The Magic In Princess and the Frog

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Evil villain in The Princess and the FrogSo I saw Princess And The Frog & adored it.

As you have maybe read, it’s a return to Disney’s Golden Era values: hand-drawn animation, real story & a brilliant soundtrack: jazz, blues & bayou stomp style sounds. It’s set in New Orleans in the 1920s.

But what i also appreciated about it is the authenticity of the magic; the Tarot is in there, a sacred Evening Star (Venus, only called Evangeline a la the old Hoodoo tradition), a necromancer and a more benign witch who lives deep in the swamp, with genuinely witchy decor. Seriously, the way they’ve styled it draws on a whole lot of ancient myths.

All they’ve got missing is Come To Me Oil.

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14 thoughts on “The Magic In Princess and the Frog

  1. Yes, you are a legend Mystic so thanks for all your wonderful and positive takes on the world from so many different angles.

    My income has halved now that I am a student but my subscription is a non-negotiable essential. You’re still the coolest!

  2. Do you know, Mystic, that I harbour a suspicion, and a hope, that there is more than just one of you. How are you able to post with such alacrity and charm and thoughtfulness so much and so often? Where does your inspiration come from? Is this universal fountain tapped exclusively pour vous? Are you, a la Shakespeare, the collective term for a posse of supportive geniuses? Is this the truth de la Mystic Medusa? Don’t tell! But, I needed to ask.

    • ~collective term for a posse of supportive geniuses?~

      Oh Pisces sun, that makes me scared. Probably because years ago I used to massage this woman who had been abused in Satanic rituals and had over three hundered personalities.

      You begin the massage with one person and end with someone else.

    • pisces sun, lots of virgo, well said!
      Mystic is alacrity & charm personified. She is enlightening & as fast as lightening, all at the same time. Mercurial. We are so lucky that Mystic shares her wit & wisdom with us on her site (for free & without ads). How does she do it and where does her inspiration come from indeed???!!!
      We love you Mystic xx

    • Part of the miracle that is MM is Mercury in Aries, which can move mountains with words and wit…plus the Virgoan Mars and the Libran moon and, and…you get the picture — sexy polymath supreme, futuristic renaissance chic, and a daily breath of fresh air for even the most jaded Virgo.

    • lol…so true scorpy L… girlish woman powerless until meets prince charming… older women are evil crones , rarely the baba yaga types in the real faerie tales / chicks who jog with wolves etc

      god am getting lazy you know waht i mean,

  3. I need to borrow a kid to take to see this…
    It’s about time they went back to hand drawn animation…. so authentic!

    I was reading it features John Goodman (who I think is brilliant) as Big Daddy La Bouff & Oprah as the voice for Eudora for … Go Oprah… Go Oprah… Go Oprah..

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