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Ingrid Bergman young beautiful in floral dressThis is Isabella Rossellini, writing about her mother, the Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman:

“Never leave a room empty-handed,” she would often say to me, meaning that there’s always a glass in the living room that needs to be taken to the kitchen sink, a magazine in the bedroom that has to be returned to the living room, and so on. She taught me how to be orderly and how to clean house efficiently…


“…When my stepfather, Lars, bought the Théâtre de Montparnasse in Paris, my mother rushed in to clean it. “That poor house-keeper,” she told me, referring to the lady who generally did that job, “she had to work with the dirtiest rag and the most plucked-out broom. How can she do a good job? I told Lars, ‘Make sure she has what she needs. You cannot clean with an unclean rag or sponge; that just lets you spread dirt around — push it a little bit here, a little bit there. It doesn’t help eliminate it….'”


“…I love cleaning. For both Mother and me, cleaning and organizing are soothing, though because it feels good we may do too much of it. It can get obsessive, and we have to watch out for that. My mother even had to go to a doctor — she couldn’t stop cleaning, and everything got a little out of hand. The doctor diagnosed that she was allergic to dust, which is why she felt so strongly about getting rid of it, but I know that wasn’t it…”


She was seeking that “high” that cleaning gives. I know what it feels like; I’m always on the lookout for dust in secret places where I haven’t looked before to see if any has landed there. If I see it, I can’t stop thinking about it until I get rid of it. Dust brings out the hunting instinct in me, and I know I got that from Mamma….”

Allergy? High? Yes, of course, and she was a multiple-conjunct Virgo:  Sun, Venus and Mercury.

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31 thoughts on “Ingrid Bergman – Ultra Virgo

  1. “there’s always a glass in the living room that needs to be taken to the kitchen sink, a magazine in the bedroom that has to be returned to the living room, and so on. She taught me how to be orderly and how to clean house efficiently…”

    oh my! this is how I clean. Not sure if it is efficient, but it is soothing.

  2. I’m a Virgo rise, and I’m extremely obsessive when it comes to organization. Really – I can’t do anything until my room and house is tidy, and I can be color coding and putting things into boxes for hours on end. When it comes to cleaning: not so much. I have a housekeeper because I can’t STAND dirt, but I hate dusting, washing, making beds, etc.

  3. Ok, I know that I always ask this same question but I’m gonna have to ask it again, what about my Virgo friend who never cleaned her house? Like never. Honestly, you couldn’t see the floor and you had to really manage your expectations about food hygene if you chose to eat there. She moved around a lot when she rented and never got her bond back. Most of the time she just had to close the door and vacate because the premises were completely rodent-infested.

    And she only showered once a fortnight. She told me that she would wait until she was really minging and then push it out another three days. She was a Virgo sun, rising, mercury and mars. Leo moon.

    I also know two Virgo men who are explosively untidy and frankly, pretty dirty.

    They’re all typically Virgoan in other ways though. What’s it about?

    • that is feral. i think that might be related to upbringing, either never learnt / had everything done for her / rebelling against fanatically clean parents. Maybe not her astro (unless her sun was squaring the asteroid Hovel in her 4th)

      i agree about the virgo boys. messy/ untidy but ALWAYS organised brains. it’s why i get crushes on virgo men ALL THE TIME. oh and their sense of humour, although i get crushes on all virgos cos of that. God i love smart people.

  4. I used to think Isabella Rossellini was awesome until she started dressing like a “furry” and making bug porn. =@_@=

    • How can you say that? Green Porno is the best thing ever! It’s so weird and amazing. I use it to teach students about the biology of sex and they love it. Isabella Rossellini is doing exactly what she wants to do. Surely she’s earned that right by now? And furries are a whole ‘nother thing entirely — furries would probably be offended by your comparison 🙂

      • She did a service to humanity for teaching about bugs but I’m like wtf? Don’t understand. I don’t think I’ll ever be an entomologist. Don’t want to know about bug sex.

        And good on Isabella doing what she wants to do! I don’t have to watch. LOL!

  5. Just today bought a “dust allergin” spray cleaner for the place, but it’s for the cleaning lady coming tomorrow. Haven’t had a cleaning lady in awhile and she’s a luxury really but like gildedcage, would like to spend my time elsewhere….

  6. bless ’em, so much would not get done if not for their organisational powers…what i’d give for just a little of it…my house is a perpetual mess…

    • Aqua, so many aqua friends with the same issue. I have given up helping them clean their houses and have taken up throwing stuff out for them as some of them are clingier than cancerians…

      • so true…decluttering the house is always a long term strategy rather than hands on action…we linger over objects and keep them just in case….can reason our way into keeping anything really….

  7. i have no virgo in my chart yet i get off on having a beautifully clean house. sometimes i wonder if i really am a virgo, when i really get into it my BF looks at me funny… i start following him around picking things up as he goes. i have two close virgo friends, who are as equally into keeping it clean. maybe all the mutable signs in my chart are easily influenced by my two virgoan buddies…

    • Hey, I think you’re onto smth there! My sis is a Gem, and esp. whenever we’ve been hanging around, it’s like we ‘pick up’ each other more. Definitely more a Mutable thing. Do you have Neptune in first house as well? I do, and it’s defo easier for me to pick up that sorta thing, and most of the time not even on purpose.

  8. I feel better that my tea & chocolate table is getting dusty as we speak. This Virgo did manage learn that her world didn’t come collapsing if things went dusty or cluttered or piled or whatever…gasp shock horror! Was that the sound of my Virgo membership being rescinded as I type…
    That & a menagerie of nha’s (non human animals) finally triumphed over the cleaning fairy (and severe depression helped out too, hehe…). Woohoo I say! 🙂

    • Virgo sun.
      U & P I totally agree that the urge to clean, purge and organise can become overwhelming and counterproductive when ur not feeling 100 %.
      My remedy, when I had more bucks, was a regular house-cleaner as I too have non human flatmates who can fill the house, depending on the season, with white swirls of fur that dance in the corners to torment me.
      I have morphed it into an animal cleaning obsession lately, which complements their organic raw diet and chemical free life. But. The house is still grotty. Any suggestions ?

    • *puts hand up* Yep, I’m another one of those virgos.
      Everything I own is covered in fur and I’m ok with that…I am at peace with the fur.

      My place generally doesn’t look too bad, lived in but not dirty or messy (fur doesn’t count) and that’s good enough for me! As much as I love everything being super clean, I hate cleaning, and quite frankly, I have more important things to attend to!

      With that said though, once I do get started on a cleaning bender, I clean like a virgo i.e obsessively 🙂

      • gildedcage, I abbasolutely get that mindset: Once I start, watch out! Even when I do my vacuuming, the schnukems prefer to wait outside. I guess for me it’s a contact sport…? 😆 Let alone when I get started with pre-New Moon cleaning…oh goddess me…
        “quite frankly, I have more important things to attend to!” – yep, totally.

        Tamberlaine, “the urge to clean, purge and organise can become overwhelming and counterproductive when ur not feeling 100 %” – spot on. I have Scorp rising, so I can say that my chart was like OCD in dna blueprint already? There’s the Virgo for the Comp bit, the Scorp for Obs bit, hahaha! 😆 I realized that ocd cleaning was a defense/sub for smth else, so I didn’t have to think about whatever. And that’s with a brain that whirred pretty much non-stop, oy, exhausting! So *I* decided to give myself a break. Hooray! 🙂
        When you say your place is grotty though, what do you mean by that? Coz a Virgo sun’s idea of grotty is not necessarily what others would call grotty, hehehe, but I’m sure you already know that. *wide grin* What I do is brush the nha’s outside in my lil yard, or at least in one contained corner, so that afterward it’s easier to vacuum their furstuffs.
        Another tip I was given by a friend of mine was to simply accept that I’d rather have their stuffs around (even with cleaning) than to not have them & their fur bits around. I was like, awwww, but of course I would! And I found that helped me tremendously. 🙂
        *makes Vulcan hand gesture* Live long with your furry ones & prosper. (sorry, I’m a nerd)

  9. My Mars in Virgo just isn’t strong enough to compete with all my fire… Often I will eliminate something from the house so I don’t have to damn clean it.

  10. Yes I admire a focussed approach to life. Not a strong pont in my life But i can get scopionic obsessesd with dirt but it will take me days to do something about it and if I see a shiny thing instead I’m gone (leo of course).

    • however i did jsut have a “moment’ where I thought I should put my washing machine lint catching bag thru the wash to really clean it . help! deep breathe deep breathe. Am I in denial of my inner virgo?

  11. she does have that *exact* virgo expression when they are on their own private inquisition to cleanse their universe of disorderly filth. I get that look from My Virgos rather a lot .. it’s why i love them all, because they are Good At What They Do and I think that’s HOT

    • filth can also mean incorrectly audited spreadsheets (or god forbid, not checked at all), mould on shoes in back of cupboard or superannuation fund that needs attention,
      or a pisces asking them to help with their taxes – this is why i recognised that look because my financial planning flatmate gave me that look until i promised him a home cooked italian dinner and dessert to help me with 3 years of my past 6 years of non-analysed taxes (and 3 years later, the other 3 years lololololol )

    • Highly possible…. speaking from experience: I’m a Virgo married to a Virgo with a brother also married to a Virgo.

      Mystic, what do you think – I am also fascinated by the potential overlay of Myers Briggs typologies and astrology.

      • Re Myers Briggs typology & astrology overlay.

        I’m a ENFJ (but borderline on the last 2, very strong EN) and Im a Libra. I also looked up a relationship libra blogger who is ENFJ also.

        Definitely worth a Mystic survey!

        I suspect piscean women are INFPs (which is the ‘softest’ outcome of possible MB charicteristics.) I knew an intelligent, OCD, assertive, analytical piscean – everyone thought she would be an ESFJ but she was a infp! No-one knew there was a deeply emotional, introverted, intuitive person underneath it all. (Perhaps she had a strong rising.)

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