Self-Actualizing Six: Continued Freshness Of Appreciation

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brazilian male model in black underwearAbraham Maslow‘s Self-Actualizing Trait Number Seven:

“Continued Freshness Of Appreciation: Maslow discovered that healthy, mature adults exhibit a capacity to appreciate even the most ordinary events in their lives with a sense of newness, awe, pleasure and even ecstasy. They seldom became bored with life experiences. Thus, for such a person, any sunset may be as beautiful as their first one, any flower may be breathtaking loveliness, even after he/she seen a million flowers. For such people, even the casual workaday, moment to moment business of living can be thrilling, exciting and esctatic.”


To aid your perusal of the Self-Actualizing Traits, I have now given them their own category. So you may simply browse Self-Actualizing from the Categories Drop-Down Menu to your left & Voila!

Image: Lucas Gil

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19 thoughts on “Self-Actualizing Six: Continued Freshness Of Appreciation

    • Is a given for me too LL. But those briefs on the guy (I know, unrelated to the topic), but am so not digging those bottoms!

      An old Elvis movie was on today….One of the Hawaiian ones. The guys wore very tight bathing suit bottoms back then but wondering what did they do with their winkie? Tape it down? 🙂

  1. Am I missing something. How does Maslow and himbo’s work together. i thought MM was adding this category so we could revisit the bods in case we need a bit of a cheer up gals?

    • Maslow and himbos work very nicey together for me. I could do with more himbos in my textbooks LOL. So I guess my NY’s resolution is to appreciate the simple things in life …

      … and he’s probably one of the simple things. 😀

  2. this photo looks photo-shopped…dude`s head looks disembodied from the torso or something….bad lighting ?…or bad make-up?…looks a bit weird.

  3. Absolutel. Very me. Flowers, sunsets etc. All good. Estatic. And he doesn’t have to self-actualize, i’d be happy to help him out.

    Stoners sitting whining in dank houses? Phht. I am going with the actualizing bloke in his undies appreciating sunsets and flowers thank you very much people. Cynicism has to be productive and funny. Holy shit, talk about muscle definition.

  4. hooray for continued appreciation of simple things! i freaked a tad the other day when a (visiting from overseas) friend commented i don’t get excited about things anymore. what! me?
    i was forced to correct him that no, i just don’t get excited about spending my time being pissed and stoned and cynical anymore…

    • word sista hooray for you telling him too – I recently hooked up with an old friend who sits round in the damp dingy house and smokes pot in their own words “as often as I possibly can”, won’t go places where people might “see” them and seems to be angry and bitter about most anything a more hopeful soul (me) can think up as a topic of conversation. Drinking and smoking and a degree of cynicism are good in small doses but it’s weird how some peeps just glitch out and let their lives slip through their fingers.

  5. heheheh…there’s a budgie in there. ;p

    Ah yes, give thanks to everyday for every little flower and ever grain of sand in your shoe. 😀

  6. Particularly when looking at pictures of gents such as this one!
    “with a sense of newness, awe, pleasure and even ecstasy”
    thanks MM!

    • Same here UP. Birds, flowers, the sky, the landscape, plants, the river, the sea… so many simple things bring me fresh joy every time I see them, no matter how many times I have seen them before.

      Thanks Mystic, love your self-actualizing posts and thanks for the new category – browsing this one works just fine 🙂

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