Astro Jeanne D’Arc

Joan of Arc movie Jean SebergSome say that today is the birthday of Jeanne D’Arc (or as the British who executed her would  have it, Joan) and others – such as Astro-Databank – prefer the birthdate of January 15. Either way, she was certainly a Capricorn, rising from her peasant birth to become a religious and military leader, icon, martyr & finally saint…And all as a teenager. Poor thing.

I love what the Gemini novelist Francoise Sagan said of her: “I always believe things are going to work out. Every time I see a film about Joan of Arc I’m convinced she’ll get away with it. It’s the only way to get through life.”

The major astro in the Astro-Databank chart? Mars, Uranus & the North Node in Aquarius opposed by Lilith in Leo & trining Pluto + Saturn.  Major visioneering and belief in manifest, utopian destiny with that lot…Neptune opposite Mercury…voices? Delusions?

Quick question for the Astro-Fiends: Does anyone have Neptune in tight aspect to Mercury & how do you experience it? Ghosts? Dreams? Visions? I have them in quincunx & it can be very interesting but erractic. eg: excellent e.s.p. but not on call.

Image: Jean Seberg as Joan/Jeanne of Arc

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Mai Mutti was born on Jan 15 and she is ADAMANT that Joan of arc was too. Also Martin Luther (the nailing manifesto on the cathedral door one) Martin Luther King Jnr and one other tragic hero for a better world that I can’t remember the name of right now.

They will always fight for the underdog.


Oh and i forgot last july i was flying home from key west after a disastarous vacation, and my plane was old, rickety and felt like it was about to come apart. I was stressing along with everyone else until Hermes popped into my mind, and i remembered he ruled travel. All of a sudden, he appears to me, shining and smiling, flies on top of the plane and guides it in for the smoothest landing Ive ever had (and I fly a lot) after he was done, he tips his cap to me and dissapears. It was awesome, and… Read more »


I have Uranus conjuct my AC exactly, with Neptune and Saturn in Cap all in the first, Trining a Mercury-Moon Conjuct in Taurus 4, which just so happens to be opposite Pluto-Juno exactly. When I was younger I was convinced I heard (and saw) several of the ancient greek gods, most often Helios, and they could be quite insistent (not to mention mouthy). This continued til I graduated Highschool in 08 (Pluto in Cap put the kibosh on that real quick(and he replaced it with a disease that has defied every attempt to diagnose, but thats a pickle of a… Read more »


Hmmm… As for me, Neptune is having a 4th house party with Mars, Mercury, Sun, Moon and North Node. Neptune in sextile with Pluto. I´m a Sagg. Clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentinent. Sometimes I smell things, too, that “aren´t there”. I know when people lie. I have vivid dreams, sometimes true. I get hunches. Am very woo-woo, but don´t show it to all and sundry. Friends and family ask me about guidance, because I´m connected 24/7. Psychic, straight-talking, and fast-thinking. Like an undrugged Pythia with a penchant for sarcasm. (But I am kind. Most of the time.) And no, I can´t levitate.… Read more »


Not sure if my Neptune is close to Mercury, but stange things/people do appear out of no where usually as a warning….. has happened 3 times with my car… someone sitting in the drivers seat…but no one there…then within 3 days i have has a major acciendent that has written off my car and i have walked away from it un injured…. does spook you a bit…. have very stange dreams too…. often wake up feeling like it’s real, and i often see someone out of the corner of my eye alway to the left…. and i can see through… Read more »


no neptune aspects to merc but I get visions, visitors and can see ghosts- but I sense them and read the atmosphere than consistent visuals. Mainly intuitive re people but the premonition re fire of recent and a couple of other things has been quite event based. Neptune is cruising my 8th house currently so maybe this explains extra kick of late. Love jeanne d’arc and have since I was small. I used to have visions about being burnt on the stake and always felt a strong empathy with her plight. So glad france made her their saint after the… Read more »


Hey Indigo fish! Me too!
Mercury Sq Neptune.

It’s aggrivating innit. Seeing stuff there’s no hope any one else will get……


totally. is cool but would be nice to share it sometimes


I am meeting lots of people with Joan of Arc visons lately. I am definitely vibing that……But they are very pushy people…..I like to have my own version of realilty. Thenk- you.

year of the fox

I have Mercury-Neptune as a semi-sextile so I’m not sure that does anything special at all. Sometimes i get a feeling and just go with it even when it seems crazy. I was at a crossroads of my life once and decided what city to move to by throwing a knife at a map of the U.S. and blocking out obviously crappy places. It worked out.

leonine librarian

I like somehow the knife throwing imagery….like take THAT fate…work with me, work with me, slam ker-thunk.

New city here I come…

I wonder if I can aim well enough to hit a globe..?

year of the fox

LOL! Semi-sextiles take work so I consider an “active” sort of divination more appropriate. =)


my Neptune is sextile pluto and jupiter which are conjunct and pluto is also conjunct sun and uranus – I always wondered if that was where the “psychic” powers came in – only I think of it as being able to tune to another frequency or to be able to change the rate at which your body vibrates in order to see and hear things from other “dimensions” which are all occurring simultaneously and in our presence it’s just that mostly we don’t recalibrate to see them. That would be distracting wouldn’t it?


Mercury(scorpio) conjunct Neptune(saggitarius), from memory about 6deg orb – they are on the descendant – oh and from Mystic’s influence, have lately looked up on astrodienst, and found that Lilith the Bad is bang on between them in a cosy little menage-a-trois. As to what it all amounts to: as far as i can tell the visions i’m inclined to are of the extended cinematic sort – am mad for movies and have been from very early on in life, and like to read up on ’em and so forth, but otherwise vision-wise zip zilch nada! Seldom even remember my… Read more »


As Mystic knows I don’t know the deets of my chart due to my mum refusing to remember (and or divulge) what time she gave birth to me – not even if it was morning, noon or night BUT my Dad was a Capricorn and, despite his other faults, he had the uncanny knack of seeing future moments and calling on them – even when they were things that weren’t going to make you happy. I used to have this ‘skill’ and occassionally a voice (not my own) tells me something important in a very succinct way – BUT much… Read more »


blue libra – i found out my birth time from the hospital i was born in – they keep it on file, you’ve just got to pay a bit for them to dig it out of their records.


tried – got stone walled

Stress Princess

Oooh, I’m a VIVID dreamer. Neptune 10 deg/ Mars 13 deg Sagg, 2nd house. Like Indigofish, I’m always stuck in dreamland for most of the day, trying to keep sleeptime vision/ comment/ scenario separate from my daytime thoughts. But it’s hard. Even though I know it’s all in my head, where did the stuff come from? Why did my subconscious spew forth such vividry? I even hear songs in dreams that don’t exist but I’m stuck singing them for the whole next day. And they usually suck and are completely non-sensical! I have prophetic dreams too. Unfortunately, when they have… Read more »


trust me, the vivid erotic dreams aren’t all they’re cracked up to be either… especially when they are of your partner humping your sister, or worse – of you humping your adorable massage therapist (humping? wtf?? i never use that word…)

leonine librarian

Really that was the Brissie based theatre thingo ?

Stress Princess

Ha ha! yeah, that was it. There were journos and “experts” and dudes with special sensors that detect energy and all sorts of weird happenings, but it got cut down to just a bland, hokey talkfest that didn’t show any evidence. Kinda pointless really. Ppl want to see stuff – like that apparition that walked by in Michael Jackson’s house when the camera crew were shooting there after his death.

leonine librarian

Yeah I got that vibe…that there was all sorts of bits that had been edited out. Watching him reminded me of a sane version(this is your bf) of a lot of guys I grew up around when my parents did lots, obsence amounts of musical theatre. About the only thing neptune isn’t close to for me is mercury. Moon Conjunction Neptune 0°40 Saturn Trine Neptune 1°08 Neptune Sextile Pluto 2°21 Uranus Sextile Neptune 4°06 Venus Sextile Neptune 5°09 and some other stuff that I can’t quite read…but there are squiggles in a row all flowing out from neptune. I have… Read more »

Stress Princess

Wow! What’s with this 3 day thing, I wonder? Good that you get decent info coming through, not disaster. Scary yet interesting that you found your natural mum that way. How lovely for you.

“…like psychic canaries…” Haaa! Fantastic description 🙂


mercury in an exact trine to neptune and I can know the mood of a room in an instant but can wrongly verbalize my description of that room according to my feedback. some things are better left unsaid.


LOL I concur


I have the same aspect, Mercury opposition Neptune. But my Mercury is in Taurus (along with my Sun and Moon) so I’m rather down-to-earth. Oddly enough, my first tarot card instructor once did a reading and told me, “You have great mystical powers, the only problem is you don’t believe in mystical powers.” Ha.
People have called me delusional once in a while, yeah, sometimes I have big ideas about how things should be. And I do have great visualization abilities, but then, I am an artist.


“You have great mystical powers, the only problem is you don’t believe in mystical powers.”
I can totally relate to that. I keep a dream journal and do dream incubation, but there’s some part of me that’s very resistant to really believing in it. I have Mercury (H8) closely sesquiquadrate Neptune (H4).


mercury (conj. sun) square neptune…

my dreams are so real i honestly lose track of what happened in dreams and what happened in real life.

very strongly driven by visions. and i struggle every day to try to explain my vision to others. having a bit of a crisis with this right now. not happy times at the cube farm…

unpredictable pisces

ohh a cube farm you poor thing…I empathise.

neptune seems to aspect more planets in my chart than any other planet, and it’s in closest aspect to pluto (within 3 deg) square mercury but about 7 degrees apart


might not be at this cube farm for much longer. communication breakdown has lead to perception that i am not delivering when i am about to launch something that is above and beyond original scope of task. will hit atmo on friday. see how things change then and if still getting the grief then i will be taking talents elsewhere. already writing a JD for an offsider to help but they might be running 2 vacancies…


Jeanne D’Ark was a great woman/warrior/prophetess… I’ve always held a high respect for her and thats not just due to my catholic religious beliefs BUT she kept her story the entire way! – I think that Pluto/Saturn conjunct is a pretty serious angle! I mean Transformation lessons if that doesnt indicate hard times i dont know!

Neptune Semisquare Mercury for me! I get the dreams and can RARELY see “other” things But again like u mystic Not on call.

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