Sun Sign Survey: Vengeful Venom

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hostile cake decoration

Yes, we all know that Scorpio is officially the most vengeful sign. And the actual real-life Scorpion stinging itself and anyone nearby in the bum just to make a point clearly doesn’t help either. Still, some of the most vengeful peeps i’ve heard of have actually been Leos…

Or, to be fair, the lower versions of ANY sign. I hate it. And I hate reading those stupid articles about people cutting up other peeps clothes or whatever and them being portrayed as cool. Web rants? Yick.

Living well is the only revenge, obviously, but please – stating your Sun Sign and any other relevant astrological info – let’s try to figure out which sign actually does have the most vengeful tendencies. I’d say Capricorns, Leos and Aquarians can be shockers…Cancerians and Scorps never forget and, well, dear Virgo can bring details of a misdemeanor up DECADES later. Not because they’re vengeful but because they keep tabs.

Pisces, Gemini & Libra are totally in the ‘living well’ camp and rather than scheming revenge, they’re more likely to get drunk and fantasize about the person who did them wrong being forced to watch them winning an Oscar/being canonised/frolicking in the Maldives with an A-List Beautiful Person fawning all over them.

But my vote for most all-time vengeful? Taurus. You know it. Thoughts?

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140 thoughts on “Sun Sign Survey: Vengeful Venom

  1. Aries can be vengeful, but only in a quick, impulsive way that we may immediately regret. We don’t hold grudges, that’s too much hard work. The most vengeful I’ve had have been Kataka women. Scorps are okay because sharing the same Mars ruler I can handle them, and understand them. Taureans? They tend to hold on tight to stuff, but have not had that vengeful experience from them. But Kataka women? I steer way clear of those!

    • I am an aries sun and kataka moon – I do get angry but it is in a short burst, out and over before you can blink. Emotional hurts do last a long time and I have been known to hold a dislike for someone for years- but that is more a judgement of their character based on an incident rather than a grudge.

      I am not a jelous person at all – very arian I think.

      I concur with the kataka – but for men. all that pass agg stuff – eeeeek!

  2. Well, I am very Taurean, but am def of the ‘living well is the best revenge’ camp.

    I also find those spiteful revenge stories upsetting – I am embarrassed for the vengeful person. All my Katakan planets do ensure I ‘never forget’, and I have been known to secretly gloat over the petty misfortunes of those who have Done Me Wrong for much much longer than is good for me. But would I ever do or say anything to contribute to said misfortunes?… no, I would be mortified to show that I was even *thinking* about them. Maybe it’s my Gem moon!

  3. I’m a terrible grudge holding, vengeful low Scorp it has to be said but my worst experiences have been with Capricorns! My Leo mother gives good sulk though, can always drag up wrong doings years later to use as fuel in a fight.

  4. i agree that aquarians can be vengeful, i am one…

    in fact, with scorp rising and leo moon i got a lot of motivation in my early years from revenge, to prove peeps wrong, ‘i’ll show them!’ attitude… not so low or spiteful, but def using anger/revenge to stoke the motivation fires and succeed!

    i had a taurean boss, absolute a’hole and extremely vengeful, so pretty certain we have to give top honours to the bulls on the one

  5. I must confess I have a revenge streak. Ah especially at the moment. I do try not to act on it though. There is that saying….when seeking revenge dig 2 graves. But lordy it would feel good.

    • I’ve met a lot of Gemini’s and I agree with Liz Greene – they “plot” potential revenge in a paranoid way in case they are crossed like crazy – but in terms of serious revenge, they tend to get distracted by the next best thing before they actually carry it out, yes?
      Have Haute scorp ascendant (haute because there’s a softening 12th house Venus-Neptune conjunction right smack on it, thank god) and although I frequently, desperately WANT to bring those who have deliberately hurt/fuqd me down, life has taught me that if I just wait, patiently, for years if necessary, and get on with my life, their own Karma will bring them down for me – and boy, does it ever, often in a spectacular way, and always without me lifting a finger to prod it along. When it does, I try not to smile secretly to myself for too long, because that would be too low Scorp….

      • Fi, you make me think of the (hindu?) saying: Wait long by the river and the bodies of your enemies will float by (appropriated by one of my fave bands, the drones, as the title of a most fabbo album)

  6. are we talking rampage or slow seething multi year plan of revenge?

    so agree with gems living well…

    i dare say some of us aqua’s truly seethe…our lowest selves over analyse situations to death for years after. havent witnessed physical revenge…just excommunication for offenders or a verbal slur here and there. but our minds are full of stuff. Esp with emotional hurt. i think we’re like the astrological unabomber – mental shed in the woods full of nasty ‘one day i’ll show you’ plans.

    yes, the only sign i’ve seen actively destroy possessions was a scorp. bless her, she was hurting so badly.
    threw all his possessions out a third storey window, sent angry texts to everyone in his contacts list, cut off his access to finances and unfortunately led by a low type at work in need of spectacle …called the other woman on work time and abused her. Several times…eventually being called back by the woman’s employer and told that they would get a restraining order against her. It was hard to try and mute her rampage. like all the hurt was taking a physical form and exploding out of her. In the end she only hurt herself more. I understood her pain, just not its form of expression.

    Taurus…actually thinking about it…wouldn’t mess with a toro. i’d feel like the china shop….

  7. My Cappy died (may he rip) was terrible grudge-holder and vengeful thinker – not only towards his exes (my mum included) but towards anyone that cheesed him off – even for a moment – then he would work out a way to make them pay! He was a tortured soul…

    Hmmm, let me think, I’ve been with a couple of Leos, an Aries, a Pisces, a Libran, two Gemini’s (shudder still..), a Scorp (looong ago) and the only one who was vengeful towards me was the Libra – in a very machiavellian way! I have since learnt to stand up for myself and he has moved onto the ‘living well’ strategy (thank goodness!) and we are now friends. The only one whom I’ve wanted to wreak havoc on was the Gemini (which you all know anyway) BUT am moving into the ‘living well’ strategy too! πŸ™‚ I’m friends with all my exes (except for those I’ve lost contact with) as I believe that just because a relationship ends it doesn’t mean a friendship should. But the choccy cake does look delicious on a number of levels Mystic. πŸ™‚

    Speaking of living well, have you heard of Simonette Vaja Mystic? She’s a Sydney based psychologist and hypnotherapist and I’ve just downloaded a couple of her guided visualisations re: sleep, reduced anxiety (very useful for me at the moment) and general boost of self-esteem etc. I slept through last night for the first time in AGES without the use of Chardy or other substances. (Tried sleep tea – just made me go to the loo all night.)

    • My Leo ex would make up ways to make people pay. He’d do something horrific, out of context too, and I could tell by the light in his eye if it was a payback move or just him being a dick. Being a Leo, he tries to be gracious in social settings and generally succeeds. He enjoys making people suffer in whatever way he feels even things out.

  8. i have 6 planets in leo and am not revengeful at all and never have been.
    Perhaps it is my pisces moon.

    i think it is the lower part of any sign that can resort to this behaviour.

    • i would agree with that, unless there was some sort of bacchus / sexual connection in which case they still love you ..somehow

  9. As a Taurean (and Scorp rising!), I never get revenge. Why, you ask? Because I have heavy Saturn stuff going on, plus Saturn in 10th, and if I put a foot wrong odds are I will get burned far more than whoever I tried to get revenge about will.

    Besides, other than my evil relatives for whom karma will never reap anything, most people screw themselves over just fine without my help.

  10. The bulls can hold a grudge like nobodies business – and I’ve known some who won’t tell me WHY I’m not being spoken too (really need to practice my omniscience)….
    Aquas – well, they are exactly like Aquaphobe described – and my ma is one, so I’m well versed in their style….
    Pisces barely register they SHOULD be feeling vengeful
    Scorps? Well, I can seeth, and I can react, I’ll even throw things…. and I can do low down dirty take that things….. But I suspect my Aries asc allows the fire to burn bright and hot, then it fades mostly, Cancer moon does hold on to the knowledge, and once burned, I never extend trust again. But Saggi influences mean that flight is my fave approach, I’ll walk before I usually take aim, and then I’ll be better, nicer, and more emotionally suave about the whole thing! Oh – Those 3 Virgo planets also mean I never forget a detail, and that’s important, because when someone raises something, thet I’ve moved on from, if they get a detail wrong, I do correct them…….

    • Yes. You and I have very similar planets post mod.
      I know Scorpio gets a bad wrap and some people are that twisted but I know a lot of female Scorpios (sister, mother, birthday sister, cousin, half of melbourne) and I would say ‘confrontational’ as mars, like aries can get but not the out and out vengeful types. Don’t piss them off, you’ll know about it. The room will drop temperature and the sky rumbles. kidding. sort of.

      Living well is the best revenge as is not sinking to play into the lo vibe. Every sign has its own evil but people are people at the end of the day and you got choices how you want to respond to things. Thats the free will bit.

    • Similar planets as postmod here too but ruling diff things. Cancerian Sun, Scorp Rising, Aries Moon.

      Vengeful tendencies you ask? I usually strive to be in the Look After Your Own Sh*t camp &/or the Living Well camp. These days I am way better at practising acceptance, letting-go, holding-things-more-lightly etc etc. But in my mind, well, all sorts of seething, visualisation & over-analysis can go on!!! I often visualise sending certain peeps to the outer reaches of the galaxy in a rocket, but instead of enacting any of these wild ideas I usually write my thoughts out on paper, burn it & and enjoy watching the smoke float up & away – a Dark Moon cleansing technique Mystic often suggests here. Anything with burning or exploding works for me!

      There are only a small number of past peeps that I sometimes wish I had given a fiercer blast when I had the opportunity at close range. But now? I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire πŸ˜‰

    • ditto with similar configuration, scorp sun kataka moon taurus rising (do i win some kind of unhygienic psyche trifecta πŸ˜‰ )
      i dont understand the dual concepts of revenge vs letting go AT ALL, fester fester fester, so I end up hurting myself even more :-Β¬
      oh also a helping of ruling planet in virgo conjunct pluto so details all filed away neatly with a cherrybomb on top. I so fear my own capacity for destruction and self-immolation i just HIDE

      • Admire your honest there dotty. Yep, festering ONLY hurts the festerer. And I’m sure you don’t have an “unhygienic psyche” with that trifecta – it sounds like a lovely creative combo to me.

      • Hah! I love a good fester period!! Makes lancing the boil so much more satifying! Lots of evil putrufying pus erupts, and then I’ve usually gotten it all out in one foul event…. lol. But usually all done in private – or in the ear of nearest and dearest! I do fear myself at times too Dotty, but years of VERY HARD WORK has made the letting go thing easier – so long as I really sit with the hurt, pain, anger etc…….

        • very very hard work – to know something and to be it, lightyears apart πŸ™

          thank you both for such very kind words, little rays of light through the chinks in those shutters πŸ™‚

  11. OMG. Have just forwarded this to a former Taurean lover who dumped me 20 something years ago after learning of a tiny infidelity with a former boyfriend that I drunkenly confessed to one new year’s eve … and this was the guy who kept telling me for the whole year of our liaison I was his ‘filler’ as he waited for Miss-Pommy-Backpacker-Right to come back to him …

    He doesn’t tell me I’m dumped on the spot… I go back to my normal life and then a week or so later I get the most godawful, long, detailed cartoon that he has painstakingly drawn showing me in all my terrible, intimate glory – with lashings of venom and spite.


    I’m an Aries? My revenge? Send back all the gorgeous things he’s given me (worthless but fabulous) because they’re now so tarnished … and hold my head high and get on with life.

    We resumed (very) non-physical contact a couple of years later and are now cyber mates and mutual sounding boards and I suspect he still feels like an a….hole….. don’t you Simon?

    • Yes Simon, that was very, VERY wrong. You know Flick did not deserve to be treated like that. (Disapproving wag of head in cyber space πŸ™‚ )

  12. I’m Libra sun with Venus in Scorp, and I have to say I have long and elaborate fantasies of revenge which I will go over in my head for decades, BUT only ever about romantic entanglements that have gone sour AND further, I NEVER act on them. I think the vengeful thoughts and difficulty in letting go is my Scorp venus, but it’s kept well under control by my Libran sun/moon/merc. I am working VERY HARD at present on curtailing the vengeful fantasies, and replacing them with reminders that I’m better off without her, better things are ahead, and of course, the living well thing.

    • I’m with you, LibrabutwithAriesontheRise, I have Venus in Scorp… Most of my vengeful thoughts are realted to relationships (both romantic and friendly). I never act on them either…

      Sun in Sag = optimtistically thinking there is good in all people, they will get their just desserts and the universe will be balanced through Karma. Or if I channel my lower energy – I put my head in the sand until it’s blown over. Maybe that’s my Taurus moon? IDK. I have a Taurus friend (probably ex-friend) who can’t or won’t see the demise of our friendship. I had an Aqua friend who ended our friendship saying to me “You aren’t the kind of person I want as a friend”. Ouch! To this day, even though we have the same circle of friends, we are friends no more.

      Life is too short to be vengeful!

  13. 1. Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

    2. Living well is the best revenge.

    Two oldies but goldies.

  14. Leo sun, but with Sagg Moon and Aries asc. I keep forgetting to hold grudges! There have been times I have been deeply hurt by someone I love but I don’t enjoy vengeful behaviour. Partly as I am too transparent to lie or connive successfully.

    The only violence I have witnessed against a partner was by a Scorpio friend who burned her boyfriend’s mobile and jeans. She also enticed another boyfriend to crack her ribs. He was very peaceful and I don’t know how she even managed to get him that cross, she was skilled I tell you.

    My Cancerian friends are without doubt the ones that remember the crime and do some crazy vigilante $hit that astounds. They make wonderful story tellers after the fact too.

    • “She also enticed another boyfriend to crack her ribs. He was very peaceful and I don’t know how she even managed to get him that cross, she was skilled I tell you.”

      How do you entice someone to break your ribs?
      Even if he was a altar boy he inflicted the violence. Ted Bundy was also a quiet, peaceful man according to his friends and girlfriend at the time he was murdering young co-eds.

      • I know, I know, but you had to know this woman… She really harassed her guys and got into them so she could re-live her dramas out with them. There were a lot of drugs and issues involved. She was an incredibly powerful woman both emotionally and physically. I would react to this statement too if I didn’t know her. This guy was not Ted Bundy, I actually think he was coerced into this situation by her, and in a sick way was trying to keep her by giving her what she wanted. She was so triumphant when he finally hit her after years of her intense badgering. Sorry if this makes you upset, it’s just the way I saw this particular situation. I wouldn’t have believed it unless I saw it myself.

        • ok, makes more sense now- with the drug vibe etc going on.
          Those relationships are so destructive. Some people have a combustible effect on each other.

          • She had a combustible effect upon everyone, but it was also what made her so awesome! If you are a regular contributor to the blog feel free to criticise openly as I will not be offended. πŸ™‚

    • Crazy vigilante shit! LOL!

      I am a cancer moon. My ex was a cancer. It was really a terrible situation to be around. My paranoid virgo rising is still scared he will barge into my house with a shotgun one day. He was ready to wait at my driveway and shoot himself to “teach me” so eh.. nothing is too out oft eh question for his crazy ass.

  15. I’m Taurus Sun with Scorp rise and I wouldn’t go with vengeful as a common descriptive word of me at all. Grudge holding, yeah well I’m getting better at letting them go more quickly (and I have had to actively work on being better at that) but as for extracting revenge, I don’t know that I have ever done it.

    Though to be honest I did immensely enjoy my ex boyfriend turning up to an exhibition opening I had last year looking scruffy and old, when I had hundreds of people there to see my work, a hot dress, fabulous shoes and great hair. I did feel slightly smug about that, but seriously, who wouldn’t?

  16. I totally agree with Taurus for this one. One of my good friends actually prides herself on how long she holds her grudges, which is terrible really, she holds onto them so long that the other person has long forgotten whatever minor indescretion they have committed.. she leaves people puzzled as to why she won’t talk to them, and slightly hurt, and then finally they just get over her sulking, but the friendship is never the same. She was even proud of holding a grudge toward a two year old once!

    JenGem: Saying number one sums it up perfectly!

  17. In my experience, no one holds a grudge like Taurus, but do they really find the motivation to enact revenge? They just quietly remind you that deep down they sorta hate you forever. Bless ’em.
    Sagittarius I find does the quick-turn-around of juvenile bitchy come back, but if not instantly enacted, fancifully forgotten, so bye bye revenge scenario.

    A dear friend, Cancer with Taurus Rising, recently enacted a revenge scenario before my eyes, and when I shook my head, replied with this fabulous pearl…
    “karma takes too long…”

    • Love that – karma takes too long. FOFLOL. Thats so true coz the good or bad deeds you perform in this life won’t return to bite you or feed till your next life- so yep do it NOW! Only joking I think revenge is juvenile but love a good revenge story.

      My ex taraus is very mcuh “i hate you forever quiet type – but we are better parents apart than being together. and as lovers – we were hopeless.

    • β€œkarma takes too long…”

      that’s excellent…it should be a bruce willis line right after he blows up the baddies…

  18. Lib sun / Fish moon – fantasized revenge ONLY!!

    a normally placeid Cancer I know did a beauty.
    having split from his then wife, but still same house / separate rooms while the financial bits were sorted- SHE (a top prosecutor / glamour puss) pushed her luck too far by partying with new bf arriving home high on many pingers & other stuff. HE took all of her clothers – poured olive on them & threw them in the street.

    but wait there’s more……
    then broke 1 heel off EVERY pair of shoes!!

    he’s a super nice guy now happily remarried & that remained a 1 off event.

    Le Ram would agree Taurus for sure.
    after separating from 2 of them, both taking him to cleaners, using all means to extract what was rightfully his – he avoids em like Le Plague. lucky all of us are mates now. time heals.

      • NO!!
        if yr gonna do it once in yr life – do it right.
        AND to one who won’t learn any other way…..
        his wife now is an angel. just as he deserves!!

          • Salacious – dunno. wife 2 is fashion designer of note, w no personal deets on web / FB….. wife 1 sat nxt to me at an eatery recently. we duly ignored each other. she still acts like she gets her gear off to get places. glamourous in that try way too hard way. thank god I was dining with gen Y architect on the rise, who’s also drummer in indy rock band. made up for how old I felt next to her……cat or not she turns heads!!

          • actually – flash nostalgia!!
            I HATE wife 1 cos she dissed my Ex Ex the Gem Surfing Barrister in public. Never bad word’s uttered of him, but she did it. when I told him he laughed & said ‘well you should see her in court. unbuttons another button leaning into the jury. word is if she pleasured herself she’d scratch herself’ reffing claws……… no wonder I called her a cat!!

  19. The living well strategy is the only real path.

    Have cut off limbs to preserve the tree in the worst cases.

    My votes for vengeance is mine peeps,

    1. Cap

  20. Do not mess with Taurus. It takes a log to get the peaceable Taurus angry at you, but The Bull never forgets, he will wait patiently, forever, waiting for his revenge. Just think about a bullfight. If the matador drops his guard for a moment, he ends up gored an trampled under the bull’s powerful hooves. And it will be his fault for angering and taunting the bull, and not taking the threat seriously.

    • Charles, I don’t do the waiting for revenge stuff, but I do admit the ‘bullfight’ analogy is bang-on. Aries ex used to niggle, niggle, niggle and then was so *shocked* when my patience was exhausted & the steam began to come out of my nostrils!

      • hee hee… i’m the same except instead of “niggle, niggle, niggle” it’s poke, poke, poke. If you keep poking at a Scorp who’s hiding in her little cave, you will get stung!

        • Yeah, go look into the technical aspects of a bullfight. I saw one in Mexico City when I was a little kid, I’ll never forget it. They start with the Picadors, riding on armored horses, they have long spears to stab the bull right behind the shoulders, just at the spot where it hurts the most, but does the least physical damage. Then the Banderilleros come out with decorated sticks about a meter long, with a big barb on the end. They stab these sticks, called banderillas, into the shoulders again, where they become attached to the bull. As the bull moves, the banderillas flop around, and the barbs tugs at the shoulders, causing intense pain. So now that the bull is in a blind rage, the Matador comes out and taunts the bull with the red cape. The bull charges and charges, and becomes less agile as its blood seeps out and it becomes tired. Then the Matador plunges a sword right down it’s shoulders into its heart and it drops dead.
          Or, in the version of the bullfight that Taurus would more approve of, the bull outwits the taunting Matador, and when he slips just a bit, when his attention is momentarily distracted, the bull gets his revenge and slams his horns right up into the Matador’s guts, and tosses him high in the air. Then he charges and stomps right on him with the power of his angry hooves, while the panicked Toreros (assistants) try to pull the broken body away from the bull.

          • I effing HATE bullfights! It’s a misnomer anyway, it’s cruelty on purpose for the “entertainment” of so-called humans. Have always hated it since I was a wee gal & saw it on tv. My Spanish friends keep me updated on its demise even in Spain.

          • Well I can’t seem to reply under U&P Virgo’s comment, I guess it’s nested too deeply. But yeah, I agree, bullfighting is cruel and should be banned, it made me sick to watch it. I think it would be better if they only allow events like the running of the bulls in Pamplona, where the bulls always have the upper hand, and the unarmed, defenseless humans run away in terror, or get gored.

            Anyway, I only described the bullfight as a metaphor. You can taunt and injure the bull a LOT and he will take it, but watch out because there’s nothing more dangerous than a raging bull.

    • i’m mostly a very forgiving toro if repentance is forthcoming!

      if it is not, then i just patiently wait and enjoy with much schadenfreude the inevitable come-up-ance!

      it is not necessary to take any action to bring this about mostly, we are not that sort of vengeful people, just calmly certain we will be proved right in the end and sinners will repent and seek forgiveness, LOL!

      though it has to be said that on occasion giving the process a bit of a nudge in the right direction if the opportunity presents is not altogether to be sneezed at!


      Toro sun, Kataka rising and Virgo moon

      how’s that for an awesome combo in this regard!

      • PS: the late, rapidly unlamented HMBOTS will surely come to repent the error of his ways, yes don’t mess with the Bull!

  21. maybe it’s my Cap rising or natal Mars opposite Saturn (Saturn won’t let me do anything silly) but I think physical revenge is tacky and I wouldn’t want to give anyone the satisfaction that I cared that much, even though it may be killing me on the inside. I prefer to hurt them with indifference.

    An ex once tried to get me jealous by kissing some skank right in front of me. My blood started to boil and I thought about grabbing a jug of water and throwing it at them but I just walked away with my dignity intact instead.

    Of course I an expert seether and if you piss me off I will CUT YOU OUT OF MY LIFE without any warning. I hate confrontation. Moon in Sagg helps with the moving on and never turning back.

    • I’m a Cap sun and Sagg rising. I totally agree with the indifference thing. It’s more painful to let someone know that they’ve gotten to me, than to actually rip them apart. In my experience, a bit of aloofness will really break someone down.
      And that’s only the people that reallllly get to me. Most of the time, I just don’t really care enough. I simply cut them out of my life and never look back. Snip, snip.

    • I reckon Caps are the sign who just CUT YOU OFF absolutely. No confrontation, no revenge, no discussion, no option for redemption – just bam, gone, fuq off, move on. So I’m totally with you Robo on that one.
      We not vengeful at all, but quite possibly unforgiving.

      • “bam, gone, fuq off, move on” Love it!! πŸ˜†

        Unforgiving, yes. Who has time for fuckwits? The evil low Libran ex work colleague I cut out of my life actually said to me “i wished you had discussed that with me” Pffffffffffffffffft. What is there to discuss when you lose respect for someone and want nothing to do with them?!

        • Taurean here, soooo not into revenge. If I’m ‘wronged’ I withdraw myself & reassess the terms of my friendship with said person, adjust myself accordingly, if the friendship has come to the end of the road then i sever the chord & remove myself permanently. I accept that they were in my life for a reason, I thank them for that lesson, then I cut the chord & move on. Revenge is just a waste of intense energy & if I am that hung up then I am the one with the issues & I have to work on the reason why. Though I guess that depends on just WHAT has happened really….I haven’t had anything that viciously horrible to occur for me to feel that intensity(eep, knock on wood!)

      • Agree, scorp I just cut people off too. Dont do the silent treatment, I need to talk it out, maybe yell it out also, Cannot stand sulking, used to be a great pouter (sun-venus cancer maybe)

        I would go with scorp, leos and librans. I am bloody surrounded by librans, always attracting them, and they hold grudges, dont forget and will not talk to you for ages if you did something they didnt like.

        Revenge, yes I have. I kissed a guy right in front of my husband to get him to leave me….god pass agg or what!! hahaha my stats, yep -taurus rising, cancer sun, saggi moon and mars in scorp!!

        I forgive easily though, prob moon-uranus saggi dont know..

    • I must admit I am no picnic should I be crossed but my issue is with boundaries and respect rather than pissy ex revenge. Sun/scorp/gemini rising/sagg moon. I am loyal and I love my friends so I expect a certain give take here. One way streeters can have the gutter back thanks.

      Cut- out -of -my- life! is also my card, and I don’t feel remotely guilty about calling a spade when boundaries are not respected. It’s not vindictive its self respect and who’s fault is it at the end of the day when you are constantly excusing someone else’s behaviour and you’re still standing there like a fool and they don’t care?

    • robot, I agree with just cutting you out with no warning whatsoever. I’ve always attibuted that to my Scorp rising & Virgo sun. When we cut, it’s surgeon-precision. There’s one person in my life who I’ve had all sorts of revenge fantasies about, and over the years they’ve surfaced in my Dreaming Life. Very satisfactorily too! Once I hacked her into bits & then fed the parts to some deserving sharks. Deserving coz they’d been hunting for food & hadn’t been lucky. I’ve never been in a position to carry out revenge in Waking Life anyway, and have counted on karma to whip her ass, and I have to say, after observing for the past 20 years, Karma has gotten her. I didn’t have to do a thing whatsoever. Well, apart from playing stealth & stay out of the way of the Qi vampire. I still have my protective shield up when she’s around. And *I* choose the terms whereby she can be around or not. πŸ™‚

    • Hm. I am very saturn heavy. Aqua sun cancer moon.

      I am very vengeful, but NOT in the way most people think. To me, walking out with your head held high and forgetting about it is the revenge you can get on a person. (Probably all the practical Capricorn talking. I still need my revenge!) Even if you want to disembowel them with your fingers, acting cool, calm, and pretending you aren’t hurt even if you are.

      Also using wits instead of getting revenge in a physical manner is much more satisfying for me as I can still come out of the situation with my head held high, dominant.

      My taurus boyfriend however is the opposite of me. He needs dirty fiery physical revenge.

  22. Sagg Sun, Scorp rising, Venus in Scorp, Moon in Gemini. I never ever hold grudges, I get cross, deal with it and then move on. However, when my trust is betrayed I feel like my wings have been clipped viciously. Like FireTrine I forget to hold grudges. The Sagg in me makes me forgive and forget quickly.
    However…..maybe it is the Scorp in me that makes me imagine of ways really horrible people could die! πŸ™‚ I imagine, ” gee it would be nice if they would just drop dead and remove their nuisance self etc!” I imagined this about my first ex mum in law, a total control freak and and I wished my Ex Druggie Scorp would just OD and get it over and done with! πŸ™ Felt so eveil for thinking the latter!

    The most revengeful I have ever met was:

    1. my Scorp Ex who re married and ex just so he could dump her and make her “feel” what it was like!

    2. Capp Ex and sis who hold grudges and wait for apportunities to strike back deftly where it really hurts.

    • Yes so right!! A few cap risings i have known, are like little psychologists, they work out where your weak points are and just bloody let it rip!!
      Yeah caps are a bit scary that way!!

    • Sal Sagg, that’s terrifying. I can’t believe he actually went through marrying someone to dump them. That’s a level of meanness I don’t understand (Unless her breakup with him was extremely, intentionally cruel. But then, wouldn’t he just be glad to be rid of her? Brrr, it’s cold out there.)

  23. I believe each sign has its own brand of revenge/ vengefulness…

    Virgos lack magnanimity, in my opinion, and that alone makes them incapable of forgiving. Perpetual lack of forgiveness, especially from someone intimate is hell on earth… Scorpios are vengeful, no doubt, but their vindictiveness has to do with their paranoid sense of being wronged… Taurus can hold a grudge FOREVER, and that’s a pretty long time…I don’t know if they act out on it in a dramatic fashion, though…It is more like Chinese torture- a dogged wearing down of the opponent’s defenses….
    Leos (and I’m one of them;) ) I believe get their revenge by being scornful in a ruthless way, but they are not malicious.

    • Good point MsNoir I tend to agree with you. Virgos can act self-righteous an haughty, better-than-thou- even though they know they aren’t. Scorpios can stalk and sulk in utter paranoid delusions.
      Taurans hold silent, quiet grudges.
      Leos can go for character assassination, because they tend to be social and love the limelight so go for their opponents social persona or social standing.

  24. Revenge?

    Geez can’t really comment on this! The internet is really slow in the Maldives at the moment…

    Gem/Pisces rising πŸ˜€

  25. I generally take revenge by feeling really sorry for the poor bastard …that his or her parents were too closely related and spawned a defective loser…imagine being an ahole every day of your life !, sad really.

  26. aries, w aries rising and moon conjunct uranus in scorp i concoct elaborate revenge fantasies but really, i couldn’t be stuffed wasting the energy or drawing that kind of karma i think it was oscar wilde who said “success is the best form of revenge”?

    having said that, once upon a time i DID get a job in the same branch as my capricorn ex where everyone else knew what a tosser he was (i saw it more as a career move than revenge!) he left town and the anti-farewell had more attendees than the official farewell and i had a lot of margaritas

      • thanks sassy! hadn’t thought about that aspect i did even better than i thought πŸ™‚

        for anyone who’s interested, wendy harmer (a libby fleur) wrote a fab book called “love gone wrong” after a nasty breakup i found it quite inspiring (back then)

  27. Not vengeful myself. But I know aTaurean gal who at her farewell party speech ( she was going OS for 4 years) told everybody that her boyfriend and bestie at the time ( hwo were persent) had slept together. Ha Suk on that. Love it but couldn’t do it myself.

    I have thought about burning an ex’s house down ( it was a queenslander – poof! gone) but I didn’t of course. Being venus in cancer I never forget never forgive but def let go of the hurt so I can move on to my next victim ha!

  28. Libra sun and moon, sag venus. Below comment is so so so accurate!!!

    …ex lover opens gossip mag to see me looking fabulous on the arm of jake gyllenhal at the oscars then looks over to his current, frumpy, unattractive partner and sighs…

    my revenge fantasies are all about me being amazing and unattainable while they spend the rest of their lives sulking and regretting how badly they treated me.

    “get drunk and fantasize about the person who did them wrong being forced to watch them winning an Oscar/being canonised/frolicking in the Maldives with an A-List Beautiful Person fawning all over them.”

  29. I don’t believe in being vengeful, ever, but, the one vengeful thing I did do was run over the Pisces cacti and I have alchohol to blame for that. Cappy Moon never would have done it in my right mind, usually, it’s just beneath one to carry on so.

    Don’t believe in vengefulness because people screw themselves in the end and I prefer to not be a part of that karmic pack.

    Like daveyl, pity the poor bastard.

  30. Hang on Sweetpea… ran the guy over???? or ran over his fav plant….I have either missed a thread somewhere or it is my lack of cofee…work boredom duh ness…

    • Ha,ha…

      I ran over his beloved cactus….(California you see and Leo Mars Moon very much into it’s phallic shape reachin’ for the Moon…Okay, he never said his wingus was actually vying for the Moon heights..)

      But I got my instant karma on that one as a neighbor saw me and pulled out their cell. I dropped the cactus and drove for my life…Thus running it over….I think..


      • Ha ha ha …hilarious xxxx This reminds me of my pal who closed her boot and drove off, and wondered at all the noise as she drove along. She then realised she had uprooted a prized tree specimen( after loads rain here) that had the cremated remains of various personages sprinkled around! She drove back and quickly plonked the tree back in the gaping soggy hole in the ground and screeched out of the convent!! : >

        • LOL…

          Oh my goodness…took me a moment to realize what a boot was! I was imagining a literal boot stuck in the door and dangling on the road…hehe

          But yes, my intentions were pure. I simpy wanted to steal the cactus and then pull each beloved thorn out and press them into his lovely brown eyes…

          One by one. I’m very thorough and can count…At least to ten…

          Oh, that hurts? (only been 8)

          I beg your pardon…


  31. I’m Leo with Cap moon and rising. I’m supposedly one scary bitch when I get angry. I believe Karma could do more damage to someone than I possibly could. Also more creative.
    My vote is for Cancers, I’ve run across a few that would destroy your life for looking at them in a way they didn’t like.

  32. Cap Sun, Sagg Rising, Taurus moon. Find it difficult feeling vengeful over a relationship issue. Hurt yes, vengeful no. And if I do have a vengeful thought, it doesn’t take long for me to feel guilty about it.

  33. So… I reckon no one will hold it against me if I send this cake along to Le Sewer???

    But no, I wouldn’t anyway. It means giving him/it/they/whatever attention and like many here Indifference is truly the sharpest knife. However, I will say that I have been known to “urge” events with Karmic undertones along…like maybe booking my subversively somewhat racist Sagg Boss with a Nubian Masseuse. When he was clearly trying to get me someone he felt was hot and young on his terms i.e. non-ethnic, and not even because they were any good at massage.

    It’s giving little things like that a nudge that makes me feel happy. ON TOP of living my best life of course.

    Most vengeful I’ve known? Toros. And Caps.

  34. Wow, you are all so gentle and nice! Now, so I am. But only because i learnt the hard way that being vengeful doesn’t work. But geeze, sometimes it’s fun! Masso, after a terrible argument with my ex-husband, I cut up his favourite t-shirt and left it where he would find it. An ex-boyfriend who had a girl in another country invited me out to dinner , hoping I think to get back with me so he could have a girl in every port – I gladly accepted so that I could order everything most expensive on the menu while I held a lovely conversation on how many passwords I knew for his computer, how like his daughter his girl looked, and how he would be going home lonely and minus squads of cash but thanx for dinner.
    Ah, I’m too nice for this now. Gem sun, Taurus moon

  35. Aqua sun. Revenge in living well is the only way it’s much more satisfying & easy on the senses. In days of yore I tried revenge and it backfired many times. I find it just doesn’t sit well & you become part of the problem. My Kataka moon makes sure I don’t forget though.

    A friend of mine used to say, “just sit back & wait, they’ll always get theirs”.

  36. Kataka rising, Pisces sun, Gem moon, and it does NOT register at all that I should even be vengeful, or even angry. Drives my more assertive friends crazy. If I react, it’s often articulated, analyzed, justified, and handed back to you on a platter of angry, but it’s not exactly revenge. It’s “Know What You Have Just Done.”

    SuperScorp roomie scares me with her ability to internalize _everything_, from intense joy to pain to anger. I do not doubt once that she can hold grudges and exact vengeance with greater precision than I can fathom. My cappy mother could hold a grudge for _years_ and explode on a tiny little reminder of the incident, throw things up into turmoil, and leave without a single person knowing what just happened. Hmm…

  37. I have a venomous sag ex. Who is sadly the father of my children. So bad is he, that a psychologist advised not to engage with him ever as every time I have tried to make peace he has done something dispicable in return. Also come to think of it had a flat-mate female sag who cut up my fave jeans and then denied it! Hmm.

    Other than that Aries ex who held a grudge with many, tho not me thankfully.

  38. Moi le ramzilla will strike almost instantly in defense but it’s gone in moments. i often get the shits at myself when i realise i should have held a grudge! revenge fantasies v rare. i’ve only ever had them about 2 peeps (a very annoying and completely inconsequential neighbour is one, funnily enough).

    but fuck, my ma, le scorp. prawns in hubcaps, burn yer house down kinda revenge woman. i was once treated real bad by a saggo player in my early 20s. scorp mum came to help me move out of his house and dead set, MADE, me, like stood over me and bossed me into, SPITTING DOWN THE SPOUT OF HIS BELOVED TEAPOT! I was completely broken and would never have thought of doing it but her anger on my behalf was so scary I just did what she said! then she went and extinguished all the pilot lights to the gas heating & hot water – in a freezing winter in canberra!

    ++ I will never forget one Xmas when I was about 16, scorp ma flees the house in her knickers, blubbering like mad, with a shotgun (!) gets into her car & takes off saying “I’m gonna burn his fucking house down”. Me & sis didn’t even hear from her for a couple of days and ended up skulking off down to the city to hang w. more sane rellos.

    & Virgo bestie re keeping tabs? God, I can relate. It shits me so bad. She has the shit list filing cabinet so tidy in her brain, I’m always copping it for some minor slight from years ago that I’ve completely forgotten about it. And competitive Aries moi – part of what drives me crazy is I’ve never got anything to fire back and i CAN’T WIN!! LOLZ.

  39. p.s. agree, toro holds a grudge (they never let go) but would distinguish from revenge per se. they’re too lazy for that!

  40. I’m actually fairly forgiving when it comes to big wrongdoings, but when people out-perform me in any way, I make sure that I beat them in every possible arena- which I guess is my leo rising coming out.

  41. Agreed about Geminis – I am a Gemini and tend to get really angry when someone wrongs me, so will go and rant about what I’d like to do to them and fantasise about telling them what I think of them/showing them up at a school reunion etc….but never would actually act on it!

    My Dad is a Leo however and will dedicate the remainder of his life and money to bringing down the person who has wronged him. He will ruin their life even if it means ruining his own – hmmm, crazy and stubborn.

  42. Libra sun, Scorp rising, Aries moon. I can hold a grudge like nobody’s business – for years, with fierceness – but I’m very quick to forgive if given the least reason to. Anger & resentment take so much energy & are a slow poison in your system – I’d rather use my time being happy.

  43. I’m not vengeful at all – can’t be bothered. My other half who is a Sagg never forgets a wrong and can take revenge to ridiculous levels – i.e if a neighbour’s dog defecates outside our house, he will collect it and dump it in their letterbox anonymously. Or if the next door neighbour distracts him with noise (he has a very low distraction level) he will play CDs at full blast to pay them back.

  44. I have been withholding… I have to confess, but it would take too long to explain the entire situation.
    Basically my business and home were one, ex and I built it together, he invited many girls to my home/business, one especially who decided to LIVE there against my request and weeks after a five year relationship had ended (well it turns out only weeks for me). I had no way to leave and had to witness all kinds of travesties. In the end, after Ex ended up sleazing onto another girl in a bar (there was only one or two bars in the town) I ended up grabbing him by the throat and it took five guys to separate us. Apparently my strength was otherworldy!

    Well there it is. I am a Leo. There was a limit to the amount of emotional abuse and insults I could handle. I told his mother what happened the next morning and she laughed wickedly and said, “You kids!”. She was totally on my side! πŸ™‚

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