Awesome Scorpio – Astronaut Personals

astronaut playing guitar in space stationThis  is astronaut Steve Robinson, playing guitar in the new space station. I love this guy! He’s also an artist and he plays in an all-astronaut band.

His c.v. is well, um, impressive + he appears to be single. Peeps who like your space, this could be JUST your guy. He’s away a lot and is not, obviously, the kind of guy to ring up grizzling.

But what about his astrology, I assume you are thinking.

The space-gent is a Scorpio and he has Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorpio.

So, fear not, he likes his space too! He would take intimacy very seriously. When not in space. What else?

Jupiter-Pluto in Leo so he is like a touchstone for his generation of baby-boomers: Space exploration & rock and roll…Uranus in Leo square his Sun – individuated the max and showy about it too.

He’s also got the North Node in Sagittarius. The North Node is the Destiny you need to manifest…Let’s just simplify Saggo right down to travel, fresh horizons and new vistas, a world without borders & voila…

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OMG, Johnny fuqin’ Apple Seed in Space seranadin’..

Another waste of tax payer money…

“gee, lookey there, see the clouds, ain’t they beutifull”



Look into the circular window and you will see the clouds even giving him a doubtful reception.


Fuqers being watched.

I am really just kidding about everything. If he wants to play guitar in space then hey, rock on…(but still there’s that doubtful eye from the cloud god….He knows what went down in Atlantis and is wary of peeps in space with technologies they only beginning to understand. This is no poop, certain of the angelics withdrew from humanity when they were abused… )


And yes, by the way, he sounds awesome except I might be too jealous of his trips to space because I would want to go, too.


Whenever North Node is so much as mentioned I want MORE. Ever since I learned about the nodes and that my North node is in Scorpio I have been trying to understand how/what best to manifest my destiny, as you said. Will you ever do a piece including bits of what the North node means in each sign? PLEASE!


Pretty please?

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

That’s a good idea! Mystic, if/when you ever take this up, maybe in the form of the Aries Uranus post – with password, that sort.


bumping posts from the grave i am, but i have the exact same problem as aquarpio. sun in aqua, NN in scorp, noooo idea what to do with myself. sadly there’s only BS to be found on us online.


If I have north node and moon in Sagg, do you think that means my emotions and destiny I have to manifest have something to do with each other? They aren’t close enough to be conjunct…


In space no one can hear you sing karaoke….. 😯

It would be a bit $$$ to be this band’s groupie… ohhh but think of the frequent flyer points! Nasa has a much better deal than Qantas.. so i hear….. 😀

fallen angel

Darling, Nasa’s broke right the gent may actually be spending more time on earth than one would expect. Budgetary cuts you understand. I do dig that he is a High Scorp, well, literally…

Scorp Scorp

Wow, is becoming an astronaut a Scorp dream? It would be mine, too!

Uranian&Plutonic Virgo

Aha, so that was you that I saw swooshing by at rocket speed earlier… 🙂


totes. I want an interplanetary rock on my finger mofos. 😉


hands *off* everyone he’s MINE!




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