Astro Gaga – The Aries Spy-Lie Detector

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Lie Detector Van

I don’t know why but i visualize the owner of this truck as an Aries Courier turned Spy/Lie Detector after a Pluto transit.

So his name is Troy and this is now the job he does.

If you ring him, he’ll be there on-the-hop, a bit caffeinated or straight from the gym and insanely buff.

He’s got a Cancerian Moon so takes the infidelity/disloyalty aspect of his work v.seriously and gets WAY too involved with his clients.

His actual machinery is really out-of-date and inaccurate – Mercury Retrograde in Pisces so he relies more on intuition than the machinery and thank fuq he does Muay Thai because husbands and boyfriends are forever trying to bash him.


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55 thoughts on “Astro Gaga – The Aries Spy-Lie Detector

  1. I love the word “daggy”. It’s soooo descriptive.

    If this van is a rockin’ don’t comma knockin…….

    “Oh, Hon- that’s terrible.” *lays hand on knee* “I could tell from the moment I saw him your husband was a cheater….”*tilts her chin up with his hand* “he doesn’t deserve a woman like you……., sometimes the truth….hurts….” *looks deeply into her eyes*

  2. And last night’s news was about a software program that can be installed
    in partners mobile to check his/hers call & to whom.
    Apparently illegal.
    But what’s happened to Intuition? Surely a person can tell w/o the spy ware.
    Unless needs evidence for divorce & then something more subtle perhaps?

  3. Warwick Capper is a gemini. My condolences to all geminis. But really, Warwick Capper couldn’t shut up long enough to run a polygraph.

  4. This sounds just like a masseuse in Adelaide, your description MM is uncanny! All that was missing was the shaved head.

  5. Aries are good at spotting bullshit, but Capricorns are better. However, Capricorns are more likely to be engaged in actual bull shitting, while Aries are more likely to be idealistic champions of the truth.

  6. That’s not nearly as lurid colors as my dad’s old delivery vans: pink over purple. Everyone said they were ugly, but he’d always say, “yeah, but you noticed them, didn’t you?” I suppose those colors were ok for a florist delivery van. But I was embarrassed to drive them.

  7. this is totally unrelated
    BaristaGem, you were in my dream last night. We were going to a gig and I was picking you up, but needed to get a message to you re that. My means of doing so included writing on the windows of a hairdresser in the hair dye goop, taking photos of the writing and then texting them to you, and then I tried to email you from a keyboard that someone had turned into a sculpture of a mountain range, so different keys were peaks and valleys, it was an exercise in relying on touch typing skills. Later you told me you had previously been the victim of some nigerian emailish scam and so were a bit freaked out by my communication coming to you in somewhat unusual forms.
    We did make it to the gig eventually.

    • 😆 That is an unreal dream shell!

      I am loving the idea of how you were trying to communicate with me! Writing on the windows of a hairdresser & taking a pic. That is really creative & I love all the forms of communiqué that you described! The nigerian email scam is just hilarious, i hope we enjoyed the gig? 😀

      • The actual gig didn’t feature to be honest, it was more about the process of getting there. We went through a bit of driving trucks up a steep cliff face through jungles etc – I think that route was your idea, you knew it well. I think also we had bicycles in the back. and then i had a moment of turning up without shoes, (after all the mountain travails), and worrying they wouldn’t let me in.
        Maybe that was when i went back for the bikes.
        Ha, i just remembered I met Dr Aqua, he was lovely.

  8. This is how Troy pulls, David.

    He comes around to be the Rock for the lady in her hour of need. He is gym fresh and he listens to her in a way that it seems her husband/boyfriend NEVER have.

  9. OMG your a mind reader Myst, was just this morning thinking about lie detectors ?
    or maybe Im the mind reader. If my partner organised one of these I’d say lies or not the relationship would be over red rover…like !! you don’t trust me ! so what have yooooooo been up to !!!

  10. Oooooh (shudder). I’m not sure what I’m more disturbed by: his lack of subtelty; or the invasion of privacy… Eew eew eew! Or maybe its just the colour of the van – its wrong!

  11. And a bit daggy. Like five years out of date with his hair/style. Big chest. Maybe blonde tips in his hair. An earring harking to his youth? One sleeper (you know the chemist piercing kind). Fast talker.

  12. Love the lurid colour of the van and subtle advertising. Hilarious! There’s advertising Troy and then there’s your ability to fly under the radar. Or not.

    So imagine, someone’s cheating and they see this van parked across the street….

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