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old style lion maiden book

Behold the Moon in Leo and near Mars. It’sΒ  good for a blast of fuq-them-all style hubris delivered with a shake of your dazzling hair/mane whilst you flex those magnificent muscles. Then, gazing down upon your immaculately gorgeous nails, you ponder your next most awesome move.

Thank Apollo that drippy Cancerian Moon has ebbed away.

No, it is not easy being a living embodiment of Vanity, Art and Chivalry but someone has to damn well keep up some standards. Noblesse Oblige and could those Virgos narking off up the back please shut their trap. Or, if you are going to talk, do consider getting your teeth fixed.

Moon in Leo makes the Sun Pluto square nearly exact feel so much better.Β  Chic…even.

Yes, a waxing Moon in Leo with the Sun in Aries feels awesome. The square to Pluto may indicate that the throne needs more of an overhaul than one at first thought. Or that the serfs are rioting…again. The glass in the handmirror may need replacing. It’s making your pores look odd. What…enlarged? To do: pay bills or book emergency microdermabrasion? Well, der.

God it’s hard to be majestic and thinking only of Truth and Beauty when people bitch about phone plans, interest rates and whatever the fuq that latest bit of ponderous drivel was but you can’t hear because you cranked up the Mozart…way loud to full blast.

Only Sagittarians and Geminis lip-read so you can just hold your head high and look like you give a merde. Mild concern but with the corners of your mouth attractively turned up, suggesting a willingness to return to tender frivolity when the bore stops droning on.

Besides, the message of changes brewing since last Oct-Nov-Dec and now starting to happen for real will come through perfectly well. Even if one IS Moon in Leo-ing out with total regal sangfroid, adoration of Art and research re whether hair-straightening can actually enhance brainpower.

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59 thoughts on “Leonic La Luna

  1. Ha ha, love it, Mystic!

    I totally need to vibe more Leo right now…gonna flick my hair around and fake it til I make it baby!

    its casual clothes for last day of school today – lots of overthe top items and JEWLERY FROM BOTH GUYS AND GIRLS!
    mystic u are spot on with the lipread thing
    Only me my gemini and leo friend can actually LIP READ and we silently talk/yell across classrooms!
    soo acurate! love it!

  3. Hah!
    Bring it on. Hair looks fab, gonna go do my face now, and then I’m a gonna strut around the office.


  4. I’m vibing Leo big time. have date with latest crush tonite and he is bit of a droning Cap/aqua so shall put on my pretty smile and wait begulingly till the moment is ready to POUNCE! bit nervous tho abt meeting him at my place as the serfs have let me down and it is a hideous mess and OMG he has virgo rising ! So strategy is to not invite him in but seduce in at the luscious picnic I have planned and then leave him to squirm for a week or 2. ( while i quietly go bats myself but don’t show it – staying regal with head held high)

    • Leogroover, hope you have better luck with your Virgo rising/Cancer moon. Mine stood me up last night. First time that’s ever happened to me.
      I had two drinks by myself, hoping that any minute he’d come racing through the door with a reason for being late but sadly it was not to be and i walked home feeling gutted and in utter disbelief how anyone could do something so low. I left text messages and a voicemail but haven’t heard a thing.
      I feel sick, numb and sad and pmt to boot. Hope he has the decency to give me an explanation (like he has agoraphobic or something). Nobody deserves that! πŸ™

      • oh bugger.
        dissapointment is a bitch when you get excited about potential
        chin up petal, hopefully he’ll have a somewhat reasonable explanation.

        • thanks mate. I’ll feel better after some Rescue Remedy and a long walk.

          • So sorry Scorpalicious one. I am so disappointed for you, he sounded nice from what you said. If he really stood you up (like his mother has not taken a dimensional step sideways etc.) then I believe it is SO his loss because you are incredibly cool, funny and intelligent. Your soul mate wouldn’t do this to you!! Relax and mentally tell your soul mate to hurry the fuq up. Am mentally sending chocolates and baileys for your Irish coffee for after your long walk. Boo. (davidl I know that it is not the same as ACTUALLY sending chocolates and baileys but it is all I got from here) Hugs, Xx.

          • thanks for your kind words FireTrine. Your thoughts and virtual gifts are much appreciated. xx

      • ouchy !! I think its pretty unforgivable really, in this day and age its nearly impossible to not have the means to pardon yourself or make an excuse if your not up for it. Strange actually, people who do this are either purposely or mistakenly setting up a state of tension, like a negative form of attention seeking. Don’t get involved in it, just water off your back.

        • god yes re tension consequences, I know someone (yes that one) who does the non-response thing, usually cause he’s crazy busy and so I guess trying not to make stuff more crazy busy. He claims to have a aim for simplicity approach, but doesn’t seem to get that not responding to invitations or whatever can be interpreted as so many other things that can so overally complicate stuff (particularly when dealing with an over thinking gemini).
          Does my head in. At the same time I know that its not about me. I think what shits me most is I’ve still not explicitly called him on it.

        • Yep – totally unforgivable in most circumstances. This is the cardinal sin in my book, I do not have a ‘do-over’ mentality for people who are late / stand me up….

          Scorpy-R, sending you big hugs, a cup of tea, and maybe even a bath…..

          • thanks postmod, at least I FINALLY have some freelance work next week to take my mind off stupid romance. Hope you hear some great news re your job soon.

        • wise words from davidl …. this guy subconsciously wants you to chase him, in order to boost his own ego … so don’t give him the pleasure … only chase those who have proven themselves worthy of being stalked by you!


          To call him a worm insults other invertebrates. πŸ‘Ώ

        • If it was an Internet relationship, there’s a strong possibility that he was not who/what he said he was. He couldn’t show up.

        • David am in total agreement with you.
          It’s that ‘conspicuous by your absence’ adage my Mother used
          to beguilt me with πŸ™‚
          Scorps situ to me means he has very low self esteem. It shows something
          is just not right with him.
          Butch used to play the same game, so boring when you know why.

      • oh scorpy what a bum, how RUDE!!! not even a lame excuse, just silence (hope he hasn’t broken a leg or lost his phone or something, but chances are limited…), mind you that doesn’t mean you aren’t still a hot and sexy scorpbot. so remember that.

        to be honest I am actually wondering if mars is still retro, if I have a sign on my forehead saying “Freaks Only”, or if i have something growing out of the back of my head because it seems that all of my friends (old and new) and prospective men are, NOT AVAILABLE FOR ANYTHING.

        are you noticing that? just crossed my mind with the prat who stood you up.

        • silence is the worst. I was thinking maybe he burnt his fingers and can’t text or phone, or even send an email. Hmmm, unlikely.

          Meh, dunno about your Mars still retro theory. Things have definitely moved but not in the direction I was hoping for.

          *goes back to cave to process*

          • Hon, it’s also about control. Who has it & who hasn’t.
            As i mentioned above, it’s a ploy.
            Nothing wrong with his hand or fingers they are tools of the mind
            & he’s mindless, inconsiderate & it leaves you in shock.
            You could save yourself a few years of heartbreak if you completley
            wipe him immediatley. No excuses.

      • Bugga bugga double bugga. He was not good enuf for you and your gorgeousness was tooo much for him so he stayed away. What a wimp , lower than a worms belly. however his hurting you is an opportunity to practise forgiveness – is that poss? you know like i forgive you you big fat ugly worm! something like that. πŸ™‚

        • “lower than a worms belly” haha… love it!!

          of course he stayed away because of my gorgeousness. It’s the only explanation.

          • I’ve found that often people foreshadow their future behaviour in the first few times you first meet. I’d say if this is a harbinger of future behaviour, sitting nursing a couple of drinks could be the least of it.

            Sorry you had to go through that though.

          • SR the ‘no-show’ is a ‘no-go’. As Davidl said, in this day and age he could’ve sent a text or something. That sort of behaviour makes my blood boil! What a sod! Perhaps, its a ‘lucky escape’ for you???

          • definitely a ‘lucky’ escape i feel. It could have been sooooooooo much worse.

      • I’ve been stood up more than once. I didn’t feel sad because anyone who arranges to meet someone and doesn’t show is a gutless prick. Don’t take it to heart. It was his loss, not yours, trust me. You don’t want to be with someone who can’t follow through.

        • I can’t help but take it to heart – I’m a hypersensitive Scorp. Nothing like a bit of wallowing in my misery before I rise from the ashes, phoenix style.

          • robot, just caught up with all this, so sorry to hear he did that!?! As a fellow Pluto-ruled (albeit rising) I absolutely get the wallowing a bit before rising again. Hope your cave is treating you well. ((((hugs, passes green tea and 85% dark cocoa))))
            I like tati’s scenario below. πŸ™‚ So while am not hoping his grannies both died, he’d better have a good explanation, like, idk, he was being dehorned or smth. I so hope you’re feeling better, even if only a lil bit, today.
            Yeay for your freelance work though! πŸ˜€ *waves pompoms around; why yes, I carry them around for just such occasions, thank you*

        • What a coward. I still can’t believe someone could be so low.

          As hurtful as this is, I think you made a lucky escape from an involvement with someone who had the potential to bring you more trouble than he was worth.

          You deserve soooooooo much better.

          Ultimately, I think this should reinforce how lucky you are to be YOU! How sad it must be to be him.

          BIG HUGS xxx

          • too true.
            His only excuse is if both his grannies died in a freak bingo accident, while mobsters crushed his phone in a concrete mixer and then sliced off the pads of both thumbs in order to warn him off you. Then dropped him in the river.

            In which case, couldn’t he swim to safety, borrow a mobile, text using his fingertips while he has his thumbs sewn up, arranging the flowers for the funeral and fielding calls about the inquest in between the more-important calls to you?

            Honestly, young men have no idea what it is to suffer for a soulmate these days. Bruce Willis would never have stood up a woman in his movies. His character would have crawled through fire to get to her.

            Whether you would then want a slightly toasted, rather late, ultra-masochistic, thumb-pad-less granny-bereaved suitor is up to you.

          • haahahahahaha… oh tati, you’re hilarious. πŸ˜†

            Would i want a “slightly toasted, rather late, ultra-masochistic, thumb-pad-less granny-bereaved suitor” ?

            of COURSE! but only, if he had walked through that door while I was drinking and waiting!!!


      • Poor robots! This is mystifying behaviour on his part and I would like to get him face to face and find out what his issue is. Not because I necessarily want to ‘save’ your relationship with him (you may in fact BE better off without him – maybe the Universe is protecting you here?). I want him to face up to the impact of his actions and I want him to be open about his choice to not turn up. It is a conscious choice to do or NOT do something, so what was that choice based on?

        You take care of yourself now robots. You are a lovely, strong and gifted person. His choice of behaviour has NOTHING to do with you. Please don’t blame yourself for this in any way. You are being authentic. You are participating in good faith. That is all that you can do. Now comfort yourself and focus on resilience and getting back in touch with all the other aspects of your life. Notice and appreciate other good things today and try not to over-focus on this disappointment in one area. Love nat x

        Note to the No Show Man,

        Your choices are entirely up to you and I respect that. Please enlighten me as to WHAT made you choose to leave robots waiting at a bar for you where you had agreed to meet her. Not ‘why’, but WHAT. Are you playing at something (i.e. being deceptive) or are you genuinely battling with something (i.e. being authentic)? Please use your Aries directness and answer that question honestly. You do value honesty and authenticity, right?

        What is your objective in writing lovely enticing and seemingly honest things to robots and then failing to honour a simple arrangement that you agreed to? I mean its not an altar you were meeting at, just a public bar. All you had to do was SHOW UP. What stopped you from doing that?

        Are you hiding something? Are you hiding FROM something? Don’t bullshit me and try to tell me that it is something about robots, because this is ALL about you mate. That is obvious. Your behaviour is speaking volumes about you. Now get out of the shadows and stand in the light and be a real person, warts and all.



        • oh nat you shouldn’t have wasted your precious words on a scum of the earth LOSER. That’s what i’ve decided he is and i’m not wasting any more time thinking about him.
          I definitely think the Universe is looking out for me – even though it has a sick sense of humour by sending him to me in the first place!!!!

  5. so today i woke up and did massive curls in my hair and then went to the oral surgeon to book in the removal of my wisdom teeth!

    also i keep catching glances of myself in any reflective surface and admiring my ‘big hair’ – guess i must be picking up on the leo moon!

  6. Fab! Love it Mystic!

    I’ve been sick all week and stuck in bed mouldering – got out of bed for the first time today and washed and prettified myself, did my hair etc – then embarked on a total Virgo-style cleanup of the living space.

    (I’m still secretly craving a home laid out like the Colin Firth character in “A Single Man”, everything minimalist and in its place, except with decor rather more like the Parisian part of “Interview with a Vampire”. Guess my ideal home is Tom Ford as interpreted by Baz Luhrmann. The mind literally boggles.)

    Cleanup went well up until the point that my energy disappeared completely, and I had to retreat to my (freshly sheeted) bed to recline theatrically. Siiiiiigh.

    • Bizarrely I ‘get’ your ideal home…… ever seen Baz’s wifes homewares collection? instant drool…….

        • Hahaha, that reminds me of the time my saggy friend danced & sang outside his home gates in d’hurst for Baz, who probably was never home & if he were would be v annoyed with saggy boy’s audition at 4am as it was not impressive at all! πŸ˜†

    • Oh gawd tati I spent a full hour this morning stretching on my white sheets in the sun(finally) and then scrunching/curling down/up in my blanket. I’m finding anything I do in the sun decadent atm though.

      Also not sure my mind is actually boggling at Tom seen through a Baz filter. I can actually see that in my minds eye pretty clearly. Glad you’re feeling better too btw.

      • Actually LL you’re right it’s not such a bad thought. Although I think he would have to be put on serious anti-anxiety medication before being given the full Moulin Rouge hypercaffeinated postmodern frou-frou treatment. πŸ˜†

  7. Leo 13 year old daughter, ‘wanded’ hair at 6 this morning before last day of school ? First time i know of…she left hair all over the kitchen floor.

    • Um, Davy? You’re going to have to get used to that….. dustbusters are handy…. its the negotiation with the teen to USE it that may be problematic…

  8. really hard to vibe leo when one is stuck in the cube farm with no one to show off to or look hot for. Melamine, desktop computer, air conditioning and AAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHH clearly something must change. my leo-ness is frustrated. bank balance at almost nil does NOT help with flirtation opportunities with Very Cute Musician i am going to watch tonight. He knows me……. i hate being out of practice with flirting . *buck up, pisces*

    • what do you mean you’re out of practice? Surely all you need do is look at the VCM with your dreamy Pisces eyes.

  9. As always, when there is so much fire in the air, I feel excitable, overtired and have a headache. Some trine!

  10. Fantastic. I had to go and check if I had an Leo at all in my chart…but no…just picking up on the general vibe of fantastiqueness and channeling in the normal Aquarian superiority complex….
    the free trial is going well πŸ™‚ Thanks for the opportunity to experience it…been two days now and I feel I am hooked already ;]