Sherlock Holmes: A Capricorn?

Robert Downey Jr smoking a pipeRobert Downey Jr in Sherlock Holmes

I admit it. I’ve never read Sherlock Holmes books & don’t want to see this movie because (weirdly, according to people i know) Guy Ritchie films don’t resonate.

Holmes author Arthur Conan Doyle himself had all manner of supernatural & was even friends with the daring Aries magician & illusionist Harry Houdini. F.Y.I.:  There is a whole chapter of a Sherlock Holmes book devoted to this:   Was Sherlock Holmes Really A Capricorn?

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Yes, Sherlock is a really Capricorn, because he was born on the 6th of january (I don’t know the year :))


I just saw Alvin and The Chipmunks, The Squeakquel, tonight. Does that count for anything? Saw the Sherlock advert and R. Downey blow up larger than life. Realized ~how~ Libran my granddaughter is though as she had on her new shiny silver sandles with “diamond type gems” on them which looked so like the cupcake thread. I actually asked her if she likes cupcakes….Well of course yes! (8 yr. old) But she has a new fave color now she announced….It’s blue instead of pink. She had her own gift cards from xmas and picked out the sandles. “It was awesome”… Read more »


And I would do Guy Ritchie. I don’t care if he makes shit movies. Who cares about the movies? (I actually never seen one of his 🙂 ). He appears big and tall and not bad looking. Madonna said sex was great with him…..With her, maybe not so much? Had a Brit come in the office the other day and I did his massage. He’s visiting with a friend. OMG gorge. Dark hair and eyes, tall. Asked if I would just “give the scalp a go for a moment”. Reminded me of you guys! Doc asked what I thought of… Read more »

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

the Guy Ritchie bashers should check out Snatch & Rock n Roller – both brilliant!!

unpredictable pisces

Ritch strikes me as quite the fan of the tattooed, pugilistic, toothpick-chewing gangster with ripped abs and always hot jeans ..Genre… is he the UK’s answer to quentin tarantino..? hmm prob not…but still

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

Brad Pitt as the Pikey? genius!!

unpredictable pisces

you know, I think that movie might have been my Brad Pitt epiphany. Before that I avoided him after the Legends of the Fall, ponytailed heart-throb guy. But yes – pikey – he loved it, i loved it…!!

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

guy bought out another side of brad & they/ he/ we / (me) loves it!! 😉 xox


loved the movie! brilliant. I was shocked it was a Guy Ritchie film.

Stress Princess

Ergh, I have no interest in this film. Sorry, Downey Jnr fans, but I just think it’s been grossly mis-cast (and that’s not just because I get snooty when US actors take major Brit roles – I did love Renee in Bridget Jones! But someone SO american like Downey Jnr??) I guess, as a Cap, I just loved the traditional approach to Holmes – rich and dark and quirky yet slighty sexy. The late great Jeremy Brett was in the Brit TV series back in the 80s and he was just sublime. So was the theme music. Downey Jnr as… Read more »

unpredictable pisces

it’s just the Cap in you SP 🙂 xx


me thinks same spirit must be some scorp in there and virgo but cap on the outside. I agree it was dumb downed for the audience the original had a lot more atmosphere and Downey played it a bit too goofy for me. i do love him in ironman though. The bed scene was jsut a teaser. I swear sometimes they make the scene jsut to majke godd preview shots to suck in the punters. have you noticed some previews are better than the movie? it s abit like the james bond movies which re now more true to the… Read more »

Scorpalicious robot

That’s me!! – Scorp, Cap rising, mars in Virgo (4 planets in Virgo in 8th house) and I’m an Uber loner! Sagg moon let’s me down though – get a bit too excitable and share too much information.


No, no, no—-he would have to be a Scorp…..obsessively investigating the Dark Side, dabbles in drugs, a loner, the Scorpio Death-Ray stare…with maybe some Virgo…precision, attention to minutiae.

unpredictable pisces

oooh *lightbulb* I have a close (enough) scorp friend with virgo asc,,,he could well be a sherlock holmes type. idiosyncratic, method in madness, determined, misses little if anything..etc.


Always prefer books to movies, but I definitely could agree that Sherlock was a Cap. Maybe a Virgo? He’s always serving others, after all! Cap with virgo rising, notices all the details?


On mobile and it wouldn’t let me continue typing…
Just wanted to add that I think a Pisces -Aquarian signature fits!


Mmm haven’t seen this movie but the three Guy Richie films I have seen, I’ve loved. I think he’s a cool director. Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, and Rocknrolla.
Not sure I’ve seen Robert Jr in anything as I’m more a European flick chick, but as Sherlock Holmes was supposedly a cocaine addict I reckon Rob is perfectly cast. 🙂


I haven’t seen the film, but the literary Sherlock Holmes has a strong Pisces signature to me. He’s a master of illusion, full of disguises, total eccentric, a drug addict and he lounges around in a purple bathrobe playing his violin! He’s also weirdly attached to his slippers….


taurean alchemist

I second your vibe on this one Kim – and I can see Johnny Depp as Sherlock for some reason – having a vague recollection of him having played the role before perhaps?

scorpalicious robot

Johnny Depp would be good in ANYTHING!! 🙂

unpredictable pisces

especially in MY BEDROOM!! hehehe oops slipped, drool on keyboard

scorpalicious robot

Hehe. Damn right. 🙂

How good is he looking for pushing close to 50!!! *sigh*

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

saw previews of Alice in Wonderland in 3D prior to Avatar…. holy shit – Johnny Depp in 3D….Amazing!!


totally agree! Pisces was first thought. I LOVE RDJ. Hot, hot, hottie.


What about a strong Neptune in the chart?


Did anyone else find Robert Downey Jnr cute in Air America? A black t-shirt and seriously tight jeans usually do it for me.


Oh do go see!! I’ve been twice, loved it. Robert Downey Jr & Jude Law are great together. RDJ just gets better with age – I could stare at his face for hours…*drool*


Aquarius, surely!


My first thought on laying eyes on Robert was, he just keeps getting better and better with age. I’ve had a crush on him for aeons.

Seeing Less Than Zero years ago it was painful to watch the movie, then the years of drug abuse in his personal life after that. I didn’t think he would make it for a bit there.

As boring old Sherlock Holmes?…..dunno…might go and see it for him being handcuffed to the bed though 🙂

Taurean Love Expert

Yep, I saw it, and thought Ritchie just connected the dots… no passion.


Apparently there is a scene with Robert Downey Jr handcuffed to a bed: that = passion in Scorp way of thinking … rowr

Taurean Love Expert

Yeah, it’s hot, but Ritchie doesn’t give Downey a chance to DO anything with it. That’s what I mean by connecting the dots.

If you want to see Downey in SUPERB escapist form, Ironman is a much better film.


I say yes he was a cap…. only a cap could be a total mess behind closed doors that only the closest of friends may see…. and a smart, well dressed gentleman to the rest… read people like a book and have a mind that is observant and a sharp wit that bites the hand that feeds him. Not all caps are quite the image portrade by astrology.
scratch the surface and you would be surprised what you may find. 🙂

libran dreamchild

he’s still gorgeous…. *swooooon*

scorpalicious robot

Mystic, that’s the exact reason i’m not rushing to see it – Guy Ritchie!

I do love Rob Downey jr. though and will probably see it when it comes out on DVD.

scorpalicious robot

oh thanks for that Mystic. I’ve never thought to look there. Brilliant.
And LOVE the widget!!!


Mystic see it just for rob Downey jr. The man is gorgeous….


Oo yes. He is FINE and still got it. Also this movie has Jude Law who I think is beautiful too (even tolerable with the Victorian mustache) so am going to see this soon & never mind literary accuracy.


yeah see Jude Law does nothing for me…a bit weedy i think. but RDJ…esp with his newly post-addiction martial arts yoga bod is ….sorry had to stop typing, started drooling….

the movie was good too, funny banter and good male chemistry btwn the two.


I’ve read a few of the stories, including ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ -probably the most famous one- and there is nothing Capricorn about Sherlock Holmes. He seems more like an Aquarian, quirky habits, eccentric get-up (I’m sure even in Victorian England Holmes’ deerstalker hat would’ve raised some eyebrows), sudden flashes of genius, (maybe his Mercury and Uranus are conjunct), but then someone who says very little whilst at the same time seeing everything that’s going on around them seems v. Mercury in Scorp. Who knows, but being a writer I love these posts about the astro of fictional characters.… Read more »


If Sherlock’s Sun Sign is Aquarius then how could his Mercury be in Scorpion?

Liz Wiggins

I love Robert – always have since I saw him in “Less than zero” many years ago! The movie was ok, Robert was great.


I’m sorry, but Robert is so Aries and playful, the pipe is the only Capricornian thing in the pic!


btw the pipe is definately photoshopped.

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