Jessica & John: A Mars-Venus Case Study

Jessica Simpson John Mayer coupleNo I don’t follow Jessica Simpson – I truly don’t – nor what’s his face, really.

BUT John Mayer has just done an interview with Playboy mag in which he was hysterically ranting about how good the sex with her was, using terms like “sexual napalm” and claming that if she were to charge him $10,000 a time for sex, he would start selling all his stuff to afford it, no question.

So i IMMEDIATELY thought “Mars-Venus chemistry.”Β  That’s when one person’s Mars is on the other person’s Venus or strongly aspecting it and they cannot keep their hands off one another. The sex is always brilliant and never mind any other compatibility indicators or – lol – lack thereof. It’s insanely hot.

I am sure we have all been there.

So i quickly checked out their charts and sure enough: her Mars at 28 Virgo is exactly conjunct his Venus. They each embody the others ideal sexual partner, super-heated chemistry and a nigh-psychic sensation of what the other person likes to see/hear/feel etc.

Mars-Venus chemistry is impossible to mistake – there is always an edge between the two people concerned and each instantly gets it & knows that it’s there. So this is a really good example of that.

And you?

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I am not so sure about venus and mars creating amazing sexual chemistry. My mars (at 1 degree Sagittarius) is conjunct my boyfriend’s venus (at 4 degrees Sagittarius). By the way, our birth times are correct down to the minute, so we both have accurate charts. In fact, I am quite bothered by the fact that I don’t feel a lot of sexual chemistry with him, and I am seriously thinking of whether to break off the relationship. Is 3 degrees orb diluting the power of this conjunction, I wonder.


Love this. But. I’m in a relationship exception currently… and have been waiting for sometime for this (previously experienced else-where sexual pizzazz.)

His Mars is conjunct my Venus in Aries.
My Venus also happens to be conjunct my Mars.
HIS Mars is squared natally by every man and his dog. (Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Chiron) AND the poor bugger has Saturn in the 5th.
My Sun in the 5th does not understand.
I thought Mars-Venus was an almighty indicator, but I guess some things, if there’s enough of em, drown it out.
Anyone else found this?


I’m in the middle of the strangest Ve/Ma hookup i’ve ever experienced .. I’m Libra rising – he’s Aries rising with his Mars in Libra sitting right on top of my AC point. I feel like being dominated, quite a strange-almost-compulsion-to give-in to his libresque martian ways musings …. Now the weird, our Mars-to-Mars are inconjunct .. What means, my chart ruler Venus is inconjunct his Mars too (as i have a Ve/Ma conjunction nataly) .. An amazingly intense mixture of attraction and friction that has prooven to be quite nerve wracking ….


Suddenly my extreme sexual attraction to John Edwards makes more sense (my Venus and his Mars are within the same degree of Gemini).

Even knowing what he’s done it would be pretty hard to resist.

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

OK, so I just had the sweetest, most perfect, lusty, majikal dalliance with a fellow Gem I met on vacation last week. His moon in Pisces opposes my moon in Virgo…and we both have BOTH our Venus & Mars in Cancer. Does that mean both our mars and venus are conjunct? Struggling a bit with the meaning of conjunct, trine, square in charts. Is this a sign of an extreme attraction? I certianly felt it…problem is now I can’t stop thinking about him and he’s in another state. Sigh. What does it mean if your Venus is conjunct a man’s… Read more »

venus a-go-go

I agree totally that its not about the chocolates…

… but when give nothing into the relationship _and_ don’t give you chocolates… its easier to pick on the fact that i am lacking in delicious goodness, than they are a selfish fuqwit.

sometimes, you gotta pick your battles.


Of course doll..Hearts, chocs and roses from me to your deliciosoness…

Not Valentine’s yet here until tomorrow (Sun) and as a matter of fact, new moon in less then ten mins.!

Oh, must run to make wishes πŸ™‚

venus a-go-go


First boyfriend had his Mars in Gem… same as my Venus. The thought of having ‘relations’ with him now makes my skin crawl (as he is a bit of a creep). Pretty good in some respect… not great at all in others.
Best sex was with a guy who’s mars was in Aqua. Don’t really get this at all.

All partners have the same Pluto and Neptune as me. Which is odd. And I am not sure what it means. How does that correlate?


Ven-a-go-go, (Okay, so my computer got this hideous virus today and after a morning of near tears, frustration, wanting to bomb the dang thang….On Mom’s computer now and writing and saving to a cd at hand!…But still goofin’ off juzz a bit. And besides, the winter Olympics are coming on and it’s speed skating…What’s an Aries to not like about that?! Often think the Olympics is what saves this world….) Your partners having the same outer planet (slow moving) placements such as Pluto and Neptune as you, is because you are most probably born in the same generation. I would… Read more »

venus a-go-go

Thank you, Sweetpea!

Generational *smacks forehead*… now you say that it seems so completely obvious!
The air Trine does explain much. We are both Earth sign and got strangely skittish when things got heavy. Very insightful:)

scorpalicious robot

venus a-go-go, interesting about you getting “skittish” when things got heavy. Made me think about how i often feel like that too sometimes. I have a stellium of earth planets in the 8th house + Cap rising. Earth doesn’t like to move too much. Fire can’t stop. Water can freeze etc. I love the visuals of the four elements, it helps me have a better understanding of the signs.

I’m sort of seeing a Taurus/moon in Cap/Virgo rising and so far so good. I like his glacial pace. All that earthiness is sooooooooo appealing.

venus a-go-go

Also… one must always have a break to refresh the brain.

Tired brain does no one any favours.

N.B. I have been up since 4.30 this morning *shakes fist at early work shifts*, its sunday and I am really, really, really trying to ignore that its valentines day.
Looking at this sort of thing probably is not helping… but I am going back to the brain break defense;)


I hear ya go-go.

Yes, refresh the brain darlin’. I ran up to the drug store just to get away from the MONSTER COMPUTER.

N.B….”no bull?” LOL…

Sent my granddaughter (Libra Sun, Taurus Moon, Gem rising) her Valentine. Some cute clothes and some chocs.

She’s may Valentine. The rest can go to hell….LOL…(just joking…)


No, quite not joking at all…. πŸ™‚


Some dip shit in the drug store cut in front of me and took my spot. He got waited on first and the checker looked over my way as if “wha?”

I chimed out “whatever!”

Almost added….”and glad you’re not my Valentine”…(asshole πŸ™‚

venus a-go-go

I seem to have a teflon coating for valentine’s day…
… any boyfriend has shouted down the celebrations of the hallmark holiday, until they date someone other than me and then they get all into roses, chocolates and other manner of nice things.


So even if I had a valentine, I wouldn’t be celebrating anyway;)

SP… you totoally should ahev added the tagline:)


Oh doll, I know what you mean. One year, when me and the Fish were having troubles (me wanting to heal stuff…him needing (not wanting mind you, but needing..which I understand more now), but him putting up his walls…. I kept my Valentine gift in the car because I knew it would not be reciprocated. One of the most heartbreaking (but ultimately healing) periods of my life. I jest alot about asshole men but they themselves are either damaged or ignorant and for that I have compassion but can’t suffer fools too much (born on April 1st…I mean, I’m enough,… Read more »


Honestly Venus a go, It’s easy to give someone choc’s and a boquet of roses…but the one whose been there…..the real realtionship?….That takes more than sweets and smelling good….The first blush of romance (which of course is important and meaningful), is about the excitement…not the work. Not that we should have to work at love for pity’s sake, but that reality itself is not all roses and chocs as many of us know in the day to day striving. I’ve often been the sanctuary for men and I’m not willing to do that now. Real relationships take the good, the… Read more »


Just a quick question Venus opposition Venus can that work? Yeah with Mars sextile Venus, Tur Node opposition Venus and ALOT of Lilith.. including sun, venus, mars, chiron

Feels inssane I’ve never felt so compulsively attracted, its like he can’t do anything wrong even when he fuqs up.

Haven;t had sex


I might be the only one, but I actually like John Mayer more after reading the article. Actually I feel sorry for him and I never thought he was so articulate or semi-self aware…

I also have Moon-Nep conjunct in Sagg, I so relate to the random stream of consciousness and blathering. I just so relate. What an idiot. But I get it.

As for the sexual partners – no mars/venus conjunctions whatsoever! Have I been missing out on something?? Is it that darned Lilith opposing my Sun mucking about my sexual DESTINY?


After reading your post I read it too FT. He’s got alot going on in that brain and do think he’ll be fine once he’s growed up a bit more… πŸ™‚


Matching on sexual chemistry via the charts you mean anon. That would be a HUGE winner


Someone start up a dating service that matches people based on their date of birth and synastry..

How awesome would that be lol

Bet it would get better successes than conventional ones!!


so is it possible to “reverse engineer” the perfect astro partner? Work out when the perfect guy for you astro speaking must have been born and then set about looking for him? Stalking hospital birth records all around the world?

unpredictable pisces

a bit like the search for the next Dalai Lama, lol


if we can move on from Miss Simpson’s vagina please a bit of decorum on this blog. No surprise venus and MArs are shazam in Cancer for my self and the Lusty leo. we are both senationally addicted to each other sexually. but like other peeps here the other 4 days in the week are torture till we get together. Ok maybe not torture i do function quite sensibly and pay my bills on time and go to work however …never ever ever had s.e.x like it B4 cannot explain it to any gf’s they think you are a complete… Read more »

scorpalicious robot

wow, i want some of what your having. πŸ™‚

Your venus/his mars in Cancer conjunction?

I have venus in Libra and the majority of my lovers/fatal attractions have had mars in Libra.

Hoping for a bit of action with a Taurean mars in Aries this weekend. A venus/Mars opposition. Curious to see how that turns out.


No I think i got a tad confused with astro. i ahve venus in cancer he has mars in toro. Still shazam tho. we both have vnus in katak. whatever !

i wish you could scorp ( not being kinky there or nuffin) i wish it for everybody but it is all in the eye of the beholder or course. its just like wishing happiness and love to everybody – simple really.

unpredictable pisces

i think mystic always talks about venus/mars opps as the bantering, flirtatious, (fun) rivalry aspects…?

scorpalicious robot

there’s been a lot of that already, minus the rivalry. Hope it translates in le sack. πŸ™‚

unpredictable pisces

mwahaha good luck scorpy bot


Relax & have fun hon’! πŸ™‚


~if we can move on from Miss Simpson’s vagina please a bit of decorum on this blog.~

Well, she did ask what it was referencing Leogroover. Please, don’t try to edit or censor people either, Mystic doesn’t and this is her blog. πŸ˜‰


not my intention SP . I forgot the lol and with such long blogs its easy to miss the full thread. Soz


Well, I apologize too (hearts and kisses). Glad it was in jest. Yes, guess there is a difference in humorous sayings country to country.


and ps, had a been a little confused after the Cougars, Leopards and p***y posts. I’ll never doubt you again my grooveyleo…


Thx Sp and Nat. there can be a bit lost in transalation on any blog – Nat is right its a UK english kind of joke. Us Ausies are a big mixture of Yank/English and tru blu Aussie. Sometimes I have to correct my kids as they talk American terms like fries and trash and ask them to speak Australian. Love the US I hope I can visit one day espash your National Parks and Canada is that a part of the U.S? LOL


Hang on a minute there sweetpea! Leogroover was being humorous but you didn’t get it. “a bit of decorum please” is an Australian saying said in a humorous tone.

Leogroover, I laughed as I haven’t heard that saying in ages. I agree that long threads with so many comments are hard to keep track of. Have a nice weekend. I’m off to clean & mow my way through this Dark Moon vibe… with my gingham frock and diabolical heels on, ha ha!


Yep. Got one now.

Miss Jane

This guy is just a tosser – literally! His so-called “boasting rites” makes me really dislike him. And yes thank goodness he had a breakdown to really address his loud mouth. Here is a link to the rolling stone article he did. Can someone please explain to me what the “Joshua Tree of Vaginas” means? Its a shame because i think he is quite talented but he lets himself down.


Think Joshua Tree harkens back to the U2 days of that album and what it stood for to some. A bit sacred, religious, etc.

Joshua Tree here in the U.S. just up the highway from me and it is beautiful. Have no idea about J. Simpson’s vagina however…

Miss Jane

Thank you SP… I did ask the question soz if it offended anyone –

So the only lady to nail this guy down requires the “holiest of holies” – I said it once and now again Tosser! well he better have the “royalty of rods” then …..sheesh.


No, no offense here. It’s okay. I’m sure grooveyleo (leogroover) understands as she didn’t have a hissy and my Yankness (U.S.) does appreciate that. x Yes…he would need a golden rod.. Think part of the problem of his Playboy article was that he was trying to say this (he does not have the equipment) to satisfy in some regards, esp. with black women (as black men supposedly have larger man parts)…. He should have just kept his mouth shut!! Oh my goodness, glad my dirty laundry can be kept secret or at least in Sweetpeaness (Anon) mode… Spring Freshner Softner,… Read more »


JM and Jess even look eerily the same in this photo!


yes it’s a bit creepy isn’t it…


Not surprising Rockstar…if ever there was a guy due for a breakdown, it was him…..

I like his new song Half of my heart. I dunno if it’s a pisces esque song that appeals but I like it.


Ugh, I would know… I’ve got a gorg Gemini on my mind all the time now. His Venus in Taurus is so closely conjunct my Mars and OMG…


UP I second that


omg, I had the most sexual dream last night. But that’s ~all~ I have also ladies….dreams…lol Most of the time though, to be honest with you, the sex thing is not going on with me brain or bod wise. I don’t miss it to be honest. Have not met anyone with a Mars hook up to my Venus. Perhaps I’ll know that when I cross it..But hey, this thread got the juices flowing mystic and yes, what a fulfilling dream! (again, X-rate.. Saw the boy parts and everything… πŸ™‚ ) But to dish a bit….This JM Playboy article hitting the… Read more »


Even though never huge Steve Miller fan, this song is sexy to me and seems to vibe Venus/Mars…

Wonder what was at stake?

Was sitting at a drive through to pick up prescriptions for Mom, and guy and a girl in adjacent vehicle. This song was on. He kept looking over and I thought “yeah, maybe I’ll steal you from her”..hehe


Seems like Johnny has muzzled himself- Thank god…. He ain’t as cool as he thinks he is!


Wow, Gemmy Jem….

Well, time for some AA meetings…Asshole’s anonymous (I’ve not been above them with the alcohol and gambling…).

Does sound like he’s getting it though. As I’d mentioned, think natal Pluto conjunct his NN and Sun, shows this is not a shallow person. Just green behind the ears…


In a sense, he’s probably grateful that ex President Clinton has stole the spotlight because of chest pains.

Sometimes heartbreak transcends the self (Haiti)


Ooo was just reading about Bill, hope he will be ok, he is doing an amazing job with relief & recovery efforts in Haiti.


Yes, blessings to him. Now that is one dude who learned his lessons with Mama Hil and daughter….A wise man now.

Hell, I’d do him… (just a joke!! Gem smart assness, eh Gemmy? πŸ™‚ )


πŸ˜† You would too & you know it!! πŸ˜†

Er… Cigar anyone……?

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

“AA meetings…Asshole’s anonymous ” – yer cracking me SP!! πŸ™‚


πŸ™‚ (Gemmy…..)

Bill Clintons Natal Asc (the physical body) 5 Libra. Natal MC 5 Capricorn.

Clinton has Transit Saturn and Pluto in hard aspect to these points.

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

yeah just read that / saw the audio – what an arrogant nob… “John Mayer broke down on stage on Wednesday night. The tearful singer interrupted a performance in Nashville, Tennessee, stopping his track Gravity halfway through as the backlash from his recent Playboy interview – in which he used the word “n****r”, described sleeping with Jessica Simpson as like β€œa drug” and admitted he will always love Jennifer Aniston – got to him. Apologising to his bandmates, he tearfully said: β€œI quit the media game. I’m out. I’m done. I just want to play my guitar.” never ever heard… Read more »


that’s what I’d like to know too!

Something to do with baseball?

unpredictable pisces

sex………………………………….what’s that?

sweet sanity

How does it effect a relationship when both the venuses are in the same sign? Saggo dude and I both have venus in Cap.


Venus is also about how we attract and what we find pleasureable, so, you both have an affinity there for the same things. Mars is about (and I learned so much of this from Kim Falconer….so I give her credit…I’m not an astro phyisics genius here…)

But Mars is about how we go after getting our needs (Moon and some Venus too), fulfilled.

Since you are the same Venus wise, what’s going on with Mars and how do you both express that? That could be interesting.

sweet sanity

aaaaaaah, thanks Sweetpea. Kim Falconer is amazing isn’t she! Thanks for taking time to write your insights.


So glad Turbo is back! I hope Iris rreutns too. My husband thinks Turbo was a male model in another life.


Ooh I hd one of those relationships. We could not keep our hands off each other, although he (Sag) called it a “fling” whereas I had marriage and babies in mind.
Just done the charts and our Mars in Gemini are close conjuncts 24 and 26 Gem.
Venus not aspecting each other.
But there is a Chiron connection- his 24 Aries, mine 25 Aries.
His moon definitely was an Aqua….


Oh dear the person I shared that kind of chemistry with is so “around” etherically at the moment – I feel like asking if he’s fantasising about me as he masturbates or something. I know, that would be forward and maybe a little vulgar, but i swear he’s haunting me and it’s a little unnerving. AND it’s making me think about the mad sex as well. It’s distracting. So not part of my now. I wish I could remember DOB. He is so pulsing at me, every time it happens when I realise and snap out of it and open… Read more »


Funny – mad sex so not part of my now. My life used to be so nocturnally oriented. There’s nothing like no strings attached lazy sex in the afternoon sun with a kindred spirit who also lives by night more than day. Languid lens-flary afternoons. That’ doesn’t happen when you have a day job does it? – jobs are detrimental to lifestyle in so many ways.


Yup whatevs, ‘cept in my case I think *I’m* the one thats doing the pervy fantasising…


Well at least you can control when it’s happening LOL it’s interfering with my ability to peel carrots.


DITTO WATEVS!!! I have this exact situation with a particular someone. Its the Hottest, Mad, Crazy Sex via Telepathy & we both feel when the other is ‘doing it’… Its been confirmed time and time again. It is the epitome of distracting!… & naughty, but oh so nice… & its very very difficult to stop. As soon as one of us ‘feels’ the other… well, its disarming to say the least. I can be out with friends for lunch & then suddenly i’ll feel him & have to focus very strongly on staying with the conversation & not sliding under… Read more »


Hilare!!… No MM, that, it most certainly is not. Although, i wouldn’t have it any other way…

Do you remember those ‘Choose your own Adventure’ Books we had doing the rounds, when we were kids??!!… Well, its a little bit like cruising along in your ‘admittedly a little unconventional, but otherwise usual’ daily life, having lunch with gf’s… & then having the option of a little ‘Choose your own secret, sudden, telepathic, erotic adventure’ sequence change… spontaneous wild blushing, frothing at the mouth, sinking in seat & OMG-ing…

(A la ‘When Harry met Sally’ meets ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife).


… irrepressibly orgasmic πŸ™‚


Funny I was just listening to Jessica Simpson (Kataka) this morning. For Your Love”…she belted it out pretty good on that one. Years ago, bought the cd just for that one.

She and her present husband have another venus-mars set up apparently. I was wanting to look at her and ex Nick Lachey’s (Scorpio) synastry but something kept re-directing my search.

If you want to see a super sexy music video between them back when they were newly married “Sweetest Sin”…beach setting. They were both gorge.


Help! I had Uranus trine Venus early last year and met this guy online (an Aqua) and we dated till Oct when he said he didnt want a r/ship. Havent seen him since then but the Uranus Trine Venus is now coming back and I CANT STOP THINKING about him again Anyway we have Venus Trine Mars, Venus trine Pluto, Venus Trine Jupiter, Venus Sextile Neptune and Sun Sextile Mars in our synastry.. WOW! All are alomost exact (less then 1″ orb) Composite Venus Sq Mars and Venus Sq Pluto, Sun Conj Venus and Jup but eek Moon Opposite Uranus… Read more »


I’ve got one a bit similar, I can trace major interactions by major aspects between venus, pluto and my natal pluto (which is loosely square to pluto). We met when venus was opp my natal pluto, and square pluto, (neptune was also bang on square my venus), it went a bit bananas about 6 month later at the v/p reverse, with other bits and pieces of the weirdness at sextiles and trines, particularly when venus also making major aspects to my asc. The next ‘pass’ of the venus pluto thing is next week, yep, around the same time as neptune/chiron… Read more »

something fishy

and what about a sextile between venus and mars in the synastry chart? is this a major aspect?


trines and sextiles are more flowing than conjunctions (and squares and opps, needless to say). some astrologers say that the venus/mars conjunction is hot but not sustainable, whereas the trine is more flowing but can be a bit ‘fixed’ whereas sextile might be the best of all, because it allows more ‘room to move’.


sounds like there are two people who
might need jesus today… (Say- TUHN!!???)


Oh yes, Venus in Libra here and everyone I’ve ever been involved with or been attracted too has Mars in Libra, it’s intense without a doubt.


Typical scorpio stalkery here. Me and my boyfriend dont have strong aspects but him and his ex have BOTH venus-mars and eros-psyche conjunctions! All 4 aries amazingly. I hate them both now. Now I know he is a liar when he says I am the one.


Sigh he’s not a liar – I had venus-mars conjunct with my past 2 boyfriends and yes the sex was amazing but the rest of the relationships were dreadful- so not worth it in the end!!! And also funnily enough had even better sex with new man recently and we don’t have the venus-mars thingy going on but yes venus-pluto, sun-mars, sun-venus etc etc…so there u go…no need to worry you little scorp you!


Pisces fire-fighter and myself….. I will always have the memories … (Well, until the dementia kicks in…)


Can I be the dumb bunny and ask if to check this you need the two individual charts and check your own stats versus the partner – or – if you just astrodienst a composite chart look at that? Thanks!


I would do the synastry first. The composite is still a bit questionable to some astrologers. Not that I wouldn’t do it FireTrine, just wouldn’t be my first choice.


Thanks again Sweetpea, I didn’t even know what synastry quite meant… oops! How embarassment.


Your embarassment is safe with me luv. x


Well, I guess I had hit the jackpot (or was it something else?…) with my ex… My Venus conjunct his Mars in Virgo in exact conjunction… His Venus conjunct my Mars in Libra in exact conjunction! Now, the sex WAS very hot and … visceral and there was undeniable chemistry, but the other 23 and a half hours a day posed serious problems….

P.S. I have actually had more intense sexual chemistry (and deeper desire) when Pluto is involved with Venus…

Stress Princess

Umm, so in my non-astro-genius take on this, is the guy’s mars best when conjunct the girl’s venus? Or is it better for sex when opposing or squaring??? (Haaa, just read that back and it sounds like a dodgy euphemistic sex manual – “now the male places his mars square the female’s venus….”) Just want to know what to look for in future luvahs. I’m being postitive. There WILL be future luvahs!!!! 12 months of drought (and yes, I’m IN a relationship with a Saggo – we’re just flatmates now who sleep separately, but he still doesn’t see that and… Read more »

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

OMG if only Le Ex was dud in Le Sack….. πŸ˜‰ xox


Thats the fuq of it and the hook, no? Evil…

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

the worst sort of evil – improves w age LOL…….


Yes, currently out of the reach of that evil….lol


my husband and i have venus(me)-mars(him) conjunction in Aries. i’m a gem sun/cap moon… he, scorp sun/aquarius moon. we bicker a lot, we love and try and level with each other the other 50percent of the time. not a lot of sex as we co-sleep with our 2yrold and i breastfeed. the sex is never mediocre. a tumultuous relationship, never boring, always a combative air, even when we’re “on the same team.” so that’s us.. . let’s hear about You.


sigh – there is someone I can’t get out of my head or heart, and we have venus conjunct mars in the composite chart, and venus conjunct mars in the synastry chart as well. but when we actually DID it, it was so sudden and high stakes (he’s a scorpio) the full potential was not realised. he then did a freak out (aquarius rising) and decided to go back to his ex! my last long term relationship had venus trine mars in our composite chart, and the sex was lovely but not enough to compensate for his substance abuse and… Read more »


Mystic, does this apply to same sex couple too??
or is it just hetero?


I’m just going to pop in if you don’t mind leoness.

I feel it works for same sex as one partner is usually the more masculine and the other more feminine. The polarities still seem to exist (correct me Lexi if I’m wrong).

Know of many same sex partners and as I’v met them (here in Palm Springs, a huge community), I’ve gotten a sense of the Male-Mars/Female-Venus polarity between the individuals.


Absolutely! This lesbian’s most recent ex was the most astoundingly perfectly matched sexual partner I’ve ever had. It’s why I stuck with the otherwise doomed relationship for so long – I had never experienced anything like it. We were absolutely 100% sexually compatible (about 10% outside of the bedroom, sadly), and it was the best sex either of us had ever had – really mind-blowing stuff… and I just checked, and her Venus is conjunct my Mars. I wasn’t aware of this phenomenon. It explains so much!


Oh god, and I just looked at the other ex with whom the sex was almost as good, and bingo – her Venus square my Mars.


Love Johnny boy’s strategically placed tendril on the forehead..

Or do you think it fell naturally? If so, he’s been blessed by the Gods. That’s a sign you know….

I suppose I’m feeling just a tad partial because his “Heartbreak Warefare” is on my ipod headphones for the next 3 and a half mins…

Jen Scorpio

I wonder if the tendril being evidence of having ben touched by the Gods is similar to the prophet Mouhamad (hope I spelled it right) having touched an Arabian horse where ever there is like a little ‘dent’ in the muscle. It is supposed to be from the tip of his finger. I only ever saw it on one horse, on his neck, and I thought it was a lovely little anecdote when I heard it. Just like saying that a child with a tendril is touched by the Gods. But I’m just not sure about John Mayer.


Well, thought I was just making that up but didn’t know there was some lore to it.


what about opposites and 90 degree angles?


Friction baby….It works big time…Pisces Leo Moon Mars used to rub himself all over……never mind….(it’s X-rated)


Lol! Sounds interesting…..


I can picture it Savannah, but so much gets ~lost in translation~… πŸ˜‰


I read the Rolling Stone article w/JM awhile back. Said he never quite got over Jen A., but even though sex great with Jessica, lights on but noone home (Apparently….Poor girl….We really must have a house warming party…. πŸ˜‰ ).

My Taurus Venus was square the Pisces Leo Moon Mars….He used to say “we’ve never had a problem there”….No sir…

virgo cat

strange. I was looking up Venus conjunct Mars in synastry earlier today because I randomly looked up the chart of an old boyfriend (boyfriend might be too formal a word) and OF COURSE his Venus (in Gem) is conjunct my Mars (in Gem).

I always just thought it was a super typical Taurus loves Virgo situation…

We crossed paths this summer after TWELVE years!


Well I am certain I just got out of one of those… Ended sort of in tears… but by gosh… the sex.

Don’t want to agree with John Mayer but if he were to charge large sums of money for it I would pay gladly……… sigh.


Take a look at John and Jessica’s facial symmetry..Their chins, cheek bones, length and shape of the bridge on their noses, even down to their cleft chins. She also changed her hair color to brown and to top it off, both their names start with J..They are amazingly similar!


Oh wow, you’re right!

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