Things To Do Before The New Moon Eclipse…

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cluttered room full moon artBefore the New Moon Eclipse on the 15th, you need to go tidy up all the psychic crud & clutter that no doubt emerged with that last Full Moon Eclipse…The Solar Eclipse next Friday is SUCH a favourable fresh start vibe – a super-powered New Moon in Capricorn enhanced by Venus & sextiled by Uranus – that you really don’t want to be grubbed up by ye olde stale emotions, ancient angst, crappy habits & past-use-by-date yearnings…Do you?

Yes to good manners, yes to perspective and yes to civilised conduct but no-no-no, you are not going back & that last Full Moon should have shown you that. This Mercury Retrograde cycle is in Capricorn so keep the nostalgia & ‘analysis’ productive, make it real and scheme for an insanely profound renaissance attitude to go with the New Moon Eclipse.

The beautiful picture above is symbolic of your psychic spare room that may or may not need tidying AND think this too: New Moon Eclipse conjunct Venus. Not Mercury nor even underworldly Pluto. Venus. So is there a Venusian theme of yours that could do with a savage uncluttering?  Literal (photo-album) or emotional (naff misconceptions nursed lovingly)…

Image: Basia Konczarek

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48 thoughts on “Things To Do Before The New Moon Eclipse…


    all i want to do is escape the turgid emotional ‘growth’ (sigh, yes theres been alot) of the lunar eclipse.

    fresh start please…

  2. ye olde stale emotions, ancient angst, past-use-by-date yearnings… check
    productive nostalgia and analysis? fucking sick of it.

    i’ve returned from 2 weeks in a swamp to an oven. bugger. a nice melb 25 degree summer day would have been much more conducive to the back from holidays admin crap i should be doing. i think instead i may have to go lie on the couch and wallow. i feel yuckier now than i did over christmas/new year. in part i guess because i can, cause i am now safely at home with cat and stereo.

    i desperately need to go for a swim to sort out the not-in-my-bed-for-two weeks back pain- but that involves braving the oven and the masses of teenagers who’ll be at the pool, being teenagers. perhaps i can manifest a lap pool in my lounge room.

    eclipses were/are in 12th/6th or 2nd/8th based on sun sign, unfortunately it seems to be a 5th/7th issue that’s doing my head in, or venusian yes.

    And I have a kitchen cluttered with the belongings of my recently deceased grandmother (who has an unhappy person) – crystal and silver homewares that never got used, (and the coolest ever home knitted cushion with elvis on it!). I am planning to put them into regular use. once i can brave the washing up/kitchen cleaning required to cleanse/house them.

  3. Clearing your physical clutter is always connected to clearing your emotional clutter – getting clearing and be ready for the emotions to flow. Also remember that clutter in different areas of your house represents blockages in different areas of your home. For eg clutter in the North is represented by blockages in your career, NE – Study & learning (also about self education), E – family relationships & health, SE – abundance, S – Fame & Reputation, SW – Marriage & partnerships, W – children & new ideas & projects, NW – helpful people & support!

      • Thanks for the info. Liz. Last thing to finish up decluttering tomorow is my west facing closet. Started it earlier this week.

      • Liz, thanks to principles of Feng Shui, i keep my abode almost zen like, no clutter or unloved items
        at all, & minimum of EVERYTHING, to the point that i cannot have 2 of anything (personal products an exception) & feel comfortable.
        It works for me.

        • Wow…wish I could get to those standards of excellence……husband, however, is a pack-rat.

    • Thanks for the tip Liz! 🙂 Am about to Pluto the garage and a few other areas, would appreciate it if the Melbourne weather would cool down to facilitate the plan!

      • ah yes, it’s a bit of a bugger hey.
        i’m trying to appreciate it as a cleansing sauna whilst cleaning…

        • Cleansing sauna…hm…I should view it that way, thanks Shell. Still am not looking forward to Monday’s bloody 41 degrees though, esp as there’s no aircon in my lil unit. The bathtub filled with cold water should suffice…

    • Actually have a spare room which is full of heinous clutter I never got to since we moved house. Monday my parents are coming round to help me set it up as a guest room for…”helpful people and support” network (am about to have another baby). Now guess where it is located? NW side of the house naturally!!

  4. Pretty picture, Mystic.

    Actually, love most the pics you find for the blog 🙂

  5. Have “Achilles and Lie” both at 26 Cap along with 26 Moon. Seems this eclipse is about the death (all in 8th house) of delusions and suffering. These were two themes that were spoken about at my NY meditation group, so fitting and kind of surprising as had no idea at the time how it tied into this eclipse.

    In her book “Eclipses”, Celeste Teal states that an eclipsed Moon, amongst other things, is about “feminine issues” and so again a bit fitting that the eclipse is about that theme of my past and future.

    The eclipse and natal Moon/Achilles/ Lie are square trans. Achilles in Aries and my Aries Black Moon Lilith opp. Libra Juno-Pallas and loosely the NN. All of those were themes in the last major passage of my life.

    Read that this eclipse has the longest duration of an eclipse for the next 1,000 years! And that the chasm between the past and the future is clearly marked and like Mystic and others are saying, “no turning back”.

    Gosh I wanted a glass of wine earlier today but knowing it just stirs up all my unhealthy cravings I went home instead. My Cappy parts wants the “perfect attendance” award for not breaking my promise to myself and to the universe. You help immensely as well Mystic. Thanks.

    • Thanks guys. Kinda freak that transiting “Lie” is conjunct my Asc and Mars and inconjunct the Eclipse and natal placements.

      Will have to thunk/investigate this integration further 🙂

      No baby yet FireTrine? I was wondering if you had had your baby. Sounds like not yet?

      • Not yet Sweetpea, everyone was sure he would have come by now, but maybe he is waiting for the new moon! I am very curious was astro he will end up with having been so attentive to it lately and what with all the eclipse action on at the minute.

        I don’t know enough to make complete sense of things, but I have learned loads from you so far so plz keep posting your investigations!

        • To be born on this eclipse would be groovy and quite wonderful/special. He would be the living embodiment of your “before and after” (no turning back) for sure!

  6. Looking at that pic I can’t decide if its perfect or needs tidying up. Obviously some work to do on my psyche, This is sim to the January Feng Shui post last week.
    i started on cleaning windows and the also pantry in SW corner. The Lusty Leo is doing some work on his own too. He has piles of stuff everywhere but I’m most concerend about the cobwebs in his bedroom. I’m using all my Libran diplomacy to get him motivated without insulting him. mmm wish me luck.

  7. I am going to New Zealand for a week. Being a Casual I have to work double time so that I can pay rent when I come back… This is not as restful as I would like.
    I weeded the garden this morning (I woke up early to do so before it got too hot). I have not idea what I am meant to declutter. I have been throwing stuff out since Oct of last year and am yet to buy anything, really.
    Although I did get 2 new pairs of Jeans 2 weeks ago ($50 for both of them which need to be taken up). One is a size 12 and one is a size 9. The second pair I like to call ‘the jeans of lies’. Wonderful lies, but lies never-the-less. (also bought a t-shirt cos my mum made me. it was $3 and I think its possibly horrible. Stupid bargain sales blindness).
    Got given a bike and have taken up riding to work… started up a dream diary…
    What else can I do? The SW of my house is a toilet. How on earth can I counter that?

    To lighten the mood:

  8. the jeans of lies ! thats great 🙂 i have the skirt of untruths at home.
    hilarious and bizarre the sleeptalking dude. is that your husband ?

  9. i’ve been investigating the eclipses.
    this eclipse is loosely opposite my saturn, leo asc, mars conjunction, and trine my venus, merc, sun conjunction.
    the july eclipse last year was conjuct my saturn et al, and sextile my sun et al. whilst some habit/ritual issues raised by the shit fight of the last 6 months are all set in place to launch bright and shiny next week, as clearly indicated in my little whinge above, there are still some ‘issues’ that i am guessing are related to the aspects to the asc/dsc/sun et al thingy. bloody hoping it all magically goes away come 16 jan. or at least resolves enough so i can focus on all the work i’ve got to do. of course i could always use all the work i have to do as a way to shift my focus, but that is so close to a oft used evasion tactic that i’m not sure it’ll work this time (if used for evil rather than good anyway)
    blah blah. back to cleaning the silver.

    • i’m so full of it. emotional shit fest has very little to do with the eclipses. work successes despite all my faffing/wallowing does. it’s just me desperately seeking any kind of box in which to shove that situation so i can hide it on a shelf and no longer have to deal with it.
      ahhh, i’m boring even myself.

  10. ooooh – its stinking hot here in Adelaide – AGAIN – and we are all on tenderhooks re firecalls – have had two call-outs today. Something is so not right – it seems everytime I open my mouth I offend at least one of the firies… They bitch when I don’t respond (I am a core responder ie, I attend 98% of the calls) because they are so not used to be not being there and then when I am there I can’t do anything right! And they’re all talking about how the other female firey (who is my next door neighbour and friend) is so good looking! (Feel like Shite.)

      • Well… not ‘light’ my way.. but am emitting as much love as I can without looking like a firey groupie (which I’m not btw – I’m a Leuitenant but there are still some guys living in the dark ages – seriously – and I keep looking at my wrist saying, ‘My look at the time, its ten past 2010….)

        One of the fireys (an ex captain) was complaining that he was tailgated all the way to the station by a newy firey – and he was doing 60 so.. trying to do the right thing.. I got off the truck after the fire call and said, ‘Great turn out guys – well done.. but keep it at sixty because you can still get booked and when its a tree down there’s no need to speed fellas.’ I then got told off by one of the other Lewys for ‘driving a wedge between yourself and the rest of the brigade.’ quote unquote… There is seriously no fuqing winning with these fellas – and none of them are available so every time I go to the station these days I just feel older, fatter and uglier… Can this be ECLIPSED? I do not know. Great photo btw Sassy.

        • From here your life sounds fascinating bluelibra! I bet you eclipse those around you in lots of wonderful ways.

        • i was thinking of you poor adelaide folk today whilst muttering about melb weather.
          hang in there blue libra – you are a trail blazer (total inappropriate terminology yes). if you are in the right – well screw them and their misogyny…

          • O Shell, you wouldn’t want to be here. Think the minimum last night was 30 deg.
            My poor pet is suffering but dislikes the fan on her, so just putting ice in her water
            & feeding her watermelon & cucumber.
            Then there’s me……sleep nigh impossible, eyes tired from fan direct on body all night.
            Cool change in 30 hours, so counting them down whilst the other side of the world in
            deep freeze.
            And have a long massage booked this arvo that can’t be cancelled, but if they pull 1 microgram of energy from me more than i normally give, shall get snappy. One massage the equivalent of a 2 kilometer walk energy expenditure.
            It really is quite hellish here & seriously hope BlueLibra isn’t called to a big one.

        • Plus you cracked me up with the ” ‘My look at the time, its ten past 2010….” 😆

  11. I know I know. Clean. Feng Shuing. Keep busy…………. Can’t go back fuq all forward.

  12. today I emptied all the cupboards in my big kitchen. I am now airing them. Tomorrow i shall put back some of the contents, the rest going to dear friend who has holiday house and wants the extras. The kitchen is in north of house. blockages in career? spot on. x

  13. Okay, a little lost on hte details here…Where do I find where the eclipse sits in my chart?

  14. And is break from the past the same thing as, if you didn’t get it done before this eclipse happens- you are never gonna do it?
    Like the past is over. You had all those opportunities, potential. If you didn’t take em then, you got shit luck. Now all you have left is what you have made of your life. So you are stuck with it, cause theres a big black gap there now.

  15. Don’t worry *little fish* change can come in small doses, too, so you have time to get use to them…..
    Day at a time- don’t worry till you have to….

  16. Got the west closet done. Oh the joy of sitting back whilst Cappy Moon and Draconic Virgo Sun/Merc. spies and enjoys the order of it all…lol