Saturn Is In Da House

Saturn is in da house and leaving helpful notes on your bathroom mirror.

Seriously, yes we all love the Magical Realism of Pisces & I personally am v.happy about my Venus Return next week being near Uranus & all…But Saturn is blatting backwards to rekindle the Saturn-Uranus Opposition (exact in April – tangible in March) and then square Pluto again.

So i am thinking the trick is to be magical, imbued with spiritual faith, visualizing other realms etc AND flossed/exfoliated/legally sane and with a coherent plan re health-wealth.


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48 thoughts on “Saturn Is In Da House

  1. This Saturnian jaunt is suiting me currently – I actually wrote a daily schedule for myself yesterday. It’s not entirely possible to stick to with a newborn and a 19 month toddler. But I feel so empowered when I check through it and see I have done more than half of it. My husband thinks I have gone mad, I think his aqua rising is v. nervous…

    • ha,ha FireTrine…

      He may just be afraid to ultimately see himself on the list and a “checK” by his name but think “hmmm, she didn’t do anything”….

      Or did she? πŸ™‚

  2. OH yes Saturn is SOOOO their leaving posted notes all over my room!
    Remember this for exam and dont forget to talk to her and oh reherse ur lines and shut up every now and then!
    urgh I HAVE TO REMIND MYSELF or i get all saggo scatterbrained!

  3. Neat handwriting!

    I love nice handwriting… πŸ˜€

    Oh crap Saturn is in retro isn’t it? It is sq my Gem sun, moon & venus… 😯

    Back to handwriting, I have been told I write like someone who went to school in the 50’s. I don’t know about that… but my handwriting is very similar to my mum’s & the weird part is I never saw my mum’s handwriting until I was 19. ~cue the spooky music ~

  4. Ugh. Have spent afternoon devising future plans and study and how to reconfigure my life and get things in order. Sensible, but strangely unsatisfying.

    Am still missing Ex-Mr-CBA. I know that this is not the right time for us to be together and we need to go our separate ways and sort ourselves out, but can’t help but hope that one day we will meet again and things will be different. Feel like I have lost my best friend. Ugh, ugh, UGH!

    Not ready for r’ship now, but Mystic said something in a consult last year about big love strolling into my life when Pluto trined my ascendant. Have jumped onto to try and figure out when that might be, but no idea how to do it. Any ideas?

    • Hey CBA, a trine is 120 degrees, so 4 houses away. So if your asc is in virgo or taurus, pluto will trine it from cap when it gets to the same degree number.
      Looking at the empheris is probably the easiest way to work it out.
      Hope that helps.
      Nice to see you by the way.

      • Thanks Shell, nice to see you too!

        That makes sense. Asc in Taurus, so mid April (or thereabouts.) And as an Aqua, with Mars going direct again in my house of lurve (from a sun sign POV) At least it looks like Autumn will be interesting πŸ™‚ (Yes, I;m picking and choosing from Sun / Asc for extra info!)

    • CBA my heart went twang at that. You and I be in similar boats rowing. x

      getting on the mission is the best cure
      so the post it note says at mine anyway..

      • Oh – I feel for you Ms. xx

        Amen to that advice – sometimes it’s just so annoying how Saturn is always right!

        • Dull as it sounds, Saturn tasking is the best distraction when you have processed the wad of emotional loss I think. I had to come back to oz to deal with mine and I am totally grateful I am this busy now, gives me a sense of moving forward. My ex is my bestie and it took a while to sort, like a year. I am at the end of this headache but I still miss what we had. It’s like you loose your gf and your man. or your right arm..
          you shall bare champagne again!! and what a lovely omen for pluto trine, and he’s strolling. how suave.

    • Oh you can’t hurry love – no you just have to wait, no, no love don’t come easy…….lalalalalalala…..

      Don’t mind me, just bonkers today….

  5. Hey – did we know we have that in common Sweetpea? I’m sun square Saturn , too. I don’t remember if we compared that before….

    We are a brand now, girl…

    I saw that pick-up….. Black, blowing smoke out the tailpipe. Wait wouldn’t that be pluto?

    • ha,ha…..Love the smoke out of the tail pipe visual Blackey…

      Oh gosh girl, think we did compare notes but sure that’s why your Aries has not beat the hell out of your room mate.

      First of all, Aries with Saturn contemplates the output of energy…”is it worth it?” Eh, maybe not. Other ways to work it (Saturn cool and serene) without getting all sweaty and heated, no? But pushin’ it, peeps pushin’ it…. πŸ˜‰

      Honest to God, think it’s my Saturn influences that remind me at times to remain “Her Serene Highness”…


      • Yes, def. Did all those things. I also have a 20 year plan for how I shall get revenge…. High moral revenge…….

        There’s serenity in Saturn? I don’t believe you.

  6. Had a strange dream last night.
    “I had long silver flowing hair. I looked down at my hands, they were very old and wrinkled and I realised I was a woman. I seemed to have no recollection of my life or who I was. (Alzheimers?) It was quite disturbing. So I turned to my ‘husband’ who reminded me that I’d led a long and happy life married to him. I felt calmer then and woke up laughing/crying.”

    Reality check – I’m a 25 year old man.
    It was a little like that lovely/sad/romantic film ‘The notebook’ where you realise the man has been reading their life/love story to his wife who has alzheimers.

    Gawd now I’m all teary again. haha

    • goosebumps! happens to me with some dream descriptions. yes is v past-lifey isn’t it. a second idea i had was “remembering” – crone wisdom, (old wise woman)…she is with you but maybe you have forgotten that for some reason, maybe do some daydreaming and see what pops into your head re that…

    • With Saturn square my Aries Sun and Mercury in the natal BlackStar I’ve had a Post It note on my brain and in my conscious since the day I was born.

      Love Mystic’s cool choices of pics but guess I feel the same way you do about it on the bathroom mirror…..”oh yes, thank you very much” (uh, not)

  7. I feel like I’m circling the icy waters of Saturn-type reality warily, sticking a toe in, then running away squealing. Time to harden the fuq up, methinks.

  8. What? Webcam liasons?

    Catfish is funny….

    I dunno, is Saturn responsible for all the get shat on that is happening to me right now? I am thinking about Karma, and I am thinking that bad is bad, and karma is another thing. This nastiness? – how does it fit into the idea that the universe only wants you to grow? I kept filing it under- well I must have deserved it from somewhere. But now that doesn’t work for me anymore. I don’t believe that. It a lie they tell you in New age school to keep you quiet. So what new?

    • Amen.

      But what are we learning? πŸ™‚
      I’d just like to say for the record, that I absolutely do not want to learn anything, and that my Arian free (wheeling) will is most offended and put out by this implication that this is good for me and I shall grow and evolve.
      *Off to head- butt something.*

  9. I would love to Mystic but I had a ‘client’ call this morning to say they are not paying my bill, have to move house a day early (bad thing for a cancerian) this week, am spinning out about where next $$ will come from and don’t feel like eating. But I have wonderful friends, had a call about potential new client and loving yoga. Am I doing this right or what should I do to change it? Is go with the flow, sempre fi and sense of humour the key?!

    • You just have a lot going on.
      No wonder you are confused.
      Just do what is normally good for you when you are confused.
      Trust yourself.

  10. I posted this on Pisces-o-philia but then saw your post-it at thought it apt to repost.

    It’s been some murky magic, all too fishy for this guppy. I’m relying on Saturn Girl to get me through.

    Unpredictable Pisces & Desertdweller- I know what you mean re Leo Love/Heart Confusion. I’m a piscean man (Aries rising) and been dating leoman on & a little off for 2 years now but he’s been so very distant of late, so very difficult to understand.
    Purring, curled with his head on my shoulder and needing devoted support then telling me to look for work in other cities and confessing sneaky webcam liaisons. My head is reeling.

    HELP! I’m feeling clingy and obsessive but trying to play it cool. I just want a little solid ground.

    So I’m in Melbourne (from Bris) to look for work/holiday and he calls as soon as possible then no contact for a week. I’m putting it down to Mars retrograde and giving the whole situation and him S P A C E.

    I’ll ride it out till May when Mars settles. He’s looking for meaning and thinking of going to Mardi Gras around my Birthday. A Cat or just a Cad?

    Mystic – I’ve noticed quite a few CatFish combo over the years. Do you have any insights into this popular partnership?

    With all these planets in Pisces I’m taking the time to work on confidence and body image, Saturn’s helping there. Gonna take myself to the art galleries today.

    Thank you for you Haute-Low Pisces insights Mystic.
    Have a lovely sunny Monday all you mystics.

    • hey im the same as you (aries rising) and have been having things with leos.
      I would say it sthe leos having neptune in their 7th houses at the moment

    • hey fishus – “feeling clingy and obsessive but trying to play it cool. I just want a little solid ground.” that is EXACTLY how i was feeling with a toro ex. In my (not vast) experience, the solid ground has to be built by lovely You – consider the other person/partner as an unreliable Tradie who never shows up and when they do, the job is never done properly. πŸ™‚ so yes – focusing on Self and distract yourself in ways that will make you feel good the next day – good people, good conversation, nice food, smashing yourself at the gym, whatever it takes. I find if my head is totally spinning about Someone, intense exercise really shakes me into a better headspace. good luck. xx

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