Sun Sign Survey: What Would You Tell Your (Slightly) Younger Self?

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Wonder Woman meets herself Since last October, Mars has been retracking the path that Saturn (lessons, karma, obstacles, earthly rules) took from July 2005 until September 2006.

Since the start of March, Mars has been buzzing away at the July/August 2005 point of Saturn….More on Mars later but for now, see if those date are not evocative.

Also, if you could do a really quick little time-tour backwards to visit your slightly younger self in this time frame, what would you say to her/him.ย  Advice? Perspective?

Or if you want to do a Saturn cycle situation: How does late 96 and early 97 resonate for you?ย  What would you tell THAT person who was you??? Tres psych but also some good insights, yes?

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68 thoughts on “Sun Sign Survey: What Would You Tell Your (Slightly) Younger Self?

  1. “Nate. You’re going to go through the same cycles of crap in two other workplaces if you don’t pull out thy finger and worjk it out now. So, drop the drama, do what has to be done and get into routines now!. Oh yeah, when you look back in 5yrs time, you’ll be wanting to think ‘Wow, I really made good use of all that money I earned!’ not, ‘Where did all that go?’ OH! Good news is you’ll be driving that Red Mazda 3 you’ve always wanted, and will never be anything less than Supervisor =D Now be a good little Goat and work that Capricorn ass for all it can do for a change. Don’t drink so much either, you’ll be hell fatty in 2010 if you do. Byes!”

    Probably something to that effect ehehehe

  2. *Conquer the world when you are ready… not because you have nothing on this weekend. Don’t be so tough on yourself.
    *You don’t have to love people so hard.
    *Put down the chocolate and go outside.

    I think that’s about it… unless you want to go into specifics of ‘yes such-and-such seems lovely and like your soulmates but seriously RUN AWAY!! The guy is a complete douche’, which my younger self would do the opposite of just to spite me. (Seriously… my first kiss was at the age of 4 to a sloopy, drooly boy called Steve… and that was to piss my mum off**)

    I respect no authority… not even myself:)

    ** he gave me a Sheera- Princess of the universe doll. My mum told me off for not show proper thanks and appreciation for the gift. So I went all out and gave him a peck on the lips. Then went and scrubbed my face. Then my mum pointed out how silly I was being.
    I do so hate it when she is right.

  3. Oh my god. So that explains everything. In July and aug 2005 I was becoming serious about my now ex husband. I was falling deeply in love with him, and things in my life were all about to unravel. Similarly, 1997 was when I first actually met him. No wonder I’ve been all caught up in my love for him. Despite everything crap that has happened since.

    Ok so what would I tell my 1997 self? Have fun, don’t get taken by any fellas opinion of you, and please stop worrying. Live your life and don’t worry about relationships right now. You are young and beautiful and everythjngs going to work out just fine. To my July 2005 self? Keep hold if your friends, family and self, no matter what. See the bigger picture and let go.

  4. This baby you’re carrying will Change Your Life.
    You are about to grow up…fast.
    You are not just who your partner thinks you are…. there’s a whole world of wonder inside you still to be expressed.
    Healing is your path.
    You will have to give in and get a mobile eventually.

  5. That worrying is a waste of time. It doesn’t change a thing.
    To believe in myself and have more confidence. And be kind to myself.
    Don’t settle for anything but the best you deserve to be treated with respect.
    Also that people are a mirror to you.

  6. Have fun. Enjoy being young. Keep working hard but stop loosing sleep worrying about the future. It all works out okay in the end. It’s always going to work out okay in the end. Oh and seriously, learn to drive a manual. It’s pretty much the only thing you still can’t do and it’s annoying.

    • Have more fun is definitely up there.

      Maybe with the clarification of have more of the things they you _actually_ find fun, as opposed to stuff that you are told is fun, but you don’t really enjoy…

      … or is that just me?

  7. July 2005 I was taking my broken heart to go and live surrounded by rice fields in Japan for a year – where no one could tell me what to do or how to feel. You’ve now got me really worried about Mars…

    As for my younger self… I’d tell myself to stress less over things I can’t change and to roll with it.

  8. I would tell my younger 1996 self to buy lots of Apple stock, only $6 a share. And in December, get a second opinion and a different surgeon (but that’s a long story).

  9. -Don’t be afraid to love.
    -He’s just not that into you.
    -Study what you are interested in that could make money (like, NOT philosophy and Roman History) and don’t let anyone tell you “You wouldn’t be good at…”.
    -Watch what people do – not what they say.
    -Dreams DO come true

    • ‘Watch what people do โ€“ not what they say.’

      Yep…this is biggy that frees up a lot of confusion.

  10. 2005 advice:
    Get a savings plan NOW.
    Don’t buy the Honda. Big mistake. HUGE mistake. Walk away now.
    Don’t settle for good enough when it comes to your living space.

    1997 advice:
    Pursue your dream, it does come true, and it changes your life for the better
    Depression is manageable, be gentle on yourself.

  11. Are those dates ‘evocative’ you ask? Someone, hide the keys to the gun cupboard!!! Was wondering why I was having hideous flashbacks today. Thanks for the heads-up Mystic!

    And what would I tell poor distraught younger nat?

    Dearest Nat,

    * you are stronger than you think {actually you rock ๐Ÿ˜‰ }
    * this is NOT about you/your fault despite what you are being told
    * put your energy into learning about the concepts of personal boundaries, values, self-love & self-responsibility. Use these concepts as the guiding basis of your actions. You can rely on it.
    * know that you will use this vileness to learn wonderful things about yourself. You will feel SO much better & unlock parts of yourself that closed down a long time ago.
    * don’t expect others to understand you; that is your job
    * life is long… there is time and space for everything
    * strive to be firm on the inside, flexible on the outside (not the other way round!)
    * you’ll be right. You are on the right track. Keep going.

    Love, Nat x x

  12. oh erk in march 2005 I had just broke up with very controlling man. then in september getting together with my recent ex. hmmmmmm

    I am newly in a little relationship – bit rocky, hmmmmmmmm

    If i could tell my younger self one thing it would be:

    be ambitious – don’t stay in Adelaide for friends/lovers/family – go to the centre and do what you want. You are talented, do not compromise.

    hmmm – good lessons thanks mystic

  13. hmmm, july/aug 2005 was saturn return/conj asc time – I had recently chucked in some stuff that was making me miserable, (with some pushing), and things were full of hope for a while. So probably ‘don’t lose sight of that hope and belief in yourself, even when it seems all too hard and like you’ve only got yourself to rely on’, a message very relevant for now, as I am at significant use it or lose it point on that same path. ‘don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need’ would probably be useful too.

    96/97, oh dear.
    ‘Are you sure you want to go down that path?’ would be one of them. ‘You should try standing up for yourself a bit more’ would be another one. With a reassuring, ‘if it all goes to shit, keep believing you will make it through, but don’t kid yourself it won’t leave any scars or haunt you’. A ‘don’t be afraid to ask for help’ would have been useful there too.

    I’m not sure I really wanted to be reminded of those pasts today.

  14. Oh my. 2005 was the worst year of my life to date – all the way through the year I had only one thought to hold onto – if i don’t die, I’ll live

    The things I’d say to myself:
    You just made a mistake – it’s not a moral judgement
    Focus on your daughter
    It’s bad now, it’s going to get worse, but you will live, and through the terribleness, an answer to all your health problems will be found and it will be major – you were not imaging things for all those years
    In five years time you will be extraordinarily healthy and beautiful
    Don’t waste time with the new guy – he is what you think he is, a loser
    Don’t waste time feeling sad about what you lost, the longer you think about it, the more time you waste
    You won’t find real love – stop looking
    But lots of people love you – appreciate them
    Your daughter thinks you are great. Nothing else really matters

  15. Snap out of that denial you’re in and start taking care of your health NOW, cuz it’s going to take you another 2 years to figure out what needs to be done and you’re going to feel like shite that whole time when it could’ve been preventable. The health issues are also going to affect your ability to get a job and lead to big-time money issues.

    The good news? That guy you just hooked up with is the right one and is going to change your life for the better. You’ll still be with him in 2010 and your life will be 10 times better than it is now. You will have a better lifestyle, place to live, friends, job, body, and wardrobe. Yes, you’ll be older but you will look better than you do now.

    Oh, and that little niche industry you have a bit of experience in? You’re right to laser-focus on that and pursue developing those skills more because it’s going to lead to the best salary, and most challenging job of your career!!! Well done!

  16. Seabird! You posted something similar to me at the same time!

    Out of curiosity, what was your health issue and what led to the breakthrough? Mine was having mono for the 2nd time, leading to and symptomatic of a very poorly-functioning immune system. I’ve tried various holistic methods to fix it and some helped but weren’t very sustainable (punishing diet + very expensive treatment + meds) and I’m still looking for a solution.

  17. 1996-1997
    What an amazing, courageous & brave person you are, of course you don’t ever admit to any of this, ever.. but you are!! ..&.. guess what? You did it!!

    Oh man, you learnt some full on stuff that year & it was hard but you are the strongest person I know. However you’re about to get even stronger, in a different way. This thing called Saturn return (no, you actually have no idea what this is but you will find out in a couple more years!) is about to ride your arse in next year & it is going to last a few more years after soooo you had better enjoy yourself! ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Both these time frames were so intense.

    “Since the start of March, Mars has been buzzing away at the July/August 2005 point of Saturnโ€ฆ.More on Mars later but for now, see if those date are not evocative.”

    Stuff going on in my life since mid Feb til now has been eye-opening to say the least. It seems to be an extension of the July/Aug 05 time period too. Sat was transiting my 8th house then, Mars now. Wonder where it’s gonna end up. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    “Or if you want to do a Saturn cycle situation: How does late 96 and early 97 resonate for you?”

    That ties in so neatly to 05 as well it’s a little scary. The beginning of the end?!?

    What would I tell my younger self? Focus completely on yourself. I know everything’s changing where you don’t want it to but it’s only removing things that aren’t in your best interests. Put yourself and your needs first and if others don’t like it well they don’t want the best for you anyway. You’ve made many good decisions, now that things are more challenging you need to put into practice everything you know.

  19. Oh Merde.


    Just before and during meeting the Ex I’m now splitting with in a very long drawn out fashion. All bubbly and happy honeymoon period, lots of boyfriends and dating before that, generally up. Disguising the fact that I hated my job.

    I’d advise myself to ask that man some more careful questions about what he wanted out of life, relationships and all that – and to listen to the answers really carefully.

    I’d tell myself to save up frantically, ignore everyone, quit my job and go to Europe by myself instead of waiting and trying to persuade the Ex to come with me.

    I’d also tell a certain someone to get serious health checks. ๐Ÿ™

    All pretty much turning to custard by this point, someone very important to me dying, I was trying to find time to schedule in having a breakdown but nobody to pay any attention lol. Did figure out what I think/thought I wanted to do with my life but now I’m not so sure – now I’m not sure of anything!

    I’d tell myself to quit the job straight away, leave the ex ‘cos that man is never going to warm up to your point of view, move to the big city asap and get a job, and yes you can do the course that you thought you can’t get into (instead of the second choice one you’re doing now!)
    Oh, and you will sleep with the pretty Italian boy but he sooo won’t be worth it.
    Also, don’t go into debt.
    And concentrate on what you want to do, don’t get sidetracked.
    Oh hell I just effectively said “men aren’t worth it, art is”.ย 
    Will just go into a corner and practise Scorpio self immolation for a while until I can face the world again.ย 

    • no seriously, just do him a favor and blow his brains out while asleep- isn’t that the best thing you could do? It’s a good thing you can’t time travel I guess. No one would go forward I would think. Too tempting… Hey, do the guy a favor… no one else is gonna do it… I would have too much compassion on myself.. do a mercy killing..

      • hmmm, hadn’t thought of that william, will go check the knives/ammunition/sleeping pills. Possibly a packet of them in his morning orange juice? How forgetful of me to file them in there.

        ps. UV says you can’t have my gun

  20. 1. Believe in yourself

    2. Don’t let the bastards grind you down

    3. Don’t lend william your gun

  21. 1.) Don’t waste your tears on someone who doesn’t love you.
    2.) Don’t let people who are not invested in you dictate the terms of your success or control access to the resources you need for success.
    3.) Learn to stand up for yourself before you let delegate that responsibility to others (who are all too eager to do it for you).

    But really, i did things the way they needed to be done back then. I feel like i have another chance at brilliance again.

  22. DON’T have that affair because its going nowhere. Instead, DRAG your husband and kids on that plane to the Great Barrier Reef and take the mobile off him!!!! (Not that it would’ve made much difference – he still would have resented me..).

    Stand up for yourself.


  23. 2005 advice
    – I’m with bluelibra: Stand up for yourself.
    – Prepare to practice good relationship skills: be gentle with partner; don’t act defensively; support and appreciate partner; and don’t stonewall.

    1996/7 advice:
    – junk the shyness, it’s not getting you anywhere
    – stick with art history, kid, and don’t listen to the peeps who insist you should be doing something practical, otherwise you’ll have to wait for another 13 years before you get to do what you really want to do

  24. First note to my 2005 self:

    *Wear rubber gloves when washing up. Those young hands will age less quickly.
    *Wear sunscreen.
    *Boy oh boy, you have no idea how much you will learn!
    *Be a good friend.
    *Spend time with people you really like.
    *Things have a funny way of sorting themselves out.
    *Grieve when you need to grieve. Don’t suppress it, or it will come up in unexpected and unhelpful ways later.
    *Be patient with yourself and those around you.
    *Holy smokes, you have no idea how MUCH CRAZIER things are going to get. NO IDEA! Holy smokes, you have no idea how many GREAT things are going to happen and how many GREAT people you are going to meet.
    *Time, tide and trolley wait for no man.
    *Be honest. Take time to think about how you really feel.

  25. learn to trust your intuition.

    you wouldnt wish this on those you care about so why put up with it yourself?

    you are stronger than you think.

  26. Ha, 96-97!

    “Call that guy on his shit NOW, especially about money, it’s all downhill from here if you don’t!”

  27. I have a funny idea that the flip side of this is to imagine your future self and try to figure out what s/he would tell you right now.


    • i was pondering that a bit myself Tati – or what your past self would tell your now self when it went back to tell your past self something.
      PS – “so what are you doing now?
      NS – “ah blah and blah”
      PS- “sounds like you should take a bit of your own advice then”

      So past or future self – should I spend money I don’t have to go to a festival I’d love to go to even though I’m flying out of the country the following day?
      P/F S – well if you stopped faffing about on the net you’d get all the things done you need to, so you’d be organised….

    • thats exactly what i thought tati. so much of my advice to my younger self would be to stop worrying so much, treat yourself better and enjoy life now, dont put it off… would my 40 year old self have the same advice for me at my age now??? i dont want to have again wasted time being down on myself, falling for inappropriate people , working too hard…

  28. OMG love and children lessons.

    July/ August 2005, when I met and got together with current ex husband.
    Do NOT get pregnant because he tells you a whole heap of stories. Leave him now, it is not too late, there is still a back door.

    Dec/ January 1996/1997, when I had an abortion and married my first ex husband. STAY pregnant, do NOT have the abortion. You will lose the man anyway, so his ultimatum the child or me isn’t a true one.

    Right now????? Just met a new lovely bloke. Please don’t tell me the children question is already rearing its head!

  29. Ohhhhhhh I get it now.. oh wow! Had similar boy troubles where really truly in love with a Virgo (this time an Aquarius).. but I stuffed up being clingy emotional pushy girlfriend who wanted the long distance thing sorted out now!!! And I am unconsciously doing the same thing now.. ohhhh light bulb flashes.. time to be miss cool… which I am usually until lately where I went back to old emotional self.. oh oh oh. Very excited to finally get what you guys were all talking about.

  30. Not explaining the complexity but when faced with uncertain males in a relationship I tend to panic and go into an emotional control thing which does not help.. and not trust the outcome!!! Wow thanks MM.. finally got it! well some of it anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. And July 2005 met the biggest control freak commitment phobic mysoginist ever and went out with him in that time period deluding myself that we could make it work.. oh oh…
    Still working out what I could tell myself except.. let it go..

  32. OMG, that explains a lot. July 2005 to September 2006 was a major, major time for me that set up some good things that have since fallen away bit will hopefully make way for better things. Telling myself (younger and present( BREATHE!

  33. 1996-97 Dont worry david, moving from your rainforest cabin in the wilds and moving back to sydney will work out fine, even though you have no idea whats in store and living with your parents for 6 weeks while you find a place and a job will be easier than you think. In fact living with them till you get a job and home will be the only motivation you need to get it done quick.

  34. To 1996/7 self : Dearest Vee, I’m so proud of you for being so strong and being so connected and present to what is happening. All the lessons you have learned up until now will guide you through this very difficult process. What happens this year will be the making of you, and at the end of this cycle, you will know who you REALLY are and just what you are capable of. Please remember, Love is always the answer! The lessons you learn this year will be increasingly important in the comming years, ( being a platform) for the family leader you are yet to become.
    To 2005 self : Well Vee, here we are together again and those big issues are still causing grief, but you know you have the tools to work with and the strength and determination to follow through with. Hard choices are what good leaders often have to make, even when it’s not what you would want yourself but the situation demands it. This time ” tough love” applies.

    To todays Self : You seem to be going around in circles, but if you look at it from a different perspective, you’ll find it’s more like a spiral. Each time we come back to the same point , we are actually a little higher up in the helix than it first appears. Keep trying, I have faith in you, you know what to do, we’ve been here before : )) Growth is only painful when we resist . More learning!

    Ah, that feels good. I feel clearer and calmer now. Thanks Mystic !Bless you!

    • P.S Anyone can deal with the easy parts in life but it’s the hard parts that show us who we really are, and I’m very proud of you.

  35. To 2005 self: you’ve just had your heart broken again. It happens sometimes and you will recover again eventually. Just stop thinking all that self-defeatist, ‘no-one will ever love you again’, rubbish. It’s not true. Plus, you should face it – the two of you weren’t really suited anyway.

    To 1996/1997 self: it might not feel like it now, but you’re stronger and smarter than you think. You feel like a big, fat failure now, but you’ll discover exercise, will lose heaps of weight (and will keep it off) and that will let you embark on some pretty amazing adventures. You’re also at a turning point in your undergraduate studies- start focusing on studying law. You’re actually really good at it. Seriously, who knew? Just please try to work a bit harder… Trust me when I say it will come in handy later.

  36. all these messages are making me teary they are so beautiful and heartfelt and tragic and strong. G(((((Group hug)))))
    i’m tto scared to do this myself it will bring up too much guilt as I should have been well satisfied with my lovery life and not changed a bloody thing.
    Fantastic blog tho thx MM

  37. 1996-1997

    Stop being vegan. Don’t be embarrassed about having difficulty with your school work -stop clinging to the belief that are a genius, just get your work done and go to school. Stop trying so hard to be yourself/unconventional because following the rules gets your further and youre wasting your time. Stop being the working class hero. Don’t deal with mean people the minute they seem that way.

    Everything will work out, but you will pay for how you acted unless you change.

  38. I would tell myself at the beginning of sixth grade to CHILL OUT for the next six years.
    Stick with band. Don’t stop READING!! Focus on school and sports and clubs, boys can wait.
    Don’t be ashamed of masturbating.
    Always say YES. Be open to opportunity, follow through.
    Look up some youtube videos on how to do your hair, and makeup.
    Just be happy. Get on birth control ASAP, your hormones are what’s causing all that bitchiness.
    Be open to people, talk, smile, laugh, be positive! It makes HUGE difference.
    When you love someone, don’t get scared and freak out.
    You can be a big girl when you really try.
    Stop whining!
    Dress how you want. Pretty much, do what you want.
    It all works out eventually. Don’t kill yourself-get over that.
    Don’t become bulimic, just keep working out and stuff, you’re hot right now and you don’t even know!
    Don’t cut all your hair off in 2009. ๐Ÿ™
    Sex isn’t as big a deal, neither is drinking or marijuana. Really. I mean REALLY. No big deal. And I’m not just saying that because I’m “comfortable” with it.
    Read the newspaper, watch the news, start being open-minded NOW, imagine how I’d be now if you did?!
    Make all sorts of friends, learn to do all sorts of things.
    You’re amazing. If you would drop the attitude and just be yourself. I don’t even know who I am now, but stop being so hard on yourself! It stresses you out and makes you mean!! (you’re nice now:)
    Krissy will always be your friend. So will Leighna.
    Family may be a pain in the ass, and hurt you worse than anyone else, but they’ll always be there for you and love you no matter what.
    Just start focusing on the inside, make yourself nice, volunteer, get a job, learn to play the piano, guitar, whatever, learn to bake a cake, learn what you can while you can, next thing you know you’ll be 18 and feeling a little duped. BUT don’t blame others. You can do it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. He’s not worth it. Don’t even have the friendship.
    Stand up for yourself more. Try harder. and apologize when needed.
    There is no time for worring. It is completely pointless. Completely. Whats done is done, you can’t change it. and whatever happens will happen if you worry or not. take action if it bothers you that much.

    Basically don’t get yourself into that mess.

    Just remember “Everything will be alright in the end, If its not alright, its not the end.”


  40. Laura:

    Stop caring so much about what others think of you, and just BE YOURSELF. You are perfectly wonderful and beautiful the way you are, stop trying to “fit in” or “impress.” Do what YOU want to do; not what others think you should do. You will never make EVERYONE happy, but instead ofletting this depress you, find liberation in it.

    You are just as GOOD and WORTHY as everyone else.

    Love yourself.

  41. This is so inspiring & beautiful to read.
    Right now I’m in the suffering phase that some have recounted here, of not knowing who I am and having my confidence and faith shattered by ill health. But reading these comments has truly given me faith that everything will get better and will work out alright.

    Both periods were big turning points in my life, though I was really young in 1996-7. I would say to that girl: stay strong, individuate, don’t write people off and become so isolated. Please have more faith in yourself when it comes to exams and academic matters, but pay attention to the beautiful wherever it leads you.

    And in 2005-2006: Things were moving so fast. I began uni, got over an eating disorder, made friends & fell in love. I discovered a place for myself but was pretty careless about my sped-up evolution at the same time. I would say – be true to yourself. Get away from the destructive people around you as soon as possible. And don’t hurt so much for love – don’t change for it or humble yourself so painfully. It will only hurt more in the long run.

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  43. Jason wait a few more years, astrology is Really gonna make sense to you. Youve been grappling with it since 19 and im proud of you, even had to throw in a few guys to puzzle you into knowing about them though astrology, with practice you will come to know yourself very soon, around the time neptune enters pisces.

    Dont worry kiddio i know its been a tough lonley parentless road, but you wanted to find the answers on your own, i swear. Your inner soul wouldnt have it any other way.

    – Love, your future self.

  44. When you had that thought of moving to Dubai and being a flight attendant, you should have gone. You would have ended up marrying rich, as well as selling real estate making you the richest person from your high school. Take risks!

  45. Trust your intuition.
    Don’t spend all that money on others.
    Follow you dream.Make your films. Don’t let anyone talk you out of your dream

    Let him go now! Don’t let anyone talk you out of your dream
    Save. Save. Save.
    Follow you passion.
    Trust your intuition. He is lying