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surreal art women playing table tennisVenus is in Aquarius so get set to space out. Detached & totally not too clingy is the Zeitgeist and just watch some of those Capricornian relationship ideals get warped by the shift in Venusian paradigm. Out:  Convention. In: New modalities. You know what Aquarius is like. And Venus is also whizzing along to an opposition with retro-Mars (late Jan) & then a tryst with Neptune & Chiron in mid-Feb.

First the romantic weirding (especially so far as men are concerned) & then something magical in February. Venus in Aquarius is also, in general, a good time to scheme rad makeovers in beauty & fashion, clearing well of HAIR, given the Mars Retrograde…

Ponce up thy look to be more you, take and give some space & then prep for fascinating love-sex-relationship manifestations…

Image: Leonora Carrington

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38 thoughts on “Aqua-Venusian

  1. BTW FA re reading your earlier post you metnion your previous ex Sagg marine BF was coservative re your moves in bed! This surprised me as I am not at all conservative unless in a closet -ish way, and then I realised of course I am a Scorp rising! So maybe your Sagg was more a Virgo rising?

    • Salacious doll, I think Sagg men are a bit more “conservative” than Sagg Femmes.. just my experience. Conservative probably isn’t the right term, let me say they’re “straightforward” in their methodology. I get the impression sex is very healthy for them… none of that search and destroy through all your dark places seething that Scorps beget.

      I’m not complaining, I think there’s a place in the sun for every kind of loving.

  2. Dear FA, many thanks for your insights to Kataka males. Methinks your big brother Kataka work mate was actually lusting after you and finally could take no more – hence his aggression? That is the problem, after having a Scorp it is very hard to find another who is up to par! 🙁 In the out there stakes if you know what I mean FA 🙂 Interesting……I have heard that Kataka’s simmer, particularly males and that they can be jealous and possesive…:(

    I met this guy via as a gal pal hassle me no end to get on. After some days of fun I have hidden my profile – way too much for me to handle in one hit. This Kataka interests me however and now he has hidden his profile too! So we are concentrating on getting to know each other a bit before meeting in the flesh! So when I say no chemistry, I mean i do not sense it via words penned! Yeah! Tis nutty, but I can feel it via cybespace too!

    Hey girls, if interested you certainly meet some amazing guys on It has so improved from years ago. Can be lots of fun but depends what you are looking for. There are guys out there who are serious about relationships and then there are players too. The latter I am definitely not interested in!

    • Salacious Hun, as a Kataka let me tell you about jealousy, possession and simmering..yep is all there. And ya, you right, the Kataka big brother had a sleeper attraction going on. Things got so bad that before the hols party he asked me what color my dress was going to be, I said red, and he promptly showed up wearing a red tie. While his wife was in white.

      Ah look, I am learning to appreciate different types of intensity… the Comedy Capp is quietly intense in a very male way. All of a sudden I am blushing again, but perhaps being my opposite sign there are certain things being triggered.

      Right so you have not met the Kataka as yet… look as someone whose met peeps via the net, I’ll say this, keep an open mind. I’ve had it happen the other way around, specially if the person you’re emailing with has any kind of writing skill it can obscure the real grit of what the actual physical chemistry will deliver.

      The CC is a writer, so yes, he’s funny, amusing, all that. But he has lost all eloquence with me because I think well, we lost all eloquence once proof positive of the physical chemistry arrived. So you just don’t know till you meet and greet, no?

  3. Um pardon, if I am butting in, but…LOL at the eggs- and I am not a big dater of Kataka types, but I have found I was not attracted, (slightly un actually- but they can be persistant) until after the first kiss. Then it was- *surprise* blink-blink….whole new look at YOU, fella!

    • Huh BlackStararies, no no you are not butting in at all. I am open to ALL input from everyone. So did you end up dating this kataka after the first kiss???? Palease extrapolate for me egg exploder 🙂 as I have never ever met any Kataka’s in my circles! How odd is that? How can one not meet every star sign in life and have at least one friend/acquaintance?

  4. Dahling Leogroover, Venus is ALWAYS a bad girl. She keeps a face for every occasion I trust.

    I thought Leo males adored that, you know being dragged back et al as it appeals to their sense of drama etc. I am dealing with a Capp, hence I am forced into elegant dignity. He does things like tell me the upside of all this tragedy is that he got to meet me, then disappears albeit he is swine flu’d. But still.

    It is reminiscent of a 2 yr old boy who once ran out, gave me a kiss then went and hid back in some curtains. There is no coaxing this one out, unfortunately. If I express concern, then I am overloading with Kataka sympathy and may be considered “undignified” as such, aggressing would be non-trad and well, would frighten him after I Lilithed him a few times.

    So the slow road it is. And lots and lots and lots of work.

    But if you get to use the handcuffs, trust me I will be living vicariously through you.

  5. FA I’m on board too the lets stay busy while the males do their male thing ( said with rolling eyes and big yawn) with my kataka rising lusty taken off to Mars or wherever he goes. I’m gonna try dragging him him back by his Leonine ego and get him to talk. No hiding from me and it can’t wait till next week. The universe has opened up a window today so I’m there . Must remember the furlined handcuffs. Hope Venus is a bad girl too


    Venus in Aqua is awesome time to detach from whatever you see as YOUR LOOK and objectively think about it. True genius. Liberating.

    But Mars Retro in Leo means you ought not do anything too drastic in hair realms. I have had some hilarious hair ideas in the last week or so.

    Post-Mod-Scorp-embark upon a series of fancy hair follicle zapping treatments perhaps???

    • oh this is good…I’ve been doing research re:hairdressers….found another good Aries one. Have found lots of info about organic hair colour just falling into my lap, as it were. Have been spending time working on the structure of my hair, in a slight homage to Saturn ‘cos if I’ve learnt nothing else it’s to pay attention to what structure supports what, in my life.

      I gave the Gem hairdresser a chance at becoming the person I throw money at re:hair…She did a series of treatments on my hair and she did know her stuff . The experience did however confirm for me that she was attempting to use me as a combo wailing wall/counsellor…I do not want to pay money to feel drained regardless of the skill level of a hairdresser.

      So yay for good cutting Aries hairdressers that don’t carry on.

  7. So glad I’m not the only one who is plotting hair revamp… I’ve put this haircut off twice, and I am not waiting any longer! I’m not going short, and platinum blonde, but I am going to get the wight cut out to my neck gets some relief!!!!! I’ve got Mars in Leo – and the rx is killing me! I just need my hair to look PRETTY!

  8. Is it my true node in Leo that demands my hair be ‘just so’ or my ‘look’ is extinguished? I too am planning a big hair revamp next week or so. Must I wait longer than the 9 months it has already been? Prior to this I have experienced no less than 3 hair bastardisations….eeeeeekk. Will wait for THE right time whenever that will be! My hair so long now it feels like it is ‘dragging’ me down.

    • It is ok for a trim Vee, but I wouldn’t do any colour, or big drastic hairstyle/cut. Having north node leo, that is exactly what you would feel like doing right now!! hahah just go for a trim!!

  9. difficult to give my new little lover space – although it is kind of enforced as I am madly working on a show coming up.

    we are doing a road trip to sydney around the 10th Feb – purrrrrfect astro i reckon.

    • BFM doll… I am in the same boat. Or airship as it may be.

      Except I really have no choice as I have nothing but space. Oddly enough I too have a tradeshow around the same time and therefore using that to occupy psychic space being distracted by graphic orgasm recalls. Incidentally, the lovah is a mountain goat as well.

      How apt is this picture? Bats and batting away. Thankfully my Moon is in Aqua so I am somewhat getting into the cosmic floating away of feelings (vs. the Kataka whining of why not NOW!).

      • Hey FA, I need to ask you pretty please as to whether you have ever gone for Sagg BF’s? Now personally I know many Sagg guys give us Sagg’s a bad name! 🙁 However, I generally do not hear icky things about Sagg females.

        My question is this, I have always gone for Cap’s and 1 Scorp -druggie ex 🙁 . However all of a sudden I have a Kataka guy who is tres interested and he sweet but my feelings are all befuddled – is he a brother type or a lover type? I do not know the answer and it is driving me nuts. So….any ideas on how Sagg’s and Kataka’s get on as lovers? All the comparing love signs thingies seem to be shaking their heads and saying nooooooo……. I am not really ready for heavy relationships as such, but just friendship and going bike riding etc with a guy will be nice.

        • I just lost my entire reply nary but a sec ago. Thanksverymuch Merc Retro Shadow zone.

          Why, yes Salacious. I did have an ex Sagg BF, younger, officer in the Marines, was a drinker. Who realizing I can’t even touch a drop saw there was no hope for co-dependence and thus frankly admitted he as yet couldn’t kick the habit then took himself off. Made me laugh loads though. He called me a “renaissance woman” and said he wanted to be like me when he grew up. Nurtured an interesting conservative streak, even in bed, so some of my er… moves were met with raised eyebrows.

          IMO, I think you should suspend judgment and simply enjoy yourself. So much can depend on his moon, rising and venus sign. There is always a question of “stage” as in where you each are.

          Frankly after a Cap and the ex-druggie Scorp, you may well need the tender affection of a Kataka male. I was also married to one btw and they always come off as “brotherly types” who harbor “loverly feelings”. I think as long as you’re honest about where you are, you can see along the way if it works or not.

          Kataka males I’ve known are far more physically oriented than Kataka females, they seem to need a lot of physical activity OUTSIDE i.e. fishing, hiking, running etc. Which may work well with your Saggability.

          They express the “caretaking” aspects of the sign through their work and foster a “team spirit”, quite a few are good cooks but beyond that, the most feminine aspect I see in them are their emotions. Which means there may be whining or if there are none, a cold quietness that means they are festering.

          I think humor will be your bond. Potential drawbacks may be your need for freedom not quite jiving with what they feel are their manly rights over you. But that can be easily resolved as long as there’s communication. They are not above emotionally guilting you but after the ex-druggie Scorp, honestly this will be a piece of cake to suss for you.

          I also have a Sagg female best friend btw and it was slower going at first, but we have a nicely individuated friendship that outlasted others surprisingly.

          • Ah thanks muchly FA, as usual you come up with the goods. You are spot on as this Kataka male is a majorly out doorsy guy, loves to travel. At 48 still unmarrie though and no kids (?). My head goes Que? but I am trying to ignore making sense. There is much in common and he seems sweet, but certainly does not make my blood sizzle thus far! I shall take your advice on board and shall just reeeelax and enjoy, without trying to analyse/judge etc. I have just become soo wary…….

            Oh he cooks too, which is great as invariably I get distracted and blow up food/burn etc! 🙁 Reading does that to me or the phone! 🙁 So I need a guy who does not mind occasional explosions of pots/kettles etc. Do you know eggs actually hit the ceiling when all the water dries out and they reach a certain temperature? Was tres interesting to hear and then see it stuck on the ceiling!! : > I thought it was hilarious, but others did not! Poo!

          • Huh. Well, the no kids part may explain the Sagg draw, he could have Sagg somewhere in his chart, a need for unfettered freedom. Thous shalt learn more I’m sure.

            I am more alarmed about the lack of chemistry but I think peeps arrive at that in each their own ways. Obviously mine is a man with a lively mind and equally lively er..humor. 🙂 Also, let us note this is postscript a Scorp, ANYONE save for another Scorp will look less intense.

            I think he shall adore your helplessness in the kitchen as men work an area of expertise with such focus. Ahem. Soz, a bit of a moment there. My guess is he either has Aqua or Sagg figuring prominently in his chart (I have an Aqua Moon and am sans kids, all that energy goes to individuating selfishly I admit).

            Also, I must mention I work with a Kataka (married!) whom for years I took as an older brother type only to have him aggress in an alarming manner after years, am not sure what that was about but I mention to illustrate such urges do simmer for quite a while in that tribe.

  10. “clearing well of hair” means don’t include hair in makeover scheme? tad confused… and disappointed. my hair hasn’t been cut since june last year when a tosser at toni and guy made me look like austin powers. (my hair used to look like giselle bundchen’s). then the plastic surgeon cut stacks o’ chunks out for 2 operations on my scalp. have been holding off trying to fix it til there was some length to work with but starting to get itchy feet. time for change is now!

  11. ~Capricornian relationship ideals get warped by the shift in Venusian paradigm.~

    Ha! True if I recall….Cappy Moon to ex’s Aqua Venus…

    But! Am going to color and cut my hair today. Yes, cut my own hair….I can do it. I’m an Aries, I can do anything….hehe 😉 (Sure!)

    • Hey! I do the same thing and I have by far got MORE compliments from snipping and coloring my own crown up with panache than when I pay beaucoup bucks for someone else to do it. Seriously!

      As it seems I either end up looking like a smug 12 yr old when I am styled by others. Whereas my own albeit jagged efforts translate more to an anime cool. Anime because nothing’s even, I can’t reach that far back (I tried). So I just hack away.

        • ah, thought that was you FA before I read the next comment. ’twas the Anime call that did it. I would love to work up the courage to chop my own locks, since they’re uncontrollable kinky curl/wave things anyway, an uneven shag (ahem) / chop would surely flatter…

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