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abstract modern art woman flowersBoth Mercury and the Sun are moving toward Uranus, infusing this Dark Moon in Pisces with a peculiar magic. Pay attention to even the tiniest psychosomatic style twingings & if you want more intuitive awareness, it’s right there. Lately it’s felt like people are splitting into two groups; magic and non-magic.

Sceptics are being blazingly full on about their beliefs & peeps whom I would not have thought magical have come out with some surprising admissions. Muggles and Non-Muggles, lol. This is the sort of astro-energy where things are SO obvious. People reveal themselves and all you have to do is note it.

Mercury-Sun-Uranus (and these all enhance the New Moon in Pisces) does not dwell, lingering to wallow in whatever the findings. It’s a Mabarosi moment…when the landscape is illuminated by a lightening flash for a nano-sek, showing everything. Use it to fuel your own fab fresh start with the New Moon…Until the Moon is New: Clarity – thank you – make the realization required and keep going.

L.A. – Monday 15 at 13.02

New York – Monday 15 at 16.02

London – Monday 15 at 21.02

Sydney – Tuesday 16 at 8.02

Image: Olaf Hajek

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45 thoughts on “Dark Moon Magic

  1. New Moon square Gem Asc/Mars. Multi tasking in many ways, writing, walking, working, meditating and loads of energy. No wine, cigs or gambling for weeks now. Very over that period of my life. Huge distraction which I simply move forward from but all good. Bring on Uranus in Aries!

    • Sorry to expand- this new moon plus a lot of other stuff is in my 12th conjunct my sun and i feel like i havent processed everything yet.
      With work getting tricker thanks to pluto and saturn (19th and 7th) I feel like maybe i need a bit of space so I don’t go overboard with this new mars direct thing making me spill all of my 12th house stuff in the wrong situation?? (jupiter isnt helping….). Is this reasonable? Or escapism/weak-will?

      • Wow totally just got some inspiration from aa bio-compatible dentistry website of all places-

        Silent lips may avoid problems- smiling lips may solve problems.

        Good advice…

  2. OH my house is so much nicer and cleaner and more saturn in libra in the 4th ready than it has been since the last passage in december. I love this dark moon, it has been a good one overall. Magic is real. That is all.

      • yes on the IC pole : o) the last pass felt like i was under house arrest but this one has been domestic bliss at my end too. Nice you got a new lovely home with some dirt in it for this pass of it MS – is it you who just moved house? From memory – Soz if I got that wrong it all merges in the end.

        • oh wow, yeah mine is not there yet but its heading for the IC pole. am new to axis meanings esp IC so learning as I go. Glad you in domestic bliss

          Yes! just moved. Finally have a Home ! I love my little nest. such a score $ wise, so needed on student flux monies lifestyle. I got pluto natal in 4th too but that is a little while away yet and after IC pole. It’s all about the nest and unexpected wack about my nutrition as well ala saturn- loving the health benefits though 🙂

          I hear life picks up a different pace/ease after saturn passes the IC

          • my pluto’s just after the ic pole too – am wondering how the mars direct collision will go – not sure if they do collide ON pluto, but saturn moves so slow, something mental’s bound to happen.

            And yes – after the IC you’re meant to be on the up for 14 years. It conjuncts all natal planets apart from itself within 18 mths tho I’ve only got one not in 3 4 or 5 – a bit ominous, last time it was there pretty dire things happened.

            Have your teeth gone out in sympathy yet? Them and my spine are the classic manifestations. Saturns about calcification and because it conjuncts uranus and sun again soon I’ve started taking herbs for blood and circulation health and changed diet – apparently those 3 together health wise are beginnings of hardened arteries/sudden heart attack. Am in the prevention phase. Can’t hurt i figure. Be interested to see how ours compare over the span of the transit.

          • thats really interesting. and you have pluto after IC too? mine is not conjunct IC but I am a little nervous about saturn passing through my 5th 6th house a thon that is my chart.

            prevention for sure. the 4th house saturn transit highlighted some serious diet nutrition malfunction and hormone issues for me, seriously trying to look after my body. Teeth need operating on as well as wisdoms crank to evil levels of pain on monthly cycles. Its on the to do list.

            my thoughts exactly – something mental is bound to happen. how is your family stuff? I am expecting that or health to be the bomb that drops

  3. I’ve stocked up on loads of fruit & vegetables. The house is always clean but I cleaned some more (Mars in virgo), washed the windows & now I am obsessed with how clean they are, obsessed with clarity!!

    Processing, processing mountains of things coming up….. 😯

    Moon is right near my Pisces Asc!

  4. Psychic twinging on the elliptical today. Ok, not so much a twinge as a full on fear fest when I was happily swinging away to my freshly downloaded tunes…in fact a dance version of Alanis Morissette’s Uninvited, what suddenly pinged into consciousness had me almost leaping off the damn thing.

    Somehow I remembered this old dream I had, back in the days of the Sewer Saga where I dreamt that I was married, and was saying something to my husband..who was not the Sewer. The husband in the dream had salt and pepper hair with a youngish face, and was very well, I dunno, husband-like.

    I remember waking up and telling the Sewer about it, clearly confused as he looked nowhere near this person, and I couldn’t even imagine myself going out with someone who had the Anderson Cooper look going for them. So this was all non-useful psychic fodder for me until I realized something and this is where the stomach starts twisting..the Libran Environmentalist looks exactly like that.

    And he’s a bit off his rocker too…not that I need worry as I have told him to sail on after a very intelligent discussion where he very lucidly and maturely accepted my concerns, and in fact worried out loud that he wondered how he was to prove himself to me.

    Oh but just the thought of that dream..shudder…

  5. My muggle sister wants $50 I apparently owe her and she’s giving me back my baby clothes. Seems to be wanting to leave her ‘family of origin’ for good! And all for my other sister telling her the truth. But she can’t handle the truth.

    (The truth is just that she has been uninterested in us for the last few decades and we are finding it hard now she’s had a kid, we have to be suddenly the best of friends with her. No conversation please. Just be incredibly lovely and worship her and her child and all will be fine. Naturally we do worship her lovely baby of course).


    • Also she is very intuitive and ignores it with all her might. Then on top of that is hideous about my interests in the energetic universe/astro etc. I am waiting until tomorrow to respond to this, I need that new moon in Pisces!!

      • I will take that into consideration. That might be the tack I would take if I don’t want to speak to her anymore!! Wierdly she has loads of 11th house and 2nd house. Charming at getting what she wants out of people. And no interest in you if there’s nothing to be gained from association with you. It’s delightful!

    • Tell your muggle sister to take the $50.00, get a non-profit license and start her own cult. As that is what she seems to want?

      She does sound like she has some pretty raging lower 12th house issues going on there. Maybe if she started one she could get both the adoration and hone her latent talent.

      • I think I have this too- as in lower 12th house issues. Everything is in my 12th at the moment (and its busy natally aswell) including this new moon.

        How do you elevate it? I am totally lethargic, in denial, escapism to the max, had a moment today where all the emotion bubbled to the surface and i was ready to release it- it was just in the middle of the street so i said to myself to leave it for later- busied myself somehow….Have now totally disconnected from it and cant access it again. This has been a problem the last few months of dissociating from these emotions and its turning me into a really gross person to be around!!!!!

        How can I access it before tomorrow? I’ve done EFT, reiki music, yoga, meditation, sleep etc etc, talk, everything the last 2 months which i guess got me to that point today but not fast enough to stop me from chucking a wrecking ball through my life the last 2 months!!

      • Anonymous, I was just reading up on Chiron in Pisces in the 12th house..which seriously, is a pretty wounded 12th house. I’m not sure if this would apply, but I remember reading that the key to addressing 12th house issues is to monitor your motivations.. after all this is the house of the subconscious.

        You may on a thinking level, recognize you’re doing x for y reason but your actions and the results around you would offer a better gauge of what those true motivators are. And of course, acceptance before anything.

        Perhaps your lower 12th house issues rages on in rebellion of being treated like step children, when in fact even our darkest parts are just that, ours. Sometimes, we’d like to think surgery is the best option, but as with anything terrible within, we need to coax it out kindly and only under the gentlest half light.

        Say hello to it slowly, and let it reveal itself to you.. not as a problem, but as part of the wondrous mystery of who you are. After all, so many ugly things hold a kernel of beauty and truth in them.

        There is no mechanism to “solve” it. Be organic, and just let it unfold, it may yet surprise you.

        • Wow that was really beautiful. Thank you for that. I forgot to write my actualy name. But thats exactly what I did today. Called a counselling helpline and spoke for an hour and a half. Worked very well. I feel less ashamed, more in touch with the dark side of things. I think what works best when nothing else seems to help is to just do that- talk things through with the gentle coaxing of someone who is already IN the light and can see a glimmer of your own.

          Thanks again x

  6. Full-on! My cappy daughter initiated conversation last night, ‘What’s the difference between magic and vodoo.’ This then led into a discussion of other faiths / religiouns / beliefs. Was a fantastic evening with my 13 yr old wonder-daughter.

    • Bluelibra, what a wonderful conversation with your daughter! She’s lucky to have a mother who will talk to her about her deep questions.

      On the first day of kindergarten, as I was driving my daughter to school, she asiked me where she would go when she died. (Kind of a shocking question from a 5 yr. old on her way to kindergarten!) I told her I didn’t have an answer to that and asked her where did she think she was before she was born. She thought for a second and said, “Chicago.” She was satisfied. I was suprised because we live in Florida, never been to Chicago, and don’t know anyone in Chicago. But I belive her!

  7. Interesting to see how this dark-new moon is envibing peeps differently.

    With Pisces on early ascendant I’m feeling the lineup as clarifying and “aha”ish, and very very fun! Am especially noticing that thing that peeps are magical or non-magical folk, yes, and am not bovvered by the bastardry of unbelievers. Jupiter is also, literally, making me more aware of laughter around. 🙂

    BUT, I want to share something that is going on that feels expansive but in a less liberating way. Maybe connected to mercury???—other gemininians out there doing subversive and shadowy things? I think it’s the hidey/dark moon ( mine’s in gemini) and mercurial pisces getting off a bit on fosicking around secretly and snooping on social network sites and creating sensational connections between information gathered. eg. I won’t mention snooping through current partner’s exes’ profiles. Hideous. I never normally do this! But I only just noticed all these freinds in common i have with those exes of my beloved. Weird… I also never before noticed my uncle’s profile pic with family in tow had a freemason symbol in the background. Normally I’d shrug it off, whatevs. But today I’ve invested 20 good minutes on tracing his friends and their mason links to mason sites and from mason sites to brethren discussion groups etc etc… like some slippery quest for dark/controversial info.

    Tried chanelling this curiosty into something more useful, like finding out about ALL the buttons and knobs on my sewing machine. i might just go and meditate until I can laugh it off.

    • yes i am feeling quite “under the radar-ish”… i have gem rising and my chart is ruled by Mercury… normally i never give a shit about preferring to keep things secret or keep things to myself, I had attributed it to just wanting to conserve my energy, information and resources better, saturn in 3rd house style. I had actually said to myself, ;i am feeling v scorpionic..and i like it… even tho scorps probably are like this x 100 all the time, anyway i want it to last for many reasons. have fun, 4xgem:)

      • Funny you should mention scorps I’ve jsut done my forgivesness burning ritual- list of things to let go off and forgive and one of them is to let go of my low scorp tendencies. They are a source of conflict with me scorp V aqua V leo – no winners there. Just gotta accept and forgive and try and elevate these ‘tendencies’ to a higher plane with support of a gentler partner next time ( no more aries men for me).
        Hope everybody has some healing time to feel this Dark moon – its awesome.

  8. Isn’t it exciting? This Sun/Moon/Mercury/Uranus is Conjunct my Venus-South Node in 4th House… and is on my Venus-Node midpoint.

    Had a combined psychic reading/ massage/ reiki sesh last Friday and having body massage with Mystic’s recommended masseur at 1pm today.

    I am doing some massive clearing and transforming… Transit Pluto Conjunct Ascendant-Jupiter, Sextile Chiron-Mars. Clearing out the karma… completing it… oh my gawd it is good… Mars moving forward has helped too, since it’s my Sun Ruler and 5th House ruler too.

    Then it’s Massive Attack on the Opera House Forecourt this eve.
    Oh yes… a very special day indeed!

    Meet you in the Opera Bar whoever happens to be going too… hehe

    Lots of love peeps… spread it around! XXX

  9. Wow – I keep noticing little things, and odd little things. Like when I call the lifts at work, I stand infront of a lift (and there are 6 to choose from) and the one I stand in front off opens….. every time for the last week.
    I’m also listening to messages…. a colleague is having teeth probs, so today, I got the strongest intuition to make a dental appt, so I called up, and I’m in on Thursday (normally its a couple of weeks).
    Over the weekend I canned an event with friends so I could relax at home, garden, cook, and just BE for a couple of days – I’ve prioritised socialising for so long, I felt liberated! And I wasn’t hung over Sunday, plus had had a neat night out with girlfriends, limited alcohol, and maximum connection and shared understanding……
    This is one of the nicest new moon build ups I’ve had in ages……

  10. Wow, the new moon is, like, ON my Sun (within half a degree), and Uranus is still right there too, no wonder i feel awesome in a new way…

    It really is about the instantaneous realisations and emotional releases… some things about the Toro and others much easier to recognise and acknowledge , and the sticky feelings just wash away once i give thanks for the lesson. Also acknowledge that i am still feeling certain things (e.g. sadness or relief) and that’s ok too..

    but does feel pretty special.

    My fabulous Aqua sis and I are having a “strategic planning” meeting via skype this evening to organise some important elements in our lives 🙂 she is an aqua pisces cusp so I think the Chiron – Neptune conjunction is bang on her sun right now too, How Awesome!! 😀

  11. Oh this must be some major new moon.

    I have not been able to get out of bed the last few days. Body sore all over. And so tired.

    New moon…I spaz out on new moons cant stand them, I feel totally exposed!!
    ….maybe it is becasue i cant see the moon.

  12. LOL re Muggles and Non-Muggles!!

    scrubbing house – check, washing car / windows – check, tax done – check, desk clear – check, relaxed for first day in 2 weeks – YAY!!

    Dog currently in operation – few lumps, finges crossed she comes how with all her toes!!
    she was happy as anything heading into it. 11 yr old spring chicken / pound mut!!


    • thanks all – no news yet, which is good.
      indicates she still has 4 paws!!

      MS love to you. that’s although one
      UP’s right – chasing seagulls & digging holes frolicking in diggie heaven!!

      distracting self with cleaning frenzy!!

    • thanks all for kind thoughts – she’s full of stitches, drainage tubes & still has all toes. not ideal, but had vet convos re ‘toe amputation’, which may be on cards pending path results. fingers & toes crossed on that one!

      all of this not cheap.
      poor little thing is in pain.
      breaks my heart, but rather have her around than not.

      • BTW – DOG owners – did you know 6 drops of rescue remedy in dogs bowl is great for pain / discomfort / stress??

        LOVE IT when the VET talks our language!!

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