A Virgo Of Yore

Historical drawing lady in waiting 1500sEven though this pic dates from the 1530s, she looks like a Virgo does she not?

If you click through to the Wiki, you see that art historians think she might have been a Mary Zouch (maid of honour to Jane Seymour) or an Anne Gainsford – lady in waiting to Anne Boelyn.

The Wiki also says her brooch depicts Fortuna

Image: Hans Holbein The Younger

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Older/Wiser Virgo

I stared at this for a long time. It felt like looking in a mirror. It looks like a sketch except for the eyes…they are real…like a photograph. I recognize that look. Like waiting calmly and patiently for the next task.


She’s definitelly Virgo – deep in thoughts.


Of course- that is why there are so many jokes….. I remember kids doing that- they will make someone the butt of jokes because the poor kid doesn’t realize it’s a joke- and gets mad- but if the kid sees the joke and starts laughing….it turn the tables and the torturing stops….

“Utterly affronted” *laugh!* Utterly! That is fun to say! It’s like tut-tut!
How utterly!!


I’m a Virgo and I was once told I look like a Hans Holbein painting. I do hope it’s minus the pineapple effect…


Okay-we really are making a lot of jokes at the Virgos expense.
We need to be more imaginative, ne’st pas?

It’s suuuuuch an easy joke to bug someone about being anal……

I love the artist- look how he created her eyes in like one dark brush stroke. That’s ina an awesome picture- she looks like she could be a picture from a magazine, current…..

She does look kind of holy. But a bit- not micheivious, but like she knows something else is going on.

Ãœber Virgo

Yes, of course, Virgos are too anal to take a joke. I have six planets in Virgo and am utterly affronted — particularly by my own comments. How dare I be so proudly self deprecatory.


I dont think shes a virgo but I think shes got mars in virgo squared or something in a prominent part of her chart. Maybe a scorpio or cancer sun? They are strict too!

I'm a virgo too

Not a virgo, not even a bit, way too un-goddess like. Think earth, rich soil, fecundity etc………. None of that here!


Maybe this was the thumbnail for a portrait later?


Such fine detail on the facial features – then the body looks like it was whipped up in minutes. I think she is beautiful – maybe a little sad or wary ?


She does look very trustworthy. Similar to Jane Seymour. The centre part was prob. encouraged so she din look too appetising to Henry!


She looks eminently trustworthy and capable, very secretarial and efficient. I’d hire her to run the Empire in a second!


she looks likes she’s got a pineapple up her bottom

leonine librarian

I’m not so sure she’s all that displeased if that is the case…she looks a bit smug…along with Über Virgo’s apt comment about the pursed lips being about low standards.

Can one be prissy with a pineapple up one’s arse?

Ãœber Virgo

fruit salad is a much better place for a pineapple. Or on Carmen Miranda’s bandana.

Ãœber Virgo

Hands on hips, lips pursed in frustration at some low standard or another, exfoliated within an inch of her life, starched bodice…definitely a Virgo.

leonine librarian

She looks as though she is just getting ready to start pointing out ways people can do things better too.

Ãœber Virgo

tut tutting at the state of Holbein’s studio.

leonine librarian

Her stance is the preferred pose of the super hero…


perhaps she’s sick of cleaning up all the blood after Henry the 8th’s syphilis induced wife spree


With Arian eyebrows/forehead some rouge on those tender lips and hurry the fuq up attitude


Someone get the girl a new hairstyle… Centre parts will never be flattering!

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