The Original Cougar Has Sun Conjunct Lilith

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Joan Collins being primped and made up

God the work ethic of Joan Collins is truly astounding. Year after year she slogs away, landing great gigs & stoically maintaining her standards. Here she is on the set of her latest modelling gig – she’s 70-something – for jeweller Alexis Bittar.

She’s Gemini (Sun-conjunct Lilith and Venus in Gemini, a real piece of work, lol) and that savage work ethic, the determination to never-ever-ever let anyone see her weakened?  She’s got Mars in Virgo conjunct Neptune and Jupiter.  So she’s a visionary workaholic.  And, as the New York Times pointed out the other day, the “original cougar.”

That’s the Venus conjunct Lilith effect.

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10 thoughts on “The Original Cougar Has Sun Conjunct Lilith

  1. God I LOVE Joan!!
    Years ago she did a book tour – her autobiography.
    We had a table at her ‘literary’ lunch at the Hilton, hosted by Bill Collins (no relation). Of course we were somewhat sauced & when it came to question time our table dominated the mike. Bill tried to intervene when one of our crew asked Joan ‘who’s the best kisser?’. Joan brushed Bill away smiled “Paul Newman’!! In person she’s shorter than me (tiny) & immaculate. She autographed my book…..on the shelf beside my bed…

    & she’s made like a gazillion films….

    • PS thanks for the link – she’s still amazing!!

      Claims never to have been under the knife, attributes natural beauty to ‘happiness’. At 75 with 65+ films under her belt & a hubby 30+ years younger she goes girl!!

  2. Joan is amazing!! I admire her!!

    I am Gemini Sun, Moon & Venus with Mars, Jupiter & Saturn in Virgo…. I understand the determination & weakness bit….

    • I too am a Gem Sun and Moon. Just getting to know my Virgo bits though- have Pluto and Lilith in the 10th. Only recently realised that I’m the one my friends go to for health advice. Never thought about til I started coming here. 🙂

  3. She wrote two books of beauty tips, too. She’s a true HFF – it’s all diet, exercise, a few supplements, and hot affairs plus work ethic. VERY forthright re the hypocrisy directed at women who like sex. I love her, too.

  4. Mars Neptune and Jupiter conjunct is charisma and self belief in spades. And in Virgo, seems to have its shit together in a spectacular way.

    Her sister, Jackie, is no slouch either. Both MEGA successful.