Zodiac Panties…

Leo Zodiac pantiesPlayful Promises

Hmmm. I think an actual Leo would hit the roof if someone gave  her knickers this cheap. Libra would shudder. Virgo would call the police, acrylic being so sinister and all.

And wouldn’t it be cuter with a little lions head or other such symbol on it?

While we are here, is it true that Virgo women only have two speeds so far as lingerie is concerned? Madonna – high waisted, white pure organic cotton knickers & they iron the crotch to kill germs & Whore – skanky little dental-flossy calibre skimps of cheap red/black lace that they wear for brief forays into their 8th House?

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these are pretty vulgar. no way would they be getting that cucci cabinet of mine nor would i wear them in front of daniel ! lol/ sorry i will try and shut re all of this. i went home thinking alsorts of things, probably best filed under ‘sexy time talk’ !


Reg Grundies, jock~straps, knickers, knicky~noo~nahs…. ( I have children. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it~!) LOL.

My ex~husb was absolutely HOPELESS at pressies until some lovely lass at his work took him under her wing and showed him a lovely little lingerie shop. Bless her cotton~sox. Still have some (a decreasing amount) of the stuff he bought me. One absolutely LUVLY royal blue silk neglige made by some chap with the initials YSL…… They are in the bottom drawer….**Shudders** Boy its getting hot in here~! 39 degrees in sultry Melbourne~town….. Beer~?


I like the gold undies, gold bikinis are weird. Reminds me of the only time I nearly drowned. Saw this late 50’s guy running along the beach with a gold shiny thong and he had one of those flat saggy bums.. its illegal, init ?


I would definitely wear an aries sigil on my speedos or undies.


lol, that is just advertising innit?


My alltime favourites were pale blue silk with handmade french lace around edges and as side panels. Divine. I don’t care if men don’t like lace those undies were for my pleasure. If they get to the undie layer and then start making judgements I obviously made an error letting them see the undies.

Sun & Venus in Libra

Leonine Librarian

I figure that lovely undergarments are something that assist a person feel confident and loved even if no one else sees them.

They put a little pep in your step….

I feel sorry for what that hideous gold piece of fugliness have done to that poor models day.

unpredictable pisces

you know what, all the men I have consulted about this actually prefer just the plain cotton undies (i REFUSE to say p*nties, sounds vile and whatever) – i have a wonderful collection of lacy things and never receive comment or feedback. Maybe I need to strut around in my lingerie more while i am baking muffins or grooming the horses or whatever, just so I feel my money is well spent. at least the horses can get an eyeful, although they would prefer i had pockets filled with carrots i am sure

whoa pisces tangent


I’ve asked a few as well and the consensus within focus group was lacy is a turn off or just ignored because it’s so often used in porn it has become cliche, plain cotton is natural/carefree and an over the top turn on due to girl next door I might have a chance with her cause she’s got simple tastes angle and the thing they seem to really love is sheer areas (sans lace or decoration) combined with panels of a different texture – peek a boo styles, they like to make discoveries. So it’s not like the guy with… Read more »


Liked your Piscean tanget! How many horses do you have UP? What sort?


yeah, there’s just something childish about the word…when used by an adult to describe intimate clothing… for some strange reason i find it creepy…

Leonine Librarian

ok I think I may be referring to one’s undergarments from now on.




The term ‘panties’ is often used in pornographic male orientated ‘literature’… ahem… Knickers, jocks, dacks, undies, are words for everyday conversation perhaps..? Libra as I am I am a total sucker for the Bonds pink ribbon – buy some to raise money against breast cancer etc – from Woolworths or Coles or – when I feel vampy (which I wonder, will ever happen again) I like to wear black with a touch of lace or pink lacy somethings. Satin makes for very nice nighties but not knickers!

PS All of the above seduction techniques mentioned in this blog.. such confidence!


maybe that explains my aversion…

blue – oooh tis the season to be vampy….get thee to a lingerie store and source a new pair of scanties STAT!!!!

my collection is one half black bonds bikinis (hell, when you’re onto a good thing) for day…..and the other is an assortment from pleasure state etc (for going out)…no bridget jones moments here if i can help it…

Leonine Librarian

Well that in its self provides a valid reason for me not to besmirch my daughter’s tender little ears…I think intoning seriously about one’s undergarments is a supplementary torture…sans ick.

little fish

Forget the duds, I want those shoes. Where are they from ? How can I get them before Thursday night?

unpredictable pisces

i think that spike on top of the heel would trash the delicate skin around one’s ankle bone surely whatever?

unpredictable pisces

i mean little fish! sorry


lol – I find it all merges in the end too UP ; O)


As a derivation from knickers we have- Nicolas for the full-briefs & Nikkies for the skimpys.
THose things above are truly unmentionable- they’d give you a pantie-line visible from outer-space…

year of the fox

Eeewww those are ugly. Honeydew lingerie makes some cutes one.


lol prowlncat. as someone who has never left the house without panties on, I’ve always wondered about the otherside…


zodiac panties? it pretty much is already isn’t it?
all the humans wear them apparently.
they should take them off


yeah—I always cringe when I hear it as well….smarmy.


I cringe too, and yet have to call them that with my daughter when in my mother’s earshot as the latter thinks anything else is vulgar.


This scorpio does not wear knickers unless I am entertaining


but but but but …. *whispers* what about drips?


and it lessens your clothing choices doesn’t it?

i saw the most horrific thing recently….woman in shopping centre car park bending over to put bags in her car…short demin skirt….sans underwear…mid day anatomy lesson for about 20 people…i havent seen 13 year old boys so horrified since walking past a group at the foxtel stand who’d inadvertently chosen to park in front of the monitor just as it screened a doco with a woman giving birth. dont know if the sales guy realised thats what was playing…but it was the best abstain from sex message they’ll ever get….

oops tangent….

unpredictable pisces



and if you get hit by a bus what will ppl think? 😉

unpredictable pisces

“nice wax job”


carpark woman’s people had not yet discovered wax….


well lets assume I can cover my ass in a carpark

yes and for those moments there are THOSE knickers 😉

Ms Motown



Your Virgo insight re knickers is exactly like me and my girlfriend – both Virgos- she irons the crotch of everything – while I do the red and black lace- and discard discretely!!
But we both agree on one thing – Who cares about the knickers?? Show us the shoes!!!!

Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow

Pretty spot on with Virgo panties, I don’t iron them though.


ironing the , eh, crotch is tres hygienic, tho.

Leonine Librarian

My aqua daughter is also horrified if I say panties…she screams at me ‘No, No NO stop it etc’…and then a last dramatic,’ it’s just wrong that’s why’, and then repeats the phrasing until I stop. I’ve also asked her what she would prefer and apparently underwear is fine, undergarments is just taking the piss, and panties is never to be said within her earshot.


sexy lacy embroidered slut numbers

or plain bonds bought in a pack of 4 from kmart


I don’t know about the skimpy knickers but I’d totally rock those shoes with some black lacy granny panties (fulfills both criteria MM!)

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

love the virgo knicker insight MM – SO supremely spot on ! ! !

dental floss are for tossing….
nickers (the cute ones, not Nicole) – be for seduction…
then there’s the cute cumfy ones that segue to PJ bums….

anything tatty should be binned. is sign you dont love yr own bits n pieces or something. dark moon – bin yr ratty undies & etcs……

as prev mentioned – recent Britney encounter entailed passing Merch Sales point selling BRITNEY BRANDED UNDIES – branded ‘ hit me baby……..paleeeeeeeeese!!


Wierd… Just had a complete Lingerie drawer overhaul with all items past their use-by date thrown out, seduction items organised from front to back in order of # of seductions achieved in said items…
This Virgo definitely complies with the Madonna-Whore archetype.


a few years ago martha wainwright did undies merch that said ‘bloody motherf*cking arsehole’ on them. and then proceeded to discuss with the audience the logistics/implications of men wearing them. I so wanted a pair but couldn’t muster up the courage in the crowded bluesfest merch tent.
She defn belongs on the list of hot rock chicks.


I own some – and I got Martha to sign them…… Ahhh bluesfest…..

Leonine Librarian

I’d like to know what the star sign was, of the art director who thought this was in any way desirable?

xox rockstar libran publicist xox

‘director’ AKA voyeur

unpredictable pisces

probably a sleazy piscean with a thing for his ‘impression’ of a Leo femme


is this shoe/ knicker combo annoying anyone else? at least if you are going to do a table top reference you could get a bit of platform and sandal action going.


Icky. She looks like she is crouching with intent… Nasty panties too. They are so crass.

I think boy pants like Calvin Klein’s to be worn on weekends with jeans would be more appropriate for advertising one’s astro. One could lean over to pick up a jar in the super in front of your prey and hey presto! conversation starter!!

Sexy panties shouldn’t advertise anything but, ahem, your very lovely self.


Ur rite MM abt tacky and cheap for any sign eeewwww!
can’t talk for virgoan goddesses but this Leo goddess loves classy, expensive or on sale even better preferably on show sneaking out from crossover top. have used this tactic lately and it has worked beautifully as a tantalising strategy. Just got deja vu writing this have we done this topic before?- would not surprise me at all on this delicious saucy blog.

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