Sex On The Go – Saggo?

Sean Combs and Natalia Vodianova on a trainThis is anecdotal only, but it definitely seems to be our Sagg who tops the sex-outdoors, sex-whilst-travelling, sex in planes and sex in trains stakes. Partly because they just ARE outdoors and travelling a lot anyway, I suppose. But they genuinely seem to like it. So here goes, name your sign & sex-on-the-go specifications.

Or ‘out’ any Saggo you know of with this predeliction. I know an Aquarius (Virgo Rising) who had such a bad argument with a Saggo over sex on the beach (deserted, but she was paranoid about paparazzi AND her Brazilian letting grains of sand up inside and thus maybe causing ovarian problems) that they broke up.


Image: Sean Diddy Combs & Natalia Vodianova

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103 thoughts on “Sex On The Go – Saggo?

  1. I dated a Saggo who preferred sex standing up (ready to gallivant off?). This position does NOT suit Taureans.

  2. Outside? Sure! Anywhere? Sure! Just no one where people are watching/listening. I like privacy.

  3. I’m a Sagg and was totally excited about having sex in a camper van for the first time the other day on a road trip in teh out back.

  4. Pisces; favourite travel memory – having full-on sex, standing in waist-high water in Amalfi with my (still current) Leo lover (he has Cancer rising, as do I). Was middle of summer, middle of day, busy beach – what a buzz! He can’t resist sex when in water (sea, pool, whatever).
    And I confess, I have moon in Sagg! (his moon, in Taurus, although no objection to standing up for sex).

    • I don’t mind standing up in the water – the absence of gravity is very erotic. Happy to have sex outdoors, and while travelling, just like my comforts. My ideal sex aid would be a kind of pervy jason recliner with vibrating attachments.

  5. Hmmm… In the past I have, but it’s too tedious now. I prefer comfort (I am a Libran after all!), room to move, and not to be rushed. Also, as time goes by I get kinkier… not the sort of things that can be easily explained in a public place if you get busted! So no risque locations for this Libran, I don’t think. The thought actually turns me off.

    • Libs, i have many theories on ‘as time goes by i get kinkier’.
      Under the heading ‘Adult Recreational Erotic Play’, we have all been
      bombarded with images & so many people wondering what they are
      Much of it can be simulated as ‘play & performance’ & not actually the real
      thing as depicted in porn.
      It’s like we only had 12 Derwent coloured pencils & now we have 72.
      All’s fine as long as it’s not the ONLY kind of interaction you have.
      Just an opion…………with sex, i’m full of ’em ๐Ÿ™‚

      • “we have all been bombarded with images & so many people wondering what they are missing. Much of it can be simulated as โ€˜play & performanceโ€™ & not actually the real thing as depicted in porn.”

        Pegasus, I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I have to say, this is not true in my case. But to explain, I would have to fill you in on the last 30-odd years of my life, and I don’t have the time, and I’m fairly sure you have better things to occupy your time with ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. My more recent former spouse – the Gemini – well, he couldn’t resist any transportation themed sex. Mile high. Trains. NYC subway. Cars …

  7. Having only just returned from holidays with centaur hubster, can attest to predeliction for such…the above photo kinda suggests it all. He loves the idea of taking full advantage of the “situation” presenting itself if you know what I mean…!

  8. In the lift. My favourite memories are with a Taurus in a lift, or judge’s chambers, or anywhere where we might just get busted any minute. It was only with him though. I found him irresistable and broke all of my usual moral codes.

    Otherwise, I prefer anywhere around the house. Not really into sex in public places. I prefer sensuality.

    Your saggo/aquarian story was hilarious. Personally I found I was always arguing with the Aquarian ex who wanted to do it anywhere, anytime, and the more public the better! It was a total put off!

  9. aaah my fave topic! And ive written the book (still editing). As a sex coach ex SW have included esoteric chapt re this very experience! [im sag sun moon, scorp venus neptune with jupiter in taurus] – my verdict? Virgo least likely, to visit – lovely & easy in bed but hates to spend money! Caps second. Plus theres a whole lot more….also lets not forget other planets in chart, however, in my exp, yes leo most likely as they loooove the pampering….and most unfaithful ? Hmmmm . Watch out for them secret squirrel cancers, they need loads of luvin’

    • Hey, healthBod, seems like we are/were in the same biz.

      I asked an Engineer to explain his job simply & the answer was:
      ‘Harnessing the forces of nature for the betterment of mankind.’
      Replied: ‘that’s what i do!’

    • I know it HBG .I have a scardy KAtaka/leo sooky man the moment ( who is holed up in his cave) so have to satisfy his ego and his sensitive side with lots of attention. its a challenge for me but lots of fun, i also like the way none of my friends approve of our relationship makes it even more special.

      • why don’t your friends approve Leogroover? Is there an age/religion/race difference?

        I agree with you though, friends not approving wouldn’t stop me.

        • No major differences. they just don’t get it, if your’re not having a trad relationship all flowers and googoo and D&M’s then there must be something wrong. we ahve really special connection that I can’t describe.

  10. Saggo boyfriend and I had hiked to an fab lookout (’bout a year ago) to admire a glorious valley. I knew there were others on the trail behind us somewhere and the wind that day was freaky/ extreme gusty – and with all his usual tact, boyfriend went “So, you wanna have sex?” All I could think of was “but what about the glorious view? What about this dangerous wind that could blow us off the mountain? What about dirt and bugs and the tourists who aren’t far behind?” Turn off. So just gave him my “as if” look and kept walking.

    As a Cap sun, Libra rising, Kataka moon, I don’t harbour outside fantasies. Dimly lit corners, inappropriate places at work, lifts (minus security cameras – ick), etc, are sexier. Anywhere with good lighting, actually. I can’t stand unflattering lighting. I just turn frigid at the knowledge that the lighting isn’t good. And mirrors are a must. I guess that whole “outdoor without a mirror to fix my hair, smudged make-up, food in teeth” really freaks me out.

    • Oh, I’m with you there, Stress Princess! I love the Lemonheads song “The Outdoor Type”. That’s me totally.

    • Gosh, SP, your name is very apt!

      A secret; men can’t see the shit in your teeth/ unflattering lighting on wrinkles/ cellulite thighs most of the time and particularly not when they are hot for sex! I’m still learning to relax about these things too and learning that the sexiest thing about us, as women, is our involvement in what’s going on rather than wondering if the eyeliner has smudged etc.

      • Ha haaa! I know. Do guys ever worry about what they look like when they’re in the mood for lerve? Nup. Just get on with it! I really need to get more “manly” in my head when it comes to sex!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Ha, I remember FINALLY getting the hard word put on me by someone I’d swooned over for ages, and blurting out “But I haven’t shaved my legs!”. The tone in which he growled “Like I care about THAT” was sex-sational.

          One of the things I hate most about the whole ‘body image’ hoo ha is the concept of the body as ‘image’. Bodies are for DOING stuff.

      • So true! I remember looking into the mirror after a marathon session with a Toro and my hair was all messed up and I had panda eyes from smudged mascara and I said to him “look at me, why didn’t you say anything?” and his response was “it’s the sexiest I’ve ever seen you” I don’t worry about it anymore ๐Ÿ™‚

        • True, they don’t care about the messy makeup! They LOVE it! Gets em feeling good that he got you that messed up, hahaha, which is fine by me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Re: busting preconceptions about not looking sexy, one of the nicest things the Leo fling did was actually tell me I looked sexy with my glasses on. I was like, what!? But hey, it got him going, so I believed him, hehehe…

          • Hehe, YAY to getting messed up! ๐Ÿ™‚

            Oh and yeah! a lot of guys love the glasses look. It’s another thing they can mess up or take off. It’s that whole smart, reserved librarian type on the outside and wild crazy woman in the bedroom scenario. Hehe

    • Bit with you there Princess, but thought it was just an age thing!
      The lighting is soooo important.
      Secret fantasy is a sling shot for all fluroescent lighting….ping & gone.

    • stress princess- your description of the ‘hiking to a lookout’ sex is one of my fave fantasies…

      that, and the moving train. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Lol – I once lived with two Sagg fems, and it was not uncommon for sounds of enthusiastic amore to fill the house (both were hetero, and had active single girl lives) – the funniest was when a new girl was moving in, and one of the Saggis had a new love…. they had woken me up at 4 in the morning, after a marathon session the night before, and they we’re back at it after breakfast…. just in time for the new girls mum to arrive……. and for my mum to arrive….. the best bit was the beyond loud squeaky bed frame…..

      • I think, when I’m caught in flagrante by some distraught soul, does it matter that you accidented upon this, in your life, when you die, does it matter??!! This is the sound of joy! That being said, I prefer clever risque, or at least Nobody Could Argue That This Isn’t HOT infactwaytoohottopassupon… see “Royal Marine Commando On Flight From London To Bangkok”… etc etc

  11. Helloooo everyone : > tis so nice to catch up with all the happenings. Lordy Lord what a lot has been happening! Love, encouragement and hugs to all my sweet co bloggers who are making radical changes in life.

    What a lovely topic! I am a Sagg Sun, Scorp Rising, Moon in Gemini, Venus in Scorp. I just lurve sex – period! Have led such a sheltered life for so long and finally truly discovered sex when I hit 35 and got better as the years went. Fabulous 40’s for sure. Just sex in the outdoors – at the beach – secluded. Also in the Royal Botanic Gardens After all the heartache I went through with the Druggo Scorp, I have met a sweet, sweet Kataka Sun. The thing is he does not know what time he was born, but knows it was am. So I put 6am. Astro Fiends, is this right? With this he has Moon & Saturn in Cap, Venus in Taurus, Mercury in Kataka, Mars & Uranus & True Node in Leo, Neptune in Scorp, Jupiter in Acqua. It is so lovely to be spoiled for a change! He is tres sensual and naughty and I LOVE it! : > Very respectful of me being cautious etc but he is making me change my mind about going slowly,slowly as all I can think about is sex with him! He is into motor bikes and travelling too, so sher bliss to the max!
    Astro Fiends and Kataka Specialists out there – does his stars ring warning bells? I am just a bit wary, wary after being burnt before as you can imagine.

    Healthybod goddess – you are a sex coach????? Can you please send your contact details? Do you do workshops etc. My email addy is

    • Hi SS, been a long time between drinks.
      Happiness that you have met a Crabman who is giving you a spoil.
      Clicheed but truly, what goes around comes around.
      The givers get given to, it’s true.

    • His stars sound awesome. He has planets in the signs of their rulership; Saturn in Cap, and Venus in Taurus, while Mars, Nep and Jup are in signs they are suited to. But really, he could have the greatest chart, what’s more important is his behaviour — how he uses his chart if you like.

      I’m so happy for you SS. Best of luck and joy to you and tell him to treat you right or you know a bossy Virgo feminist who’ll pay him a visit.

      • Hiya Uber, thanks so much for your insight and you reminded me that of course we might have the nicest chart, but it still boils down to our choices on how to conduct ourselves! The thought of you paying him a visit to give him a talk sounds such fun! : >xx

  12. I am taurus, w saggi moon – love an outdoor romp – but with a picnic rug, pillows and privacy – like to luxuriate in the smell of the earth, the breeze on my nipples, the big sky spacious feeling……my saggi love also loves this….for me it is a farm adventure when i know we are alone

  13. salacious sagg,

    if you don’t have the time exacto then the rising and houses will shift around but the planets will remain in the same signs (most likely)

  14. Yeah stressprincess, I too appreciate a mirroe tucked away in a backpack, just to check smudges etc. Lurve dimly lit nooks and corners etc too. Sending suggestive notes to lover where he cannot react in public etc is tres fun too! ; >

  15. Ditto dreaming cow – you really explained it so well. Thanks for the info too. How to pack a rug and pillow in a saddle bag is the problem, as I got to have food too! Sex always makes me hungry for food!

  16. Hmm, scorp side gets in the way of some situations for romping, but it also gets off on most of it…. plus the 3 planets in Sagg (incl venus) mean that all sorts of interesting places yield interesting thoughts…. Prob the naughtiest however was a great night I had with a gorgeous Samoan boy in a catholic brothers residence……

  17. My Sagg Moon and NN responded quite well to my Sagg ex and we partook in many an outdoor or mobile tryst. Couldn’t be bothered with that now.

      • He’s rescheduled and he’s staying in till Christmas!!!?? No, he’s here and very lovely!! I posted a little note back around the 20th of Jan I think, with the astronaught competition notices… Thank you so much to all for the congratulations if any of you see this. Blowing lots of happy kisses at the screen!!

        It was blessedly quick and he so healthy as to make the nurses feel his stats were dull. No name yet though!! LOL. And he is Cappy Asc Scorp Moon in Aqua Shell!!

  18. Sun Jupiter mercury Sagg here.
    SHE let some grains of sand stop her????
    I mentioned i had some fab incense called ‘Sex on the Beach’, & it really
    is a turn on aroma very ozonic-lagoonic.
    Sex in the water is me, ocean lagoon spa shower or bath absolutely my thing.
    Actually prefer anywhere else than the bed in the bedroom. Bedroom my ‘cave’
    ‘do not disturb whilst grokking’ or when reading novel, eating chocolate or pet-time
    with my little creature.
    Winter sex by the live fire on silver fox (vintage of course) coat. Definitely into performance
    sex, must have the backdrop of beauty, but whilst actually travelling – motion,no, too distracting.

    IF bedroom, then bedroom with no clothes around or cluttered dressing tables so Zen like.
    My fantasy juices are flowing now as to where & wear. Also must have the right ambient music.
    There was a time in the 70’s where it was de riguer to bonk to Led Zeppelin’s ‘Gotta whole lotta love’
    in earphones on acid on hi-volume. A scream thing i guess ๐Ÿ™‚
    If they served French Champagne on trains or planes, then count me in.
    A bottle of Dom Perignon to me is like ‘give head will travel’, anywhere anytime.
    ps. wonder how many babies were conceived to Barry White & Marvin Gaye’s toons.
    Music like Aromas are memories.
    Mother once told me i was conceived to the music of Xavier Cougar.
    Ooops…someone mentioned mirrors? THAT’S your own home movie reality show.
    Mirrors draped with gauze or something misty & soft peach lighting.
    Sounds like Hotel California.
    Miss the surfin’ days a lot a lot, the freedom & motion. Sex is a lot like surfing….waves ๐Ÿ™‚

    • beautiful peg. reverently clapping your writing and imagination. i love to write sensual pieces to my lovers. i send pics as well that capture the “session” we have jsut had. Like a debrief. they say the sexiest part of the body is the mind.

  19. Saggos also like to get it on with people from other countries/cultures. And can I just say, English guys rock my world!

  20. I’ve found, and so have friends, that when Saggo lover wants it he doesn’t care where he is. He wants it now and is going to have come rain, hail or shine.

    We’ve all found the out-doors thing turns them on (or at the least they want to show off their naked bod). Was at Saggo lovers this week, and it started on the street outside his house pretty much as soon as i got there. When I left, he walked me to my car (parked on the opposite side of the street) completely naked!! Even though we stood there talking for 10 minutes hahaha. He even waved to a neighbour who put the bin out =D

    I’m Cap with Leo moon and Aqua rising btw, and obviously not adverse to public place relations either.

    • Oooh yah, I do like pubic relations too! ; >

      Hiya Pegs, yes indeed I have been a bit out of it, batting away my Ex Druggo Scorp who is clamouring to get back into my pants etc. Stupid man, preferred watching TV till 3a.m when we were togther. Why is it that men miss you the most when you are gone! Grr!
      Where do you get your sex on the beach incense? Sounds yumm. Also you are so right, methinks I am getting kinkier as I get older, I want to try more stuff, do more etc etc. So am looking forward to those workshops…..

      Yes my Kataka – met on RSVP- : o can you believe it ? is delish. Honestly prowln/sweetpea/baristagem when you have the hots please check out dating sites, as you do find great guys. Slime balls too but you can spot them a mile away. So many of us girls remain dateless waiting for a guy to cross our path, whereas on the sites you get more opportunity to meet a variety of people safely. My Kataka was the 5th guy I met. I only had coffee with the others. Nice guys, but no chemistry.

      darkhorse80, yes this saggo does like guys from various other countries, though I have an exceedingly soft spot for Scots. A man in a kilt is totally droolesome! I get all hot just thinking about it! ; > My kataka kas 2 kilts, cannae wait to drag him to bed or where ever when he drahs them out to wear! ; >

      • I too have met a few lovely guys on the net, i found better than rsvp as you can chat for free and have met no slime balls at all. Although it does take ages to to get to a date for some. But my current lusty and I went out 9met him on rsvp) and made out on our first date and have not stopped and its been 6 months.. He went awol with the whole intensity a few times( me being scorp moon and scorp eros) and him being Kataka rising. Lots of patience on my part

        Love all these stories

  21. My Gemini side likes sex in cars and any hotel is an instant aphrodesiac…cept for some nasty econo-lodge or something. A touch of luxury is key.

    Venus & Mars in Cancer loves sex in any kind of water, tho lube can be a problem, haha, TMI.

    My earth planets don’t like the thought of public places or uncomfortable situations….and I love sex in front of the fire with my firey Leo man!

    I spose if I had to classify it…it would be variety mixed with comfort and/or luxury.

  22. I have done trains and automobiles. yet to add planes to the list – and I am a frequent flier!
    On an overnight train from Berlin to Brussels, 6 travelers were all grouped into a bunk-bed sleeper cabin. Me, two straight couples and a Canadian gay boy. The conductor came by and poked his head in – looked around and said ‘you two, come here’. He led us to another cabin, empty, and said “was too crowded in there, you’ll be more comfortable in here.” Need I go on…?

    • Well must admit, the next day I did have slight paranoia the conductor had planned it all along – ‘conducted’ the situation, if you will – and there were hidden cameras capturing the whole cross-country experience.
      Who knows, maybe I’m a porn star in Europe.

      But back on topic, was something rather inspiring about watching the moonlit countryside roll by through the window while in the act. I’m so not Saggo, but i’d certainly do it again…

      • hehe…. moonlit countryside, conductors… it’s all so hot, hot hot!! Like Erotic Tales on SBS.

      • I’m so jealous you got to live out a porn fantasy! Maybe I’ll go book a train tour through Europe….

        • Night trains can be effing scary too though. I did a trip from Bologna to Marseille on a near deserted train. It was terrifying. Was later told never to take night trains.

          • OMG – that does sound scary!! Have you seen the movie “Hostel”? That movie sprang to mind when i read your comment.

          • I saw reviews of Hostel. That was enough.

            On the train…seriously, it was empty and I was travelling alone, along time ago before I knew better…this guy from another carriage came and sat in my compartment where I was trying, stupidly, to sleep. He looked really nervous, so either he was going to jump me or was scared shitless or both. I sat up and roared at him from deep within my Aries Lilith Moon and he buggered off to another carriage, but boy was it a long night.

  23. When a teen, convinced first Pisces boyfriend to do it in nature but he was quite apprehensive as did not care for his white Irish Arse to be hung up in mid-air for all to see…

    Car was parked near by. Does that count as a travel trist?

    • Of course won’t mention the things I’ve done to men while they were driving….

      One could not speak english so have no idea what sign he was…

      • Have you ever read ‘The World According to Garp’?

        I really don’t recommend sex in cars, unless your lover is a chiropractor.

      • Sweetpea, my fellow aries, I can’t help but brag about the things I did to a man while *I* was driving up the highway btw Syd & Wollongong… I was so impressed myself. It was a manual too…

        I have an aries friend who has a legendary mile high story, they sat next to each other, he looked at her, she just knew, and said “oh fuck, i just took a valium”, he said “so did I” and they did it anyway. Needless to say she was a complete sleepless mess by the time she touched down in London for brother’s wedding….

        I *almost* did with a hot french stranger on a train to berlin when 23 – if only it was dark, fuckit (I have Lib rising. Lighting important to me too). It was quite hilarious – my French was limited to “arretez” or “oui”, which he found very confusing. Stop! Yes! Stop! Yes! Stop! I wish my French had of been sophisticated enough to say “I will not get fuck you on a train in broad-daylight but I’d quite enjoy if we could continue with the dirty foreplay”. I do love the idea of train action and would love to go there again. Or a boat. It’s the motion that appeals to me. Had a scorpy lover who promised to do me in his tinny but hotdamn he turned psycho before we got around to it…

        My sister is a Sag. Past her wild days now but there’s some funny stories. She used to work in a school canteen in a countrytown. Band came to town, sister did bassplayer in alleyway. Walked off heading home laughing “you just fucked the canteen lady”

        I have never done it in the water, I love the idea but too worried about loss of lubrication. Squeaky, yuck. It would have to be dark and secluded for me though… Could NOT do broad daylight crowded beach like the durty anonymous fish!

        P.S. Have been to busy lately to check in for ages. So nice to lurk around listenin to yers for while! & Soz, can’t help but go on when sex is le topic!

        • LOL…too bad about the psycho and the tinny.

          Yes, it would take some “ahem” gifts to drive a manual and yet be manual at the same time? Or were you hands free and on pilot/cruise control? ๐Ÿ™‚

          I like that spot in Britany Spears video ~Womanizer~ where it shows her in the back seat but foot steering the car.

          Hey Uber, luckily I work for a chiroractor but not “Riding in Cars with Boys” of late ๐Ÿ™‚

          Empress….Just today had a tarot reading and got the Empress card as my significator and the three of pentacles on top…

          Was a mini reading and a donation type thing at a metaphysical store I went to to get some incense and I simply asked about my book.

          Also got The Sun and The Ten of Cups and she told me I could crank the book out in two months if I wanted to but that it will take some time, etc.

          I’ll be staying put for awhile but she asked me if I meditate and I told her not often enough but she stated that “they” want me to get back to it.

          She also asked if I had a drinking problem and proudly told her I used to as have not touched any since before NY… She stated that she saw a complete turn around with my direction and I said “yep” (thanks to our NY and eclipses, etc). Dad and gramps alcoholic (English/Irishmen) and dad licked it but guess I’ve been dealing with some genetic stuff which is actually not a bad experience as I can relate to other peeps with the problem and I’m fastly overcoming that episode of my life.

          Was a great little mini reading….More but I won’t go on… Just needed to gush my good news..Now must buckle down more if I’m to “reinvent” myself as Mystic said Aries are in the middle of…

          • WOW!!! Sounds like an amazing reading Sweetpea. Empress and 3 of pents to me mean primal or instinctive creativity and hard work. Good cards for your book.:) What kind of book is it you’re writing?

            And good on you for working on your alcohol consumption. I enjoy the occasional drink but I found after drinking some Damiana a while back I had no desire to drink at all. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

            Sounds like the new year is going to be a great one for you sweetpea.

          • It’s a book on spritual happenings since the early 90’s or late eighties actually. An angel came to me in the late 80’s and things in my life changed after that.

            Yes, do love those cards and those knowings will keep me inspired.

            Thanks doll.

  24. I like it outdoors, as long as it’s reasonably private. Damn, I love good/great sex. Then again, when I was with this Gem guy, we did it near the beach with all these long, tall grasses all around us (taller than us), and people around too. It counted as private and the thrill of getting caught. Depends on the guy I’m with too. I like regular cinemas too.

    • Though I don’t like sand, coz the damn bits get effing everywhere and you still find em days later even after showers/baths, near the beach wasn’t a problem if you’re standing up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Where is the very funny ProwinCat?
    Her stories were hilarious.
    Probabley holdin’ out til some-one mentions she missed?
    That would be right ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. After JLo, can’t tell me this model’s arse is meaty enough for Diddy.

    No wonder he’s looking out the window…

    • And his face is “wtf”….He don’t even care if his shoes on the pillow cuz he ain’t sleepin there tonight!

  27. Meanwhile, am I just having a Virgo moment, or is anybody else having an aversion to seeing P-Didd’s feet (shoes and all) on the pillow!!?

  28. โ€œBut back on topic, was something rather inspiring about watching the moonlit countryside roll by through the window while in the act. Iโ€™m so not Saggo, but iโ€™d certainly do it againโ€

    This is soooo appealing to my Sag ascendant. ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. Just found this entry. Stellium in Virgo and Virgo rising. I LOVE sex outdoors! I’ll do it in the bush, at the beach, at the top of a cliff – anywhere so long as the sun is shining and nature is all around.

    As for transport sex – Best time was being treated to something special while driving a car at 100kph down a country highway. And wife doing things to me while ‘holding on’ as we rode my motorbike was pretty good too!

    Mind you, my darling wife is Stellium in Taurus so she prefers her comfort (and privacy). But that doesn’t stop us (nor me taking care of myself ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  30. I’m and Aquarius with Sagg Rising dating a Sagg, and we find ourselves getting it on in random places – back of truck, stairwell, (parked) motorcycle – because the novelty + story-telling potential + lust is too great to resist.