showing my dad my deformed thumb last night…
    yes I do have one thumb shorter than the other Brachydactyl D, I was explaining it to him…


  26. I call it off with my boyfriend (Mars Rx in my 5th). Dad calls to express his disappointment. *sigh* Gotta keep doing all my stuff.

  27. Both hands up.

    Still suffering from roomate backlash, but trying sort my future- everything is Haaaard. And I am not capable of not being hard on myself at all.
    I have Pluto on my midheaven, and Saturn is sitting on it exact. That might make sense why I am meeting all these bullies, and cleaning up my aura….

    Glad to read what you guys have to say,
    Can really relate William- glad you shared your reasoning for posting.

  28. Ps. I like the idea of making a list of all the things I learned from my father. I think I will do that….

    Before going to the walk in clinic cause I am sick as a dog.