Astro-Fashion – Russia Vogue Does Virgo, Gemini & Pisces…

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Twin Gemini Fashion Models

These are illos from Vogue Russia’s 2010 astrology special & they are kind of awesome, yes?

This is Gemini, above, one Twin laughing & the other seething…Here’s Virgo & Pisces…

sexy fashion nun red lipstick diamond crucifixIt WOULD actually take a Virgo to keep that white nunny thing so starched & white though I think that, in real life, Virgoans prefer a nude lip. Less chance for mishaps and lip imprints…

platinum blonde model in diamonds and dark glasses holds fish

Poor Fish. It’s a bit creepy & Pisceans don’t usually like wearing watches.

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20 thoughts on “Astro-Fashion – Russia Vogue Does Virgo, Gemini & Pisces…

  1. Had to laugh about the pisces and watch comment. I loathe wearing a watch simply because it reminds me I am always racing agains the clock to jam everything into the day that I can’t seem to avoid or delegate.

    There was a comment recently about how aquarians eek at being pinpointed to a specific time for dates. Me too, I just know I’ll be late because of something the kids will do that mucks up my almost minute by minute schedule of too much to do. I try my damndest to be as vague as possible about time – something along the lines of “somewhere between 1ish and 2?” when giving a specific time. It gives me space!

  2. Can anyone give me a link to the other pics? My Russian is non-existent, couldn’t figure it out from the Vogue page…

  3. Is that a beluga caviar producing fish? So Russian. Where’s the vodka? That’s totally Piscean.

    I can’t wear a watch either. I’ve always wondered if maybe my ascendent was Pisces and not Aries as I understood it to be, maybe the watch is the key!

  4. yeah, the pisces one is like ” hey, what are we doing for pisces’, shit ,we’re nearly done on this shoot and you haven’t got an idea for Pisces ?..fuq Vladimir , you better come up with something in like 10 minutes cause Ive got another gig in 30, OOOKKK.

  5. Why the dead fish for Pisces? Poor fishy…. I doubt they’d have Capricorn carry a dead (sea)goat in the model’s arms, but for some reason a dead fish is ok. Anyway, Pisces seems way off to me. The Gem is amazing! That Virgo seems like like Virgo with Scorp rising…underneath all that white starchy goodness she’s carrying her fave toys. I would be. πŸ˜‰

  6. Hey yeah.. I haven’t worn a watch for years…& I don’t think I like ANYthing about that picture…particularly as she is wearing a fake fur print patterned dress…I can’t STAND fur print clothing….the others are kinda cool…esp Gemini…

  7. I always feel weird wearing a watch! 😯

    Although I wear one swimming but that is because I am racing against my times that i have already logged in.

    Btw is it wrong to celebrate your rising sign as a birthday? or is it wrong to just accept the gifts from the party? πŸ˜€

  8. pisces is so off, but the rest are v cool… love gemini!
    better than most of the lamo astro fashion those mags do… being an aqua they always depict you as some wacko mad scentist which mismatching loud colours and claim it as eclectic… urrggggh!
    i may be an aquarian but i know better than to dress like a rainbow… unless that is colours are considered ‘out’ in which case i’d colour up just in spite LOL

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