Which Sign Would Covet The Cucci Cabinet?

Ornate expensive ugly antique cabinetThe Cucci Cabinet

Handcrafted about 1665 for the court of the Sun King, the Cucci Cabinet is now one of the – if not THE most – expensive items of furniture in the world.  This one just sold at auction for $7.5 million USD.

Here is the question;  If someone gave it to you & you were not allowed to sell if but HAD to have it in your house, would you want it & what would you use it for?

I think Taurus would love it & use it to put spare loo rolls in maybe. Virgo would get the shits at how difficult it would be to clean. Sagg would put it in the kitchen & keep potaoes in it.

Leo would LOVE it, yes?  You would never hear the end of it and nor would decor magazine publicists.

Aries would have it but you would not be able to see it for clothes being flung over it because Aries like things you can see, not hidden in drawers.

Gemini would keep it & arrange an income stream off it by hiring out for movies and the like.

Cancerians would be able to channel the spirits of the people who had once touched it.

Libra would find it too dark,  heavy and not NOW enough so they would donate it a.s.a.p.

Pisces would chuck it into the back lane after a week or so of raving on about Sun King chic & much they revere Cucci.

Cap? Are you kidding? Capricorn would REVERE this thing…It would be enshrined.

Aquarius would customise it and then turn it into a television cabinet. Scorpio???

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78 thoughts on “Which Sign Would Covet The Cucci Cabinet?

  1. Scorps would love the antiquity and sage aspects and use it as a cabiinet (da) in the living room.

  2. “because Aries like things you can see, not hidden in drawers” – OMG! So THAT’S what it is! My Aries ascendant. Honestly, if I can’t see it, it’s dead to me… I need things in plain view. Oh, and you’re correct – my Libra sun would banish this to the garage until the RSPCA arrived to take it away to their shop…

    • oh yes, my BF is an aries and is exactly like that! we have a room for all our clothes and his are all over it, none in any drawers or cupboards or anything. lol!

      that would be so practical in the kitchen, imagine all the things i could store/hide/lose…

      • My Aries husband is the same way….clothing everywhere, except where its supposed to be….piles of sweaters in the garage and such.

    • Oh my! I think that way a lot. I hide the stuff I think is ugly and then everything else needs to be on display so that I remember that I have it. My kitchen cupboards are ALWAYS open.

      This cabinet? NO WAY. Too ornate. Too flash. For the Virgo reasons, for the Libra reasons, for the Cancer reason, for the Aries reason…

      • oh yes, the ram BF leaves ALL the kitchen cupboard doors open AT ALL TIMES. its hilarious, you can see exactly where he has been 🙂

        • Am the exact opposite – this scorp has to have everything hidden away behind sheer postmodernist doors, preferably in a locked cabinet.

    • So this explains the flatmate. Personally, items in the house should be useful, functional, and beautiful. And displayed minimally. And me with Aries Asc….

      • Totally agree, postmodscorp. With an emphasis on “minimal”. Taurus asc so decorating is important … if I ever get around to it in between my busy career of trying to sleep with all my models ..

  3. It’s Ms Mo here if my little gravatar doesn’t come up……

    A Leo would totally ADORE IT~~!!!

    Bit to gaudy for my pad, but a super OTT gay Leo male would lurve it~! Tee~hee…..

  4. I’d stick it in the hall in everyone’s view the moment they step into my house.
    It would stand against a stark white wall illuminated by a simple wall mounted down-light.
    For storing shoe cleaning and buffing products.. Spare keys..Mag torch..
    Scorpio sun/asc/merc/nept with Libra venus and Virgo moon.

  5. In my parallel life where I have a 3 storey New York penthouse apartment with a grand spiral staircase marble foyer, 12 foot or higher ceilings in every room, and similarly grand proportioned windows….and it was brightly lit (I’m thinking the sort of glamorous apartment you’d see in 1930’s movies) and a servant or two….then I’d adore having this quirky little thing as a conversation piece in said foyer….with beautiful stationery in the drawers.

    But in this life – I live in 1/100th of that scale….and this would just dominate everything…I’d trade it…perhaps for a grand 3 storey apartment.

    Libran sun, Cancer rising..etc

  6. “not allowed to sell it” why would anyone sell it ????
    its beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful.
    please have it giftwrapped and get daniel craig to bring it round to me !
    he could keep his bathers in it. i mean he cant wear them all the time … 🙂

    • Seems like a good plan … not that you would spend very much time looking at the cabinet if he were around 🙂 especially without bathers 😀

  7. ML Can I live in the same apartment block? can we share decoraters? Love the NYC pad idea plus 2 Daniel Craig look alike security guards to come and go ( as it were) and we are set.

  8. I’d get some aged mirror from New Orleans, one that could just about fill a wall and then plonk this in front of it…maybe build an entry way around it.

    As in you walk in and there is the huge mirror…and the gift from the Sun king (because really he foresaw my need down the track).. and the staggeringly dramatic swooping staircase ascends above and around it. There would need to be passageways that come off this that are booklined drawing you out into the sun mind you…but this… this would be the HELLO you’re home now piece.

    Actually if the entry way was a foyer it could be big enough to hold a swanky soiree in. STAFF I would need staff…and thankyou notes.

  9. Leo: I would get a Cancerian to come and smudge it of all its history and if that didn’t work they could take it with them – if it’s so heavy with accumulated vibes!!

    If the smudging works I would put it opposite the front door or entry and keep addresses and thank you notes in it or something I guess.

    It needs it’s only specially designed alcove and lighting I think and you might even have to design your house with it mind because by Golly that thing DOMINATES. Pretty amazing though.

  10. I SHOULD love it…Cap rising and Saturn all over the place…But I don’t. Louis stuff always leaves me cold. And this is too dark. It must be the Aries sun- I’m the Anti -Leo. Tho- Sadly it just occurs that I might feel different if there were a big mirror. Would brighten, make less of the drawers, and yes, I like sparkly things better…..

  11. Ps Drawers should excite the Libras, no? All that potential for organization?
    Virgo’s? Think of how orderly that is. All those socks folded in there?

  12. I don’t like ANYTHING about it! It’s visually unappealing. And even though i have Cap rising, i’ve never been attracted to anything based on value or price. I’d sell it.

  13. My Cap Asc, Leo Sun loves the sheer majesty of it, my Aqua Moon much desires to fill the draws with spells, sutras & mystic ravings on ancient illustrated scrolls…it would wreak of lapsong souchong tea & frankincense & magical elixirs…

  14. i think i must have some sort relationship brain fever today – i keep thinking how nice this would be in the bedroom ! along with daniel. i could caress both lovingly at leisure.

  15. Haha… I looked at it and immediately thought ‘Paul Keating, (ex Prime Minister for those in other countries) would love that’ and he’s a Capricorn !

  16. I LOVE IT!
    can i have it? please!?! it would look fantastic in my room! lol! against posters of Black Eyed Peas and Crystal balls and my candle lit bookshelf!

  17. My mom is a capricorn, and throughout all of my childhood she would be driving down the street and shout, “look at those drawers!” and pull over and haggle with the seller/steal them from an alley waiting for the trash, etc. These are the ultimate “look at those drawers!” drawers.

  18. tlokbm matt !! 🙂
    going down the store to find some surf wax. good for the board good for the boy.

  19. Me me me me me! I’m a gemini but I wouldn’t hire this out – no way. Minimalist sitting room, white walls, plain furniture – one sumptuous persian kerman rug and this! What would I keep in it? Little tiny precious things, my jade bear incense holder from china 20 years ago, my great grandmother’s cameo charm bracelet, 200 year-old venetian trade beads from Africa, packets of letters from close friends, my inlaid backgammon board, the good china, the still-visible pregnancy test that confirmed the existence of my true love, the carved ivory flea-guard from Elizabethan England, a jar full of tea camellias, a coffret of frankincense from where I live now, a matchbox of my daughter’s teeth, my collection of matchbox covers and old stamps, never-used embossed silk scarves from the 1830s and the beautiful christmas ornaments my step-father bought me from Harrods when I was 10 and still believed all the magic. And then when I have grandchildren, I would let them look at it all and I would tell them stories. That’s if I’m ever in one place again in my life!

  20. my dad was a scorp and he had this kind of crap all over the place whole rooms of louis the 14th this and so and so that it was horrible, you could never put your cup down anywhere what’s the point of that?

    • …see to me this one piece is the statement piece, yeah I might back light it, or get a little bit of aged mirror glass happening…but that would be it…no fussy little bits of whatever, whatever, just this one dramatic great thunking bit of furniture.

      • o yeah that would be a statement – the whole shooting box laid out with this stuff is just insane tho I hated coming home drunk etc because I knew if I had a spatial issue I’d probably have to sell my ovaries to pay for whatever I broke especially when I slept upstairs they had stuff all over the stair case. And the leo stepmother had an entire room devoted to the most hideous lacquered mother of pearl chinese antique version of the same style of thing – you know high antiquery, she had a chinese thing going on in her rooms in the house and then he had his weird french thing going on it was mental. I def like the french thing more but you have to be a certain way to care for it – curatorial, that’s how you have to be. French polished dining table – have you ever heard of anything so asking for trouble? One of their less antique oriented aquaintences came over for dinner one night and plonked her red hot casserole dish on the table and when they cringed and recoiled she told them not to worry just to get it sanded – hilarious. A huge round scar. Always made me smile to myself that blemish whenever it appeared from under the linen.

        • I go a little feral in overstuffed rooms…maybe more of my virgoan/aries upbringing got me than first thought. Aries mum is all about the air flow, and Virgo dad gets twitchy with clutter.

          • yes, overstuffed room is like clogged arteries or something – I enjoy disarray myself a lived in books all over the shop ambiance – although not in a work space that has to be spic and span – mars in virgo, but too much furniture in a room bothers me – the aforementioned just seemed so totally bourgeois and ostentatious – they were hippies for god’s sake and then became such capitalist miserly hoarders of stuff it was the antithesis of how it was when I was growing up. I guess they changed what they were spending their money on – I never saw them smoke the furniture lol. They were more fun before the furniture arrived. But hey, free rent I spose I couldn’t complain – they might’ve made me dust.

  21. TSK, don’t hold your breathe, it may take 24 hours.
    BTW at last the Snow Leopard system.
    She’s some hot looking snow leopard on screen.

  22. With Saturn all over me with Cap Rising & Venus, would be down on my knees in front of it,
    for sure.
    Would love it in the kitchen.

    • not sure what you’re referring to that you’ll be loving in the kitchen P but is your new av hanuman? I like it whatever it is.

  23. not this sign.

    I would hire out the room it was housed in to stupid fools with more money than sense to come and look/fawn etc over it.

  24. What the heck IS that thing? Might make a nice spice rack. Or could go in the bathroom to keep the cotton balls in.

    • LG I think most people find an image they like, save it to their hard drive and then go over to gravatar.com…although the site has clear instructions too.

  25. Well, if I HAD to keep it (I do follow the rules, y’know), I’d find some use for it (though probably not loo rolls, lol) and make it work but this Taurus would NOT choose to have it in her house on her own. Ick. Tres tacky. It’s the kind of thing the Pisces boyfriend and I would point at in the furniture shop and say ‘Uh, no’ and move on.

  26. LOL! The Cucci cabinet would become my esteemed “Coochie” Cabinet! I’d store random things in it like jellybeans, condoms, sachets of lavender, spice bottles of screws, extra lip glosses, little secrets…heheheheh.

  27. Scorpio, and I ADORE it, I’d have it pride of place in my living room. Gemini boyfriend would hate it though, his bedroom looks like an army baracks.

  28. Scorpios would store their favorite sex toys in it, natch.

    BTW, this Libra likes everything but the human figures at the bottom – they ruin the proportions. The gilding is also somewhat excessive, but I don’t mind the darkness of it at all. (Then again, I have Scorp ascendent.)

    Here’s a pretty photo of the inlay:

    • Hmmm. You know, I’m sure, that Libra is the only sign with a symbol completely sans any animate object? I myself have several tattoos, and plans for many more, but they are all of inanimate symbols – anchors and such – I just cannot bring myself to have another sentient being on me. I’m not saying this is why you can’t handle the human figures at the bottom, I’m just saying… plus, I’ve just had a Christmas liquid lunch. May be a *tad* tipsy…

      • all my tattoos are animates, oh & there’s Betty Boop of course…..!!

        few years back Arian Ex cautioned me re having remainder of back done, citing his forecast of a global tattoo explosion…..of course he was right. he continued to ink all remaining clear areas & I called halt, bar a few small discrete ones about to happen….

        Lib sun / Fish riser / Bull moon

  29. I’m a cancer and I think it looks too dark and heavy and too much like clutter. I don’t have an ounce of virgo in me so why do I have such a problem with clutter? Both my moon and my rising signs are in Taurus, too….

  30. scorp would keep this in the bedroom and quickly work out a way to add some sturdy metal rings to the top corners, all the better for playing out bondage scenes with it.

    you’re right though, they still wouldn’t love it as much as a cap.

    i’m a sagg and if i had to have this in my kitchen, the only way i could bear it were if i covered it in the potatoes to the extent that i could not see ANY of it.

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  32. “Cancerians would be able to channel the spirits of the people who had once touched it.”

    LOL! Oh yes, yes that’s probably how it would go… I’m a cancer sun with a leo moon… I have a feeling that I would adore that thing. Especially after I can touch it.

  33. I would put ashes in it. Of my pets. Make it a shrine with a fabulous rug, some plants, oils and incense; a bowl of kibble and one of water; some bells.

    (sun Scorp; asc Pisces; moon Libra; NN conj Neptune Sagi)

  34. Yes Capricorn would revere it…venus & part of fortune capricorn 5th house…periodically / occasionally collecting here and there and on a whim a strange compulsion becomes a mission to acquire the next piece…then it is as someone said…a nuisance because you need drink mats, cotton conservation gloves and dusting cloths to maintain the investment value…a pastime with potential and dour OCD consequences…