Piscean Architecture

surreal modern architecture

This is a Brain Institute (seriously) in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Lou Ruvo Centre for Brain Health was designed by a Pisces, the eminent Frank Gehry…

What do we think? Do all Pisceans visualise constructions thus?

Is this fuqed Feng Shui or way better than the linear, concrete block style slabs we are used to?

Is the melted surrealism characteristic of our Pisces?  Could the look of this be slightly freaked out for a building that is dealing with situations such as Alzheimers disease? I mean, not critiquing eminent architecture but if you had a brain issue, would you want to go to a building that looked like something terribly haphazard was degenerating it from within?

On the plus side, it probably hasn’t got lifts & I imagine all the windows open so it’s all fresh air, accessible stairs or ramps and open vibe inside…No?

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Just stumbled on this post. I recently moved from Edmonton in Alberta, Canada where the Art Gallery of Alberta was designed by Ghery. As an uber-Pisces (Sun, Moon, Merc. and Venus in Pisces with Neptune squaring three of them), I LOVED the gallery. it is sleek and beautiful on the outside – undulating like a school of silvery fish. And on the inside, particularly in the sweeping, curving stairwell, the windows offered random, non-linear views of the surrounding downtown buildings or patches of sky. Those views often rivalled the art collections the gallery was curating. My best friend, also a… Read more »


As a pisces, I am horrified by it… but only because it’s metal and shiny. And I suppose if I HAD to have a shiny metal building, this would be it.


Ewwwww, this building makes my head hurt, I hate it. Modern architecture in general isn’t for me.


OMG! I found the sculptor by googling the hospital which is very proud of its acquisition. He’s William Tucker and he’s a Pisces, Feb. 28, 1935, or something. Google his scultures. They all look like tumors!


Fabulous for a brain institute! Celebrates original and creative thinking which people with ‘mental issues’ often have in spades and challenges people who only think in a conventional boxy way.


I love Frank Gehry’s architecture but I agree this is an absolutely frightening space to create for people with perception problems. It’s definitely an example of Pisces Hubris.

Reminds me of the modern sculpture that graced the courtyard of the clinic where my Father died of Cancer. Everyone called the sculpture “The Turd.” It was the most depressing thing to have to look at day after day. Can’t remember the artist’s name. He’s famous, in a turdy kind of way.


FYI http://www.eikongraphia.com/?p=937

Its a fish resturant!!! Piisces likey???? hehehe


Apparently Gehry was fascinated by fish as a child, and lots of his buildings are inspired by the forms of fish. Talk about Piscean!


oh man, really.. so f’in awesome, I gotta go see it..
totally kicks ass on a lot of levels absolutely..
f’yeh! live it! love it! preach it! – Vegas- OWNED.. yeh!


venus and jupiter in pisces if it counts for anything here in relation to me LOVING this building and all his work…this one makes me think of octopus tentacles….
wouldnt live it in…but it would be a joy to walk past in the morning to work…a break from the boxy boring office blocks invading our skyline.


Seems apropos for a brain path theme.


Yes, yes- “flowy, meldy”- I like!

Pisces moon- all over it….wish it were dark blue though instaed, or any blue- the shiny is like scales…..

My cap rising says, as long as it makes sense inside…. I bet they would totally have to rethink how to do the inside. So does it “work”?
Is it functional? How did the brains cope? I’m curoius about the interior design.

little fish

I think it is stunning. He is brilliant. Fish sun with fish in many planets. Art and design background. x


god bless you my child..




I’m also a Pisces, and whilst I can’t say I’m mad about this building from the pictures, I have a feeling if I saw it in the flesh, I might have a different attitude. I do love that it’s not all straight lines, and I’m hugely intrigued by what it would be like inside, and how the atmosphere is when you are surrounded by the presence of the building, but I’m not a fan of the metallic look. Then again, I’m very much a person who needs to be in the presence of the art/architecture, I hate just looking at… Read more »


I’m fish too, I normally love Gehry, but it feels too chaotic for Alzheimers patients, it looks like the cat walked over his tin foil model and he didn’t realize it!


I am a pisces and I HATE this building!
wasnt helmut lang a piscean too? although he worked with clothes I believe the piscean approach would be to design something which bordered between fantasy and clean linear reality…..


sorry but this looks like something melted … either the architects brain or an actual hypothermic physical reaction to all that butt ugly steel plating.


melting exactly…. the brain yes… into the spirit realm!
“take a ride on the blue bus, YEAH!” -j. morrison


oops, sorry didnt watch all that,ahem no offense


thats very very interesting. Very clear signature neptune…
most worthy to the great merciful one! Bravo!
Very moving…


I love this too. And I love Gaudi too. And Hundterwasser. Basically, I wanna know when I can move in.

unpredictable pisces

i love this. so challenging, so crushed and melted, like someone microwaved the scale model then Frankie pulled it out of the rubbish bin in dismay and was INSPIRED 😀

i hate boxy square things (usually). also love Gaudi architecture, one of my ultimate goals to live in one of the Gaudi apartments in Barcelona, even if only for a little while.


I’ve got a good piscean galpal – who surprised us all by doing all her own home renovations – right from pulling off faux wood panelling to moving doorways a half a meter in another direction – and boy was she PEDANTIC. I mean, I’m a virgo, and she put me to shame. Mind you – she has a crap load of planets in Aries – inc Mars. She’s a go-get-em pisces girl.
But – her true piscean side comes out in the emotional intelligence boxing ring – she has none…. But i still love her.



its like Dr Suess all grown up.
I love it.


Libra here (w/nothing at all in Pisces but Sun & Mercury in the 12th house) – I’m trying to imagine what it looks like inside & where they put the furniture. I kind of like it, but then I hate boxy modern buildings so much that I’m pretty much in favor of anything that strays from that.


My Piscean dad is an architect and he loves all that linear Frank Lloyd Wright style kind of thing. Someone recently mentioned that he must have subconsciously craved structure to have become an architect which I thought made a lot of sense (as I have mentioned he has a fully loaded 12th house).
He appreciates Gaudi etc. but it is almost too lyrical for him. I think he would like the armoured look of this wending structure though with his Aries Asc and Moon!


hi too i have the exact signs in my natal like ur dad , i am a student of architecture from india..and i adore gehry plus my moon is in scorpio..which is the same as his.:)


You can trace Franks work back to various fish sculpture’s to understand the Brain Institute….


fallen angel

I LOVE this architecture. For so many reasons, not least of which is the desire to climb to different points of the building exterior and attempt sliding down the bottom. There is something so satisfying about all these curves. To me, it’s totally Piscean – my theory on that lot is that they are inevitably gifted with two qualities: Inspirational and Healing. And they do it unintentionally, there seems to be an instinct for compassion which they practice completely unaware. Not to make them sound like Jesus (though I strongly suspect he was one) but even while dealing with their… Read more »

year of the fox

I like it but my sister, a Fish, would hate it because she is in love with angular lines and overly-stylized art. If it doesn’t have heavy black straight lines demarcating something, she doesn’t like it. But she is Aqua Rising and Scorp Moon.


That’s “Deconstructivist architecture.” It’s designed to make you think about the common conventions of architecture by breaking all the rules. Fortunately, these architects tend to pay close attention to how usable the spaces are for humans, unlike the previous movements of Modernist architecture.
I love Frank Gehry’s work. I’ll tell you my favorite Gehry quote, “I used to hang out with architects and engineers because they knew all the answers. Then I started hanging out with artists, because they knew all the good questions.”


yes, its definitely got the look of a building designed to be best experienced from the inside. I bet it rocks to be in.
great quote Charles.

scorpalicious robot

yes, great quote!!


Yeah, there can be problems with this radical architecture. Gehry designed the Disney Auditorium in downtown LA, it has shiny metal walls with sweeping concave curves. But alas, Gehry did not realize that the wall formed a parabolic mirror that focused intense sunlight on a neighboring condominium building, there were reports that the target rooms got extremely hot on sunny days, melting candles and even vinyl record albums. Gehry said he is working out a way to reduce the reflection, I haven’t heard how it turned out. But yeah, the Disney Hall is a masterpiece on the inside. I think… Read more »

triple cancer chick

Love the quote. 🙂


imagine being one of the engineers for this job.


LMFAO oh they love it!!!! hehehe


Yes the deconstruction is based on Derrida’s philosophy of Chora. Its about returning to the “womb” although he never really defines WHAT Chora is.

So all architecture, even modernist follows classical pricinples of order (or Feng Shui), deconstruction debunks the development of this “order” it does not disregard it, it actually employs it, not in the form of protest like modernist does against classical architecture.

All of it stems from deconstruction of language, syntax, grammar, and architecture has its own language that has been assumed, deconstruction works with the development, but asks “what if?”


Structurally it is probably way more sound then most modernist architecture.

Aqua Ramette

I’m no architect either, but I like this! He was obviously going through a bit of a phase because it’s reminiscent of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao – which wiki aptly describes as being ‘fish-like’. Piscean architecture indeed!


Totally – I thought it was El Goog! As Charles points out below – the spaces are exquisitly designed inside. El Goog (the Guggenheim Bilbao) is the most interactive art space I have ever been too, and the engagement of space to art to experience is sublime… but I would call el goog boat like, rather than fish like – it genuinely looks lie a ship sailing… but def water themed architecture. But the feng shui is a bit unique – once inside these buildings it works, but I did wonder in Bilbao whether qi would even know where to… Read more »

Ãœber Virgo

I adore Gehry and am itching to go to Bilbao. From the footage I’ve seen, ‘El Goog’ looks just like a giant beating heart (albeit metallic), especially with the freeway and the river running around and through it like arteries.

I’ve been to his Experience Music Project building in Seattle, which is partly metallic purple and inspired by Jimi Hendrix’ smashed guitar.

Vive Le Gehry! Oh and the documentary Sydney Pollack made of him, ‘Sketches of Frank Gehry’ is well worth a look.


UV – Bilbao, and the Basque coastline is amazing – the juxtaposition of modern art, and ancient town is wonderful – I was so lucky when I was in Bilbao that there was a Frank Lloyd Wright exhibition on, much of it looking at Lloyd Wrights commercial / public works, esp the ones never completed – of course the original Guggenheim was shown, but I was entranced by the campus he did in Florida somewhere….
I’m trying to work out when I can get back to the Basque region soon…
I’ve managed 3 trips in 3 years to Spain…..


I don’t get it, looks kinda messy & I cannot follow the flow of lines. But then again I am no architect…. 8)


I’m Pisces rising and I instantly loved this building. I do not usually like very modern architecture as I find a lot of feels cold, where as this one is like Jung crossed with Lou Reed in his ‘Transformer’ era.


And the little triangle windows in there are just amazing.

Liz Wiggins

Ummmm – not sure the feng shui is great. Looks confusing to me which generally indicates the Qi would also be confused. Feng Shui generally like regular shaped spaces. Looks to me like it’s falling over – on top of each other. Gets the thumb down from me from a feng shui perspective.


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