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Well I was so busy pondering the vagaries of Mars Retrograde – believe me, there are many but some brilliant lessons to be learned via a forcible delay as well – I didn’t even notice all the stuff in Pisces. I mean, I did but it did not resonate. It’s strange Piscean magic indeed!

What is in Pisces currently? The Sun, Venus, Jupiter & Uranus. Mercury joins the cavalcade from early next week. Any child born this week will be a mage for sure.

So there is Piscean magic brewing – surreal, whimsical and totally impossible to control. You have to sort of try to go with it and retain a sense of humour.  See the synchronicity. Heightened energy. Heightened magic. Heightened poetry. Until Saturn gets back into Virgo to oppose all the Pisces, there ain’t much to stop it.

Even more interesting. In astrology, an aspect is considered to be applying in the time leading up to when it is exact. So at the end of this week the Sun meets Jupiter and then next week, Venus conjoins Uranus. That means from right now, both of these mega-magical aspects are considered to be applying and thus very powerful.

Yes Virgos, I have used the word magical/magic several times in a row here. But it’s the only applicable word for what’s up. Sun-Jupiter is luck and faith. Venus-Uranus is severely cool love weirding. Love electrified. None of these energies are conventional.

Don’t lose total touch with Saturn Girl values (health, wealth, details admin, h20, eight hours sleep, discretion) but definitely engage the magic.

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56 thoughts on “Pisces-O-Philia

  1. I totally noticed it….. I was wondering…. My Pisces moon, took a huge deep breathe in….then out…..ahhhhh.. My sister even commented on how calm and relaxed I am…

  2. yep, all the 12th house stuff has me, ummm, feeling a little tied to the mast. I do like Pisces energy though, looking forward to all the aries action soon, like real soon. Help!

  3. good.

    I was obsessing about the Parisian Leo (episode 2 part 3 …for those who read the back-story) today, feeling very, well, unhealthily obsessive. Then it hit me: the Oracle (on this site of course) which told me A LOT to give “x” “shitloads of space” ..lol. So I thought, f*ck it, i can’t be bothered with this I just want to have a good time with my friends. Besides, I had a feeling there was more to the scenario that was affecting things (there was).

    At the same time, I recalled one of my fave mantras: *I release all expectations.* then everything seemed easier once i had stopped obsessing about this one thing that was just making my day a misery.

    So I decided instead to get to know him better in a no-pressure environment – dinner with my other new friend so it was a very convivial, stress- and confusion-free environment…i still think he is adorable but at the same time i am glad i didn’t push the envelope as he has come complications in his heart and mind at the moment (i learnt from our conversation). So I leave this city at peace and knowing I have kept a new friendship intact and in fact in a better state than I had hoped.

    all’s well that ends well…i guess!

    • Hey unpredictable pisces, writing from the perspective of my own experience over the last few months… being a leo sun and moon… i reckon there might be lots of heart confusion occuring at the moment amongst us cats!!!
      Mars retro has been a slog and i think i’ve also been having a rough time with all this Aqua in the air… somehow it removes ability to check in with the heart, with all the headiness around…
      i wonder if the parisian leo is feeling the same way?!?
      Hopefully Pisces will be kinder to you and us!!

    • Glad you said that. I was wondering why my brain was doing the obsessing thing this morning. and now I look at pretty venus hanging about with my moon. I shall dream of magic rather than obsess about my desires of reality.

      Sounds like you made the right decision there UP. Good on you.

    • thanks desert dweller & shell. it’s helpful to hear how it is for Les Leos out there…in the meantime i hope the Aqua & mars action resolves well… xo

  4. BSA – am same same but slightly different. Pisces Rising here.

    sensing the magic. attempting to ignore perceived limited cashflow solutions by diverting energy into new personal project – net result’s fire in belly reignited by Le Project. so am calm on the outside, fueled by pesistence & determination, but have the odd ‘wake in fright’ moment – resolved by channelling mind over matter. stand by.

    AC/DC tonight – YAY!!!!!! 😉 xox

      • Have had those “wake in fright” moments before Rock a Billy Babe….

        Yes, you’re in control of you life and there’s nothing that can’t be worked out.

        AC/DC…. How fun is that?


      • THNX UP – the only way is UP lol!!

        Yeah SP – ‘wake in fright’ thingo’s new. replete w heart pulpitations, sitting bolt upright. am harnessing latent fear for fuel to rocket onward & upwards. normally am queen of divining solutions…..for once ONLY have one on the slate. so going for it there. better get back to it.

        yeah Lexi baby – no surprise, will be one flanney back from Angus, 2 Jim Beams to the right 🙂 ……!!

      • thanx! (good to have fingers again! stretch-stretch, wiggle- wiggle, type type typity type…)

        • Recently came across some reading , where Christ is actually a good example of what a human being can be spiritually speaking, It’s a credible model…. so perhaps ask, what would jesus do, seriously…
          what sort of ‘magic’ would he get involved in? We know healing for sure— Magic and such… can turn into just another form of materialism… by which I mean- un spiritual, anti-spiritual…. superstitious belief in cause and effect only this time in ‘magical terms’ is still the outmoded ’cause and effect’ thinking which inhibits the true spirituality which is that we are one with earth, cosmos, etc. We are one with it— it is not seperate from us, our bodies are the cosmos, etc.. It’s important, it’s like the difference between thinking something and feeling it (with your heart feeling) well, it’s complicated (the way I think about it anyway , apparently)
          Also any hint of asking for something for yourself- you are naive if you think you can do that and still be pure. NAive. If something bad happens- only you to blame… not the cosmos.. (people say I think too much… but it’s only what I read in books…)

  5. Have had a boost of motivation as my work is rather magical.
    Almost lost my ability to visualise as hadn’t practised, so all the
    Pisces energy is working for me in that area.

    • Yay Pegasus!

      Productive weekend here at home and not over yet. Now must cook after mending and writing…but each day a nice juicy nap.

  6. The current Pisces astro was not on my mind either Mystic when I ran a horary regarding book success.

    Was pleasantly surprised as significator on Asc. is ruled by Venus and Venus in the chart has Jupiter in Pisces (in dignity) applying in the house of hopes and wishes.

    Of course I’m no horary expert by far but it looks pretty good.

  7. Magic is good!

    I have already workout this morning & the heat did not discourage me although it is freakin hot in sydney!…. Saturn Girl hears this ‘…….’

    I think I had a little bit of magic in my dream last night 8O.. I was arranging crystals into the shape of a pyramid, crystal by crystal & using a rod to hold them all together. It was quite impressive, I had no idea how creative I was… 😆

  8. Some pisces magic would be great after the last 7 months of aries action aka ex. Now I’m a mermaid I’m loving it. Does feel floaty out there till wed when I will run up against my hard nosed scorpio boss eek. I shall swirl around her and blow raspberries behind her back as I disapear poof!

  9. I have noticed, friends have noticed, total strangers have noticed… Club Virgo Rising is finally getting it’s flirt-on! Loving the mash-up in the 7th house, it has bought a crazy swell of suitors! Counting 4 potentials at the moment, including a marriage proposal via text message – literally from drought to deluge…
    Thank you Pisces-Fest 2010.

    • that’s hot lex.

      i just realised i have never had a marriage proposal. not even in a cute non-serious way other than a g/f of mine who said “if you were a man I would marry you!” lol. i mean it’s not like I have 2 heads or have to buy 2 plane seats when i fly somewhere. wtf. signed, wistful pisces .

      PS Mind you i would probably run a mile if someone did ask me, unless i Just Knew. even then i would go find a forest somewhere and hide among the trees with the little furry animals until I stopped panicking. Maybe there’s the problem… !

      • Oh believe me, I ran a mile from this proposal, but was still nice to get one – let’s hope the first of many. 😉

        And, ah, yeah – the hiding in the woods thing might make for a rather short engagement… x

    • I hear ya, Lexicorn! Right there with you…nice to be a member of Club Virgo Rising at the mo, and about time!

  10. Pisces sun, Venus, mercury. Libra moon. Sagg Mars. & Capricorn Rise’n!

    & I was jus trip’n about mars retro. It seems lik my Business is
    Coming 2ghether slowly but surely……. But my love life stinks!! I was interested in this virgo dude but he got a gf. @ 1st I was cool w/ it then I strt develop’n feel’ns. & I dnt deserve b’n the 2nd girl & dnt feel lik put’n emotions in2 some1 who’s heart isn’t w/ me. He called me on valentines day but ever since than, he haven’t called me. & I won’t call him either. But O well. Somethin better will come along =)

  11. Isn’t Pisces an accumulation of every other sign before it?
    A completion…..reminds me to do the Ching, wonder if Completion
    will be by the coins.
    The oldest soul that creates creates & creates again?
    Think the Real Year will start with The Baby….Aries

  12. It’s been some murky magic, lightening now hopefully.

    Unpredictable Pisces & Desertdweller- I know what you mean re Leo Love/Heart Confusion. I’m a piscean man (Aries rising) and been dating leoman on & a little off for 2 years now but he’s been so very distant of late, so very difficult to understand.
    Purring, curled with his head on my shoulder and needing devoted support then telling me to look for work in other cities and confessing sneaky webcam liaisons. My head is reeling.

    HELP! I’m feeling clingy and obsessive but trying to play it cool. I just want a little solid ground.

    So I’m in Melbourne (from Bris) to look for work and he calls as soon as possible then no contact for a week. I’m putting it down to Mars retrograde and giving the whole situation and him S P A C E.

    I’ll ride it out till May when Mars settles. He’s looking for meaning and thinking of going to Mardi Gras around my Birthday. A Cat or just a Cad?

    Mystic – I’ve noticed quite a few Fish/Cat partnerships over the years. Do you have any insights into this popular combo?

    With all these planets in Pisces I’m taking the time to work on confidence and body image, Saturn’s helping there. Gonna take myself to the art galleries today.

    Thank you for you Haute-Low Pisces insights Mystic.
    Have a lovely sunny Monday all you mystics.

    • @FishusCostume

      i know xactly how u feel about trying 2 play it cool….it’s not worth it. ur hold’n bac who you truly are.

      • SmellyFi$h made me giggle … but I think you’re right RichFi$h has potential.

        Yes Let’s not hold back.
        Spread some Love but keep a juicy morsel for our own hearts.

  13. Sooooo, with Mars rx, play it cool, be the quarry, don’t chase, and yet with current magic, go for it?
    I. Am. Confused.
    I love magic, dammit, my Pisces moon provides me with a second life when I fall asleep! And it’s not like I can complain, having Scorp rising means all this Pisces stuff occurs in 5th house for natal chart & 7th house for solar chart.
    Pondering all this magick while being comfortably plonked in my cave listening to Mumford & Sons’ “The Cave”. After five years, have now decided to enter into commitment territory with that band – such craftsmanship, wordsmithing, soul-passion, intensity & vocals.
    But just like a fish doesn’t understand water, would a Pisces moon person ‘see’ the Piscean magic then?

      • Feel it, yes…..just not sure if I can trust my own Piscean moon noggen these days, shell. Doing my best, with some faith. 🙂

  14. Holy cripes, just twanged in my head the image for this post. I know those are Beluga whales, but what really resonated for me was that I had this dream in which I saw a couple of white dolphins. Had the dream 29 Oct 2008.
    I was wearing this black cape/shawl thingy. This girl next to me was using the flowier parts to drape over her legs, to see how it’d look like as tights or smth like that. I stood up, coz I was about to fly, and that’s when I noticed that it’s not just a really flowy piece of fabric wrapped around me. Around my ankles it was actually fitted quite well. And I noticed the black fabric wasn’t just plain black as I orig. thought, but was finely patterned, almost like Belgian lace, from Bruge, style. Wouldn’t call it harem-style pants/Ali Baba, coz it was only around the ankles the were fitted, so the whole thing wouldn’t fall off.

    Then I thought of flying & was momentarily discouraged, remembering how in other dreams it took soooo much effort that I felt really taxed body-wise. Still, I decided to give it a go, and I simply flew up!!! Effortlessly!! Yes yes yes!!!
    I soared…freely, effortlessly, beautifully, and yet with a tinge of melancholy/sadness/Chiron-ness…
    Like I was a Chironic Phoenix…

    And it was while flying over this river that I saw this amazing pair of white dolphins. In the Dreaming Life, they were a legendary pair, rarely seen…
    As I flew above past them, I gestured & motioned to people in boats below “They’re heading toward the City” and repeated it a few times.

    • Dolphins symbolise ‘Manna’ as in manna from heaven, we love
      them coz they love us.
      The ‘Legend of the Golden Dolphin’ tells us they are from the Paleides
      star system.

    • you have fanciful epic dreams like me UPV. Don’t you just love flying dreams! They’re the best! A psychic I once saw asked if I had flying dreams. She reckons we have them when we feel trapped and want to escape. Not sure if I agree with that though. Otherwise i would be having heaps of flying dreams right now. Would love to escape this Mars Retro phase!!

      • Yeah, total agreement with that! The diff interpretation from psychic, flying & epic dreams. Cripes, some of em I just go, WHOA! WHAT. THE. HELL!
        One thing I’ve always wanted someone to create is to devise a lil sumfin that records what you dream about, so that once you wake up you can either erase or keep on file!!! It would make it soooo much easier to explain, just pop a disc/click a file/whatever, et voila, it would play on a screen! How beyond awesome that would be!!!
        Haven’t had any flying dreams lately even though I’d love to just sleep through and wake up when Mars is properly going again, past the degree he went rx on! Which would make it, lemme think again, hmmm….April or May?

        • oooh, i love the sound of a dream recorder. And one can freeze frame and slow-mo. Cool! I would also like a device that can transcribe my thoughts when i’m mentally composing emails on a long walk or busy doing something menial (when i get my best ideas). By the time I get to the actual writing, I forget what I was going to say.

          Hmm, I was thinking the same thing today – how i want to just go to sleep and wake up in March. Not coping very well with this astro at all. There’ll be tears soon.

          • Eek, no! Chin up and soldier on, don’t let that huffy Mars keep a good Scorp down…!

            and hey, that thought recorder thing is a dictaphone and was once popular I hear – my Capricorn ‘keeping up appearances’ won’t let me walk around in public talking into a machine, so I’ve never used one BUT really really should – the version that plugs direct into the brain would so be the best invention ever! Patent it!

          • Don’t be too sad Robots, it’ll get better soon.

            I send text messages to myself in those walking about situations. Official data collection method.
            Can’t do the voice recorder thing either. But if you had one with a earphone mouth piece thing like a phone, you could walk around yabbering to yourself and no-one would be the wiser.

          • scorpy. take it easy babe. do the emo if you need to (no need to tell a scorp that eh?) – dark room, red lamp, candle, NIN up loud, too much vodka (or peppermint tea, i don’t know), stack of blank paper and charcoal sticks to express the shite. that’s one way i guess. or you could do that saturn thing if that works i guess… drag a pal who Knows you to a basement club and feel the underground-ness of it all… well that’s the sort of stuff i need if i am really not coping, maybe your sagg-influences also mean oyu need to do these things but like in a remote island in the philippines, or in chile or somewhere.. mwa xx

  15. I heard my cell phone ring downstairs this morning—When I checked it , it said `you have one new message`,…..but when I tried to listen to the message , there wasn`t any message on the recording !……I scrolled back to my `missed call list`, and there was NO number listed for today at that time—–Reverse Magic or what ?….quite odd.